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Noice! Hmm with the force I sense a sequel.

You are strong with the force young one. I believe you are the chosen one.

7159545 Thank. I know the force is with me. But whether it is the dark side or the light side, I know not yet. Only time will tell.

7158076 Right you are. In the future, a sequel will be.

:rainbowderp: ..... Well.... That happened

Also, I sense that this story is one of those instances where readers are supposed to come for the clop and stay for the story that has yet to be told.

7159941 If you're saying u think there's going to be a sequel. Then you're right.

Young bc I am prince magic I have come to say you have done a great deed and is awarded the metal of honor and greatness
Even tho a certain white ass bitch keeps trolling me with her so called sister and students and some how I am now stuck with another version of her that wants to rape me
Molestia: come here sweet prince
Prince: oh shit she found me not the wing not the wings

I expect Spike to break her.

"..., Ember moved forward and locked her muzzled with Spike's." seriously they are dragons no ponies, so the don't have muzzles.????

And i'm not trying to come off harsh here, I'm just pointing that out.
But still, why muzzle?

7163058 I guess you're right. How about snout instead f muzzle?

That would definitely be an improvement, so I say that it would b good.

7163566 I'll try to sometime tomorrow.

you have a spelling error in the title.
please. fix it.

So when's the sequel:twilightsmile:

7166384 It will be a while. I've got finals next week.

Good luck with your finals and try not to stress your self out to much.

7166733 Thanks. You know how college is. Depending a lot at once. Especially when you have a job that cuts into your study time.

Hehe yea the stugle is real bro. The... Struggle.. Is... Real..., but we all know those type of things go.

Faved! I love clopfics that has (or will have) history behind it. My Best Friend, Luna... A Weekend Maid For Spike... And now this. Really, I'm looking foward for the sequel :twilightsmile:
Also, not really a typo, but...

She soon felt a sense of taking control. Spike yelped in surprise when he felt Ember push him down onto his back. He looked up to see her smirking face. "Time for me to take control."

That part was a bit weird to read, try to change Ember's line to "My turn." or change the first period to "She soon felt like changing things up a bit." or something.
Repeating words can be really odd to read, it can be funny if it's on purpose (I remember a comedy fic where Rarity mept saying "darling" every line she said), but here it's just weird.
Meh, it's probably just me being a grammar nazi.

This REQUIRES a squeal!! Your king demands it! :derpytongue2:


I agree with dis :trollestia:

This is a clif hanger. That is no way to end a book without a sequel.

Awesome job :D it was a great read

7186964 Thanks. Be ready for the sequel.

I'm calling it: in the sequel, Spike either gonna discover he's an ancestor to dragons well before the DragonLords were established, meaning he was already royalty in a way, or there is some prophecy that has decided to manifest and the first steps were to join the Dragons and ponies into one alliance, just didn't expect that there would be a romantic couple between the 'unoffical Dragon Prince of Equestria, and the latest Dragonlord.

I loved this story, if was sweet, a bit mushy, but definitely genuine. And one I have to tip my hat to is how well you kept Spike and Ember in their respective characters, and at the same time, deepen the characters a bit, Ember's nightmare and confession and Spike's comfort for his new mate major examples. That sequel...I have to see more of what's coming down that road, because I sincerely believe everything happens at specific times for specific reasons, regardless if we are aware of it or not.

7221690 I don't understand. What does that mean?

7221497 Sequel is up. Just so u know there is a trilogy with one more story after the sequel.


That's actual referring to some actually wanting Spike to end Garble for trying to sexually assault Ember against her will. And to make a story short, It's kinda stupid of Garble to do that when her actual drakefriend is right there, and especially when Spike pretty much kicked his scaly ass to the DragonLands and back. I think Spike's a pacifist first, but there are times when the proverbial line gets crossed, and others trying to hurt Ember is now apparently one of them

7259985 Don't forget the sequel too.

What happen if Ember gets pregnant?

7365296 Considering was before they were married or however dragons see it, Spike would probably be given a beat down by Torch for impregnating his daughter.


but it makes the story more interesting, through

7365836 It could change in in one of the later stories.

For a first story, this is great. However, I must say it felt a little rushed. Not even the second day of her visit, and they are already having sex and jumping right to love. I don't know, that just feels a little too fast. Besides that, it was a good story, and I can't wait for the sequel <3

7497599 I saw, and I am currently reading through chapter two

Just in case you warnt already told The Defenders is an actual marvel property its ateam made up of Daredevil, Jessica joans, Luke cage an Iron fist. They exsist to fight enemys to small(threat wise) for the avengers to care but to big (threat wise) for them on there own

7881847 Never heard of them. But I'll change of the site says anything.

7881859 they've got there own netflix series's, well daredevil, Jessica joans and luke cage do(and iron fist, the defenders and the punisher are coming soon), and they take place in the avengers movie univers

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