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Four Mares from the land of ponies, deciding to take an exotic vacation, journey to the burning sands of Saddle Arabia, a land of large horses and sharp scimitars. But corrupt bazaar merchants, desert thieves, a scheming sultan's vizier and an ancient curse get in their way. Will this quartet of friends find the vacation they were looking for, or will they end up as another set of dried up relics on the desert landscape?

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"Will you girls please look at this pretty glowing jewel? Or if we not, we've got some nice jewelry you can wear instead."

And the adventure begins. *grabs popcorn*:pinkiehappy:

Running from that mummy was terrifying… hey, Paradise- how did we get into all this mess, anyways?

I (( Surprise)) must have really messed up this time!

5981497 I didn't mean to call you names either- I was only aggravated! I'm sorry!

This is not what I imagined would happen when you suggested we'd go on this vacation! Abd like I stated earlier, I don't wanna end as the hustru of some undead king woth lacking hygiene! :pinkiesick:

- Daffodil

So it also has a bit of India along with the Middle East and North Africa?

So they're being Ugly Ponylanders? :facehoof:

What… what… I cussed… and then got high… what…


"Vow, ziz place is like a giant mall!" Paradise exclaimed, as the four looked around at their new surroundings. "Except all of ze stores are in ze little tents!"

I think you ment Daffi her, not Paradise?
- Keam

Such amazing seeds they sold at the bazaar! I can't wait until I get home, and can try to grow them in my and Glade's garden...and of course I need to bring some of them home to Hastland and see if I can get them ot grow there, too... :raritystarry:
- Daffodil

"No! Madame, please don't! You could cut yourself without-!" The swallower stallion protested, as Surprise simply shoved the scimitar down her mouth, and it disappeared. "How- how did you do that?!"



Yes, it is. Though I am trying to incorporate only certain cultural attributes from those regions; there are no slaves, no fanatics, and it's been hinted the only ;bad' saddle Arabian in the story is the as-yet-unseen vizier. The saddle arabian ponies are being very courteous, hospitable, and respectful. It's the Ponyland mares who are living up to the stereotypes, and making utter fools of themselves.

Trust Paradise to know every tropes and cliches found in every storybook and analising them in real life.:rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes, be noticed that you mix up Prince Fire with Princess Flame by calling him Prince Flame. You might want to fix that.

Wow! That was really good!

And then the other Ponyland mares complain that they did not join Surprise in the stallions' bath house.

“No, and I’m assuming you aren’t either?” Paradise answered as the two began to walk down the empty sand streets together. "You really don't look like a Saddle Arabian mare."

I messed up here, it's supposed to say'saddle arabian stallion'.

XD I sound crazy! I love it!

That was AMAZING! I loved the backstory :yay:

You switched Daffi's name for Paradise once; but other than that this is amazing! ^_^

So, the mummy's bandages are not armor. They're there to make the mummy look less terrifying. Reminds me of the game where if you used fire on the tree monsters, you were suddenly facing *flaming* tree monsters.

Perfect ending 10/10

Totally unexpected! Great ending!!! :yay::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

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