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This story is a sequel to Right/Wrong

Dear Luna,

I know you can't hear me but...

A stand-alone sequel. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Great story, have a like! :twilightsmile:

7343593 I'm just gonna pocket that. :raritywink:

Even if you know not where it is, the shining capital city of Canterlot and its castle will be a dead give away of my location which is why there are no guards about. My quill is slipping and my heart is racing and the tears won't stop, as the condition of this letter will prove, I know I'm running out of time. I just want to let you know that no matter what, I love you.

Yours truly,


A few things:

- That last paragraph is utterly fantastic, and you should be proud of it.
- I like that Celestia didn't have a chance to finish writing her name, and yet the implication behind it is left ambiguous. Did she stop writing, or was she stopped from writing, is a simple question that makes a world of difference depending on the answer, and I appreciate the subtle fridge horror.

As a general note, this story kinda reminded me of this one here. In fact, it might be neat to see another one of these "letter" type stories from the perspective of Nightmare Moon.

7343677 I agree, along with what you did with the title of the story and chapter, stylistically speaking, the content overall was amazing and heartfelt but that ending was just the perfect flourish to it. All the emotional build up her words were leading to culminated in this final bit where we actually picture the scene in which she is writing and physically being affected by what it is she is writing, as the document in turn becomes yet another physical manifestation of the titanically powerful emotions that are being unleashed as her mind becomes akin to a shattered dam.

This is one of the best stories I have ever read. I have read a great many stories.
Also, small nitpick: "Even after all these years I can't bare" should be bear.

8075297 thank you! I'm always flattered when someone finds my horse ramblings to mean so much.:heart:

I saw this over in Poniverse. It made sense & I believed it. The prophecy ended
"....(then) the stars will aid in her escape
and she will bring about unending darkness" (or words to that effect. It's been awhile & I'm too shiftless & inept to look it up)
First, look at Twilight's Cutie Mark
Remember, more than 1 her escaped that night -including Luna
Remember, royals often have a meaningless but poetic title or 2
If you consider that one of Luna's was "The Unending Darkness", then the "she" in the prophecy is obviously Twilight. The whole prophecy is correct, although a little poetically expressed.

The question to my mind is "How much did Celestia plan vs how much did she luck out?"
Who wrote that book of prophecy?

Who left it where Twilight could find it?

Family Appreciation Day Ponyville is there, so close to the Elements, because Celestia put it there.

Twilight's Cutie Mark (or close to it) is on the Tree of Harmony. Did Celestia ever see the Tree when she & Luna got the Elements? That & the dragon's head sticking out of the top of the building. Most Ponies would have missed these subtle signs, but that is why Celestia is Princess -she sees the subtle clues most folks would miss. Thus, she made Twilight her student.

Why was so important a celebration held in such a hick town?

A totally unknown act was picked to headline this important event. An act sponsored by the Element of Kindness. Call that a coincidence, do you? In fact, the 5 ponies she interacted with "just happened" to be the 5 other Elements. Granted, a LOT of ponies might have been suited to be the Elements. Still , that's kind of pushing the boundaries of the word "coincidence".

Fluttershy going into that forest without even being asked, let alone forced was the most OOC event in the entire series. (based on Dragonshy, she should have: Run home, hid under her bed, wet herself, & died from fright. Not necessarily in that order.) IMO she was geased? or something, to act that way.

In short, the events of that night were about as random as the numbers on a multiplication table. To call Celestia lucky implies that an element of chance was permitted to influence the outcome. Well, I suppose she was lucky Twilight was up to the job, but she probably had contingency plans.


From a meta perspective, it was just to mark Shine as Twilight's brother since the Tree Of Harmony wasn't created yet, but I ask from an in-universe perspective.

From me or from someone else?:twilightblush:

One interesting thought. The S5 season finale (having a senior moment :applecry: & ICR the name). Some of the alternate universes, Nightmare Moon was aparently defeated even though Twilight never hatched Spike & didn't get her Cutie Mark at that time. This implies that there were AU versions of The Elements of Harmony.

It could be that Shining was destined to be one of the Elements -until the Tree of Harmony decided that Twilight would be better (Then picked the other Elements around Twilight instead? Because a lot of ponies are Kind, Loyal, etc. & (IMO) potential Element bearers) Probably, the Element of Magic is the hard one & you match the others around it. (Like solving a Rubik's Cube)

I don't think there is one, however, some ponies do have cutie marks that are alike in ways, so they could share that.

I might've actually written something like that, but I write a lot, so who knows.

Nice follow up honestly. That cut off at the end brings a lot of implications.

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