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Royal librarian of Dream Valley, writer of Ponykind's greatest generation!


Queen Majesty of Dream Valley, one of the most misunderstood Ponies of our time. But how did she become the ruler of Dream Castle? This is the story of the filly, who will grow to become the most powerful mare in all of Ponyland. How she started as a shelters princess, of Dream Valley, and saved the ponies she would one day rule. Co-starring Applejack, and many other surprising ponies who will made this mare the pony she is today!

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Comments ( 132 )

"Queenie" *Giggle snorts*

Ahem... Anyways, awesome! I love this story, and I can't wait to hear what happens next! Or... What happens first, since this plays itself like a prologue. *Clears throat* Once again... Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Majesty is that G1 pony who's a bit of a jerk, right? I love G1, but I haven't exactly seem much of it.

7216195 I think she was mostly from comic strips. I saw a bunch of them on heckyeahponyscans

Looking forward to more! Great story

And so began a grand adventure!

And we meet pre-augmented Wind Whistler. I like a lot of what the U.K. did with the ponies better, but Wind Whistler is a MASSIVE exception.

I'm liking that this is becoming like a high fantasy adventure.:pinkiesmile:

Ah a personal memoir of the Queen written by Torando. This is going to be interesting.

Keep up the good work.

And so, the intrepid company, after a brush with death, move on to their next adventure!

Hopefully there was no poison on those spears

Tornado you egotistical dork! *Flings rotten tomato at him*

Who's a grumpy pony?
You're a grumpy pony!
Who is?
You is, Applejack. :ajbemused:

Didn't the nurse just say that Majesty should stay in the clinic for a day? I hope there'll not be consequences for that.

It does make sense to bring them in. Strength in numbers and more eyes to help keep watch. Ponyland is very dangerous

Where does that rhyme come from?

7319265 Modified version of the g1 Applejack song


It's from the UK pony audio tape


Dammit that's gonna be stuck in my head all day!

thank you tornado. :)

Nice :) A little bit rough, but I don't see any problems. ^^

Things are getting really complicated due to Majesty being very naive here.

XD when she ate the brownies, though LOL that was amazing!

Cultural exchange makes understanding. Understanding makes friendship. Friendship makes happy ponies. Happy ponies make happy La Vallett1. Happy La Vallett1 makes happy Tornado Firehooves. Happy Tornado makes happy stories.:twilightsmile:


That was a horrible and cheesy comment, wasn't it?:facehoof:

Majesty have asked for the terms first. Thats not just royalty


She was like thisd in the UK comics. If you know from my other stories, the gizmonks later kidnap her, experiment on her, and turn her into the cold illogical genius we know from the G1 cartoon.

Sounds like a magnificent show

Well written. Short and vicious.

Mmm, now in hungry and thirsty. Looking forward to seeing if they can find the cutiesaurus


Notice the twin mares servants who look exactly alike? :trixieshiftright:

7417482 If I have to guess, they're the same pony and one of them is a clone? But why would the wizard want just two of the same pony? He could make more if he wanted to.

I think I am thinking too much about a little detail.:facehoof:

Think about the prospects of building an army... earth pony strength, pegasus flying, and unicorn magic.

Did Wizard Wantall brainwash Punzie and Goldilocks to be his mindless slaves?


Nope. Just in case you didn't know and I'm sorry if you did before hand, Rapunzel and Goldilocks are two of the special mail order ponies. Both had pink bodies and blonde manes. Rapunzel is on the Quackers pose and Goldilocks is on a Sweetheart Sister pose. They're highly sought after and fetch outrageous prices these days.

7418136 No it's okay, thank you for this extra info. They're special rare toys for collectors?


Well back in the day, each pony toy came with points that you cut out on the back of the card. Adults had so many say like 5, a set might have 12, babies had so many like say 2 and if you collected enough of these points after so many purchases, you put it in an envelope with shipping and could send off for whatever pony Hasbro was offering for a limited time.

Naturally you know that not every kid is gonna get their most wanted. Maybe they were poor and only got toys on special occasions, maybe they were the type of kid to lose stuff easily, maybe they were just too slow to get it in time.

Whatever the reason, several of the mail order ponies, (Hollywood is a mail order too in case your curious) are expensive/rare/ highly sought after these days.

Some of the high end MO Ponies are:
Twice as Fancy Babies
Baby Brother Clipper

There are a few cheap and common ones.

Rice Crispies Xmas pony, Baby Stockings
Wedding set pony Baby Lucky.
MO Sparkle Ponies

In which Majesty finds out that Applejack's cynicsm is too deep to remove.

Makes me think of a superstition I once read about which says that a mirror can reflect your soul, and that's the reason wgy breaking it can be a bad omen.

So the original Wind Whistler and new Applejack showed up. What will happen to these two?

Nice use of the mirror

This is going in an interesting direction.


Think about what the cold, logical wind Whistler duplicate said ti the real Wind Whistler; 'I am the mare you will one day become'.

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