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I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing.


What if Discord won against the sister's and sealed them away on the moon for 5000 years. What would have changed in equestrion history. What changes could have been made if Discord was the King. How would the other nation's respond, what changed in the ways of the equestrions.

But most importantly.

What has become of the destiny's of the main six? What new threats await them?

A new journey waits are favourite characters. Will you join them?

Hello everyone I'm your favourite host LOCKGATE, and I'm bringing a brand new story.

But this story is special.

This story isn't just my first non-desplaced fic but is my first requested story!

I'd like to thank the wonderful dragon whisperer 243 for requesting this story. Seriously dude you're awesome!

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I'd like to inform everyone that this story is not a anthro fic. Luna and Celestiea look that way for a reason that will be explained in later chapters.

7788932 let's hope Tamerlane doesn't insult people on this one. Lol.
Anyway. Good story so far. I really liked your description of the moon at the beginning. However you have some spelling errors and grammer errors, are you still using Notepad?


Oh god that's the last situation anyone wants an encore of, lol.

Anyway. Thanks man, that moon part just came to me. Also no I got wordpad. Not much of an upgrade but it's better then notepad.


Anyway what grammar errors did I make? I thought I got all of them.

So your going to cancel this right?

For my account at least. PersonaGodzilla is continuing my story's, including this one.

No i’m Mean can you switch the incomplete to cancel.

Why isn't this marked as cancelled?

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