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Octavia's had a rough day today. Luckily her ever cheerful marefriend is there to turn a bad day into a good evening.

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“Bed.” she all but cooed before falling face-first down onto the comforter.

Octavia x Bed is now OTP

Oh Celestia above; how had she gone through so much of her life without knowing the wonderful taste of a blooming onion?

I take it back. Octavia x Blooming Onions is now OTP

For now though, she just wanted to rest and Vinyl was happy enough to just cuddle and let her. "Good night Vinyl. I love you."

Vinyl beamed and kissed her forehead and the last thing she heard before they both drifted off was "Love you too Octy."

Oh fine.:trixieshiftleft:

OctaScratch is OTP.

But Octavia is definitely keeping Bed and Blooming Onions on the side

I wonder if it would be arrogant of me to hope that the blooming onions thing takes off as fanon. :twilightblush:

Woo! Almost the exact reaction I was going for. :raritywink:


Not sure if positive comment :pinkiehappy:, negative comment :pinkiesad2: , indifferent comment :ajbemused: , or obvious joke. :trollestia:

Thanks for reading and commenting. It makes me feel loved. :heart:

4763705 I'll incorporate it into my fic, which means that there will be two fics with Blooming Onions in them. And according to Firefly, that's all we need for a fandom.:trollestia:

4763725 Everyone please write a Octavia x Blooming Onion one-shot. This needs to be a fad. :pinkiehappy:

This story...I like it!! Another!!! but in all seriousness, this was adorable and very well written. It also gave me a craving for blooming onions and snuggles, not nessacarily in that order. Have a mustache :moustache:

This was adorable. And what the heck are blooming onions?

4823415 Only the greatest appetizer ever.

ahh I just googled them and I know them as onion blossoms they are delicious.

You have no idea how much i love you for putting that song!

And this is the reason why Octascratch is my own OTP. These one shot type stories just make them sound like such a natural fit for each other it's wonderful!

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