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Trash of the Royal Castle - Netap

Human isekai'd into Equestria, regular stuff, right? Wrong! He knows nothing of the show and he took over the body of Prince Blueblood. Shenanigans ensue.

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Chapter 3

Luna was sick and tired.
Literally so.

For more than a month she was bedridden, her magic rapidly increasing in power as her body tried to return to its original form.
Not this younger body she was trapped in, but her true form as an Alicorn Princess.

"And when he saw his first Griffon he was so scared, he thought it was going to eat him. But there was no need to worry, I calmed him down and taught him that griffons are people just like ponies are," However It doesn't help that Celestia was doing just above the bare minimum in making her time easier.

"I am sure that story does not interest a lady of such high esteem as Princess Luna, Auntie, Perhaps we should change the topic to something less... personal?" And then there was Prince Blueblood.

Luna didn't know what to think about the stallion, Adopted by her sister at a young age, claimed to be the last heir of the line of Platinum, and was obviously uncomfortable with talking about himself.

"For example, Your Highness, what are your favorite foods? We might be able to find a topic of discussion if we explore your culinary preferences, yes?" He also seemed to enjoy changing topics, already on his fourth change of topic.

"Bluey, I'm sure Lulu wouldn't mind if you drop the title, We're all a family here, aren't we?" Celestia said before she looked Luna straight in the eyes. Most likely preparing her ultimate technique from two thousand years ago, the secret ability of hers that would make even the strongest of wizards bend to their knees in compliance.

And as Celestia's pupils widened and her eyes started to wet, Luna knew that she was doomed to the horrible fate of agreeing with her sister's demand.

Because not even Starswirtl the Bearded was immune to her "Puppy Dog Eyes"

"Fine," Luna rasped out, "You can simply call me Luna, but only in private, I have an image to maintain." She told the Prince.

"Pfff, Image to maintain," Celestia murmured to herself, her childish side clearly taking over as her prim and proper persona fell long before she entered her room.
Luna decided to ignore her sister, if only to protect her sanity.

And as all this went down, in the corner of her eye, Luna saw Blueblood head toward one of the windows and open the blinds.

And the rays of the setting sun invaded her room like an angry bull on a rampage in the middle of a bazaar, and Luna could do nothing but hiss as the darkness that she loved so much was taken away from her.

Looking at his hoof after opening the window, she could see Blueblood grimace and wipe it on his leg.
"This room is filled with dust, when was the last time someone came and cleaned it?" He asked as he turned back to look at the two, millennia-old siblings.

"I haven't had someone clean this room since Luna was bedridden, and it has been almost a month since," Celestia told him, and Luna couldn't help but grow worried at the direction of this talk

"Someone will need to clean this room, tomorrow preferably. We can move Luna into one of the guest rooms for the day and return her when the cleaning is complete," he said, levitating a handkerchief from his pocket and wiping it on a small lamp above the dresser.

The purple lampshade turned pink as a thick layer of dust was wiped off, revealing the true color underneath.
Even Blueblood seemed surprised by how much dust was on it, and suddenly, Luna felt that maybe getting someone to clean the room would not be such a bad idea.

"You know," Celestia began to stand up from her position next to Luna's bed, "You have a point," Luna couldn't help but agree with her sister's sentiment on the matter.

"Why don't you show Luna around the castle grounds tomorrow while her room is being cleaned," And now Luna had to disagree.

"That's a terrible idea, Auntie, Luna is obviously unhealthy, moving around the castle would do her no good, it could even worsen her condition," Luna had to agree with Blueblood on that matter, she could barely talk, let alone stand upright long enough to walk.

"I know it would not be easy," Celestia began, "That is why I have already prepared a wheelchair and snacks for tomorrow," Celestia smiled before turning toward the door to Luna's room.

"And do not worry Lulu, I planned everything from the start," And with that, Celestia took her leave. Leaving Luna and Blueblood to watch in astonishment at how the most powerful pony in the world just strong-armed them to hang out for a day.

"She planned this from the start?" Luna heard Blueblood whisper to himself, and when she turned to see his reaction, she was surprised to see a smile filled with excitement, "How cunning, Celestia, But two could play at that game," He turned his head to look at Luna, and she almost shivered at the large grin on his face.

"Princess Luna, what do you think of getting back at my dear Aunt for setting this up? I would like to hear your thoughts before planning anything," and as Luna looked into his eyes, she started to smile.

Her cunning sister could play the goofy pony all she wants, but she can also be cunning if she wanted to.

She was a Princess as well, after all.

"I think, Prince Blueblood, that if everything goes well tomorrow," She said, "It will be the start of a beautiful friendship,"

"If that is the case, I will be looking forward to planning with you," He said and left her room, Leaving Luna alone with her thought.

"Oh, Right, Would you prefer Mushroom or Pea soup?" Until he returned less than a minute later and asked her what she wanted for dinner.

Yes, Luna was sure that Blueblood and her would get along, wonderfully.

"And would you like tea or juice with it?"

Very Wonderfully.

"The options for the tea are-" "I would like Mushroom soup and a pitcher of cold tea,"

"I see, I will go and tell the chefs immediately," He once more turned away.

"Blueblood," Luna rasped out to him, making sure he listens carefully to her next words.

"Tell Celestia to get pink cake for tomorrow, she'll know what we speak of,"

Blueblood nodded to show that he heard her, before turning back to the door.

"Oh, I almost forgot," She called out once again, stopping him in his tracks.

"Yes Princess Luna, what is it that you almost forgot?" He asked, subtly gritting his teeth and once again being called.

"Could you kindly bring me a story to read?" She asked of him, and he gave her a tired smile.

"I'll be sure to tell a maid to bring you a book, now if there's nothing else, I also happened to have matters to attend to before Celestia whisked me away, Have a good night," And he was once again on his way to leaving her room.

Luna couldn't help but smile as the Stallion tried hiding his unwillingness to serve but decided to end her toying with him there. She only met the Unicorn, after all, and she wouldn't want the first impression of her new "family" to be an overly negative one, even if it was in a dusty and dark room.

But whatever Blueblood may think of her, She was sure that tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

"Now," She whispered to herself as she leaned back into her bed, "How shall we hatch this cunning plot on my dear sister, Mayhaps we shall replace her hygiene products with Poison Joke, hmm, But how shall we get the flowers? Maybe we shall-"

And so Luna spent the rest of her time until and after dinner thinking of ways to get back at her sister for putting her in a dusty room for a month just so she would spend time with her Nephew.

Classic Celestia.

Author's Note:

That cunning princess! Celestia planned it all from the start!
The cakes, The boring story, giving Luna Persimmon on her fruit platter, and not cleaning her room for almost a month!
It was all part of her masterful plot to get Blueblood to hang out with her sister!
That devious devil, She played them all like a fiddle!

Anyway, this chapter was from Luna's POV, obviously.

If any of you are wondering where in the timeline this takes place, then this first day of the story takes place during the episode "Green Isn't your Color", Towards the end of season 1.

Also, I once again want to tell you that the average length of my chapters is between 1k and 2k words, don't expect some 3k or 4k word chapters anytime soon.
These chapters are nice and short, just like how I like my women Chapters!

I'm still amazed at how fast this story 100 likes.

on an unrelated note, I noticed that one of my other stories was in the popular section today (When I'm writing this) and just wanted to say that it's cool.

I really like how all of my active stories managed to make it to feature sometime during their lifetime, It's nice to see so many people enjoying them despite the non-existent upload schedule :)

Hope you all enjoy future chapters :)

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