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I enjoy MLP, and Spike is my favorite character


When he was only 8 years old, Spike's mother and father were killed in a tragic car explosion; with no other family left, he was taken in by the family of his childhood friend, Ember. Five years have passed after that traumatizing event, now at the age of 13; Spike has tried to move on but his parents' deaths have still left quite a mark on him. One day after school, he is attacked by a ferocious beast, but is fortunately saved by a magical purple haired girl. Shortly after, he learns that his family lineage originates from a parallel magical world called Equestria, not only that but he is the direct descendant of the Dragon Emperor: Bahamut, because of this connection, Spike has powerful dormant dragon magic inside him, this makes him a target for he presents a danger to the dark forces who seek to subjugate both worlds. Together with his new friends who have taken a liking towards him, he must learn to control his powers, and defend both Earth and Equestria.

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This was an interesting opening. I do look forward to see where you'll go with this.

Another interesting story. I look forward to more.

I feel Highschool DxD vibe

It's amazing. I liked the conversation between Spike and the others.

7445333 Now I just need to think of the plot for the next chapter.

Hey there Spike!" Pinkie said as she chugged him. Hugged:facehoof:

I loved it. Especially the training and Spike getting a face full of breasts.

7480729 What about the one scene with Blueblood?

Excellent job. I like how Rarity became part of the group and her flirtatious advances on Spike.

7525085 Thanks, after this are a few more chapters with Spike and one of the mane 6, he'll try to bond with each of them so that he could get used to fighting side by side with them in a team, along with flashbacks on how they joined Twilight.

"Ya just had ta say it." Applejack said in annoyance.

Shut up, Applejack. :facehoof:

Liking this fic so far dude. Just a question but when`s sunset gonna make an appearance and what role will she play in all this?

I can't wait for more!
You write great a Love it:twilightsmile:

Honestly, this starting chapter is awfully familiar, and it was even more so that Wildcard25 commented on this as well, since he's the author of the High School DxD--MLP proxy High School Dragon (at least I think that what the name is--it's one of my favorite since I'm a huge fan of High School DxD and being Spike as a hero in his own right)

I'm just mentioning it because it just seems teh same to me. But I also know that it's just chapter 1, and one must not judge the book by the cover, or the first chater that is. I'm still gonna keep an eye on this however, and track it. Maybe it can earn my favorite as the story goes on.

Tell me what you think. It's been a while.

7637978 Just re-published the chapter.

Splendid job. I was waiting so long for this to return. I loved Rainbow's and Spike's interactions, and Ember's jealousy regretting that she's not able to be there for Spike more and seeing him enjoying himself with the girls now. Keep up the good work my friend.

Nice, liked rainbows way of telling spike goodbyeXD

Solid chapter. But just out of curiosity will the girls eventually find out what happend to Spikes parents?

two 30 ton dumbbells. "Okay, lift these up,

who...RD and Spike is Bucking strong.

Not bad for your return, Winter...and it's short and sweet. Definitely sounds like what Rainbow would be when she first got her pony form.

Considering that it's humanized, it's fitting that you have Rainbow Dash on a customized crotch rocket. Shows that she's not just all brawn and athletic. Probably with her dad, but I assume she's pretty good with her hands as well. Need for speed w/o going Deus ex...well done.

And I also like that she's got spunk--pretty much an asskicker if you get on her bad side...

7526458 I'll introduce Sunset later on. See she's Celestia's former pupil who went rogue and is now kind of an anti-hero. She's not a villain, but she's not necessarily a part of the team...yet.

7643753 I see. How about other characters such as trixie, starlight ,the dazzlings, the shadowbolt 5, glorisia daisy, and thorax, are they gonna be in this story and if so what part will the play in? U dont have to answer right away though.

both Spike and RD can lift tanks, with each hand, without any problem. Together they could easily lift a B-52

You use the word "rack" a lot in this story, I noticed. Not that I'm saying you shouldn't at all, but a little more word diversity would be nice.

Other than that, you caught my attention and I'll be keeping an eye on this.

You keep this talk of "cupping a feel" and they might make you put a sex tag winter. Because this story is getting to that border line of romance and smut.

Dragon Fighter = kickass!!!

A fire whip.

Does anyone find that he materialized something that kinky?

What a rush!!!

Another great chapter!

Honest like a dragon.

Splendid job. I like Spike and A.J's interaction and nice to see The CMC are also into Spike. I can't wait to see Spike and the next girl.

7734161 Sweet, I'll bet there's going to be plenty of nuzzling.

7734165 Oh yeah. After that is Pinkie, finally we'll get to Twilight.

7734172 I added an author's note down below.

7734768 Excellent. Now I got a good visual on those three and can't wait who else Spike meets with a killer rack.

7734784 I forgot what cup size is Akeno?

7734791 Her bust is 102 cm according to her profile. I don't know what cup size that goes into.

To everyone who's read this chapter, I tell you read the author's note.

7734806 That would be J cup dude, J cup. Just short of k cup by 3cm.

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