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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.


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If you've always wanted Prince Blueblood to suffer in some special way, be sure to post your desires below!

I am intrigued. Though how this is going to work from a physical standpoint, I don't know.

3690198 It's magic, of course! I'm not sure how much I want to describe the actual birth process, though.

How about an itchy belly, and he's not allowed to scratch it?

Sounds like something with the potential both for funny and poignant stuff. Intriguing!

So, as far as suggestions go, if he's stuck in Ponyville and pregnant, I seriously doubt he has any experience with children. Perhaps he should foalsit to get an idea of what taking care of kids is like. Of course, whoever he foalsits needs to be suitably high class for a prince. I suggest Diamond Tiara. :pinkiecrazy:


3690294 I wholeheartedly approve of the idea. The Rich mansion will not survive the ordeal.

Sea ponies/ unicorn hybrid......... WHAT COULD GO WRONG!25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdxm7mCmhr1qju6n5o1_500.png
Well besides that.


It has a lot of potential for entertainment, since Prince Blueblood would probably thoroughly approve of her before having to watch her. And Filthy Rich is someone he'd probably want to maintain ties with if he can.

The likelihood of Silver Spoon showing up would be high, too, and it's harder to keep multiple kids in check...


While a few unicorn mares would appreciate the slower pace when forced to walk

This bit is not only awkward, it makes no sense. Even given that there MIGHT be a handful of unicorn mares in Canterlot that can teleport, it's not as common or as easy a spell as Twilight makes it seem. Also, most unicorns can only do simple magic. I recommend this:

Prince Blueblood and Melodia walked slowly up the broad staircase of Blueblood's family mansion. The slow pace allowed Blueblood to show off the grandeur of the estate and the family wealth displayed in artwork, artifacts, and precious metals.

I skimmed past the clop part, which...honestly? Isn't really necessary to the story. You could do a discretion cut for 'round one', follow them out to the pond without references to *ahem* anatomy, then do the "reveal" (it was kind of obvious from the name she was a seapony), then cut away from the second, very strange, sex bit.

3691625 The sentence is a reference to the general weaker physical abilities of unicorns. It's saying one purpose of his slower pace is to go at a speed that won't tire even a unicorn mare.

3692319 Mmm. Yeah, I'm still not sure it really works. In any case, you might want to make it clear it's not inferring something else.

wait. a minute....11 months....what about after birth dont you mean around 16 years?:duck:

"narwhal seaponies"


sorry,this had to be.

3693155 Raising Blueblood Jr. would be an entirely different story. Right now, he's probably thinking of quietly giving the foal away. Will that be what happens? Stay tuned! :pinkiesmile:

Discord is going to enjoy this. :rainbowlaugh:

And it couldn't happen to a more well-deserving twit, either. I can't wait to see how Rarity reacts when she finds out... :raritywink:

3694977 He will need maternity clothes....

Can't wait for the next chapters.

poor blueblood...sooner or later he is gonna have to find a way to protect his room from..............Well everyone...:pinkiesick:

Comment posted by moonsaber56 deleted Jan 3rd, 2014

WAIT A MINUTE....ITS A BOY......blueblood jr................:ajbemused:

He seems to have at least made a friend with Red tape and I wonder if that dead beat mom of a seapony will show up later or will he end up with a mare from ponyville who will help him both up to and after the baby comes.

Blueblood best hope he doesn't get dissected.

General thoughts:

For hardly knowing Twilight Sparkle, Blueblood seems to know an awful lot about her. Such as knowing her old residence in Canterlot was full of books, and her habits concerning magic.

waiting as tea steeped in a kettle

You boil water in a kettle. You steep tea in a teapot. Minor nitpick.

I see Twilight is taking trolling lessons from Celestia now. :trollestia:

3719836 Fixed the teapot issue. That sentence felt wrong when I wrote it.

As for Blueblood, I see his real full-time job as being a politician. And part of that job includes meeting ponies, learning about them, and remembering what he learns. He's skilled at that.

pretty much....and the more i think about it...He lacks mother-ship or being social or caring for something....Why don't he try to get a advantage with carrying things with useing his tail to lift things....Eh? It will help him and make him uniqe, and helping to carrying more papers. And it is funny...A mothers trick?

A cute, and fun story, may the muse be hilarious with continuing this.

3771026 Working on it. This chapter might end up larger than the others.

NO..coffee? how does twilight live like that?

And that's why kids you use a condom:raritywink:

Um...how can blueblood be preganat he is a guy......read the first chapter to find out...


3784428 Its what you say when someone get knocked up

So he is going to try and terminate the pregnancy? It's his body.

3784962 Remember that he's been told that, because of the magic involved in this process, his body won't allow it.

I have zero desire to include a political discussion about abortion in a pony fic.

Ah, timing never could resist a punchline like that! Shame blueblood could lie his way out of an hostile fort.

3814866 He played with magic well above his pay grade. It didn't work as he planned.

3815436 Things are unchanged for his condition. There will be consequences next chapter.

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