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I'm liking this already good job dude

Flurry Heart Approved!!!

Hey I really like your stories the last one hit me in the feels. I can't wait for this one. :pinkiehappy:

7955960 Thanks. I'll try to find time soon. Right now college is a pain in the neck with time consumption.

7955972 I'm talking with a friend on here when you commented. Plus it popped up on my gmail inbox.

i really liked it and the others and can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

7965146 Just a heads up. With how college is, it'll be a while.

your story, take your time:twilightsmile:

please for my sanity do not let this story be dead. I can wait but please reply or something.

Don't worry. I'm going to try soon. I just have a lot to do and I have a lot of writers block. I'm going to try a chapter soon.

*breathes a sigh of relief*
Thank the gods. I don't fault you for taking your time. Also if you want I can help with that writers block. It likes to avoid me for some reason. Just ask and wait an hour and I will have plenty of ideas for you.

Okay. I just need a few ideas. I know how I want people to hear of Spike's true heritage who the challenge will be. I just need some stuff in between. That's what gets ya.

Okay, after rereading the story I have a few ideas for how that stuff could go. I need to know though how soon are you planning to make things get serious and how do they start to get serious.

*please feel free to send a private message if you don't want other people to know.*

Hope you get past your writer's block. And College is hard sometimes.

I've got some ideas now. Now I'm just figuring out how to present them.

Thanks. What did you think of Spike's dream?

Well would like a hint to it's purpose?

Good chapter, glad you are back

Thanks. Sorry it took so long. While it may be summer, jobs don't give you much time to think.

Okay. It's not much since I don't want to spoil it, but the dream is linked to the unknown magic that is held in Spike.

trust me the reveal will be awesome

It was a little short to me

I know. I was just running out of details.

why didn't you ask for help was really that bad at it.:applecry:

Your ideas were fantastic. :twilightblush: I just wanted to save more for the next chapters.

:rainbowlaugh:If that is the case then please don't. It makes my self-loathing go through the roof. Besides, I have alot of ideas. you know that:rainbowwild:

If I can't come up with anything. Don't worry, I'll ask for your help.

I will. For more info check the Surviving Saiyan In Equestria story description.

Come on its been over a year now and still nothing i want to know what happens! 😡😡😡😖😖😭

You’re right. I’ve been putting this off for too long. The next chance I get to write a chapter. It’ll be for this one.

I just published the next chapter.

ooooh, spike might be a gargoyle instead of a dragon or maybe..... a mix of both somehow?
*waits for the next chapter for possible answers*

also its good to see you posting again bc, keep up with the great stories *thumbs up*

Yeah. Sorry this one took so long. It's just with my Gine story being the only one of its kind so far, I can't help but focus on that one as much as I can.

Also if you want more hints, take a look at Chapter 2 again.

Ember couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "I told you, you should've taken it easier with rushing to get here. But as usual, I married the most stubborn dragon raised by ponies."

Is this foreshadowing? The way it's phrased is wierd.

No. It’s just a joke.

"It's because," Scorpan started before pausing for a moment. "Spike. Malkior... Was your father."


Bet you understand the title now huh?

No, I think of another reference, maybe SW.

Continue story, please.

Like I said in my author notes, I may look at my other stories quite a bit, but this one has not left my head full of ideas.

I just found this story. I really do like it and the twists you have done here. I do hope you continue it. I really like this story.

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