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This story is a sequel to A Royal Pain

Blue Seas wants to swim for Ponyville in the Equestria Games. But even more than that, he wants to learn about the mother who gave him up for adoption. He could never anticipate the truth about his heritage!

Chapters (11)
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I love it, can't say much else at the moment..

Well this is off to an excellent start. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp:did not see that coming

A sequel? Hot dang, time to look forward to this immensely!

And it did not disappoint, this should be quite fine to enjoy and look forward to each little installation. May your muse run strong!

So, Twilight never told him? Twilight's incompetence! A popular plot device since season 1!

The real funny part is that by now it's a perfectly believable part of her character. :twilightoops:

Wow. That was unexpected. I thought, he would be the only one, but I guess he met a bunch of sea ponies today. Good job, I can't wait for the next chapter.

I really love this chapter! I can hardly wait for the next one!

I really loved his freakout... A lot of fiction dont really pull off good freakout episodes but this one pulled it off rather well... :pinkiehappy: You did well!

Well, I'm intrigued. At first, I thought the image and character tags were going to spoil things, but now I'm wondering how it all comes together. (I'm also wondering about that line about narwhals. Not exactly equinoid…)

In any case, looking forward to more.

4525880 She knows, but respected Blueblood's request for secrecy, both the letter and the spirit of his request. To say "your son's actually half seapony" would make it easy for the Goldens to put two and two together. She was willing to reveal this if the infant's magic surges triggered a transformation, but Blue Seas was an easy foal to care for. (Translation: His magical talents are subpar, which was reflected in the amount and power of his magical surges as an infant.) Since he never transformed inadvertently, she kept Blueblood's secret.

The way I see it, half-seaponies are extremely rare in coastal cities, and unheard of anywhere else. Most ponies will never meet one. But it's not surprising that they have an affinity for water and a talent for swimming, and the half-seapony swimmers Blue Seas met recognized the obvious (to them) physical signs of being half seapony. Thus the friendship, the invitation to swim, and their transformations.

4526762 Actually, there aren't going to be any surprises. If you read A Royal Pain, you know exactly who Blue Seas' birth parents are. But few ponies in the story know the truth.

And as for narwhals, they were introduced in A Royal Pain as the seapony equivalent of unicorns. Melodia was a narwhal seapony.

Heck yes! I wonder how Blue Seas will take finding out his ... royal heritage. W00t ... he's dating Pumpkin Cake! Wonder how she'll take his seapony heritage. And given how much of her father's coloration she shares, I'd expect Pound to be the more worried twin. Not surprised that fertility magic would mess with a pony's type, especially if there's traces of another type in the parents' ancestry. Gotta love the brood of foals that the Carrots adopted ... seems like quite the happy family. Coach Scootaloo! Hell yes!

4719497 Yes, Golden Harvest will be watching from the stands. :trollestia:

Nice chapter. I liked it. Well now he knows if Father's cutiemark. Lets see how long until he finds him in person.

Glad to know that Blue Seas's family ... and his girlfriend ... took the revelation of his heritage well. So now he has his father's cutie mark as a clue, though it is a bit of a red herring now. I can certainly understand his desire to find his birth parents, despite being happily adopted ... I had some friends growing up that went through the same deal. I'm laughing at the mental image of Blue Seas mentally reminding himself that he has a girlfriend every five minutes ... I kinda hope that his circle from Ponyville (both his family and Pumpkin) can meet his half-seapony friends. Blueblood is going to be at the opening ceremonies, isn't he? And probably in an official role too.

Major nitpick: it's the Equestria Games, not the Equestrian Games. :twilightsheepish:

Cirrus flew up to him, poking his tail curiously. She then glomped onto his tail, wrapping all four legs around it. “Look, Daddy! I caught the fish! I’m a fisherpony just like you!”

That is adorable beyond words.

“And if you need the room to yourself, put a hangar on the door.”


4792656 Silly me, thinking that the show's writers used an adjective form to match Olympic Games.

Nice chapter. It looks like Blueblood is now Married and has a daughter. I will die of laughter if Bluebelle has a crush on Blue Seas. Thanks for the chapter we all have been waiting for.

So they've finally met ... Hopefully the reunion will go well. I was kinda expecting the recognition to happen earlier ... but I can understand why it didn't. Glad to see Blue Seas did fairly well in the Games, even if he didn't win any medals. Great to see the friendliness between athletes competing ... all too often we see athletes in fiction being plotheads to their competitors, which - while realistic in many cases, but far from all - is uncool. Also loved the bit with the sushi ... and yeah, I can see Ponies being biological omnivores; hell, their eye placement screams "Predator" ... though I can also buy Equestria being culturally vegetarian. Even so, I wouldn't envy Blue Seas in the morning ... it can take a while for someone's body to adjust to meat after being a vegetarian for even a few years - throws off your digestion quite unpleasantly. Hope there's a Pony equivalent of Pepto-Bismol.

Haha, there's the Dun Dun DUN! I was expecting about here. Nice good spot to see, and certainly glad to see this hasnt been put to the wayside.

"Hopefully the reunion will go well." -- Just remember who's standing next to Blueblood right now.

I knew that Blue Seas finding his father would be put into a cliffhanger, I could feel it in my urethra. I am glad to know that my urethral feeling was accurate, as if it wasn't, anybody reading this would probably think me stark raving mad.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Huh, I figured Blue Seas would meet his mother first and be sent on some giant chase to find his dad. Ah well, I'm not the conductor of this literary train.:derpytongue2:

4903046 Eh, I'd expect that anyone who'd marry Blueblood would *Know* he's got at least Blue Seas - especially with how life-changing the last story was for him - if not other offspring out there. She might not be happy, but - unless she's higher strung than Rarity - she shouldn't shit a brick over it.

..... Well, that's going to get interesting...

Some unicorn prince from Canterlot came next, praising the athletes and calling good sportsmareship a shining example of the harmony of Equestria.

Hoo-boy, Blue Seas is gonna look back on THAT dismissive observation and laugh. Or cringe...

Four stories tall in places and broad, the estate easily dwarfed the largest home in Ponyville, the Rich manor.

By this point, wouldn't the largest home in Ponyville be Twilight's palace? :rainbowhuh: (Or are you just not counting that as a "home"?) (Or are we just ignoring season four altogether here?)

Prince Blueblood, and his wife, Lady Capella. And this is their daughter, Princess Bluebell.

Oh dear. I sense awkwardness in the future...

Blue Seas held his breath as he looked at the stallion’s cutie mark. It was something he had seen only in an image, but that image was burned into his mind. A compass rose.

Blue Seas gasped. “Father?”

The stallion’s eyes widened. “Blue Seas?”

Contact at last! :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for the next chapter.


By this point, wouldn't the largest home in Ponyville be Twilight's palace? :rainbowhuh: (Or are you just not counting that as a "home"?) (Or are we just ignoring season four altogether here?)

Assume everything in the series happened. I'm going with, after fifteen years, ponies think of Twilight Sparkle's home as a palace, not a home.

It sure doesn't look like a house!

Prince Blueblood sincerely hoped that his daughter’s reaction was a passing crush. There was one conversation he did not want to have.

I foresee maximum awkwardness in the none too distant future.

5014861 I foresee a step towards accidental incest. :derpytongue2:

Mildly surprised that Capella didn't already know the whole story behind Blue Seas ... can't say I blame Blueblood for not talking about that, though. That said, I half expected Full Sail to have brought the subject up at some point in a way that would prompt a more private explanation. I kinda hope Blue Seas does meet Melodia at some point ... for closure, if nothing else.

Oh boy ... Bluebell has a crush on her half-brother, doesn't she? Hope that it gets defused in short order.

Can't believe I'm just finding out about this sequel! Of all the times it had to be just before bed.:fluttercry:

Exactly the sort of unfortunate awkwardness one would expect from this type of reunion. You handled this chapter masterfully.

5014945 I got the impression it wasn't him specifically but half-seaponies in general. Less jumping right in and more setting the stage for her to develop a crush on him in the future.

5015287 Vates has it right. We first see her looking at them before Blue Seas is in the room. But then, she was sharing the dance floor with Blue Seas later. So does she have a particular crush? Perhaps the pony who's closest to her in age? We will have to see!

5015199 Awkwardness is surprisingly hard to write. Blue Seas will have plenty of time to digest what he learned from his conversation with Blueblood. And then he can talk to his parents!

5014945 Capella was out of the country the whole time Blueblood was pregnant, so she lacks contemporaneous exposure to the mystery, and Blueblood set enough rumors in motion that everypony assumes he was sent to Ponyville because he did something to upset Princess Celestia.

Nice chapter. I'm glad about Blueblood and Blue Seas getting to know each other. I hope they can work out a relationship. Good luck with the next chapter. Thanks for the update.

5015287 5015579 Ahh OK ... now I'm getting the mental image of her asking her brother to make an introduction. And him freaking out a bit.

5015584 Makes sense, I guess.

Will Blue Seas ask any of his half-seapony friends if they know anything about his mother, now that he knows her name?

It's a tough situation. I get the feeling his biological mother won't be interested in seeing him unless she matured like Blueblood did.

Nice chapter. I do like how Blueblood may be able to come to ponyville. Also I'm glad Blue's wife is supportive of him and his son's relationship. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks.

Glad to see them build a correspondance. And I'm glad Blue Seas' revelation went over well. Looks like he's got a head for sneaky stuff. Oh sweet stars, I wonder what happened with the water slide ... I bet it'll remain a noodle incident, though. Eh, I bet Blueblood will come, but won't run ... he'll hand out medals and do official stuff. Dunno if the rest of his family will come, though. I'm kind of picturing Blue Seas and Cirrus (or maybe just Cirrus, as it seems to me like they're close in age) getting Bluebell into trouble somehow. Nothing real bad, just wacky hijinks or something.

Another wonderful chapter.

I'm glad to see that Scootaloo is corrupting the youth as best as she can with her crazy plans. :scootangel:

Good plan by Blue Seas to get Blueblood into town, the Running is a great excuse for a visit.

Thanks for another great chapter. I guess now Blue Seas has to learn about his other half before can can truly be a peace with himself. Great job with having him have a meaningful relationship with Blueblood. I love this story.

Arriving kinda late on this story. I've read through it over the last couple days. This is a great story!

Looking forward to the next Chapter.

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