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It's been a long time since Trixie last came to Ponyville, even longer since she did a show there. Yet here she is, back again, and this time appealing to a new, younger audience. But, as she feared, her past once again comes back to haunt her, this time in the form of an alicorn princess.

Originally written for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Pre-con Contest (it didn't win).

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Errr the title reminds me of the nsfw trixies funhouse, one word describes it, ew,

It's kinda like the apple massacre

I am both happy and sad to see this is complete. It seems like this could be something examined deeper, but at the same time is a pleasant bite of 'what may be'. Have yourself a thumbs up sir.

There is a lesson for you, princess Twilight: sometimes, we cause harm to other lives without even knowing.

Okay, how did this not get a sad tag? I mean, it's hilarious and pretty awesome. But idk. This story was a roller-coaster of emotions.

The story's beginning with Trixie's show was pretty nice, a bit thick on the Trixie Trixie Trixie on the intro, but it was a joy from there till the sudden change of scenery.

Then we have the 3rd reunion between these two very different, bipolar extremes. Both a success in their own right but reached them in very different ways.

It still had Trixie being Trixie. It was great if only for the amount of Trixie in Trixie this fic gave her. I loved it, tons!

But then things take a 3rd shift in tone and becomes heavier, and not just for Trixie. Though I felt Twilight could of shared a bit over just gloating. Though she hadn't meant it as such, more of a defensive throwing back to Trixie's face.

The conflict in the story was really nice. I wonder how much Twilight will reflect on Trixie's words and know just how much of an effect she had on Trixie's life even without knowing it. It can't be helped, can it? It wasn't Twilight's fault the villagers and others went crazy, and Trixie only brought it upon herself with the amulet.

What is Twilight to think of all that? Would she care to try and justify her innocence in it all? Who knows.

Trixie however, Trixie was something else. She has so much bitterness in her heart. Gone through more hardships one can really relate to for many, given this story's context, and the only mare that could understand her struggles, could only make small comparisons to her own struggles at best. There is no real winner here. It was not a good night for either. But it's good for Twilight I think to know she's caused somepony harm, even if indirectly. She has had it too easy in my opinion. The two mares just help balance each other, though they seem not to be aware of how much they could benefit from each other.

Ah, damn. That ending, there. Twilight... you just don't get it, do you.

EDIT: Byt the by, I'm kinda hoping this is continued, even if marked complete.

To bad there isn't a tag for "Bittersweet" or "Downbeat", because I think those define this story more than any other.

I severely doubt we'll ever see this type of confrontation in the show, but that's what fanfiction is for. I'm more inclined to side with Twilight on this one, simply because she came into this with good intentions. Trixie just hasn't grown up enough to put things behind her. And without an emotional or moral anchor, such as friends, I doubt she ever will.

Nice work!


The two mares just help balance each other, though they seem not to be aware of how much they could benefit from each other.

Kind of a tragedy, isn't it?

Oh, man, I'd forgotten about that. I saw it go by when I checked to see if this title had been taken, but I never read it.

Thank you. I might continue this one day, if I figure out exactly where I'd want it to go.

For every action, there is a reaction, whether we notice it or not.

Thanks! Yeah, I actually had a bit of a hard time figuring out what tag(s) this needed, because I can't really nail it down to any particular genre. The mood is indeed all over the place, so I just popped in the only tag that I figured couldn't be contested and called it a night.

I've been slowly working on this story for months, and I'm still not totally satisfied with it. It was something that I really wanted to write as soon as the idea came to me. If I do expand on it, I'll definitely examine Twilight's reactions to learning these things, and I'll take a deeper look at Trixie's journey. I feel like there's still so much left to talk about here, and that I didn't get to say all that I had hoped to. Perhaps they can finally reconcile and move past all the bad blood between them.

Geez, Twilight. What did you expect? Hugs and kisses? A big "Thank you O Merciful Princess" ? Trixie had the right of it here.

Let's look at this objectively. Twilight comes from a well to do family and basically had everything handed to her. Destiny and that crap that Celestia goes on about.

We know nothing about Trixie's background.

4028718 trust me, don't unless you like cmc being raped and killed

Especially since Twilight just kinda barged in there. Being a princess may have some unfortunate side-effects on one's ego. And yeah, man, Twilight has gotten so much stuff just given to her. Not exactly fair.


Still can't get a taxi.

4028718 One can only hope they can. For Twilight it felt more like she just wanted closure than forgiveness though, and nice to see Trixie not give it to her so easily.

Thanks by the way, this reminded me so much why I enjoy these two so much. Trixie seems so much more of a fuller character than Twilight, yet she's so far from complete. Twilight just, as RK_Striker_JK_5 says, she just doesn't get it.

It was really nice to see what Alicorn Twilight could of reacted to Trixie. I would of loved more Trixie's Clubhouse moments before or a bit after Twi's part during the show, she had adorkable moments just screaming to be let out. Twilight gets giddy over sleepover books, imagine her finally letting herself have a proper childhood but with her curiosity poking holes or annoying Trixie could of been. :P

All in all, my greedy wants of anything Twixie aside, I'm happy with how it went. You somehow make these incredibly short stories that somehow pack in so much meaning behind everything a character does without getting lost in focusing on small things, much how I just mentioned wanting more more more after reading the story but without mentioning it's because I love love love where you took this story.

Yeah, this can easily be some big old multichap with Trixie introducing us to her new success, how nice she has it, how much the foals love her, how much respect and fame she's earned, the sudden need to preselect foals that won't cause a town fire... or whatever, and end it easy with the mystery pony speaking up as she was going to select the foal, ending it with "Oh," and imply or just straight up mention Twilight as she joined Trixie on Stage.

CHAPTER 2 would happen and expand the show that would lead to Trixie showing up Twilight, taking small jabs, and feigning incompetence only to catch Twilight completely off-guarded with that illusion/butterfly trick.

See? I mean, you manage to fit so much into just 2k words. You tell so much with so few words. It's almost criminal with how well this one came out. Who knows, maybe in the future once you knock all these one-shots out the park and finish your current multichap epic, you might be able to make a Twixie story (non-romance, lest it just evolves naturally somehow to that.)

Dang, I don't think I've gone at length this much over a non-DT related story in some time... lol Good show! I'll be looking forward to your next one-shot or more of this! Which ever comes first. :pinkiehappy:

4028777 You know... I kinda would've liked to see Twilight's reaction if security did bar her access to Trixie.

Poor Trixie. :fluttercry:

I may be dense, but I don't get that last paragraph at all. Why did Trixie collapse on the floor like that after Twilight left?

"Hey everypony, where do you wanna go?"

Well, since Stanley Spadowski doesn't seem to be around...

I kinda wanted a longer show with more sniping between the two, but I had a hard time coming up with things for her to do, for some reason. I think I manage to pack so much into short stories because I don't provide a lot of superfluous (to me) description. I don't talk about the smell of the wind, the feel of the sun, or the color of the stage. My writing style is actually pretty bland, I've always felt, and most of my focus goes into just telling a good story. I don't think about prose nearly as much as I do about characters, plot, and the fictional world I'm writing about. I never was a poet, after all.

Anyway, thank you very much. I really do appreciate it. I might do another story with Trixie next, maybe more DT, maybe I'll finish that one about Sombra. I hope to expand this story sometime soon, too. Whatever the case, I'll do my best not to disappoint.

Noted. If I expand this, I should explore that.

At least she's well off now.

And neither is Uncle Nutsy (fortunately).
Also, I feel zero shame in admitting that that was the inspiration for this story.

4029787 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: It's... something that I really would love to see explored. Or... something like that. Wait, let me explain. *Ponders* No, it's too long. Let me sum up. :derpyderp1:

One thing that really bugs me is when Celestia and/or Luna act like complete jackasses in a fic... and no one tells them off about it. Yes, they're the princesses, raise the sun and moon... but there was one fic, Earth and Sky or something like that, where Celestia acts like a complete asshole, disrupting the performance. And I would've paid legit money to have a scene where one audience member tells her to sit down, shut up and not be so disruptive.


I think I've lost my point somewhere.

Well, it's certainly open to interpretation and it's rather vague, but the idea was that coming to Ponyville and encountering Twilight brought back copious amounts of bad memories for Trixie. It's implied that she has been through some terrible things since she last left Ponyville, and all that has been brought to the surface, so she collapses into a crying mess (which is rather cliché, I know, but it worked for this story). I'd make Trixie's past a bit more clear if I expanded this story.

Wow. Downer ending.

4029828 No. No, you haven't lost you point along the way. However, these princesses have the power to lock your ass up for saying something that they don't like (I actually read that in a fic), or worse yet, send you to the moon (I've read that also.) So, you will rarely read a story where the princess(es) act like a-holes, have someone call them on it and have nothing happen to them.

4030446 Eh... at least in canon, Celestia only had the 'send ponies to the moon' with the Elements. And again in canon there's no evidence at all that their laws are so draconian, either.

Author Interviewer

From the opening, I was expecting something a little more comedic. (That UHF reference! Bless you!) So I'll say that the second half is a bit of a letdown, but not bad. It is, however, awfully expository.

I'm always pleased when someone catches my references to semi-obscure movies. And yeah, I have a tendency to set up comedies and then end on a sad note. You'll hear no arguments from me about the exposition issues, though. I'll admit that about half of this was more than a little rushed. I don't think I'll be modifying it, though, since it's entered into a contest. Maybe in a month or so I'll clean it up a bit.

Author Interviewer

Man, lots of people saying they had to rush their stories. I thought this contest had a good month for writing. I suppose I could be mistaken. Or is it just a lot of last-minute entrants?

Yeah, it was a month-long contest. Actually, this story is one I've been working on for about six months or so, but I barely got anything done with it. Then this contest rolls around and I sat here doing nothing all month, unable to get much of any writing done. Then I forced myself on the last day to get out an entry for this contest, and I realized that this old story idea could work, so I quickly wrote out the second half and closed up some gaps. This was the result, for better or worse.

In other words, it's pretty much just laziness and some writer's block on my part. I wouldn't be surprised if such was the case for others as well.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I know what that's like. :B

Okay see now ya've given me the mental image of the "Peewee's Playhouse" theme song bein' played over two and a half minutes of Trixie sobbin' into a pillow

Someone should make a video of that. It would be so surreal.

This is the third fic to show up in Seattle's Angels that I had already read. Nice to see it again, even if Spike ain't in it.

The direction Trixie's career took is fun, and her confrontation with Twilight bittersweet. A nice mix of emotions throughout. The heightened ones in the latter half thoroughly justify the sad tag, which I find neat because the story depends on them both doing very well for themselves.

It's also cute to imagine Trixie performing for children; not strictly for the same reason I love the idea that she volunteers at a children's hospital, but because she's already such an adorably harmless villain.

"Trixie was," the showmare paused, looking down at her sandwich, "not popular after the incident with the Ursa Minor, and even less so after her second trip to Ponyville. Many ponies throughout the nation felt she got off too easy for what she ended up doing under the Alicorn Amulet's influence. Some ponies attempted to rectify this themselves.

It was surely Bon Bon. Just look at Trixie's flashbacks in Magic Duel – Bon Bon apparently travelled from town to town just to laugh at Trixie... Also, Bon Bon makes candies, so she probably knows how to make a poison...
Okay, nevermind, my headcanon about Bon Bon was damaged beyond repair by Kaidan's Bon Bons. Hell, it's even in its description...

I just love how it suddenly goes from comedic to dark...

Yeah. I'm not a Trixie fanboy, but she really did get a bad rap for just telling lies to make money in showbusiness (which is pretty standard).

I wouldn't eat Bonnie's candy, that's for sure. Never trust the Mare of a Million Voices.

Heh, yeah, I like doing that a bit.

Oh yeah... And we still don't know what she did with all those apples Applejack gave her...

Interesting but felt a bit rushed towards the end with Twilight and Trixie, so it didn't have as much emotional impact as I expected.:twilightsheepish:

Nopony could eat that many apples before they spoil. Something is amiss. Has anyone written about that yet, because that has potential.

Yeah, I was in a hurry when I wrote a lot of this. I was quite literally down to the final hour and had to rush to finish before the Everfree Northwest contest deadline hit.

If I recall correctly, I made such a mention in Berry Punch Takes Manehattan *checks* Yes, I did:

At least their sex life wasn’t boring. Bon Bon thought that it was even too interesting, to the point it was sometimes getting awkward. For example, she still couldn’t forget that time when she came back home with two sacks of apples, and what happened with some of them later. Fortunately, Nurse Redheart was known from her ability to keep her mouth shut.

Still, only "some of them" were involved in that noodle... I mean, apple incident. Who knows what happened with the rest...

4740833 Silly deadlines, still a solid piece.:twilightsmile:

I forgot about that part. I'm trying to think of creative uses for apples, but I'm only getting a headache. I'd ask Applejack, but I'm afraid I might not like the answers.

Yeah... AJ may have a slight obsession with apples... Actually, remember that scene from Simple Ways when Applejack was about to say why she can't be with Trenderhoof and Rarity interrupted her? I wondered what she wanted to say and after I ruled out the obvious ("I'm a lesbian and I'm in love with Rainbow Dash"), I thought that it may have something to do with apples...

And now I'm thinking about an AppleDash deconstruction...

AppleDash.... That's a pairing that's ripe for deconstruction.

That was a very fun story to read. Have an upvote and a favorite! :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly. I aim to entertain.

4794127 You're welcome. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Whoa! Brutal.

As several have mentioned already, the fic does take a turn for the dark. On second read through, it makes a lot more sense to begin with the idea that Trixie is jealous of Twilight, within good reason (especially depending on how much of Twilight's past is known to the public. Finding out she became the Princess's student out of luck because a Sonic Rainboom set off her magic at the exact right time would be rather controversial), and also a little bit bitter.

That said, if one doesn't go with the whole romance or friendship thing, there's enough of a history between the two that it would take quite a lot of effort for them to reconcile. Kudos on writing a realistic outcome of the two meeting again post-ascension..

Poor Trixie, I was hoping this would be a more pleasant story. Oh well, it was very believable portrayal of such an interaction.

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