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New Sketch · 5:18am November 20th

Been a while since I posted a blog post, so here's my latest sketch of a character I came up with that I named "Amelia Wealthinux". She's young, peppy, playful, bubbly, and LOVES shiny things - especially gold!

Any comments? :unsuresweetie:

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Rogue Sketch · 10:18pm October 8th

Sketch I did today of a rogue character that I came up with.

Any comments? :unsuresweetie:

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Who's ready for another round? · 2:04pm October 8th

Anybody ready for another round of random questions? That's right, folks, I'm working on another one of my wonderful random surveys! For many of y'all, this will be round three of my deliciously insightful and entertaining queries. I'm almost done thinking up and writing down the eight questions I want to ask people, as well as finding all the pictures I want to include with the questions.

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Lego Sculpture · 4:34am September 5th

It's a Lego sculpture I made of an 8-bit Spiny from Super Mario Bros.!

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Just saw BlacKkKlansman · 12:05am September 4th

So I just saw the movie BlacKkKlansman and it was pretty good. I found the movie to be very entertaining and can definitely recommend it to those looking for something fun to watch.

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Random Survey 02 Results · 6:09am August 26th

At last! They're finally here! The results to another fantastic survey! In this survey, I asked 103 random people on this website random questions and tallied up their results. Before I show them off, I want to take this time to thank all of the people who were cool enough to take the time to answer my awesome survey instead of either rudely ignoring me, turning me away, or threatening me like an ***hole. And for the very few people who were polite enough to decline my survey in a kind and

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Random Survey 01 Results · 9:13pm May 10th

Well, the results are in! In this spectacular and insightful survey, I asked 117 random people on this website random questions and tallied up their responses. Let's take a look at them, shall we? :raritywink:

The first question I asked was this: On a hamburger or hot dog, do you prefer ketchup, mustard, or both?

As I expected, ketchup dominated the polls in that one.

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President Pretentious · 8:30pm April 10th

President Pretentious
By: Brickbrock24

Prideful President Pretentious
loved his country very much.
His citizens and his homeland
Were always his number one priority.
People from elsewhere, however,
He did not think highly of.

The president thinks people
Who come from other places
Are nothing but crooks and schnooks.
He thinks they are repulsive rats and roaches
That have come to steal jobs and rape women.
He thinks they are renegades and ruffians

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Sandwich Poem · 9:17pm March 27th


By: Brickbrock24

A man walked into my sandwich shop,
A buff guy with flowing blonde hair
And chiseled muscles of steel.
He marched up to me,
Slammed his hand on counter,
And demanded
A sandwich suitable for his super strong self.

I wasn’t exactly sure
What kind of sandwich a macho man
Like this would want. So I offered
Him a new item that I added
To the menu recently.

He said “Sure, why not?” So I got to work.

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Monster/Enemy Sketches · 2:57am February 6th

Some monsters that I came up with and drew that I've decided to share.

Names I came up with for this monster:

Names I came up with for this monster:
"Swine Fu"
"Pork Chop"

Names I came up with for this monster:
"Hollow Hustler"
"Corrupted Crapshooter"

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