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I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing.


I was alone, weak, powerless. Earth was never my home, it never will be. But here, this place, its my playground. I have power, I have true freedom. And nothing can take that away from me. I dont care who I have to kill. I wont be dethroned. This is my home. This is my world.

And I'll be the one who decides rather it lives or dies.

Hello everyone, it is I, LOCKGATE, and I'm bringing you yet another displaced story. Yes I know I said in my other story 'Gods of the displaced' that I wasn't going to make anymore but Regreme had an awesome idea that gave me a new story to go with and so I decided 'fuck it, I'm going to make a few more' so here I am. While this story will centre around the Soul eater franchise their will be other franchises this story will crossover with. I only have three franchises I have chosen for now, and I'm not sure if I'll add more or just leave it as it is. And in the spirit of soul eater they all have something to do with the soul as its main point.

I will explain, in vague detail, what they contribute to this story.

Dragon quest monster joker 1, 2 and 3: I'm adding this to the list purely because there are two families of monsters that are demons and undead, plus it will add in some fauna (and to some degree flora).

Persona: To most this may seem a bit odd but I don't do anything unless I have a reason for doing it, and my reason for adding persona was while it may be a game series based around the mind the heart and the SOUL are its key points.

Five nights at Freddy's: I know what your thinking "Really Lockgate, this franchise has been abused more then a 10 year old little Timmy in a church full of priests" and I know that, but I like the lore of the story and the elements it adds into the world of the story. But in truth the only reason I'm adding this in the story is because I want to have one of the characters from the games as one of the main characters. But I'm not going to say who yet.

Like, follow, comment and have a good time!

I do not own soul eater, fnaf, persona, DQMJ, or the cover image. They all belong to their rightful owners.

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just wanted to let you know about some grammar issues on the summary of this fic.

"I was alone, week, powerless." should be weak.

"And I'll be the one who decides wrather it lives or dies." should be whether

"Hello everyone, it is I, LOCKGATE, and I'm brining you yet another displaced story. " should be bringing, and there should be a comma after hello.

hope that helps!

Oh god, I'm just going to die in a hole now.

Ok this is interessting to me, I just hope you let the story continue and only do those crossovers every two or three chapters and not lke some others, where in nearly every chapter others appear and interrup the storys own well....story.

I think I just read it and say what I like or not like instead of already telling what I think could turn this story into a bad one, I just hope the guy/girl doesn't knows about mlp so that everything is a suprise to him.

I found this fanfic through your request for feedback in the group. Just reading the summary and first couple of paragraphs, I noticed some things that need improvement.

First, the summary. Everything after the break really belongs in the A/N, not the summary. The summary should be sort of click bait, a way to entice new readers. An explanation for why you wrote the story doesn't belong here.

Second, the genre tags. Usually when a story has that many tags, it's a sign that the author doesn't know what they're doing or what kind of story they're writing. I personally have never used more than four genre tags for any of my stories, and even four might have been pushing it a little. Look at your tags and figure out which ones really define the story. For example, if it has only a few humorous moments, the Comedy tag might not fit.

Lastly, the story itself could use an editor. I caught some punctuation and spelling errors, like:

They were no higher then seven feet but through Levys eyes they seemed thirty.

"Levys" should be "Levy's."

Purely because she know she had to open herself.

I think you mean "open them herself." Also, that's a sentence fragment, although some authors can use them well for emphasis.

A feet of strength she mite never posses...

Should be: "A feat of strength she might never possess..."


Don't worry. Persona, DQMJ and fnaf are only their to add elements to the world in the story and to add in some plot points. The story will focus more on the soul eater side but wont be the whole story. Thou their will be arcs were the story will focus only on one crossover, it will only be due to plot development and not "just cause."


I know that the summery didn't need me to say what led me to making the story, but I like to add things like that as some trivia. Plus to me it seems... rude. In my mind if I don't add in a 'words from the author' thing it feels like I'm saying "Hey here's a story read it and like it." and that's not what I want to do.

As for the tags. thanks for the tip, but all the tags for this story are relevant and are needed. Of cause since this is a prologue I only focused on gore and drama and not the rest to show everyone that while it will be dramatic and gory it will be humorous as well as exiting.

And thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I'll fix them.


As for the tags. thanks for the tip, but all the tags for this story are relevant and are needed. Of cause since this is a prologue I only focused on gore and drama and not the rest to show everyone that while it will be dramatic and gory it will be humorous as well as exiting.

May keep the drama, gore, human and AU tags and take off the rest until you add chapters that have those other aspects in them. Then you can think about either adding the tags back in or replacing some of them.

7959746 Is Levi the OC or already an character that exist?
The prologue was nice, even if no one can now what it actually was about I suppose.

I think what I want to say is, even if it gave not much informations it was pretty good.


The levy used in this story is modeled over Levy locksferd from fairy tale.

And thanks! Sorry the prologue was short, but chapter one will be longer. See you their!

Sorry to hear that you're quitting. Best of luck in whatever your future endeavors are though.


Thanks mate, and good luck to you as well.

Well it doesn't seem so as he joined 2017 and has done nothing

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