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The Wedding Gambit has succeeded. Canterlot has fallen, the princesses are captured, the Elements defeated. Queen Chrysalis has everything.

But Equestria is more than one city, and Equestria isn't going down without a fight!

Chapters (8)
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Now here's a new and interesting idea. And it's well written. It's even from an author who actually completes all of their stories! :pinkiesmile: Looking forward to it...

Looks great! Can't wait to see the rest.

3574584 I was sure somebody else would have done this before!

This is basically gonna be a America revolution war.......A smaller less experienced force against a larger army and WAY MORE EXPERIENCED.......hope equestrian wins... If the Americans could win against the British hopefully equestrian can win.......plus there really understaffed in experience....

I rather like your portrayal of Blueblood. A coward, but more in the vein of Fluttershy. That's how I always pictured him, and for the chance to witness a characterisation I both enjoy and will learn from I thank you!

This is gonna be interesting...

“Greyjoy? I’m Stoutheart, I don’t understand what… Oh. Oh, please tell me this isn’t a continuity government.”

Sorry dude, we have bad news and worse news.

I find it interesting that Chrysalis didn't mention the Elements Bearers in her communication, unless she was including them in the comment about colleagues (though that seems odd when speaking to a room of politicians and other governmental figures).

Good on you, Bluey.

This is great so far.

3575232 bum, she should've brought up the elements (at least in a "nerrr nerrr I got 'em" sense)! Something to edit in later and pretend it was always there and we've always been best friends with Eurasia

3575245 Doh! So much for the Elements of Resistance. Then again the description say Chrysalis has everything so I should have expected the girls to be among her hostages.

3575256 Oh yeah, she's got them in her cloven hooves. (That sounds vaguely dirty)

Well that was fun. Lots of stuff going down! Hopefully the civilians can hold out. :rainbowderp:

Two chapters today? You spoil us.

Anyway, I feel bad for the recon team. :fluttercry:

3583931 I'd like to say the team went to a better place - but that's a lie. They went in Chrysalis' belly.

No, obviously the identical ponies in Canterlot were changeling infiltrators, Chrysalis's advance guard ;)

I'm loving the use of the various in-show background ponies. Especially Rich, that's a great role for him.

No, not the sewage pipes! Not the sewers! :derpytongue2:

3603504 Filthy Rich is about to become... well, yeah.

Sooner or later with you Brits, it always comes down to poo, doesn't it?


This fic is criminally underappreciated.

Gryphons and sewers, looks like they're starting to put the pieces together for a proper strategy.

3604631 No kidding. It could probably serve to be added to a few more appropriate groups, I know I noticed it because of the Blueblood group that it was added to.

3605197 I've added it to two groups but I'm leery of doing more than that (at least not without lengthy gaps between adds). Now if there's a Ponies In Sewers group...

Team Equestria! Buck yeah!
Pegasus! Buck yeah!
Unicorns! Buck yeah!
Earth ponies! Buck yeah!
Prince Blueblood! Buck...yeah?

Why do the Brits always manage to write such agreeably entertaining war stories?

3575276 Less in the sexual and more in the physical grime and dirt sense though. I am adoring this and wondering if you can expand on what you mean by client species?:twilightsheepish:

Ah, that horrifying feeling when you realize you're completely caught up and have to wait for more chapters:raritydespair:

More I beseech you, this story is incredible.

I'm quite looking forward to massed magic melee.

Are there any spellcasters in any resistance pockets with scrying, teleport, teleport other, or remote messaging abilities?

I assume there's no chance of anypony breaking out of a pod. How long does it take to free a pony from a pod?

3608729 Client species would be like client states, where a state is outright or de facto owned/controlled by a bigger country - in this case, the changelings owned entire races.

3609554 Good question re pods - based on the show and IDW, once you're in you're not getting out but it's surprisingly easy to cut a pony out. The goop must contain magical sedative properties (or the Mane Six are just THAT GOOD)


Tirek is one of the Taurus' mythological figures? And they named their airship after him?

Good heavens, that's a scary prospect.

I really like the Equestrian force's aiding the civilian changelings even before Chrysalis is defeated

Love it! It's kickass time for team Equestria!

...I hope. :unsuresweetie:

3637972 Worse even than that, I've been assuming Tirek was running the place back then - and then there was a war, and then Celestia faced Tirek directly, and... well, Celestia came back.

3638019 Ta muchly! It seemed like a very pony thing to do


Love the airship names, I can definitely see the Culture influence.

Every time I rewatch Winter Wrap Up and see that horizontal tornado move, I think to myself: "Pegasi are scary."

3640719 And then some of them can exceed the speed of sound! Take MLP's physics seriously and they're well 'ard.

3638250 We know what the plan is. Therefore, the plan can't work as expected.

We don't know quite what the Changeling plan is. Therefore, their plan can work as expected.

This is the Uncertainty Principle of Planning.

Wow, great action. Kept me on the seat of my chair the whole time.

Those poor watchers. :fluttercry:

Recon flyers are slow, predictable targets. Look at AWACS and similar craft. Did it never occur to any Equestrian military officials that recon could be targeted?

Oh, and why not have a griffon or three use their eagle eyes to spot for the cannon while right next to the cannon?

Mmm, I like a good meaty story. I eagerly anticipate the next installment.

Everyling is perfectly acceptable, my good man.

Damn good story! Worthy of Harry Turtledove (or very close). Your attention to detail is good without going over the top.

(I'm...I'm....rooting for the changelings...):twilightblush:

3702480 First a recon team, now oversight teams... is there a theme developing?! (Nah)

3702620 They assumed it, just not as quickly as they were - the fun of fighting massed changelings for the first time and making mistakes. (I almost put C Company after the balloons went down, then rewrote it because that crossed the line from "ooops in retrospect that was dumb" to "durrr me Geldmore eat paste:derpyderp2:")

3704878 "I'm....rooting for the changelings"



(That doesn't work so well :fluttershysad:)

3705090 Somehow, the expression on my avatar makes your comment all the more hilarious.

3705096 She's all like "Blueblood's in charge? Uhhh, okay Beavis"

"In peace, parents bury their children but in war, children bury their parents"
The normal use of that quote is the reverse, I believe.

"Everyling" was something I noted as a clever use of phrasing. I like it.
This reminds me somewhat of my most recent stuff in Platinum Crown. In that we're both writing a battle of Canterlot with a large organized changeling invasion, around a similar tech and organizational level.

3956306 "The normal use of that quote is the reverse, I believe."

OH SHIT IT IS TRUE :twilightblush:

It's good to see that those bastard changelings weren't able to get off a very successful hit on the field hospital. Perhaps the ponies have a chance after all. :derpytongue2:

4077291 better hope so, or there's no series afterwards! :fluttercry:

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