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My name is Octavia Harmonious Melody, and I am mentally deranged… No no, I assure you, I'm quite serious. For the past three years I have lived with a voice inside my head, a crazed, lunatic of a voice, who I, through the displeasure of living with for the past three years, have come to almost befriend...


Now my childhood friend-turned-enemy, Vinyl Scratch, is inviting me to further my musical prowess by living under the same roof as her, and as much as I can barely stand the sight of her, she represents what may be my last chance at closure and sanity. The irony of which being that I'm sure she's already insane, if not pushing me towards it.
Although, to her credit, she's a nice enough mare, maybe if I could stop the voice in my head for a minute we could grow to become friends again…
...it isn't a sin to dream, is it?

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Intriguing. It needs a little clean-up but it's intriguing.

4653374 i am open to critiques, considering this is my first written story

Loved the archer reference

damn. with all of the boob talk, i was hoping this was a mature fic. oh well, it's still awesome!

4653595 It will become one later, but due to its 'not yet mature' nature, i wanted to tag it as such to avoid teasing any new readers.

4653603 i don't really follow that logic, but i will accept it on account of the fact that there is sex in the future! although, i would suggest labeling the chapters that have clop in them. just makes it easier on those few who read the story, but don't enjoy the clop.

4653622 thank you for the advice, i will be working hard to quickly and efficiently finish this story by the end of the month, so hopefully you wont have to wait to long.

4653657 any particular reason you want to wrap this story up so quickly? i've always said that it's best to draw out a story, so as to give you more time to go over details for the story.

4653755 i have most of the story planned out, and its currently my summer, its not that the fic will be short, simply that i have a lot of time to write it.

This story has me very interested. I wonder what Vinyl did three years ago, it's also interesting to see a story with an insane character that doesn't have a dark tag. I look forward to seeing more of this story, well done so far.

4653816 ah, i get it now. well, if this winds up being a decent sized, well written story, and still manages to get done by the end of the month, then hats off to you madam. or sir. sorry if i got your gender wrong.

Dear author person guy/girl/unknown/both. I am going to PM the edited version of this chapter to you, highlighting all the little grammar errors and typos I saw on a quick read through of this chapter. That said, I will continue to read the next one because I find the premise of the story intriguing.

I will then PM you the edited version of that chapter if I find it unsatisfactory.

Think of this what you will, a free editor, a creepy stalker that happens to be helping, a creepy stalker that insults you with every error they caught. Whatever the case I will edit chapters as long as you write them with no regard for basic English grammar, good day/night/whatever the hell time it is for you.:pinkiesmile:

4654280 if you want to take the free time out of your day to help me, by all means, i will not decline your offer. thank you in advance!


Btw octavia normally plays the double bass, not the cello (not trying to be rude or anything it was just a thought :scootangel:)
Does octavia still play the cello though?

the net being made up of mostly porn is a myth, as it's under 1% of the net, because of spam, spam is other 80 or 90% of the net, as spam is every where on every site people spam people every day with out even knowing it

4655838 octavia in the enterplay cards is stated to be playing a Cello, while the show has never identified what she was playing while on screen. My version of Octavia is just a general master of classical instruments, referring to her as 'the cellist' for convenient fannon.

brilliantly written. and that is the greatest compliment I can bestow, according to my own personal beliefs :raritywink:
bUT, moar lesbians. :raritywink:
k by e

amazing.. simply amazing. i love it!!!

I really like how the characters interact in this story. And each chapter makes me more curious about what Vinyl could have done three years ago.
I have a feeling whatever she did it wasn't intentional, Vinyl doesn't seem like that kind of person to hurt Tavi on purpose. I eagerly await the next chapter.

4664011 thank you for the praise, and don't worry it shall happen! :raritywink:

4664984 this is my first time ever writing a story, so the worse and best part is getting better at planning and writing as you go along. hopefully i can keep this up if not surpass it.

4665938 im really playing up the '3 years incident' so much so that its going to need its own few chapters to fully explain it! honestly i cant wait to get writing it, but alas, things must come in order, im still drafting up chapters 3 and 4.

Jaysus, reading through this chapter was like wading through a pool of- Nope, bad analogy- like floating on a- Not much better- umm, like being stuck in between a- oh for all that is holy!

Lots of sexual tension. Good job. Can't wait for more.

Once again, a well written chapter, inner voice Tavi realized violence wasn't going to work, so she's messing with Tavi in a different way, I love it.
I think this was the funniest chapter so far, the others were funny but this one had the comedy as more the focus of the chapter, as opposed to the others where it was there but the chapter was more about the interactions. I don't know why I explained that, sometimes I just go off on tangents I guess. Uhh..... well done, looking forward to more, I'll shut up now.

Hey, quick thing, when characters refer to themselves with the letter i, it's capitalized. Like,

"I want that puppy."


"Who do you think I am?"

Or my personal favorite.

"Watch and despair as I turn your loved ones into little more than a fine red paste."

This also applies to contractions like, I'm, I've, I'll, and I'd. If you could address this I would appreciate it.:twilightsmile:

4681741 should be addressed now, thank you for the heads up.

progress reading through this chapter

4709928 ah jeez, that comment made me laugh my ass off.

love it!!! another amazibg chapter from a true artist!! tavi's inner "voice" makes us laugh so hard!! hope to have another chapter in time!!! we can hardly wait!!

oh silly tavi, best friends can still sex.

4712750 shhhhh, dont let her know that or things might get kinky :trollestia:

grumptavi and happyscratch...i'm looking forward to the rest of it :twilightsmile:

have some leftover typos n little things:
patients =/= patience (ch 1 and 2)
a old / an old (ch2)
your building / you're building (this chapter)
maybe you can find someone willing to give written chapters a quick look-over?

i agree with your note at the end...someone is going to set off this explosive atmosphere at some point

thank you so much for filling that void in interesting octascratch fics that psp7master left when went on his way :twilightsmile:

have some little corrections:
You’re whole ‘No one is worthy...

she wasn’t going anywhere I didn’t want her too

you wont laugh

that scratchie and

surprised with my self

afraid of not knowing rather ide be good enough
whether i'd (but i'm not sure here)

4718428 ah, thank you for the corrections, i'll have those fixed right now, currently writing more of the story, should have another chapter soon ^_^

Comment posted by Baraka Obama deleted Jul 20th, 2014
Comment posted by Baraka Obama deleted Jul 20th, 2014

If only this title had 'sound' instead of 'song' it would go perfectly with this song

Gay joke fight scene gay joke gay joke fight scene flashofinvertedforeshadowing music music sassy teenage rebellion sassy teenage rebellion angst angst bitterness denail of society

This chapter, distilled to its major components listed chronologically

I am okay with this :pinkiecrazy:

4722163 Ha, when you put it like that, it makes me feel almost guilty for writing teenagers like teenagers :trixieshiftleft:

though if i can do it and still have my readers be okay with it then i suppose its fine :trixieshiftright:

I can totally see where this is going. Good job bye the way.

4722196 aw no I didn't mean to be insulting! just a funny observation :pinkiecrazy:
I like it! please do continue! :moustache:

Wow......That was amazing, It was funny at times but some of those scenes really got to me, especially the ending part. In my opinion this is the best chapter yet. I'm not even sure how to comment on it, bravo, just......bravo. Love this story, keep up the good work.

4738639 Thanks mate! its comments like this that keep me motivated to keep writing the story.

Yes! We finally get to know what happened! :pinkiehappy:
I've been wondering what happened since the beginning. I have an idea of whats going to happen, but I defiantly want to see exactly what happened. hope part 2 comes out soon, but I don't want to rush you.

4761028 oh hey there fox sama, this is a bit weird for me considering how your fics where among the first i enjoyed when i found this site XD

we finally get to know what happened "3 years ago" !!! :pinkiehappy: :yay: :derpytongue2:

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