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In a time long past, Cadance lets loose her inner amateur daredevil.
Blueblood reluctantly helps her, because that is what brothers do for their adopted sisters, right?
Course it is! No matter how harrowing, scary, or gulp, messy things get, the prince will always be there for his favorite princess ever!
And she'll return the favor, right?

Chapters (3)
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While this isn't the first story I've read that had the two be siblings (adopted, granted, but that shouldn't matter!) it's certainly the first that showed them engaging in youthful antics. And it's cute, funny, and surprisingly refreshing!

Let's see what other mischief they can get into. Somehow, I could see them try to find their Cutie Mark alongside Shining Armor- y'know, "Cutie Mark Questers" or something like that...^^

I liked it! Just a cute and funny breeze story about two kids getting in mischief. I specially liked the reactions from the ponies around them such as the guard.and Neat Freak.

That. Was. ADORABLE.

I wish I could use the emoticons on my phone!

Onwards, to the next chapter!

The part where he decides to brave the *shudder* garbage pit for Cadance is heartwarming and adorable.

And then he brutally insults the creature to death as it cries in fear.

That was… unexpected.

I... I feel sorry for the creature. That was really harsh.

I added this to my group"the good prince"
Its very adorable and nicely done. Like I said in another story of yours I like the relationship you give between prince blueblood and cadence.Always nice to see the members of the royal family act like family.

Blueblood going "Eeeeeeee" :rainbowlaugh: I'm dying

3052385 Especially after seeing the pic of it. That's harsh.

Sod off shouldn't require a higher rating as it's a fairly gentle expletive. Though I think I spotted the typo of seize instead of siege in there ^^;

The Perilous Childhood Adventures of Bb and Cady


B-flat. New nickname for Blueblood. :rainbowwild:

That was kinda horrifically cruel, Bb.

I can completely see Cadance as being an adrenaline junky when she was a filly.

And then Blueblood sets her up with Shining Armor because better somebody else to put up with her than him.

"I wouldn't want to do this alone, and besides, you wouldn't want me to go hunt some big, scary monster all by my lonesome, would you?"
He sighed. "Indeed not. I'll come with you."

Definitely going with my earlier theory of Blue attempting to set Cadance up with somepony, anypony, to get her away from him, and Shiny was the first sucker to bite.

Saying that, damn! He was certainly vicious in his insults! Next thing you know Guybrush Threepwood will be coming to him for lessons.

"Okay...ish Cadanche back yet?"
"Uh, no, your Highness," Neat Freak responded. "She is still out with that colt of hers."
Blueblood winced upon hearing this. He hadn't even met this colt, but that didn't stop his sister from going on and on about him. What a perfect stallion he was. How brave and intelligent. He was even trying to become part of the Royal Guard. She was sure he could even make Captain someday! Whenever she started on him, Blueblood felt a great weight in the pit of his stomach. He'd never felt anything like it before. But one thing was for sure: he hated him.

Aww...despite all her antics, he really likes her! The opening sequence seems to hint at him having some sort of prophetic powers or just dumb luck since that sounds a lot like Cadance getting a crystal form as Empress/Princess of the Crystal Empire.

The ending to the chapter is pretty golden. Rarity would swoon if she knew about the sacrifices Blueblood made as a colt just to save one duckling.

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