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Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame - Lucky424

I went under for five years waiting for a cure. Something went wrong.

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Chapter 7:

“But you need to take them off!”

“I don't care!” The shouting match I was having with Twilight must have drawn the attention of the local ponies, as I could see shadows through the windows. Her request was not one I was going to comply with. “They are staying with me, and there is nothing you can do about it!”

“But they are made from metal! The rest of the clothes Rarity made for you are fine, but you must remove them for this test!” I ran my fingers along the chain of my dog tags, stopping as I felt the engagement ring I had attached to them.

“Well then you can find a different way to do the test! I was military, and this is the last memento of that, so I'll take them off when, and only when, I have found out they were disbanded. And the only way you're getting this ring is from my cold dead fingers!” I stormed off up the stairs and walked out onto a balcony. I looked down to see the crowd had thinned, leaving just three mares. They were all earth ponies.

One had a crème coat, with a pink and purple mane. The next was pink with a blonde mane, and the last was a lighter pink with a lime green mane. I bent over the balcony and listened in on their conversation. “Did you see it when it came to town?”

“I know. Do you know what it was?”

“Maybe it was an ogre.”

“Rose! There is no proof those things even exist!”

“Maybe so, but don't you think Twilight would have told us what it is if she knew?”

“Both of you shush! The shouting has stopped! Do you think it's still in there?”

“I don't know, Lily. Why don't we get a closer look?” I smiled to myself, this was going to be too much fun. I climbed over the railings and crouched down, hooking my feet round the vertical bars. I fell backwards, emerging from the lowest branches hanging upside down, startling the mares. I couldn't help but think of a song from back home.

“Hello. Is is me you're looking for?” The all fell to the ground with their eyes closed. I snickered to myself until I heard the library door open, and scrunched up my stomach muscles, returning to the balcony. I heard Twilight's voice from the ground.

“Rose? Daisy? Lily? What happened?” The crème mare was the first to speak up.

“The horror... the horror...” The pink mare with the blonde mane was next.

“It was awful...” Finally, the pink mare with the lime green mane talked.

“Twilight, there is something hiding in your tree!” I watched as the branches near me were bathed in a purple haze and shaken, clearly as an attempt to get me out of the tree.

“There's nothing there, Daisy. What did it look like?”

“Well, it had light skin, a very short brown mane, and it had these strange things instead of hooves.”

“Light skin, short hair, and no hooves...” Oh shit. “Did you see what colour it's eyes were?”

“Yes they were blue.” I slowly made my way back inside and to Twilight's private study area, which is where she had set up a spare bed. I heard the rest of the conversation as a muffle, and then the library door opening and closing. It was followed by the slow clip clop of hooves on the wooden stairs, which stopped outside the door. There were three solid knocks on the door.

“.....come in?” It swung open to reveal a strangely calm Twilight, who just stared at me. “Is there something you wish to discuss?”

“I,” she began slowly. “Would like to know why you thought it was a good idea to almost give three mares a heart attack?”

“Stress relief.”

“Stress.....relief? Relief from what, exactly?” I stared at her for a good twenty seconds before I answered.

“Relief from you.” The door was slammed shut as she walked out, and I heard her go back down the stairs. “Me one, Twilight Sparkle zero.” I looked out my window to see the last rays of the sun disappearing over the horizon. “I really should ask about that...” I picked up the book I had been reading whilst she had performed some tests, 'A Complete Guide To Modern Equestrian History'. With a candle burning and a mug of Sweet Apple Acres cider, I let out a relaxed sigh and leant back against the headboard, cracking open the tome to the bookmark I had paced.

I awoke to a muffled conversation between Twilight and two other ponies. Getting out of bed, I crept over to the door and cracked it open, putting my ear to the gap. I heard a voice that sounded like something you'd hear travelling around Europe. “So if we understand you correctly, Miss Twilight, he is nothing like a pony, and yet you want us to service him?” Just what the hell do they mean by 'service'?

“Yes, I think he could do with it. I'd offer to do it myself, but I happen to be the reason why he is stressed. So I would like you to perform you usual service on him, it may help.” This better not be going where I think it is...I heard another voice speak up, tinted with the same accent.

“Well, it will help us learn for when non ponies come by again. The last one we had was the minotaur, Iron Will. He was a hooful, I tell you!”

“Yes, well, that is to be expected with that race. But this one, I think it may be best if you wore your full uniform...” I closed the door then and walked back over to my bed. Sitting down on it, I reached to the shelf above and pulled down the HMWA-Xii rifle, aiming at the door. There was the sound of multiple hooves on the wooden floor, followed by a few light taps on my door.

“Enter.” It was slowly pushed open, and a pink hoof set down in the room. It was followed by another, and then the head of a mare, a blue mane contrasting against her coat. There was a white headband and neckband adorning her, and it was then I noticed she was in fact wearing some sort of pink dress.

“Uh... good morning sir. My name is Aloe, and I have heard you are quite stressed at the moment. If you'll allow us, my sister and I can help ease some of your anxiety.”

“And just how would you do that?” The mare just stared at me blankly, not comprehending my question. “I overheard Twilight, she wants you to 'service' me. Just what does she mean by that?”

“Oh, it is just a massage, nothing more. We do not run that kind of establishment!” I was about to respond when the other voice came in from outside.

“Aloe, is it safe to come in yet?”

“Yes Lotus, it is. Bring in the trolley, there is plenty of space in here.” I heard the sound of squeaky wheels as said trolley came in, pushed by a mare that was the polar opposite of Aloe, and she too was wearing a pink dress. I realised then what Twilight meant by 'full uniform'. “This is my sister Lotus, and we are both qualified masseuses. So, why don't you get ready? Any area you do not want us to go to, just cover it with a towel.”

“Uh... okay, but can you at least turn around whilst I get ready?” They both nodded and I waited till they turned away, then started to remove my clothes. I started with my shirt, slipping it off quickly. As it went over my head, I caught sight of the mares trying to get a discreet look at me. I had a quick smirk, before bending at the hips to stretch out. Just as I thought, they were both staring at my ass.

“See something you like, ladies?” They both turned away, faces red. I slipped my trousers and boxers off quickly and laid down on the bed, covering my crotch with a towel. “Okay then, let's get this done.” They turned back around and approached, one to either side of the bed. They motioned me to roll over and I did, feeling the hooves press gently and hard at the same time into my back. I caught a conversation by the door, but was already too relaxed to bother seeing who it was.

I had to admit it, Twilight was good at getting even. Me one, Twilight one.

Outside his room, Twilight and her friends, bar Applejack, all stood watching as he let Aloe and Lotus work, occasionally letting out a soft moan. He was absolute putty in their hooves, and Twilight turned her attention to the hushed conversation going on beside her. “I'm telling you, it would be awesome. He'd see that we don't hold Canterlot against him, and it helps relieve his stress from little miss science here.”

“But Dash, he doesn't need one of your 'sports massages', he needs a relaxing one, which Aloe and Lotus are more than qualified to give, I assure you.”

“You're just afraid, aren't you? He's not that scary... not like this anyway.”

“Fine! But a relaxing one, please!”

“Yeah, yeah, I do know the difference!” Before she could ask, Rarity and Rainbow trotted past Twilight and into the room. They whispered to Aloe and Lotus, then changed position with the pair and took over the massage. “You can begin, Rarity.” The white mare nodded and started speaking to him, all the while running her hooves across his shoulders.

“I just want to say I'm sorry for the way I reacted in Canterlot. It was not the way a mare should act. I hope that we can put it behind us, and be friends from here on out.”


“Look at me, asking you such a thing when you are in no state to answer. There is also another who wishes to apologise. Dash?” She nodded and carried on massaging his lower back.

“Hey dude, sorry for being a mule.”


“Fine! Look, we acted like jerks, and that was totally uncool. I know that we were harsh with the fillies, but if we weren't, then they wouldn't learn their lesson. But being angry at you for standing up for them, and what we did... I hope you can forgive us someday.”

“mmmm... .yes nurse.”

“Uh, Rainbow, did he just say 'yes nurse'?”

“I wanna... mmm... taste the rainbow.”

“I think so. But that last one... Why would he say something like that?” Before either could comprehend what was going on, they heard a soft snore from the bed.

I was lying in my hospital bed recovering. I couldn't remember the procedure, but I do remember the nurses. The first was a quick check up with Nurse Redheart. She took my temperature using my attached thermometer and her calibrated mouth. Then came meeting Dr Sparkle. She was the one who performed the surgery and put me under, but that didn't work. I don't know what kind of procedure is done by lying on the patient, but I felt good afterwards.

And now... was my bed bath. And it was then that I met my new nurse, Nurse Belle and Nurse Dash. They checked me over very thoroughly, making sure not to miss anything. The main thing was my blood flow. They gasped at a swelling under my blanket, and lifted it up to take a look. Nurse Belle spoke first. “My oh my! I believe we have something building up here, Nurse Dash. We should get to work on that immediately.”

“Yeah we should. Just look at that thing! Screw it, I'm going in.” She made her way under the blanket, her had near the swelling to pay it close attention, giving me a view of just under her uniform, where I saw she 'forgot' to put her underwear on today. My vision was pierced by a bright light after a few moments.

Rarity and Rainbow stepped back as he rolled over, a strange happy smile on his face. His eyes fluttered open, and then there was a clear look of shock on his face. It was obvious he was expecting to see Aloe and Lotus. “Um...how are you feeling, dear?” He just carried on staring, his face turning worried as he lifted the towel up.

“I'm... good. Uh, could you give me a few minutes?” The two mares nodded and backed away, closing the door behind them. “Well, you just went native, didn't you?” The shared a confused look before trotting down the stairs and making their way to the main area.

“Twilight dear, do you think you could put some tea on?” Twilight nodded and headed in to the kitchen, Pinkie and Fluttershy following. just as they heard the shower go on. “Rainbow Dash, could we... keep this between ourselves?” The other mare just sat there staring at nothing. Rarity waved her hooves in front of her face. “Rainbow Dash?”


“I said do you think we could keep this to ourselves?”

“Yeah, I think I can agree to that.” The shower was shut off as the others came back in with the tea set and some biscuits. The sat down and waited, but were unsure what for.

I slowly peeled myself off the bed and went to the bathroom. Thankfully they had decent plumbing, and Twilight had a separate shower and bath. I flicked the controls for the shower until steam filled the room, and stepped into the flow. I picked up a bottle of soap and started to wash myself. I had to swap to cold water to rinse off as my dream was replaying through my head. Once I had... calmed down, I stepped out and dried off. The only thing I was wearing when I left the bathroom, after checking the hallway was empty, was my dog tags. I absent mindedly ran the chain through my fingers.

This had all started because I wouldn't take it off. It all seemed so silly now. Going back into my temporary room, I pulled on fresh underwear, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and my boots. I stripped the bed and wrapped my dirty clothes in them. I walked downstairs and saw the mares sitting there. “Um... Twilight? Whereabouts do you do your washing?”

“I'll take care of it later, the hamper is just in the kitchen.” She'd do it? As much as I appreciated the offer, I couldn't let them know.

“No, I'll do this. It's my mess, I'll take care of it.” I didn't have a chance to argue further as a white flash removed the laundry from my arms. I looked at Twilight confused.

“Teleportation spell. Now you don't have them, so stop worrying. Come and have some tea.” I walked over to sit down, but the only seat available was on the couch between the white and blue mares. “Is something wrong?” I shook my head and reached into my pocket. Twilight's eyes went wide as I set my dog tags and the ring down on the coffee table. “Are you sure?”

“....yeah. Look, I'm sorry about last night, and most of my attitude in general since I got here. I know some things have been said that we all regret, so I think we should put that behind us and move on.” Twilight smiled at me, clearly pleased with what I said. “Having said that, Twilight, could you take those two and give me, Skittles, and Marshmallow some time?” She nodded at me and the three mares left the library, turning the sign from open to closed. I sat down in the large arm chair opposite the other two. “So...”

“It's Rainbow Dash, not 'skittles'. Why would you call me after a bowling pin anyway?”

“It's something from my world. Skittles are... were little pieces of candy coloured like a rainbow, and it's tag line was 'taste the rainbow'. You just said your name is Rainbow Dash, and with your mane and the way my mind works, Skittles just fits.”

“Fine, I guess you can call me that, if it makes you comfortable.”

“And what of me? Is there a link between my name and marshmallows on your world?”

“Uh, no. It's just...”

“Well, out with it already! Don't keep a lady waiting.”

“Well, you look... soft and fluffy, just like a marshmallow.” The white mare's cheeks started to redden, but whether from anger or embarrassment, I didn't know. “Look, I just call it as I see it. I'm sorry if I offended you.”

“Oh no, you didn't, darling... it's just... nopony has ever described me as 'soft and fluffy' before.”

“Ah, well, as it is Miss..?”

“Rarity, Rarity Belle.”

“Miss Belle, I say it as I see it. Now, the matter I want to get sorted out.” They both looked down to the floor. “Why did you take over from... whatever they were called?”

“Aloe and Lotus, darling. As for why we took over... we may have over reacted when you stood up for our sisters in Canterlot, and it was our way of apologising. Applejack could not be here today, as her brother is sick and she needs to work the farm. If you don't mind... I have a couple of questions for you.”

It couldn't hurt, they seemed friendly enough. “Okay, go ahead.” Unfortunately, she asked the one thing I didn't want to talk about. Not yet.

“Who was she?”

“Who was who?”

“The one who you gave that ring to?”

“...that's not important. Not now, and it never will be.”

“That's a lie.” I scowled at Rarity, working out what made her say something like that. “I am a grown mare, and I have a few friends in the Guard. Some of them walk around with rings and other objects on their bodies. It is a sign of a loved one that passed away. So, again, who was she?”

“I don't want to talk about this.”

“Look, whatever you say, you have our promise that it will never leave this room. And if you don't talk about it now, then when will you?” The look I was receiving seemed to be boring right into my soul, and I couldn't resist.

“Her name was Sarah. We met after I got promoted, with me stopping some guys from having their way with her. I ended up getting shot in the process, but it wasn't too bad. She was there to patch me up, which was handy as she was a nurse.” I didn't hear the main door opening behind me. “We started dating, an after a few years I asked her to marry me. She said yes, and we started planning everything, right down to whether to have fruit or chocolate cake. Then I got sick. We travelled to where medical technology was the best, but even then they couldn't work it out.”

“Then how are you still alive?”

“Her. She contacted people she knew in the medical field and they began to work on a cure. After six months, the only results they had was that it may take up to five years to find said cure. I was put in cryo stasis for that period so that my health would deteriorate. Sarah was there when I went under. The last thing I ever heard her say in person was 'I'll miss you. Don't worry, I'll be here waiting for you.' And then everything went to shit. Something happened on my world that ended with most of my species leaving the planet and spreading out amongst the stars.”

I paused to take a deep breath. “On my trip here I was again in cryo stasis, but I was imprinted with bits of information. The resources on our world had run out, and only the rich could afford to buy what was left. Eventually, that started to get low, so they pumped their money into space ships, heading to the other planets in my solar system. According to what I know, it took them over a hundred years to stop fighting and work together. They gathered the richest and most intelligent, then left, leaving the poor and... stupid, for lack of a better word. The things back on Earth are no longer human. Sure, they look human, and act like it, but they have gone back to how we used to be thousands of years ago. I'll be back in a minute.”

I got up and walked up the stairs to my room. Finding what I was after, I made my way back down, seeing that Twilight and the other two had returned. I place the photo album on the coffee table, and cracked it open. The picture from the night of my engagement was still there. I silently flipped through the pages with the mares watching. Eventually you could see in the pictures that I was getting weaker, but not once had Sarah left my side. “That's who she was, Rarity. She was my centre, my balance. She was everything to me, and she died whilst trying to save me. That was my job, to die to save others. I have no one to save now.”

I saw a purple glow on the coffee table, surrounding my dog tags. They were slowly floated over to me and slipped over my head. I looked to my side to see Twilight smiling at me. “There will always be those that need saving. But you... need saving from yourself.”

Author's Note:

I.............have no idea what I've just written here. My last two stories I had planned out (mostly) well in advance. This? I'm just writing as it comes to me, and I don't think it's as good. What do you guys think? Write as it comes, or plan it out first?