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I've been a brony since the end of Oct '13, and now I'm hoping to write stuff people like, I guess? I have a crippling weakness for three things: OctaScratch, Next Gen Fic, and crossovers.


Ink Blot, against his better judgment, has accepted a job as Prince Blueblood's personal assistant and organizer. Once he arrives, however, he finds that the Prince is little like his reputation. As he re-evaluates everything he thought he knew of the Prince, the two find themselves becoming... friends? Now Ink Blot finds himself helping Blueblood overcome his much-deserved reputation, make some friends, and even find love.

Rated Teen for now; I'll add the sex tag later if it seems necessary. Also, I should probably make it clear that this isn't a romance between Ink Blot and Blueblood, but between Blueblood and a third pony. Sorry coltcuddlers, maybe next time.

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Hm. Personally, I`d expect Blueblood to be a bit more guarded about himself, but... Eh.

This bears further inquiry into, dependant on updates forthcoming.

I like good Prince Blueblood stories. I shall be following this.

Will the love he finds be with Octavia,an OC, by any chance or do you wanna leave it a surprise?

Comment posted by Charzoid deleted Mar 26th, 2014

I was actually a little unsure about that myself, but I didn't want these first few chapters to take too long. The story proper begins a few chapters in, and I wanted to get the groundwork for the friendship laid without taking too much time about it.

Thanks! I hope you continue to like it.

I do too. I actually came up with the idea for this story a while ago after seeing how Blueblood is usually portrayed and wanting to subvert it.

It'll be an OC. Blueblood's the only canon character who will have a really major role in this story. Octavia/Blueblood is an interesting ship, though; I wouldn't have thought of it myself.

Strange enough Octavia and Blueblood.... never mind it's not that common, though there is more for that ship than BB/AJ


The problem with that approach is that Blueblood seems... a tad too approachable. One would think his reputation would already be much more mixed bag then it is if he`s approachable to that degree.

Well, as you'll see in the next chapter, Blueblood isn't always this approachable. There aren't that many ponies that see this side of him. That said, I understand how this could be a sticking point for some people.


The problem is not quite simple as that.

See, the biggest problem of this is the fact that if Blueblood is not a jerk by nature, then he must have good reasons to treat other ponies less then cordially. And if so, it is strange that a character like Blueblood, whom we`d rightfully expect to be guarded and hard to approach by the pre-existing notion is suddenly perfectly amiable and cordial with the stranger.

If protagonist`s first encounter with Blueblood is of any indication, then the worst reputation prince could expect would be "has his quirks and too stubborn to forgive if you push his buttons". Not the "insufferable jerk". With that in mind, the reader is left to assume that either Blueblood has preexisting reasons to trust protagonist so implicitly, or that protagonist is outright excluded from the selection of ponies Blueblood normally has a problem with, by the virtue of his gender, race, tribe or some other trait obvious to casual observer.

It's the second. There are certain types of situations that prompt Blueblood to be rude. His interactions with Ink so far don't fall into those categories. You'll find out what those are in the future; Ink Blot just doesn't know them yet.


Well, that IS my point. Ink Blot works from what is generally spoken of Blueblood. If there was a method to Blueblood`s bad behavior, why would Ink Blot only ever hear bad stuff?

The rumination on the way to Blueblood`s place is pretty clear on this - Ink Blot flat-out does not expect Blueblood to have an inkling of civility. Which makes the contrast between the expected and actual reception very jarring.

Frankly, only two possibilities occur off the bat -
A) There is an external force that puts a LOT of effort to spread "Badblood" rumors.
B) Ink Blot belongs to a specific category of ponies that Blueblood for some reason deems as worthy of respect, unlike the rest of equinity.

To some degree, both of those possibilities are correct. I shouldn't say any more, though; I don't want to give away the plot too soon. There are a few other factors that affect how much and what people hear of Blueblood, but those should hopefully become clearer later on.

Also, I really like "Badblood" as a slang term. I'm going to have to use that somewhere in the story now.


"Badblood"? Feel free, though do keep in mind it`s not my invention - I`ve seen it mentioned in fanfics before.

Well, story is pretty good, tour take on blueblood's personality is quite refeshing. Can't wait for introduction of additional character/s , personally i think you deserve more recognition :)

They sure were some studious youngsters, weren't they?:eeyup:
Anyway, I like how you have how they received their cutie marks. I also like how you brought up cartography. I look forward to the next chapter. Take your time. As long as you finish what you started, I don't mind the wait.

Wow, that was really good. I love the fact you made Blueblood a likable character. And Ink Blot's character was a perfect exhibit of how rumors, and prejudice, influence our ideas of people. Like when you hear about teachers and you form opinions on them before you have their class and you think they're either super nice or super jerks.
Wonderful good sir, wonderful.

Le Gasp! Cliffhanger, my old enemy, we meet again..:twilightangry2:

Keeping me on the edge of my seat you are.

Yay, new Chapter!
Boo, cliffhanger!
I think you did a great job on showcasing their friendship here. How much Ink care's for his friend and the shock he feels in it. And you can easily see how much Blueblood depends on Ink's friendship. And how deeply it affects the two of them.

:fluttercry:: I'll give Prince Blueblood a hug.
:pinkiesad2:: So will I.
:derpytongue2:: Me too...who's Prince Blueblood?

Heh. I'm glad you liked it. I thought that was a good place to end it before the next chapter, where things start to kick into high gear.

He really is quite huggable, isn't he?

Me when writing this:

Fear not, more is coming. Chapter 5 is done and I'm working on chapter 6. 5 and 6 are significant chapters though, with a lot going on, which is why it's taking me more time than normal to finish them.

*Pouts* Fine.
Just kidding. Take your time. Don't rush through it and leave yourself (or me) unsatisfied.

Wow, I love the story you've written so far. Blueblood is actually one of my fav ponies. Thank you for writing! :heart:

For some reason a peaceful town with no dire issues freaks me right the hell out.

So, is Ruby going to be Blueblood's romantic interest? I sense trouble when he reveals himself, if that is the case.

Ruby: "And this is our sheriff. Sheriff, this is Ink Blot and Scales."

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Blueblood: "Oh, Ruby, by the way, I'm actually your ruler."

A deposition?

In my fanfic?

I, uh, I need to sit down, in the other room with the door closed for, 4 minutes. And a cigarette, if you have one.

I didn't even realize that many shades of gray existed. For all I know, there's forty or fifty more.

:ajbemused: You did not.

I did. No regrets.

An unexpected reaction, but I'm glad you, er, enjoyed yourself.

I like this chapter. Blueblood is coming out of his self-imposed shell. I hope the date goes well though.

GYAAHAHAHAHAHAHA-Erm, uh, I mean, yes, I hope so too.

*Wipes tear*
Our little Blueblood is growing up. And don't worry about the delay, no wait is too long.
Are you okay though? What happened, if you don't mind talking about it?

Oh, it wasn't anything bad. I was on vacation for two weeks, and while I did get a little brainstorming done, it wasn't as much as I would have liked. After that, I went to Gen Con, which was awesome, but I didn't exactly get a lot of work done there either. After that, I had to get ready to move into an apartment a thousand miles from home because I just started graduate school. So yeah, nothing bad, but it was certainly a crazy 4-5 weeks.

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