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Be kind. For everyone you meet, life is a hard battle.


Under assault by the plunderseeds, the Tree of Harmony remembers the first morning of the world, and her delight in discovering life, laughter, love and serenity.

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Wow. That was...

Impressive. Really, really impressive. I am blown away by the ideas you presented here, as well as the quality of the prose you used to deliver them.

Goddamn. That was amazing, to tell such a good story in so few words. I'm glad I decided to follow you, if this is the sort of quality I can expect from you. Well fucking done.

wow ; who would have tought that the perspedtive ofa tree would be so amazing, I really loved how you captured the joy of the tree for life
Thanks for the stroy.
take care.

Love this story, I'm not so great with words other than simple ones but that's besides the point. This story is awesome and yet humbling if you really think about it and imagine being there when the first instance of creation and life itself, would be breathtaking no matter what. :pinkiesmile:

She burst forth a fruit, tailored to the soul of the apprentice. A puzzle, my child, she thought gleefully.

Sadly it was promptly forgotten in favor of a golden cane with a funny looking face on top.

But seriously, this was an amazing little tale, I'm quite glad I stayed awake to read it.
Though I have to admit, I hadn't expected the perspective of a tree to be so entertaining.

Out of all of it though this is my favorite line.
"I remember! the Tree rejoiced. Alive! I am alive! Life tickles, she laughed."

Very nicely woven! I loved the imagery in this, and the effects of time on the story. That the tree should stand on the edge of an ocean for eons and end in a cavern in the middle of a continent eons later was brilliant.

I also thought it interesting that Celestia was "the monster" and Twilight "the monster's apprentice". The tree also seemed to have an abundance of the Elements, especially of Laughter...

I don't think the 'slice of life' tag has ever been more appropriate.

Good enough, I think, but all that 'Ha Ha Ha' makes her sound a little crazy.

Wow.... I liked this a lot!:pinkiehappy: The way your portrayed the tree so eloquently and related her to the rest of creation and gave her a soul... it reminds me a bit of this one Avatar (the movie, not the show) fic that I read involving Eywa (the living spirit of the planet the film takes place on, in case you haven't seen it), except Eywa was kind of evil.

I was a little puzzled as to why Celestia was referred to as "the monster" but other than that, great short fic, it was beautiful!:pinkiehappy:

I tried to show that the Tree of Harmony embodied all of the Elements, Laughter and Generosity in particular.

In my imagining, the Tree thought of Celestia as "the monster" because what else could Celestia be, after invading the Tree's tiny domain and demanding the Tree's terrible sacrifice? That "the monster's apprentice" would return the Tree's fruit was unimaginable.

White Fang was named after Jack London's book. Weatherwax was named after Rudd Weatherwax who was, among his many accomplishments, the trainer of Lassie.

Laughter is Life, after all.

Oh... oh MY!

This was so very, very beautiful. It touched on a lot of my personal beliefs about the cosmos, as well as being startlingly lovely in its own right. It is a poem and a song all in one, an I, like the Tree in the light of First Day, bask in its warmth and find joy and hope rebuilding within me.

Thank you for this glimpse into wonder, and the sojourn into another world that nonetheless reflects my own.

Light and laughter,

Life tickles.
That... is a surprisingly apt description, and I love it.

Hail to the tickled and ticklish!

Another absolutely elemental tale! Well done! :twilightsmile:

Wow, I am impressed! That was a wonderful story. A perfect mix of obscure and believable. You had me grinning in many places with your ability to capture such character and depth in such a short, simple space – as you always do! (I must say, I love the Tree. She's so sweet. :twilightsmile:) Your demonstration of the philosophy laughter is life, is really beautiful. It just fits all so well; This is what I would imagine the Tree being, having spawned the Elements of Harmony, after all.

This story is definitely something special, and even if it ends up debunked by canon before the end of the season, I will certainly remember it affectionately. Well done, Cloud Wanderer!

Thank you.

Actually, I'm putting some work into polishing the story right now. This is one of those stories that I wrote all-in-a-rush, just trying to press my thoughts into words. As I sometimes do, I skimped a bit on description, forgetting that the reader doesn't see what I see in my head. I'm doing my best to rectify that.

Trees have feelings, and the Tree of Harmony is no exception. Great job on writing this fic!

Wow, what a wonderful story, very touching in places :pinkiesad2:

What I am proudest of in this story is that it at last explains the Diamond Dogs.

The Dogs collect gems. That's pretty much all we know of them from the series.

In an earlier story, I suggested, as I did here, that the Dogs, living in darkness, were infatuated with light. "Oooh, sparkly!" they'd think, collecting a gem.

But there is more to their story. In my imagining, the Diamond Dogs had sheltered at the roots of the Tree of Harmony during the last glaciation. For an age, they shivered in darkness, yet were nurtured by her light. When freed by the receding ice age, the Dogs spread throughout the Lands Below.

But still, in their hearts, they long for the light of the Tree. Without understanding, they have searched for Her light in the Lands Below and collected the scraps found in gemstones.

An interesting read to be sure.

Your fanfiction is incredible!
The origin of the world, viewed from the sight of the mother of the world, the creator of all living beings......
A sublime atmosphere and the most epic idea I ever read!
Thanks, this fanfiction really lightened my heart! :twilightsmile:

OMG. I just realized that I've re-written the Silmarillion with dogs and ponies!

That was different, in a good way. It does read way too fast, much in the same way The Silmarillion does, but perhaps that's the charm. Great work!

I worried that Season Four would invalidate this story. I am pleased that it did not. The Tree's puzzle box proved to be Twilight's salvation and, interestingly, the seed for Twilight's Castle.

I imagine the Tree hovering, as the Mane Six finally opened the Six Lock Box. Daughter of the Sky, of Twilight, thought the Tree. I hold in my heartcrystal, the Light of the First Day. You and your friends are brave and worthy. Here, then, is my true gift: the Rainbow of Light, the light of all Creation! And my child, giggled the Tree, I ask no more than this: be strong and be happy. Because I hold you in my heartcrystal.

Author Interviewer

I never would have considered writing a story from the Tree of Harmony's perspective. This really adds a lot to the plethora of creation myths in the fandom.


Corrected, I hope. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Most welcome. :)

This was a very unique concept and perspective, and I think they were utilised very well. Not much else to say other than it was just a very nice and sincere-feeling story, and I appreciate that kind of earnestness. Good work.

Alright, this story of yours finally did it. I cried.
Nothing short of amazing in every aspect.
Absolutely loved the description of the two sisters as 'monsters'.
Truly, what else could they have been to her.
Your gift of imagination is incredible... thanks for this story, even if was written quite a while ago.

I love this. I really love this story:raritywink:

:pinkiegasp: Take a like and a favorite, Cloud! That was truly an impressive little read, the look into the mind and simple life of the Tree of Harmony, or the Tree of Life as she might as well be.

My only, repeat, only disappointment was the Tree not making any significant reference to Discord. I almost half expected him to have started off as a serpent that crawled up her trunk, or even a piece of her that broke off. Or maybe her even just knowing that the plunder seeds were, if not of his making than at least of his doing, and revealing what she thinks of him.

Seeing the Tree's view on things is always interesting, but its view on Discord, especially after or during reformation, is the piece of resistance .

Still, all the same, resounding applause.

I cried.

So beautiful...

I think the Tree of Harmony should get its own tag at some point if it starts showing signs of being truly sentient.

I honestly don't know what to say about this other than saying that it was absolutely beautiful

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