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This story is a sequel to Galaxy Nebula's ESF: The Final Battle

After they defeated Comet Nebula, life for Galaxy Nebula and his friends seemed to finally be peaceful and normal. Vanilla Mocha and Scythea got married; Crimson Ink, Crystal Harmony, and Melody Note became Vanilla Mocha's newest staff members at her cafe: Icy Mocha, and so on. But little did they know that their troubles were far from over. Lurking in the darkness somewhere lies an evil far greater and more powerful than Comet Nebula. An evil with a taste for ponies and a will to dominate. Will Galaxy and his friends triumph over the forces of evil once more, or will they be consumed by this new threat?

(The cover art is currently in development)

Rated Teen for blood, mild language, mentions of sex, and violence

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"Lurking in the darkness lies a great evil."

My ex?

7749958 She's a lying evil manipulative two faced backstabbing controling psycho. I'd call her the spawn of Satan, but after all the bad things she did to me, and put me through, I really don't feel like complimenting her.

7755951 Nope, this evil is quite masculine, and he would probably try to eat you and your ex.

7757846 He's more than welcome to eat my ex, and put her out of everyone's misery.

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