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Cerulean's Voice On The Matter #28 · 12:49pm Jan 3rd, 2016

So I know I've recently said I wasn't going to be doing any more reviews. I meant it when I said it, but I guess I just can't help myself. I've got a few tucked away, just in case that particular itch ever needed to be scratched.

A heads-up, though: they may not be quite as recognisably "mine," so to speak. If anything, they'll be taking a similar format to how Singularity Dream does his over on his primary blog, The City of Doors: more short reactions than reviews, really.

But enough talk! Let's get into it.

Story: Goldie Delicious and the Three Heads

Author: Cosmic Cowboy (formerly Aurora-Borealis)


"Hey, Applejack?"
"Yeah, Sugarcube?"
"How come you knew what to do to fight off a chimera, anyhow?"
"Shoot, Apple Bloom, ain't I ever told you the story of Goldie Delicious and the Three Heads?"
"Well, snuggle up, little filly, because this story's as big a part of what it means to be an Apple as buckin' trees. Y'ready? Once upon a time…"

Length: 2,661 words (one-shot)

Status: Complete


Er... written in the vein of a fairytale (or a ponytale, if you prefer), this is a beautiful, lightning-in-a-bottle adventure. It ends a little abruptly, but other than that I can find no fault with it. If you're a fan of fics like Little Apple or In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep, this is right up your alley.

Story: Better Lairs And Landscaping

Author: Titanium Dragon


How Tirek's free subscription to Better Lairs and Landscaping magazine nearly led to the end of Equestria as we know it.

Length: 5,952 words over 10 chapters, averaging 595 words per chapter

Status: Complete

Review: This is an amusing read detailing how Lord Tirek escaped from Tartarus with only the aid of an unwitting mailmare and his monthly subscription to a gardening magazine. It's silly and stupid and smart and should appeal to the comic in everyone. I don’t want to spoil anything; just dive in and revel in the absurdity of it all.

Story: Five Seconds of Everything You've Ever Wanted

Author: Whirring Gears


Thanks to the efforts of six ponies, Starlight Glimmer's reign has ended. All the cutie marks have been restored, save for the ones of your new friends. There's not much time before she makes it to the caves where you'll be unable to track her down.
During the final stretch of the chase, you're tasked with lifting Double Diamond up to the top of the hill to drop snow over the entrance to the cave. As you ascend, emotions swirl within as you realize just how fast you're flying and just how warm the stallion you're holding is.

Length: 1,584 words (one-shot)

Status: Complete

Review: Whirring Gears does good 2nd-person stories; I make it no secret that I’m a big fan of his Octavia fic, Room 213. But honestly, I hate the 2nd-person perspective in this story. It is in no way convincing me that "I" should be experiencing the emotions dictated.

In fact, I'm failing to see a point in the story at all besides some very light shipping, that feels like it exists more as a crackship than anything serious. I don't care about either of the characters, be they Night Glider ("you") or Double Diamond ("your" crush).

Also, semicolon abuse. Too much of it.

Story: Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns

Author: DrakeyC


It's been two and a half years since Twilight Sparkle returned from the other world, leaving Sunset Shimmer in the company of the alternate group of friends she made. However, not all has gone well for her one-time rival in the other world. On the night of the 30th moon, Sunset emerges from the mirror and uses an ancient relic to switch their bodies. Alone in the care of Sunset's overbearing ex-tutor, Twilight uncovers the forgotten past that drove her rival to such desperation, while back in Ponyville, Sunset struggles with Twilight's lifestyle clashing with her own dreams.

Length: 104,845 words over 16 chapters, averaging 6,553 words per chapter

Status: Complete

Review: If you can get past the fact that the story is a) ignoring everything beyond season four (including the events of Rainbow Rocks), and b) that Sunset Shimmer was never truly reformed after being hit by the Elements in Equestria Girls, then this is a highly interesting read. And really, you should, because it was begun months before Rainbow Rocks ever aired.

Very well proofed, few errors, a little telly in parts but nothing major, and a unique, engrossing story are all enough to get it over the line for me. Sunset is far more delicious as a villain here than she ever has been in canon, and the entire fic is a real treat, in which you see how Twilight digs out of her metaphorical grave, even as Sunset and her old warden both continue to heap shovel after shovel on top of the unfortunate princess.

Definitely a top pick for Sunset fans, especially of her pre-RR personality, but don't be afraid to pick this up even if you hate the old her.

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Comments ( 8 )
Majin Syeekoh

So you're back to doing reviews again, huh?

If and when I feel like it. No particular schedule.
I'm a very busy man now, for reasons I shall not be divulging quite yet. :raritywink:

Very well proofed, few errors

That was me! :pinkiehappy:

a little telly in parts but nothing major

Still working on catching all of those. :duck:

Drakey was so happy this one made it to Equestria Daily after some unfortunate misfires. The dude's got talent.

Majin Syeekoh

3660917 A man of mystery, are we?

Well, I'll leave you to your schedule, then.:ajsmug:

He does. CMC Magicians is looking great! But of course you'd know that too.

Always a pleasure editing for someone who actually learns as you teach them and makes less mistakes with every new chapter.

Oh. Well okay then. Wasn't expecting that today. TBH, I've been waiting for two weeks for the Royal Guard to publish their review so this was a surprise, but it's a good surprise! :pinkiesmile:

Better Lairs and Landscaping is one of my most forgotten stories, but I'm glad you liked it. It isn't my usual kind of comedy, but I'm still proud of it and its pure silliness.

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