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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.


A half-seapony comes of age and looks to the distant shore. His destiny calls him to the surface, where he will find adventure, along with a more personal quest. For somewhere in Equestria lives the mother he never knew.

Written for the August 2015 Write-off - Distant Shores.

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I'm not planning at this point to write a series about the daring adventures of Distant Shores, though I might read something like it. I think some underwater adventures could be interesting twist for a Daring Do style of story. But it shouldn't be a story also involving Daring Do.

An old Daring Do going on an adventure with the son she never knew she had? Could you imagine if someone made a movie with that concept? I'm sure it would go over like a nuked fridge.

6424335 "Ah, Doctor Jones." Professor Anzu looked up from his notes to greet the revered (although frequently missing) professor of archeology that the school seemed always on the verge of firing for one reason or another. "I see you are back from your search for the legendary continent of Atlantis empty handed again.

Receiving nothing but a monosyllabic grunt for his social attempt, the professor considered his counterpart for a brief moment as he collected a cup of decaf coffee and began to pour in sugar. When no further answers were forthcoming, Anzu made a second attempt, this time asking a question which was a little more personal in nature. "At least your search was fruitful in one regard. You seem to have put on a little weight. Did you perhaps find the Lost Buffet of Atlantis instead?"

"Not exactly." Doctor Jones took a sip of his coffee, made a face, and sat it to one side. "Say, Professor Anzu. What do you know about the school's maternity benefits for the faculty?"

6425422 It was an experience I inflicted on Prince Blueblood in a previous story.

6425449 I know, that's why my mind went there (having just written a seapony story myself).

6425513 But will Gabardine end up pregnant?

Having seaponies control their currents much like how regular ponies control their environment is a nice touch.

Very nicely done n_n

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