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The experiences of Twilight Shine, the mare from Dream Valley who sees into other ponies dreams, and how weary her task makes her. She is the mare who has taken on the mantle of Dream Beauty, protecting ponies from nightmares, a role that has been passed down though the generations, all the way from Princess Luna herself. We follow her from her first days as a dream guardian, down unto the present. (Part of my shared Fanfic universe, set in the MLP generation one era.)

(Art by Foldaway Wings)

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 17 )

Come on, Dream Gleamer. She's a thirteen year old filly, what did you expect her idea of sweet dreams to be?

I notice her smiling, blushing and giggling in her sleep.



The colt sounds familiar.:raritywink:

And wow, this is a valid reason on why dream beauties can't sleep well.

So that's why Luna dreamed of sleeping when she wanted to rest? Her trick was to have a dream without any characters in it. :twistnerd:


yep, that basically the idea I went with, and also why the tantabus came to life from her dreams. When I came up with this idea, I also thought the curse of a dreamless sleep might have been another factor that helped push Luna over the edge into nightmare moon in the first place.

Do you know where I can find Foldaway Wings?

stupid teenage hormones and angst.


I don't think Dream Gleamer will be happy with Twilight after what she is going to do.

Twilight really has it rough doesn't she? Maybe the Dream Beauties should rethink their recruitment policy.

Yay! Sage advice and a happy ending, or is it a new start?

Good for you, Twilight. Who needs a coltfriend anyway? Certainly not me.

*cries in a corner*

"When I was a little filly,

♫When I was a little filly, I found it rather silly, to see how many other ponies I could meet.♫

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist.


Awww, poor thing :( Things did turn out okay for twilight in her love life... eventually...

And yeah, that song bit was funny. XD


You really need to read The Magnificent Six :twilightsmile:

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