• Published 31st Mar 2016
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The Return of The Terror - Vanilla Mocha

Joy is a reformed changeling. When another changeling from her hive finds her, she has her identity stolen, and all of Joy's friends think she has become evil once more, with Vanilla Mocha and Valerium on her side. Will they prove their innocence?

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Chapter Three

Breeze closed the door to the hospital as she entered. Beside her was Paradise, Tacitus, Daffodil, and Garfield.

"I sure do hope they're okay." Daffodil Spark said as the five friends walked down the hall.

"Mocha'll be alright, trust me. And Valerium, he's pretty tough." Garfield replied. As they rounded the corner, they saw Valerium's room. Vanilla Mocha was sitting next to the bed, as close as she could get.

"I don't think so..." Paradise Oasis whispered as she caught sight of Mocha's face. She was still crying.

Tacitus knocked on the door, even though it was open. "Miss Vanilla Mocha..."

The unicorn mare looked up. "O-oh..." Wiping tears from her eyes, she forced a smile. "Hello."

Breeze flew in. "Whoa, he got hit hard, didn't he?"

Mocha sniffled.

"Breeze!" Paradise elbowed her.

"Oh! Um, I mean, at least it wasn't too hard. Hey, he's alive, right?"

Mocha didn't respond.

"...right?" Breeze smiled.

"Right." Nurse Redheart walked in and sat down a clipboard. "He's gonna be alright. Just asleep for right now."

Daffodil sighed a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear. When will he be better?"

The nurse glanced over to the stallion in bed. "Not too long of a wait. I'd say about a few hours until he can leave the hospital, depending on when he wakes up."

"What happened to him?" Tacitus asked.

Redheart picked up the clipboard again. "He was hit over the head pretty hard, at least according to the readings." She looked up. "Luckily you brought him over here when you all did. If that ambulance hadn't been called in time, who knows if he'd still be sleeping."

Mocha sniffled again.

Paradise hugged her. "It'll all be okay, 'Nilla." The pegasus gave her a reassuring smile.

Vanilla smiled back.

"If anypony knows what hit him, it'd help. Knowing the weight and size can help determine how long he'll be out." The nurse added.

"Paradise, you saw it. What hit him?" Daffodil asked.

"I only saw it out of my peripheral vision. When I turned my head, he was laying there. It could've been anything." The mare replied.

"Didn't see anything? At all?" Nurse Redheart questioned.

"Hmm... From what I can recall, no." Paradise put her hoof to her chin. "Oh! Wait, no, I remember something!"

The group smiled at her as she spoke. "I saw a black and white blur. That's what made me look up- it was like something in grayscale flew past me.

"Wait... Black and white?" Mocha's eyes widened.

"Yeah, why?"

"That's... Joy's color scheme!"

"Joy?" Nurse Redheart was puzzled.

"Nunya business!" Breeze said.

Nurse Redheart huffed. "Fine, then." She trotted out.

"Breeze..." Paradise facehoofed.

"Actually," Tacitus interjected, "That was a smart move. It wouldn't be good to let others know about a Changeling on the loose, especially if she did hurt Valerium."

Breeze grinned. "Oh!" She exclaimed, "Galaton wanted me to tell you about his plan!"

"Galaton?" Garfield lifted a brow.

"Galaxy and Quillton. I combined them into one." Breeze smiled.

Daffodil giggled at that.

"Anyways," Breese sat down by Mocha, "They decided on a buddy system, first off. No pony goin' solo."

"That's a good idea." Garfield said. "Does that count cats?"

"I'd say so." Paradise winked.

"Not to mention..." Breeze trailed off, explaining the plan to Mocha.


"...after we figure out the buddy system, we'll need to figure out what we're actually doing. Mocha can't just close down her coffee shop. So, we'll have to go instead. We need to be back for the party, though. Can't let down our friend. She really wanted us to be with her for the Summer Sun Celebration." Nebula addressed.

Quillton, Sunset Shimmer, Crystal (Galaxy's fiancé), Shadow, Frost, Thunder, and Redsopine were all gathered in Galaxy's home.

"I can help hunt down that demon!" Red said, pounding his left hoof into his other hoof.

Quillton shook his head. "No pony alone. Besides, she is a Changeling. We don't know if she has been lying to us this whole time just to spy on us. We need to be cautious."

"I agree." Frost said.

"What we need to do..." Shadow began. "Hmm... How about we get more help?"

"Like from Princess Twilight?" Charming Thunder asked.

"Maybe from more friends. We don't need many ponies involved, but maybe if we had more of us, it'd help out." Crystal suggested.

Sunset nodded. "That could work. I've come to learn that friendship really is magic. The more friends, the better off we might be."

"Then we need to sort out the buddy system and find more ponies to add." Galaxy pulled out a piece of paper and began writing on it.

"Shadow," Quillton addressed, "We need somepony to find Joy, or at least attempt finding her. We need to keep her under supervision, at all times."

Shadow nodded. "Hey, can Thunder come along? And Red?"

"Of course! Buddy system." Quillton smiled.

The three stallions trotted out.

"Frost," Sunset waved her hoof, "You can hang out with Crystal and I if you'd like. We're going to help Galaxy organize groups."

Frosted Shard smiled softly. "Alright, thanks." She walked over and began helping them.


"Hello?" Joy called out. All she could see was darkness. "Where am I?"

Lightheaded, she carefully stood up. A fuzzy green light appeared in the distance, though the room remained dark. Then, a red light, smaller in size, began to glow. They seemed to float in the air.

"H-hello?" She called out again.

The red light faded, and the green one expanded. Then it completely disappeared.

Moments later, a familiar voice answered her from within the darkness. "Welcome home, daughter."

Author's Note:

Once again it's unedited. And pleeeeease, if your OC is in this story, it'd help me out if you acknowledge you're reading it. I'm sorry, but most people aren't doing anything, and I want to make sure I am writing your character right and that you actually don't mind them being in the sequel, despite the blogs. The good thing about improv is that I can write characters out and in easily.