• Published 24th May 2013
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Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame - Lucky424

I went under for five years waiting for a cure. Something went wrong.

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Chapter 5: An Awkward Wake Up Call.

“Ah don't care! What you three did was irresponsible!” The three fillies shrank away from the angry orange, blue and white mares. “You are grounded for the next two months, Applebloom!”

“You too Sweetie Belle. I dread to think what mother and father will say when they hear about this!”

“I don't know how long for, but you're grounded as well squirt. Mom will sort that out when we get home. What the hay were you thinking? I know I've done some stupid things, but you just have to keep pushing the bar, don't you?” The three fillies were almost in tears, so I stepped in between them and the mares. The rainbow maned one was the one I was more concerned with.

“Back the fuck off, skittles. You two as well, miss marshmallow and blondie.”


“Miss Marshmallow?”

“Blonide? Ah'll buck your head off!” They all jumped at me at the same time, but were caught in a blue haze. I turned to see the pony that I had bitten next to me, her horn glowing the same colour. They were slowly lowered back to the ground, but their hooves were still caught in the glow.

“I agree with him, you must calm down.” The mares ceased all movement and continued to glare at me. I ignored them and turned to the three fillies, sitting on the floor. I had my hands behind my back, to try to seem friendly, when I felt something shoved into them. I brought them to my side, and saw three cupcakes. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw the pink one waving to me, then pointing at the three fillies.

I set them down in front of the fillies and backed away. They slowly raised their heads and saw what was in front of them. The little unicorn was the first to move, her hoof cautiously reaching out and tapping the cake. Once satisfied it wouldn't, you know, explode or something, she pulled it towards her and gave it a sniff, then a lick, before stuffing it into her mouth. The other two, on seeing this, promptly snapped up theirs and ate them.

The unicorn took one tentative step forward, then another, and trotted over to me. She stopped, looking at the floor in front of me, then slowly stood on her hind legs and wrapped her front ones around my neck. The other two came over and joined their friend. I looked up to see the blue unicorn/pegasus smiling down at me. Her eyes were a distinct shade of blue, one I had only ever seen on one other person...

It had taken a couple of days, and now I found myself in a forest close to the northern region, a large spire in the distance. I followed the soldiers that were taking me to my ship. Once we arrived, I saw what Celestia meant when she said my ship was severely damaged, but that was an understatement. It was fucked. There was no way in hell I was going anywhere in it. The flight module was mostly intact, a few cracked windows and a massive hole in the side. The engines, however, were smashed to smithereens.

I climbed inside and saw that everything in stowage had come loose, including the bag of stuff I had brought from Earth. I picked it up and a massive book fell out of a hole in the bottom, thudding on the deck. I swept off the side and put the book on it, cracking it open. The first page was simple, with just a photograph on it. I stared at it for a good five minutes before tearing my gaze away, my eyes starting to tear up.

A black object drew my gaze and I bent down, collecting a pistol from the floor. I pulled out the magazine and slid the slide back, revealing an empty chamber. I looked at the mag and saw it marked twelve, pressing down on the first round to find it was full. I slid it back in and heard a satisfying click, before a voice behind me drew my attention. “Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?”

I just stared at the blue alicorn, as I had been informed they were called, and put a round in the chamber. I then pulled the slide back and ejected it. “One for my mother.” I did the same for the next round. “One for my father.”

Luna watched as he continued to eject the gold coloured objects from the black one. So far he had done it nine times, saying 'one for' each time. He slid it back again, dropping another one to the floor. “One for Simon.” He then hesitated, and looked at the book on the side. “One for... her.” Luna leant over and saw the photo, of him and what she assumed was the female of his species, wrapped in an embrace somewhere very picturesque. “One for... me.” This time, instead of pulling an object out, he place the black object to the bottom of his chin, closing his eyes as the tears started to fall.

It all fell into place as she remembered what Twilight had told her. “He's from a thousand years ago. He had some disease without a cure, so he froze himself to wait five years. His fiancée was the one who put him under. Something went wrong, and he ended up being in there for a thousands years. It then took him a further eighteen months to get here. I don't know what to say to him, everything and everypony he knew are gone.”

Luna picked one of the objects up and noted that one end was pointed and one was flat. She returned her gaze to him, hearing a click from the object and the tiniest of whispers. “...I'm coming, Sarah.”


“No!” I heard the shout as I pulled the trigger, but the expected pain never came. I opened my eyes and saw a blue glow on the pistol. I saw that the alicorn's horn was glowing, having clearly worked out what I was trying to do. The pistol was whipped out of my grasp and dropped to the floor. She moved in front of me, making sure that I couldn't get to it. “Why would you do such a thing?”

I turned around, putting my back to her. “Please, talk to me. I wish to help. I know what it is like... to be alone.” I felt a hoof be placed gently on my shoulder, and intellectually I would have recognised it as a comforting gesture. Unfortunately, I was being driven by emotion. I reacted the way any angry person would. I span around and brought my fist up, connecting with her face just below her eye.


Luna staggered back from the hit and shout, giving him enough time to dive for the side and a long black object. She caught the sight of gold inside, and he then used her disorientation to get behind her, picking the weapon up again. He hit something on the side and a similar small object slid out, and he went to replace it with a new one. Luna threw her foreleg out, knocking it from his grip. He dove for it again, but she leapt to intercept him, and they ended up crashing to the floor.

She felt impacts to her chest as he fought against her, and yet she did not retaliate once. She just held him there till the impacts stopped, being replaced with the sound of sobbing. Luna ran a hoof through his short hair, comforting him like a mother would a scared foal. Eventually he quietened down, and got his breathing back to normal and pulled away, picking the weapon up and throwing it to the far side of the compartment. He remained sitting on the floor with his back against the side. Luna thought it best to confront the situation here and now, in case there was another break down later.

“So... who is she?”

“She is my... was my fiancée. That was taken the night I asked her to marry me. If I had never met her, I wouldn't be here right now.” He closed his eyes to try and stop the tears coming again, but opened them when he heard hoofsteps coming closer. Luna timidly sat down next to him, and pushed him forward with a hoof, sliding her wing behind him and so that he could rest against her side. “Thank you... uh, I just realised I never caught you name.”

“You are most welcome. My name is Luna.” He nodded once and then was still, before taking a deep breath. He leant up to the side and pulled the book down to him.

“Well then Luna, let me tell you about my previous life.” She spent the rest of the evening listening to his stories behind the pictures, comforting him each time he broke down in tears. Eventually, he gave in, and she heard soft snoring from the side of her. A guard poked his head and to ask what was going on, but stopped at the sight he was presented with. Luna waved him away with two simple orders.

“Fetch us a blanket, and make sure we are undisturbed until further notice.” The guard saluted and jumped out of the ship, heading to complete his task. After a few moments, a blanket was floated through the hole in the ship, and she took hold of it, bringing it over and wrapping around them. There was a flutter of movement to her side as he snuggled closer. Luna nuzzled him once, then rested her head on his, closing her eyes. She would be there as long as she was needed.

I slowly awoke lying on a cool metal floor, but with a blanket over me. I could feel warmth to my side and looked over to see Luna lying next to me, and the previous nights memories came flooding back. I wanted to show my appreciation for her just being there for me, but there wasn't much I could do in the ship. I went to get up when her forelegs shot out and gripped me close, her head nuzzling against mine. I heard someone clear their throat and looked up to see the pink alicorn leaning over the side. Princess Cadence, if I remembered correctly. “Well, don't mind me. You two obviously shared something last night.”

“ugh... it's too early to lower the moon Cadence, go back to bed.” I raised my eyebrows at what Luna had just come out with. Cadence lifted a hoof to her mouth and let out a dainty giggle.

“If you want to wake her, try nibbling on her ear. She finds it... irritating.” I just stared at her blankly. “Trust me, I know my aunts very well.” Shrugging, I gave it a go. Instead of waking up, Luna's wings slowly extended to their full, and she rolled over on top of me. It wasn't unpleasant... just strange. Until she started to nibble my neck. That was always one of my sweet spots, and even though she was a pony, my body still reacted the same way, with my mind throwing up a blank.

“Mmmm, tastes good. I love pancakes.” She moved higher up my neck, eventually placing a kiss on my cheek. She then opened her eyes and stared directly at me, her cheeks growing pinker by the second. “uh... um, good... um, morning?” I just worked my mouth a few times, having nothing to say.

“Good morning auntie Lulu! And what a wonderful day it is too!” Luna whipped her head round to look at Cadence, her face now red from anger.

“CADENCE!!!” At her shout, she disappeared in a flash, and Luna ran to the hole in the ship. “GET BACK HERE YOUNG PONY, RIGHT NOW!!!” I got up and walked beside her, and gently massaged her head between her ears, earning a relaxing sigh. I lifted my hand up, but she pressed against it. “Don't stop... please?” I smiled and carried on, watching as her legs seemed to melt from under her.

Author's Note:

A little darker than last time, no?

I know, shorter chapter this time, but I really don't want to work on a longer one right now. This might be why.

I'd say I'm about level 4, but as we all know, booze inhibits our sense of...........something, so I'm probably about seven!

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