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I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing.


I'm done · 8:50am Apr 18th, 2018

I'm quitting written. I've lost the love for it, and the desire to care. Thank you all, but this is goodbye. As for my story's a good friend of mine has volunteered to take them. He's name is PersonaGodzilla. He will continue my story's on his account, I'll leave a link down below.

Thank you all for the time you spent reading my little wish fulfilments, and hope you have a nice day.


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New group. · 4:57am Mar 29th, 2017

Hey everyone! Just as the title says, I've made a new group. I hope this one goes better then the last one I made.

So basically this group is, in short, the opposite of human in equestria. This group is for story's were the inhabitants of equestria end up on earth. Whether they be the main six or not.

I know this isn't original, but there hasn't been an official group for these types of storys, so I decided to fix that.

I hope to see you all there! ^^

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Story Progress #3 · 2:27am Mar 26th, 2017

The epic tale of an overpowered idiot chapter 2 30% complete

Equestria: Blood vs flesh prologue 2 20% complete

Gods of the displaced chapters 1,2,3,4 30% complete

The champions of chaos: feral blood 30% complete

I know how t deal with this! chapter 1 35% complete

New story, A dysfunctional godly family chapter one 30% complete

New story, Times pass chapter one 10% complete.

New story, Spikes darkness chapter one 0% complete

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Story progres #2 · 5:30am Mar 9th, 2017

The tale of an overpowered idiot chapter 2 %30 complete.

Equestria: blood vs flesh prologue 2 %40 complete.

God's of the displaced chapter 1,2,3 and 4 %30 complete.

Champions of chaos: fearal blood chapter 1 under rewriting (for the 47 time).

I know how to deal with this! Chapter 2 %20 complete.

New story: a disfunctional godly family chapter 1 %10 complete.

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Story progress! · 10:41am Feb 17th, 2017

The tale of an overpowered idiot chapter two: 20%

Equestria blood vs flesh chapter two: 30%

Gods of the displaced chapter one: 20%

Champions of chaos feral blood chapter two: 100% and will be published in three days.

New story "I know how to deal with this!" will be out soon.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! · 1:55pm Dec 31st, 2016

Good by soul sucking 2016, and say hello to 2017! I hope you all have a wonderful year!

Brake out the rum, bubbly or whatever that gets you happy!

I hope 2017 go's well for you all.

Cheers and hope for a great year!

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The Champions of Chaos: Feral Blood · 11:22am Dec 8th, 2016

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post!

I'd like to announce that I'll be uploading my first non-desplaced story. But it's not just my first non-desplaced story but my first requested story!

I do hope to see you all their when it's approved. Which should only take a week at the most.

I'll see you their! But first here's the synopsis.

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