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Every week, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy play a game. And every week it’s the same, predictable result.

Fluttershy doesn't seem to mind. But when she confesses that she doesn't really understand why winning is so important, Rainbow Dash’s world almost explodes. Now Dash is on a mission. Not only to explain to her friend why winning is so awesome, but to prove it too. Because by the end of the day, come hay or high water, Fluttershy is going to win something!

Fluttershy just wants to play their game together next week, like always.

A story of two ponies and their friendship, past and present. Of winning and losing, the games we play and why we play them.

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I had just read your blog post yesterday (I'm not very good at keeping up with blog posts) and so was trying to think of a really good story to recommend to you. Imagine my surprise when I find that you've posted a new story. Looks like my list of stories to be read will have to wait. You are my third favorite on this site, only beneath The Descendant & Viking ZX.

Pleased to see you writing again!

A personal smile that would never have been borne of victory in a shambolic contest; one that could only ever be coaxed to appear through honest words and kind deeds.

…And this describes consummately my reaction to this tale. Recently-revealed canon to the contrary be hanged; this was adorable and well and above consistent enough for my liking. While I more or less guessed the ending at "It was just so nice to be nice," the reading was worthwhile to see how far their rapport goes.

As always, the presentation and language was very in keeping with what one might take from an episode (as I understand is more or less your intent), so praise is deserved in that regard as well. The narrator's aside was unexpected, but well-received.

Though, as you say, this treads little new ground, it is honest in its endeavor and contains a beautiful narrative and worthwhile ideas, both in the present and the past.

While not absent of error, this will receive a thumb and a place on my Favourites bookshelf.

In my eyes, this entire story is a winner. :)

Glorious! I really wasn't expecting a new story from you for years, if ever, and it's looking amazing so far!
broken clouds where the crowd of foals was gathered.
foals were gathered.
And with it, in direct correlation, did her ability.
correlation, so did
Finally they reached the the outskirts of Cloudsdale
reached the outskirts

___(also; too British, I needed Google for this one.)
she was about to break that duck.

I like it. Makes me happy. Carry on.

Still great, I'm loving the flashback scenes; and the present timeline scenes too, and the whole story so far!

___ (...French this time; thanks again to Google.)
perfectly compliment the flavour of the sweet patisserie.

among the happiest times she’d had, growing up.
had growing up.

___(again with the things... it's ok, I'm learning.)
It was a book token, wasn’t it?”

___(I'll say the same thing I said about the author's note in Above All Else, that should be edited into the story because as an author's note it doesn't come with the story's download and can only be seen online.)

She remained sat and turned,


I'm aware that, in light of at least one recent episode, certain portions of the 'past' part of the narrative are now contradicted by canon.

What, where, did I miss something?

Bonus points will be awarded to whomever is the first to point out the contest / competition / game that Fluttershy has won, that I've completely missed or forgotten, and thus renders this whole story moot.

It is kind of funny to think that this story could easily be an episode... if they removed all the flashback scenes.

Anyway this was a great story, thanks for sharing it, even if you think it was mundane; slice of life is my favorite genre and you write it exceptionally well and then top it off with good comedy and great characters.

I think I've mention those 'little voices' you give characters within the narrative, those really set your stories apart, the 5~5 star rating and favorite aren't a given, you are just that good to have earned so many from me, but I can only thank you for the amazing stories you provide; so thanks!


“I guess, yes I do. Because that’s the kind of pony I am, it seems.”

This is a great line. I can see Applejack doing the shifty eye thing.


What, where, did I miss something?

I'm guessing that refers to the flight camp flashback in Lost Treasure of Griffonstone.


I thought Fluttershy was the world champ at Ssh! Doesn't that mean she's won something?


Makes sense that Pinkie wins at everything. EVERYTHING


Wait, they know how to trigger training montages? I thought only Pinkie did.


And then Fluttershy defeated Rainbow in Tic-Tac-Toe. The End.

6259327 omg how could i have forgoten about Ssh! maybe fluttershy also forgot or dident realy think of that as a wining game?

This was awesome. Personally, I love stories that delve into the backstory of Fluttershy's and Rainbow's friendship, and their time together at flight camp. Maybe you think that it was just a poorly disguised and boring treatise on personal headcanon, but I loved every minute of it. The narrator bit was a little weird at first; it made me pause at first to make sure I knew what was going on, and distanced me a little from the action of the race. The narrator forced me to think realistically, and at the same revealed and didn't reveal the outcome of the race. All in all, I think that the narrator bit worked, even though it was different then the rest of the story. I just wanted to detail my thoughts. Anyway, thanks again! -Justin

I don't know how you do it. Your stories tend to have fairly simple, slice-of-life type concepts--nothing exceptionally epic or dramatic (Eclipse notwithstanding)--and yet, they're just so... good. Well-written, well-paced, well-characterized, thematically on-point, and consistently a delight to read. And this one is no exception. While, as you said, many stories have explored Rainbow's and Fluttershy's friendship, I can't recall ever reading one that was so engaging, believable, and charming.

And in general, I'm glad to see you back in action. I (quite selfishly) hope to see more from you in the future.

6257803 It's entirely possible that Fluttershy was just making that up, so only mildly story breaking.

I have to ask, was the lampshaded-sports montage from last chapter meant to be contrasted with the very real friendship montage this chapter? Because if so, that's really excellent writing.

This was really a lovely story. As most of your work, is simple and yet warming, you really get trough the characters and deeper into their storys and lifes.
Thoug, I should say that I didn't like the sudden reading of the narrator. I apreciate it the risk of trying new things, something that always deserve his respect, but It pointed to me something that I was already thinking, (so it didn't contributed with something new) and instead, it make me break my concentration in the fic, wich until that moment had a steady rhythm. But, just a detail. Regardless of that, I love the fic and I love to see that you have more storys to write. I happily hope to read more of them.

Not only does this story feel like it could be its own episode, but Fluttershy's speech actually got me to tear up.
And this is actually the first time that a story got me to tear up due to how sweet a particular moment is as opposed to tearing up about a depressing moment in a story.

Another beautiful sweet piece. I dunno why I hadn't read it before now.

“We could have lost two students today. It’s only by luck, I think, that we have you both back. There are rules at this school. Both of you know them. They exist for your safety and for that of your classmates. They are not flexible; nor am I.”

Excellent Top Gun reference!

Dat inner voice though.

I'm a big Fluttershy/Rainbow friendshipping fan, so I had high hopes for this fic -- and I wasn't disappointed. Perhaps more of a character piece than anything else, but the characters are very well handled so that's fine by me. I'm not massively keen on the meta stuff, eg the "training montage" and (especially) the start of "The Race" chapter, but so much of the rest is gold that I'm still going to fave this story. :twilightsmile:

Absolutely amazing story and pretty much exactly why I ship FlutterDash. :rainbowdetermined2:

Now I'm going to go look at your other stories. :yay:

Great story. I love the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy that was showcased here. Even got my eyes to sting a little bit towards the end. Still, my favorite scene has to be that first meeting between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. That scene was amazingly well done and is now my new headcanon for how they first met and became friends! Great job, and keep up the good work!

If Twilight’s published articles in peer-reviewed journals, then that would count as a form of "winning".

Weather duty in Ponyville is actually more demanding than Dex made it sound because of the Everfree Forest. In Ponyville the weatherponies must deal with weather coming from the Everfree or else you'll have thundering hailstorms on what is supposed to be a sunny day. In some stories in can
even snow in the Everfree during summer.

Dash made a face. “We’re gonna have to use a training montage.” She stuck her tongue out. Yuck.


You just keep producing content that feels canon-worthy. Well done!

I especially enjoyed the aside from the narrator. I read a lot of classic literature where that style of aside was more common, but it's very seldom done well by a modern writer. You are one of the few I've seen manage it.

This is exactly the friendshipping I was hoping to find!

This is the quality 8686 content I'm here for. This level of friendshipping between the present and the flashbacks is incredible.

As much as I enjoy the present-day story, I find myself wanting more and more of the flashbacks.

That montage has me 🤔

Dude, all those snippets from previous episodes were phenomenal.

I've read quite a few Dash/Shy stories in similar veins. I think this one is easily my favorite.

A really lovely story, thank you.

I have my own guess where the race idea is going. The current story is very interesting, but the flashbacks to their time as fillies is what has me intensely invested. They are extremely well-done, showing the bones of their friendship while probing beyond the obvious. Rainbow may protect Fluttershy, but Fluttershy keeps her grounded and aware of others, lending some self-awareness to RD's strengths. I look forward to continuing this, thank you for writing.

Oh my goodness this was so tender and adorable.:heart: You just really feel the love they have for each other.

(Oops, I missed commenting when I finished reading):

This was a great time. The back-and-forth between past and present were enlightening rather than jarring, the contest went about as I expected, but Fluttershy's own revelations were wonderful. Thank you for writing this.

Such a cute story. Also, I kinda knew that Fluttershy knew about Rainbow's plan from the beginning, so there was no way it could work.

But all these interludes, the flashbacks about the past when Dashie and Fluttershy were young, they make the story so heartwarming and actually show us what a good friend Fluttershy is.

This story gets faved. Also, I would like to know how the game ended. Did Fluttershy finally win? :yay:

That was a good story.

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