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Nice. One could perfectly TASTE spike's revulsion in what was happening between both of them. Keep up the good work.

I like it. :heart:

:coolphoto: I really do.

... So... Just because I think you're trying to throw us off, perhaps, until it's said, I'm guessing a massage... :unsuresweetie:

More likely preening.
Easier to make that look and sound like other...activities rather than a simple massage.


Sounds logical, since Spike mentioned fluttershy and rainbow dash. But what does blueblood have that makes things so different?

Maybe it's a stallion's touch?
Practice with Pegasi?
Better luck than he had on the Best Night Ever?


Could be a stallion's touch, since i bet Blueblood must have of read of at least practiced this kind of thing to pleasure pegasi females, he calls it the Blueblood Special, so he must have some kind of technique.

Also, the lack of "sex" tag and the comedy tag should be a giveaway of the real situation.

Now that i think about it, what is the "romance" tag for?

Maybe there is some...Blueblood x Twilight in here?

Be right back, i gotta go get my brain bleach.

His cousin/adoptive sister/sister is an Alicorn. If it truly is a massage/preening that happened, I bet he had practice with Cadance.

Preening. That is my prediction before I move onto the next chapter.

I feel so bad for laughing so hard at Fluttershy getting tea in her face. You nailed every single one of the girls and their character. I can read it in their voices.

Loving every second of this.

Can't wait to see how this is all going to blow up.

I maintain that the "Blueblood Special" is some kind of preening technique.

I like the idea of twiblood and I love that you gave blueblood's family a good relationship. So many stories have him and his family on each others throats which to me is ridiculous at least in the case of him with his aunts and sister/cousin. I also like that you had for the most part all characters in character. The fact that Flutteshy pointing out that just because hes not the nicest stallion on the planets doesn't excuse just up and attacking him because you assume hes up to something bad with no proof was good.This seems like a friendship with benefits between twilight and blueblood,I hope it evolves into something more over time in this.
I can tell pony joe is going to make this the news of Equestria tomorrow and I'm gonna love seeing both twilight and blueblood's reaction to the news next chapter.

Yep, its preening. The fact that he applied his technique on 2 pegasi, Dash and Twilight, just reinforces this.

Yay! Another Fic to read and weirdly like. BB is Cadences lil bro?!?! SOMEPONY GET SHINING ARMOUR A NEW WIFE!

I hear Chrysalis is available for that position.


Why did this comment get a downvote?

Double-ended entandre is more like it.

Oh, this comment just went to some scary places.

3031676 Yeah! Go for Chrys Shining!

3032067Probably because of me saying I like blueblood and the idea of him with twilight. That and I made some grammar errors.

She brushed furiously and brought her head even lower, almost scraping the ground.

Did you mean she "blushed"?

Ya know, he must be getting something out of her for this!

Well, she does make the cutest little noises, or so I hear...

"Blueblood is...your brother?" Rarity responded, in very sincere surprise. She shuffled her hooves a little before asking, with a very strait face, "Are you sure he's not adopted, dear?"

That was among the wrongest things she could possible have said.
Close, Rarity, but no cigar.

Oh lord, if his aunts found out about this...

They might make it official. In that case, Game Over, man. Game Over.
Try not to have your wedding include a major political/military crisis, alright? The populace is still skittish from your sister's...

"Ach! Blueblood! I 'ave been looking for zhou all over Canterlot!" she spouted. "I 'ave 'eard such rumors about you!"

The 'h' is actually pronounced, sounding like "haf". You can leave the "you" pretty much intact.

Photo Finish looked puzzled. "Well zhen, set zhe record straight for me, Blueblood. Why was Princess Twilight zhighted in your chambers?"

That's actually a pretty good showing!

He would love nothing more than to smack this insolent mare and show her proper behavior towards royals,

In which case you spend the next few weeks in a hospital. Or a casket...

Blueblood considered her back before mumbling, "It's not fat. I'm muscular." He followed her anyway, his guard in close pursuit.

You keep telling yourself that, big guy. Not everypony can share a Royal Diet (i.e. cakes) and not show it...

"Yes, zhow it to me!" she cheered. "Zhow me your lust, your heavenly pleasure! Show me zhe power of the Prince's Magics!"

That can't possibly go well...

"Disgusting." he spat, before flying off.

Nailed it.

Ok that last part was a little to detailed for me and don't even want to know how many mares Blueblood did to get that good.

Strange as it sounds, perhaps not that many. Remember who he's family with- a lot of powerful, winged females with stressful jobs.
Of course, on the one hand, he just turned Rainbow Dash into a quivering mess. On the other, he's such a blowhard that I can't help but think a lot of his swagger (as in, being a blowhard) is simply trying too hard, and he's doing it to keep his fragile ego intact.

Trust me, that pride is what got him into this mess.:raritywink:

Twilight... really? I mean those answers were akin to pouring gas on a fire and you had to have known that.

What sickness could be so bad that that Equestria couldn't know about it?

Spontaneous Scott Pilgrinism.
A cookie for anyone who gets the reference...

And good God Cadance- with all the subtlety of a train wreck..!

And to think that Blueblood x Rarity is the most horrid couple. :facehoof:


Let's just say we're intrigued with a story with mass stupidity all around.
At this point, trying to contain any rumors about them is equal to trying to hold the ground to stop an earthquake. Just let go, duck and cover.

Hm.. that comic series by CSImadmax I would imagine is the reference.

I like the way you write Blueblood. It's not often I find myself rooting for the asshole. Keep 'em coming!

HEY HEY HEY WEDDING......... click the link........

Blueblood is a asshole who i consider is best pony.:pinkiehappy:

Better hope you're still warmed up, Blueblood. That's a lot of combat specials....

This is only one of three fics where I've rooted for Blueblood. This is the only one where he's still the established heel that he started as.
...and now the incestuous implications have made me start questioning the idea of this "Blueblood Special" being a preening technique. It might just be a massage or pressure point system after all.

He really does get a kick out of annoying folks, doesn't he? Unfortunately (for him), this time, folks just might kick him back.

Also: I had almost the exact same idea for this kind of organisation! Mine was a bit... darker... though shunting Lightning Dust into an asylum is pretty hardcore already.

Agreed. He really does- right now, he keeps getting himself in trouble because he doesn't realise when he's taking things too far.

Well by the hints on the second chapter and the new one it more looks like blueblood is excellent at preening as he has not hinted doing it to the earth ponies and the unicorns of the mane six and has, lied about doing it to alicorns and the author mentioned blueblood pretty much carefully cleaning a feather, thus i think his "blueblood special" is preening.

I am sorry but The Defenders of Harmony are arseholes who need to go to jail, They seem to fit the whole "waifu white knights" stereotype. Look at what they did to the antagonists, I mean Gilda sure did things but never actually layed a hand on anypony and left the scene when she got angry, and Trixie was just playing a gimmick and the mane six were being bitches to her and the ursa minor wasnt even her fault andnyet they "destroyed" her?
Its almost like they are the loud over the top bronies.


The Defenders, a caricature of overzealous bronies?

Oh, perish the thought!

Don't get this wrong. I am saying that you made a really great villains because They have only been in one chapter and I already hate them more than Sunset Shimmer(my most hated MLP character) . Good job sir

This chapter actully makes blueblood the "good guy" for once. Ugh that was hard to say but i think blueblood is best pony. :eeyup::eeyup:

20 bits says Blueblood wins. Top-Rope Elbow Drop.

This story has Discord's seal of approval. :rainbowlaugh:

Couple of things:

The painting shuddered, then slid from it's place on the wall, revealing a hole that led downwards into the castle. Rarity thrust a hoof in it's direction.

"It's" is the contraction of "it is." The possessive pronoun is spelled "its", without an apostrophe.

Also, there are some paragraph-spacing issues (it looks like an extra line didn't get inserted in between some of the lines of dialogue like it was supposed to be), and some missing quote marks around the beginning or ending of dialogue.

Oh, and the word you want (in multiple chapters) is "straight", not "strait." A "strait" is a narrow channel that connects two larger bodies of water.

Good thing Rarity was too distracted to fight properly. That, or she knows never to use her techniques against other ponies.

Have you seen her fight seriously? Damn scary.

Oh, boy... If Shining does anything, I have a feeling he's going to regret it, because... well, Cadance, of course. That considered, I hope he somehow hears about Cadance's position before he does anything he'll regret, but (also "of course") I bet that's not going to happen.

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