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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.

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Topic for discussion: What do you think Spike will do in the future, years after the events in the show?

Wow, the epilogue will be Ember is pregnant with Spike's baby and Torch and challenging Spike into a duel

I think that, it depends on where he stands with Rarity, by the end, because I'm like 90% sure, that's holding him back.

Rarity, that is.

Wait someone actually wrote a soft hands story well props to you! I'm sure PP and Syoko ( however you spell his name) will be amused.

7432532 I have three theories:

Guardian of the Elements of Harmony.

The Great and Honorable Scholar, Headmaster of the School of the Magic of Friendship.

Prince of Equestria.


Prince of Equestria.

Does that mean he gets a horn to go along with his new wings?

7433377 Nah. Just wings.

Now we just need Spike in a good threesome clopfic with Ember and Rarity.

7433661 There is some already. You just have to look a bit hard so far.

7432532 My guess is that dragon puberty will most likely change his personality, character, and perspective to such an extent that almost any speculation we make would have some probability of becoming true.

7434167 And really, that's what makes fanfiction so awesome.

7432532 Be a heroic Knight Protector of Equestira of course.

7434126 Where at? I only found one sorta clopfic but it was more Spike not only cheating with Ember behind Rarity's back, but getting Ember gravid as well.

A good story. And the idea of, Spike, being a diplomat between ponies and other races is a great idea and very well possible, and I would love to see it be made canon!

Great job!:moustache:

7434194 Among other things. :ajsmug:

7434370 Don't remember any names, but i do know i have seen some.

when is ember going to get her own tag

7432611 And once that is done, Spike learns that, like the emperor penguin, it is the male dragon who incubates the eggs.


Hahaha i don't know dragon do that

Since she's not in heat.

Great story well written. I'd like to see some more on this one.:pinkiehappy:

I'm curious, why use such a small image for your cover art? Here's a bigger version of that image if you'd like to use it.

7433305 Interesting thought - Guardian of the Elements. I can almost picture a situation where someone threatens to permanently remove his friends from the world, as follows:

"You're going to kill them? Kill my FRIENDS? MY FRIENDS! MY.... MINE!.... MINE! .....MMMIIINNNEEE!" (It's Godzilla time)


Author Interviewer

I'm actually amazed there weren't more clopfics.

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