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Twilight Sparkle rearranges her monthly schedule.

Nothing exciting happens.

Inspired by Bootsy Slickmane's "Nothing Happens" stories. Check them out!

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This brightened my night. That was pretty nice. Calm, natural, and very slice of life. I like it.

Is it sad that I can totally relate? Especially back when I was working full time AND doing Grad-school online full time, I am certain there were a couple weeks where I spent more time trying to schedule in homework and studying than I actually spent DOING homework and studying. (Hey, I still graduated!)

Nice story :twilightsmile: Btw, it seems like it happens during "It's About Time"... Or maybe instead of it.

You, sir are correct. Hence the AU tag. :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, folks! Twilight has scheduled a responsible and sensible amount of time for fun and relaxation - down to the last minute! :pinkiecrazy:

Nice and slow, like slice of life should be. Nice!

*Gasp* you took away the time travel! Without the time travel we don't get sexy Twilight! Noooo!

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