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Pluma the Fluffy Dragon

I am a GIRL who like mlp, so yee. Also check out my deviant art: aerodynamicdragon.deviantart.com

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1067526 Ill try, but I might actually have to take a picture of the writing and post it... hopefully not XP

Hey there, I was asking if you could make a Mario folder for your My little video games stories group. It is just not my request, but also someone else's request as well.


You could try transferring the document to google docs, then from there post it on the site. It should save the special font but should not work, I could ask around the site for you!:pinkiehappy: One way or another, I'll find a way to help.

Keep it cool, Condemned.:pinkiesmile:

760535 I need help with something - I am trying to copy and paste my story from open office with a special font and center align, but it doesn't seem to save either of them, could you help me? do I need to take a pic of it and put it on? [P.S. I'm on a Mac]

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