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This story is a sequel to Old 'Luna Plays' Chapters

Luna Plays is currently going under some major changes sometime later. To stay on the know, click here to read the fine details.
~ 5/27/2015

[Warning:] This story comes with spoilers of video games.
Princess Luna was angry upset at her sister for not spending enough time with her. Very angry upset. So Celestia, goddess of the sun, decided to introduce her to video games. Thanks to the invention of the Interactive Pony Visor, Luna could now freely explore the virtual realm of video games. These are her documented adventures in the world of virtual reality and fun.
Author Notes:
- Coauthor: *Sandcroft*
- Editor: ultra1437
- Former Editor: The Princess Luna. Edited chapters will be marked by two stars on both sides **like so.**
- The password for all unpublished chapters I've have links to to will be mlp. These links are most likely found at chapters marked with Revised or Rewritten.
Cover Art History
First one - Gamer Luna's All Nighter by Sallymon :twilightsmile:

Second one - Two Best Sisters Play by Daughter of Fantasy:pinkiehappy:

Third one - Gamer Luna Desktop by Ruby-Sunrise:rainbowkiss:

And finally, props to Daughter of Fantasy yet again for the 4th (and final) cover art of Luna Plays. She is Best Fan Artist!:raritystarry:
Gamer Luna Fan Art #2 Contest
Congratulate her for being one of the winners! Go to askprincessmolestia's tumblr to check it out!

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Well, I never even realized I typed 1000 words. Not bad for a first go. :twilightblush:

EDIT 10/22/12: NNNnope! The new and improved chapter 1 is now 2000 words!

Can I suggest a couple of games for Luna? UMVC3 and Blazblue Continuum Shift:Extended.

830799 Sure I'll take any request I deem worthy of Luna's attention, but I wanna get the games that I own down first as I'm more familiar with them.
830811 I'll have to watch the playthroughs to get a good idea of how to write up a chapter about it.

Skyrim and Dawnguard. I could easily imagine her screaming at tge TV while playing that game.

Is this going to be a series where luna plays the old and new games? (Meaning lots of chapters) If you are; me loves you forever!:pinkiehappy:

And it begins...:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:...I cannot wait to see what insanity will come from all of this!

Just as a suggestion, any chance of seeing Luna playing a DragonBall Z game...I don't know why, but seeing Luna play one of those games is hilarious.

831683 Oh yes, any game will happen, I just need to get the right feel of the video game and watch a lot of playthroughs of said game.

Ace Combat 5 or Command and Conquer (the older ones)....that's all I got! :pinkiehappy:

:applejackunsure: One question for y'all. :ajbemused: Since I'm going to be doing a couple chapters on the Reach campaign levels, the amount of words it will take to describe them all with be a lot, would you like me to make each one a part like "Part 1" and "Part 2"? Or should I go ahead and type all my chapters in Google Docs and upload them from there? To be honest I've never tried Google Docs so can somebody explain to me how it works? :derpyderp2:

I was about to do this myself... Oh well~ This is better then what I could have done anyway~!:rainbowwild:

833022 Ah but these are but the cutscenes, where Luna has barely any control over, as soon as I get to the "gameplay" you'll start to smile...maybe. :applejackunsure:

I'm going to be honest, we don't need you to describe the cutscenes to us, the likelyhood is that we already know what happens in them, alot of us are gamers after all. :twilightsmile:

So, perhaps it would be more benifitial to note that these cutscenes exits, but not desribe then in too much detail, the same goes for the enevitable combat, as we probably didnt come here for a complete decription of the game. Maybe do her thoughts up untill she reaches the end pf the level or at least some point in it. Then it might be the right time for some time skips. I think it goes without saying that we want her to play more than just halo, and in doing so perhaps you could introduce here to the live feature where she might do some Mane 6 interaction. :raritywink: :pinkiesmile:

834957 Sigh I know that part already, I did some of that in the second chapter and the third one is just a sneak peek. :ajsleepy:

Its funny, but you need some editors! There are a lot of typos, try to get someone who has English as their primary language to proof read your stuff to avoid mistakes.

Great idea and fun to read though, more please :)

Hey! Cool story! Just one thing I picked up on. your sentence:
"There is doorway to a balcony that opens up to a private section of the royal gardens where both of the royal princesses could soar above without attracting enough attention Luna is allowed in her sister's room and she could do anything she wanted in Celestia's room" needs a punctuation mark in it. I would suggest:

"There is doorway to a balcony that opens up to a private section of the royal gardens where both of the royal princesses could soar above without attracting enough attention. Luna is allowed in her sister's room and she could do anything she wanted in Celestia's room"

:scootangel: Still loving the story, bro!

836044 Harmless shinanagins and My Little Magicka
836099 and thanks, I never noticed that :rainbowlaugh:

836163 both. Welcome to ze big leagues. Pun unintended with mah name

:ajsmug:pretty good, i give you props for such a nice blend of halo and mlp, but might have wanted to change the characters names to something more pony-ish.


So Luna's gonna be able to talk to the characters?

For some reason I also keep finding myself thinking that Luna's somehow gonna get put into the game, but that would be a bit clichéd... right? RIGHT?!

The origins of Gamer Luna.

Pick story that sounds good.

Next day, its feautured. Crazy right?:coolphoto: Well at least I know that I may a good choice.

Does anypony else see a notice up there by MicTheMicrophone? Cause I'm getting disturbed by it. :fluttershyouch:

"The banana and grape farms are being devoured by those troublesome sprites as we speak." That's Celestia for ya. Dont forget about the mmmm bananas.

I dont see anything but what is it? Anyway, good so far. Are you gonna do a chapter for every mission cause that will get boring for us and you. Or are you gonna skip to the mission, "Lone Wolf" with Luna saying, "That was bull!"

838747 I've been thinking alot of how to deal with this all night.


One word describes this story: aweshum.
It's like awesome, but slightly more meaningful, because the story is so aweshum it prevents the reader from spelling awesome correctly.

I really want to see her play Animal Crossing. :applejackunsure:

840626 I'll try to cover as many games as I can in my lifetime. :ajsleepy:

Don't force yourself to do it if you don't want to. :twilightsheepish:

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