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I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing.


I died in a car crash, and thought that was the end of me. But insted I just woke up in a forest, being stared down by a gecho with three heads. I ran screaming, my pride dribbling down my leg. From there, my death became the best thing to ever happon to me. And the worst as well.

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I was alone, weak, powerless. Earth was never my home, it never will be. But here, this place, its my playground. I have power, I have true freedom. And nothing can take that away from me. I dont care who I have to kill. I wont be dethroned. This is my home. This is my world.

And I'll be the one who decides rather it lives or dies.

Hello everyone, it is I, LOCKGATE, and I'm bringing you yet another displaced story. Yes I know I said in my other story 'Gods of the displaced' that I wasn't going to make anymore but Regreme had an awesome idea that gave me a new story to go with and so I decided 'fuck it, I'm going to make a few more' so here I am. While this story will centre around the Soul eater franchise their will be other franchises this story will crossover with. I only have three franchises I have chosen for now, and I'm not sure if I'll add more or just leave it as it is. And in the spirit of soul eater they all have something to do with the soul as its main point.

I will explain, in vague detail, what they contribute to this story.

Dragon quest monster joker 1, 2 and 3: I'm adding this to the list purely because there are two families of monsters that are demons and undead, plus it will add in some fauna (and to some degree flora).

Persona: To most this may seem a bit odd but I don't do anything unless I have a reason for doing it, and my reason for adding persona was while it may be a game series based around the mind the heart and the SOUL are its key points.

Five nights at Freddy's: I know what your thinking "Really Lockgate, this franchise has been abused more then a 10 year old little Timmy in a church full of priests" and I know that, but I like the lore of the story and the elements it adds into the world of the story. But in truth the only reason I'm adding this in the story is because I want to have one of the characters from the games as one of the main characters. But I'm not going to say who yet.

Like, follow, comment and have a good time!

I do not own soul eater, fnaf, persona, DQMJ, or the cover image. They all belong to their rightful owners.

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What if Discord won against the sister's and sealed them away on the moon for 5000 years. What would have changed in equestrion history. What changes could have been made if Discord was the King. How would the other nation's respond, what changed in the ways of the equestrions.

But most importantly.

What has become of the destiny's of the main six? What new threats await them?

A new journey waits are favourite characters. Will you join them?

Hello everyone I'm your favourite host LOCKGATE, and I'm bringing a brand new story.

But this story is special.

This story isn't just my first non-desplaced fic but is my first requested story!

I'd like to thank the wonderful dragon whisperer 243 for requesting this story. Seriously dude you're awesome!

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I know what your expecting. Your expecting me to say that I was a normal guy, living out my life with no worries, until one day, I met the merchant and my life changed. And you would be right.

But, worry free, would just be a lie. I was knee deep in hell. Screwed every which way but Sunday. At least, from what was left of my memory's, showed that much. I guess that's what lead me to joining my friends to that trip to the convention. A small escape from the stress.

You know the drill from their.

I thought it was a joke. Someone playing pretend. It made me laugh. That was probably the only reason I went near that booth. I cracked a few jokes, he cracked a few of his own. It was like talking to a normal person.

Then I saw it. A medallion shaped in the likeness of Godzilla. I couldn't help myself. I wanted that stupid thing. And I got my wish.

From their, it was all down hill.

I lost more then just my old life. I lost myself.

Compassion... Empathy... Sympathy... Mercy. I have lost the right to feel these emotions, to understand them now is alien to me. Theirs only three things I understand now.

Anger... Madness... Sorrow. That's all that remains. Remnants of what used to be a normal, everyday, teen.

My anger, endless.

My sorrow, bottomless.

My madness, never ending.

I'm stuck in a never ending nightmare.

And its only a matter of time... Before.


... Snap.

Godzilla/mlp crossover.
I don't own either Godzilla or mlp, they belong to their respectful owners.

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So long ago I ended up in this world, it was so much better then the world I was born in, so peaceful, so quite, so perfect. But now that seems like a life time ago. Now this world is broken, twisted, both it's people and it's land are no longer the same. All because of my and anothers existence. If only I saw the signs, if only I wasn't so ignorant and naive maybe the betrayal wouldn't have happened and this world would still be peaceful.

But that's neither here nor there anymore. I will fix what's broken so the people can live again, I will not rest unless I'm dead to repent for my mistakes. If my enemy's want a battle I'll give them something better.

I'll give them a war.

Hay everyone I'm your favorite host LOCKGATE brining you another displaced fic and just like my other story the epic tale of an overpowered idiot this this story will have original plot points that I'm positive you never seen before in a displaced fic and to prof it I'll tell one thing about this story be for you read it. The displaced character in this story is a SUB character he isn't the hero! And with that I leave you to the story, PLEASE ENJOY!

This story is crossed over with prototype.

Additional tag's.
The crusader's.
Celestiea and Luna.
And the hero's Spike and Starlight.

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I was once a normal bloke with dreams and hopes. Now I'm stuck in a world where the people, yes I do mean 'people', think that I'm a demon. However not only am I the most feared being on the planet but I'm also their only hope against a enemy that only I can see, and to make matters worse, I have no idea what my powers are. I hate my life, I really do.

Hay everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my first fim fic EVER. It is a Dicplaced fic but I will do my best so you can enjoy a story both entertaining and one that separate's itself from the clich├ęs of displaced fic's and one of, moderately, good quality. Thank you and enjoy!

Warning! Their will be crud, dark and blue jokes in this story! Not to a huge degree but I felt I should say something

This story is crossevered with the following franchises.

Nightmare on elm Street.

Friday the thirteenth.


Dead space.

And Jurassic world.

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