• Published 31st Mar 2016
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The Return of The Terror - Vanilla Mocha

Joy is a reformed changeling. When another changeling from her hive finds her, she has her identity stolen, and all of Joy's friends think she has become evil once more, with Vanilla Mocha and Valerium on her side. Will they prove their innocence?

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Chapter Four

Shadow, Thunder and Redsopine ran through town in search of Joy.

"So they say she looked like her cutie mark broke and her eye color changed?" Red asked.

"Yeah, it seems really odd." Thunder replied.

Shadow stopped running. "Ya know..." Making eye contact with the other two stallions, he suggested, "Maybe this is all just a hoax."

Red tilted his head. "Whaddya mean?"

"Well, remember last year's Nightmare Night party? We had that big fiasco to help save Mocha. Now it's Valerium that's hurt. And their little Changeling friend had a big role in it too."

"Shadow, are you saying that... It's all an act?" Charming Thunder asked.

Shadow sighed. "I dunno, but it seems that way. I mean, why at a holiday? Why at a party? Why the same ponies? Both times? It's too coincidental to be real."

Red blinked. "You do make a lot of sense. But, why would Mocha do that?"

"Let's see, she can't throw a party very well... Maybe by sending us on these fake quests and stuff she's getting the attention she wants. I mean, look, she goes to Magic School taught by Princess Twilight Sparkle, whom went and saved the world with her friends... Doesn't it seem like she's copying what her teacher did?"

Thunder and Red gasped. "That... Explains a lot!" Thunder exclaimed.

Shadow turned around and began trotting away.

"Where are you going?" Red asked the bat pony.

"Home. I ain't looking for something that's not even there, it's all a hoax!" He said, not even turning his head.

"Well... Me neither!" Thunder huffed. "Shadow Wing's right, what, does Vanilla and Valerium and Joy think we have nothing better to do?!"

"Are you two sure?" Red asked, "Mocha doesn't seem like the kind of pony to do that."

Thunder nodded. "I'm sure." The unicorn trotted away.

Redsopine sighed and ran off, back in the direction he came.


Crystal Harmony tapped on the paper in front of her. "I think we should change this group."

Sunset Shimmer leaned over and glanced at the group. "Hmm... Well, what do you have in mind?"

"How about we take out Garfield and put Daffodil in there instead? It'd create more balance, and plus, I think Daffodil would like a group with Paradise and Garfield in a group with Valerium."

Frost nodded. "That seems good."

"But, just because certain ponies... And cats... are in a group doesn't mean they can't interact with others. The groups are in place so that we can keep each other safe and on task." Quillton Brooks said in his accent, approaching them.

Sunset looked up at him and blushed lightly, smiling widely. "I put the four of us in a group. Frost, you don't mind being in Paradise and Daffy's group, do you?"

Frosted Shard smiled. "I don't mind at all. I know them, and I consider them friends. That pegasus is real caring and funny, and the blonde mare is super nice."

"Great." Quillton responded. He nuzzled his marefriend, Sunset Shimmer.

Suddenly the front door to Galaxy's home swung open. Red ran in, breathing heavily.

"Red!" Crystal shouted, worried.

Galaxy trotted over quickly. "Red, c'mon, sit down. What happened?"

Red followed Galaxy Nebula's instructions. "Thunder... Shadow... Ditch..." He continued to breathe, "Joy's a hoax... But we don't know..."

"Thunder and Shadow are in a ditch?" Sunset raised an eyebrow.

Crystal gasped. "Are they hurt?"

Red shook his head. "N-no... They... Ditched me... They think Mocha and Valerium are messing with us... Using Joy..."

Crystal blushed. "Oh..."

Galaxy smiled. "Silly Crystal~" He whispered to her.

The five ponies surrounded Redsopine. "Red, we need to know what happened. Those are your buddies, your group. Where are they, and what is this about a... Hoax?" Quillton asked.

Red looked at the three mares and two stallions around him. Taking a deep breath of air, he began to explain what Shadow Wing and Charming Thunder theorized.


"Mmm, this is amazing!" Garfield sat at Valerium's dining room table, a piece of chocolate fudge cake in front of him. Tacitus accompanied him.

"Thanks," Paradise said, "Got it at Sugarcube Corner."

Daffodil walked in from the hallway. "Well, he seems to be doing alright." Chuckling, she said, "He really likes the cake."

Paradise smiled. "That's good."

Daffodil Spark nodded. "Yup. Hey, he got out of the hospital pretty fast. Almost... Too fast, don't you think?"

"Well, I don't know. He didn't need any medical treatment because it wasn't too bad of a hit... Just one to the temple to knock him out for a while. Not like he needed surgery or meds or anything." The pegasus replied.

Garfield licked his lips. "Pary has a point."

"Hmm, but still... He got out in less than two hours."

"That's a good point." Garfield pointed his fork at Daffodil.

"Who's side are you on?" Paradise asked the orange cat.

The cat shrugged.

Tacitus stood up from the same table, holding an empty plate in his magic. "This was excellent. Mister and Misses Cake always do their best."

Garfield nodded in agreement. "Very!"

A loud knock sounded from Valerium's front door.

"I'll get it," Tacitus said, setting his plate down. Opening the door, he saw Galaxy standing outside.

"There you are! The hospital said he went home." The pegasus said.

"Hello to you too, Mr. Galaxy." Professor Tacitus chuckled.

Galaxy stepped closer to the unicorn. "I assume Mocha's here?"

Tacitus nodded. "You need her?"

"No, not exactly. I need everypony except her. And Valerium, and Joy... Say, Joy isn't here, is she?" He whispered.

The brown stallion shook his head. "No, she isn't. And Mocha is with her coltfriend in his bedroom."

"O-oh..." Galaxy's face turned red.

Tacitus' eyes widened. "No, no... I mean, she's visiting him, helping him to feel better."

Galaxy laughed. "I know, just havin' fun."

Tacitus chuckled. "Anyways, come on in. You said you needed to talk to us?"

"Y-yeah... We're not sure if any of this is... Real." Galaxy choked.

Author's Note:

Wrote this all in about thirty minutes. Barely edited because that's how lazy I am! :rainbowwild: No seriously, I'm that bad.

Compared to the other story, these chapters are a lot shorter (from what I recall from memory). So, I will most likely make this story have about 15-25 chapters, unlike 10. And there probably won't be Bloopers. Unless you guys request it. :twilightoops: