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Here's a "What If" question:

What if when Spike gave the Bloodstone Scepter to Ember, he mistakenly propose to Ember according to Dragon Law?

7216866 I might use that later in the story. It depends on where I take it.

7216900 I meant in another story later.

7216904 Hey. Do you have an idea for a Gala dress for Ember?

7222772 I would go with the warrior lady look.

7222944 Could you be more specific? Do you mean like she wore in the episode?

7223815 I guess that would work. Thanks.

7223815 I'll think about it.

Do you remember Pee Wee?

7235419 Maybe in another story Spike could reunite with Pee Wee?

7235516 I'm thinking about doing that in this story.

At least Rarity did tell him the truth that she didn't love Spike in the way Spike loved her and let him down gently; too many similar stories have Rarity rejecting Spike cold turnips, a simple 'I don't like you' combined with a b.s reason why, and more times than not it's a attempt because the author wants to go with their preferred ship or want to play the 'Spike is too young' card. This is why I'm quite pleased with what you have so far, and how it connects with your other story "Unexpected Visitor". You went there where there isn't any hard feelings between Spike and Rarity even though she rejected him, but I'm also happy that Rarity does care enough about Spike as a good friend that she's very happy that someone (Ember) have found out for herself how much of a catch that Spike is. It still eludes me as to why Rarity didn't want to potentially go that path with Spike, but ultimately it's a Spike X Ember story, so I see that there has to be the reason out in the open so we aren't whining about it like 2-3 chapters in.

Always loved Momlestia and Auntie Lulu in their relationship to Spike. It just feels right to me--can't really explain it. And related to that, defintely loved the teasing by Celestia. It's always a great moment to embarrass your son in front of his girlfriend. Works every time :twilightsmile:

I wonder when Cadence finds out that Spike got a dragonessfriend. Considering that she's the Princess of Love as well as a co-ruler of the Crysal Empire, I believe that she'll be jumping for joy that her cousin, the 2-time Saviour of the Crystal Empire, found love after being shot down by Rarity and being single and lonely for a while. I have a feeling that Ember would be very welcome in the Crystal Empire, and not just because her drakefriend is Spike. :moustache:

I do want to see Spike and Ember have their first dance while trying to avoid an embarrassing surprise picture shot from Momlestia.

7253734 Okay. I'll try my best to make it happen on the Gala chapter.

7253734 I need a little perspective. Do you think dragons would have magic in Equestria?

7258666 Spike use that flamemail thing does that count?

7258701 I mean like inner magic. Like the ponies have.

7258701 And I mean besides his flame.

7258730 Fire is kind of like magic.

7258824 So you're saying, in your opinion, dragons do have magic?

7259210 Okay. It's a part I'm trying to determine for the story. Thanks.

7259326 Also do you remember the Carlton Dance?

7259367 Never heard of it. What's it from?


Watch this and you'll see.

7260923 I've watched it. But I've got to ask, do you want Spike to do this dance at the Gala or do you want Pinkie to?

7261022 I don't care if a baby Alicorn started dancing, get to it.

7261083 So you don't care who does it as long as somepony or somedrake does it?

I was hopping that the story would have every ones reaction to what happen to spike and ember in the first story but besides that great story:pinkiehappy:

I wanna say "A Bug's Life" is where that scene is from I may be wrong tho :twilightsmile::moustache:

Yep "A Bug's Life" when Hopper threatens his brother Molt.

All was going good until the statues attacked.

I like the story.It could use a little clean up but otherwise it ain't bad. I'm looking forward to more.

7295887 Thanks. But what do u mean by clean up?

7295896 it just needs a bit of editing like a period/comma here, a little sentence reconstruction there. Small stuff like that to help the flow of the story

7296883 Could kinda be more specific on where. I sometimes have trouble with grammar.

7297649 sorry I can't really be anymore specific do to the fact that they are spread out throughout the whole thing. if I could, I would point them out. sorry I cant be more help than that:pinkiesad2:

7298999 I'll try my best I in the next chapter while looking for some typos in the others.

How about Spike, Ember and the Mane 6 help Starlight to find a pet for her?

7316454 That sounds good, but what would be a good pet for her?

7316713 Skunks make a great pet you know.

7316719 Okay but what should the starting let's be?

7316731 The park at Ponyville where they have their Pet Play Date.

7316737 I meant what pets should I start with before she reaches the skunk?

7316760 Any kind regardless.

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