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Her show rejected and her reputation in ruins, Trixie returns to Canterlot in search of one more chance to prove her ability as a unicorn and showmare. But can she swallow her pride long enough to accept an offer from the one pony that she never expected to see again?

Written for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Writing Contest

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Haaaah, great as always Grand_Moff. I'm always jealous on how you can make such great stories without making them so long. It's a gift I wish I had. Good luck in the contest and I (like always) can't wait until your next work. :pinkiehappy:

Looks good! R.L'd for when I have time.

I'm attempting to get my my own story on the interwebs atm, so that may be awhile.

Are you two time lords? :pinkiegasp:

4015488 Haha, no strangely enough the story has actually been up for about 1 hour now, it was just announced now. I got a link to it from Grand_Moffs blog 1 hour ago.


Guys, the jig is up! Run! xD


Oh shit oh shit oh shit!

My TARDIS isn't working! Guess I have to do this the old fashioned way. *points sonic screwdriver at screen*

Nice story!

But it needs to be under or at 3000 words for the contest. Just to give you a heads-up.


The word count is a bit off due to the weird way that fimfic overcounts words. Both MS Word and GDocs show this story as under the 3K word cap.

If you check the EFNW contest thread (see link in story description), you'll see that the judges are aware of the issue, and have adjusted to compensate. :)

I actually just copy-pasta'd this to make sure of my suspicions. Turns out I am wrong. :twilightblush:
Better a false alarm than for you to be DQ'd for too many words.


Agreed! Thanks for calling it out though, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :)

I did enjoy it. You have a much better chance at winning than me. I bid you good luck.

Trixie working in astronomy? That's new. I like it. Have a fav and a like.

Author Interviewer

Does this take place in season 1, or after Magic Duel?


This takes places after the Magic Duel episode. I allude to that a bit by referencing the Alicorn Amulet when Twilight first happens upon Trixie.

Thanks for the comment, and I hope that you enjoyed the read. :twilightsmile:

That's strange, then, since Twilight and Trixie seemed to have reached an amicable sort of understanding at the end of Magic Duel. Her behavior here feels off, like her apology at the end of that episode never happened.

This is obviously a bit of author head-canon here, but my take on that is:

True, they did come to a bit of an understanding at the end of 'Magic Duel', but when her show really goes bust and she's basically bitless, it made sense to me for Trixie to revisit the old rivalry as the source of her troubles. (i.e.-if not for Twi trouncing her like she did, Trixie's show wouldn't have gone bust) Furthermore, given the scene in the cafe, I can see Trixie lashing out a bit if the perceived source of her issue suddenly dropped in.

To be honest, I wrestled with placing this before 'Magic Duel' or after. I decided that it would be more plausible to 'head-canon away' a verbal truce than an entire episode.

Hopefully, that answers your question, but I'm happy to discuss more if you'd like. :twilightsmile:


Well well well... it seems someone found a pony pun for our little town of Seattle... Clever. and as for the story... It was rather unique in regard to Trixie's true calling so it gets points for that, as well as points for scaring Donut Joe. A few other points here and there so your grand total is a whopping seven thousand points. Don't spend them all in one place!


Thanks! :twilightblush: Though, I can't take credit for the 'Seaddle' pun. I've seen it used many, many times elsewhere. But, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks so much for reading. :pinkiehappy:

4102256 Well you found the pun and I hadn't until now... so points for honesty... You just want all the points, don't you?

Anyway you are quite welcome, I've been trying to read all the contest entries, but it takes a lot of time considering how many people submitted stories for it.(Seriously a lot more than I thought at first...)

Short and sweet :D I like it

This is one of my favourite Trixie stories.

I LOVED IT !!!! I always root for Trixie. I love the twixie fics. I am drawn to the background ponies, like lyra, Trixie, and derpy. They all have stories that are just as interesting as the mane 6.

6313665 Thanks, and I'm glad you liked the story! :)

If you like, feel free to check out my other stories as well. :)

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