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Spike and Ember is a cute ship.....change my mind


An enemy one thought dead has risen. Spike with his wife Ember and her sister Cynder must find a way to finish Malefor before his army reaches Cantorlot. multiple threats are after them from now on...they just don't know it yet.

This story is a sequel to my other story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/417719/heartfire. give it a read before you decided to read this (trust me it will make a lot more sense).

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The Dark Master speaks to Jess' dad, who is depicted by Robert Patrick, who likewise played T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
The Dark Master's plan enigmatically looks like The Predator. (buy essays)
Notwithstanding the Dark Master speaking to Jess' issues (mostly his dad), the Dark Master's own followers speak to other individuals in Jess and Leslie's lives. There are the Hairy Vultures and Squogres, which speak to 2 school spooks Gary Fulcher and Scott Hoager, and the troll who speaks to Janice Avery. These imageries can be seen when the troll changes alongside Janice, and amid a battle with the Squogres, Jess punches one with a metallic clench hand, and later punches Scott over the room.
The Dark Master is like the Red Knight from the film The Fisher King. In spite of not in fact existing, they are major adversarial powers and indications of the heroes' issues, (for example, sadness and misery). Keeping with this, in their particular movies, there is an enthusiastic and sensational scene where they pursue the hero down.

I'm glad this is out, i'v been eagerly anticipating it.

p.s. I hope some dragons loyal to Ember either managed to escape and/or are simply in Malefor's army until they find the right moment to join back up with Ember, Spike, and the rest. I especially hope the children survived.

p.p.s I hope you ad in the other races like Changelings, griffins and so on. That includes characters like Thorax, Pharynx, and the student six.

And p.p.p.s RIP Flame.:fluttercry:


I can’t wait to read the next chapters >_<

More and more reasons for wanting to kill that Malefor b&#terd. :twilightangry2:

Great to have you back.:twilightsmile:

RIP Rain Shine.:fluttershysad:

Great to be back my friend.

I thought you took a break to find an editor... oh well.

Yeah a new chapter cool. Alright grammar time. It should have read like a luxury bath, and "he tried to get up" and those were the big mistakes I found hope it helps Chaos out!

Rrrrrrrrrr :twilightangry2: . I wish I could get in there and at least try to protect some of the creatures that are basically defenseless and at least try to get a few hit on that b&#$erd.

I promise I will make his death give you some satisfaction my friend.

Yes. Please, let there be.

Also, this chapter was F*CKING hardcore!:pinkiegasp:

The improvement in grammar is a huge boon. Thank goodness you found an editor.


Yeah! Spyro‘s back!

Yay and my boy makes his triumphant return.

Spyro had gotten help from my boy, Venom! Woohoo!

Rip this was one of my favorite stories :fluttercry:

I still wonder why you abandoned this story if you were doing so well.

Hey, is it alright if I can finish your story? It will still have the same characters and it will credit you rather than me. I just love the Spember(Spike and Ember) couple and Spyder(Spyro and Cynder) couple. Garble is dead, sure. Venom is in it sure. I just want to repay you the favor of making good stories. Please? For the sake of Spyro and Cynder?

Why did you cancel it i like it.
I love Spike and Ember plush Spyro and Cynder is just a bonus!

i hpe the will be a chapter 4

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