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Well... Color me surprised you found this group.

As the title says, this group lives for God. We are not religious, we just love God.

This group is for those who wish to pursue and live for Him. 'Nuff said.

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407085 Well, what else could one call it, if the two choices given were "be my slave, be a mere tool," or "suffer disproportionate punishment for all eternity." Certainly nothing less than evil.

407084 You haven't disproven the comparison that I made. You just stated as a fact that He isn't like that without backing it up with any argument.

God gives us free will to choose between worshiping Him and burning in hellfire for all eternity. It's a classical carrot and a stick example. If you think that makes Him evil, then I guess He's evil.

384338 God isn't a slaver though! If God were, then he'd be evil, and would be unfit for worship. Thankfully, he's not even remotely like that.

To live for God is not an easy thing to do, not at all. Of course, none of us are perfect; we will all eventually fall at some point. But when we do, God is always there to pick us right back up. No matter what happens, God will always be there for you. Never forget that.

We have finally replaced our old default banner with a new one, a banner more suitable for this group!

Here's the full image:

I was thinking of using the bottom of the picture (the beach) for the banner, but I found the center was more suitable as it held the spirit of the group, shining rays of light from beyond the dark clouds.

Hello, all.
This is very old news, but in case you all haven't heard, Ray Comfort has finally released his new movie, Audacity!

Audacity regards the issue of gay marriage and of the such, and is very insightful. If you all have the time, I recommend that you watch Ray's new movie!

If only there was some faith-based fanfics out there, huh?

Just a little announcement;
I never meant to begin an argument here, and I'm sorry if I caused anyone here any discomfort or unease.
Let's stop Bad Dragon. I'm sorry to have wasted your time with all this fuss.
After all, this group wasn't made for debates and arguments; we all joined this group because we all have one common interest: to live for God. So let us do just that.

384322 But the slaves also have free will. They are the ones deciding whether they will do the task that their master has given them or not.

If they choose to follow their master's orders, they find freedom (Arbeit macht frei!). They make it their purpose to please their master, and coincidentally that's all their master wants of them. They fulfil their purpose in life and please their master at the same time. Isn't that great?

It's true that some slaves sometimes lose their way and stray away from the wishes of their master. However, there's never to late to repent. Master tries very hard to motivate such people, but in the end, it's their choice whether they want to continue to be lazy or not.

It's like with God. He gives us motivation and opportunities to find our way back to him, but he doesn't force us to. And those who refuse to obey him, are punished severely for eternity.

God is best master.

We're not slaves of God though; slaves are forced to do what they're told; they don't have freedom. We, however, are given a choice. God doesn't force us to follow Him; it's up to us whether to follow Him or not. Also, we are set free when we decide to follow God. Before following Him, we are slaves of sin.

383470 I fully agree. We are like slaves, following our master's orders. We know what the orders are, and it's up to us whether we follow through with them or not. If we obey and fulfill the orders, our master will be happy. If we refuse to obey, then our master will be displeased with us. In the end, it's the slave's choice if he/she will follow the orders or not.

When God tells us to do something, it will always result towards the greater good; a positive thing. Even if the situation seems absolutely crazy and hopeless, God's way will always make that negative situation into a positive one. Knowing that, (if you have a personal relationship with God)you would be totally willing to follow through with His ways.
Otherwise, it is up to you whether you want to follow through with God's plan or not. He gives us free will; He doesn't force us to do anything. He will give us many chances to decide whether to follow His plan or not, but if we constantly say no to His request, He will eventually stop asking us altogether. That will be a dark day, however.

383386 That's exactly what I'm saying. It doesn't matter what you want or don't want to do. God gives orders, and you should follow those orders no mater what your will is. It's not about what you want, it's about what God wants.

If you have complete faith and trust in someone, you're gonna follow through with their plan, even if it sounds pretty crazy or reckless. It's same with having faith in God. Sometimes He may throw something that seems like a curveball, but if you're going to trust in Him, you have to take that "risk" and follow through with His plan. That is, only if you have complete faith in Him.

383340 He did not want to kill his son, but he was prepared to do it anyway because God ordered it.

It's the same with the rest of the rules. It doesn't matter if you want to follow them or not. God commands it, therefore, you should follow them for the same reason Abraham tried to kill his son, and not just you feel like it.

Abraham didn't feel obligated to kill Isaac, though. He fully trusted in God and knew that there was an explanation to why God told him to do so. He had complete, 150% faith in God.

383338 Abraham didn't try to kill his son because he wanted to. He tried to do it because he was ordered to do it. God wanted Abraham to do something even if he didn't want to do it.

The way you're saying that we have to abide by the Bible 110% of time makes you sound like a Pharisee or a legalist. Jesus died on the cross to get rid of that kind of attitude. Sure, we should abide by the Bible all the time, but it shouldn't be an obligatory thing. We should do what the Bible says because we want to. Otherwise, Christianity would become a religion.
Christianity literally means to be "Christ-like". But Jesus didn't do what He did because He was obligated to; He did it because He wanted to. He wanted to save all those lost Jews and Gentiles. You shouldn't do certain things because your pastor told you to; you should do it because you want to honestly do it with all your heart.
Christianity's a religion only if you make it one. By saying that, however, won't really help anyone. The only thing you can really do is pray that you'll get a heart to follow the Bible because you want to, and not by obligation, or because your pastor told you to.

365602 David isn't God and he killed Goliath
and Samsung killed the Philippians, and he's not God either is he?
and pal I'm going to tell you this once,the Bible says a lot of things but we still don't do it, everyone commit sin,but God still forgives yes it is important to follow the Ten Commandments,I mean there's no argument about that.but no matter how many times we commit a sin or go against the Bible God will always forgive and will always welcome it into heaven because He loves us all an he's ultimate father.

but saying the Bible has rules and you can't call yourself christian if you don't obey them. that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard that I gave us free will, and that's how are free so face it you're wrong you lost (read bro)

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