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I enjoy spending my free time jotting down ideas for new stories, though most of them either go into the trash bin or are left unfinished. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the works that I publish.



When it comes to summer, most of us think about beaches, vacationing, travel, BBQ's, pool parties, etc. But for two girls, all they can think about is each other.

I also want to give a shout-out and very special thanks to my proofreader Wolfie 03. You've been a really great help to me for this story and deserve a lot of credit for helping me make it what it is. You're a really awesome person, and words can't even begin to describe how glad I am that you helped me out.

Warning: This story contains scenes of mild sexual content, some strong course language, and mild violence.

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Though it may seem boring, we also love to take time to have fun and relax for a couple of days. Which is why for the first three days, you can all do whatever you like. But then, we get serious and begin our work on making you all into wonderful and respectable adults.

How come none of my "serious" camps were that kind at the start?:trixieshiftleft:

The second rule is, no inappropriate relationships with fellow campers. Now, I'm not saying that you cannot start dating another camper, all I'm saying is keep it PG.

I can see where this is going...

This story is great but its missing one thing, MOAR CHAPTERS!(lol)

So far I like it. Definitely keeping my eye on it. For the love of Luna, please keep it up till the end.

This story contains scenes of mild sexual content, some strong course language, and mild violence.

Fuck yeah.

Comment posted by Kapuchu deleted Jun 6th, 2014

I don't mean to diss gays when I say this, but why are there so many more homosexual fics than heterosexual? It just doesn't make sense to me.:derpyderp1:

Comment posted by Akiba deleted Jun 8th, 2014

4501601 Lol, give me another few days and I'll have Not So Happy Camper Pt.2 ready to post.

4501900 Because there are so many more mares on the show then stallions. If we only wrote heterosexual ships, there would only be a couple of ships.

Ooh! Nice! I'll be keeping an eye on this! And I couldn't voice my complaints any better then 4501863! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Nightlock106 deleted Jun 6th, 2014
Comment posted by Kapuchu deleted Jun 6th, 2014

Well this story has already grabbed my attention.:twilightsmile:

Good, however, whenever a character is addressing another character;

Look Vinyl

You need to add a comma before, and after the name is said. I believe this is done so we, as an audience, know who the character is talking to;

Look, Vinyl,

This is done anytime a character is addressing another character, even if they use a nickname such as dear, or darling or, my love.
Good luck, and don't forget to eventually read University days to, A; get inspiration, B; so you can say you're not ripping it off.

Story looks good. I can't wait to see where this goes!

Sure, I'll hop on this ride.

After about another hour of driving, we finally made it to Camp Crystal Lake.

At that point, I had to double check to see if there was a 'dark' or 'tragedy' tag. Obviously there wasn't, but I've got my eye on you....:trixieshiftright:

Aaaaaaanywho, lookin' good. Can't wait for more chapters!

Good so far :pinkiesmile: Can't wait for Octavia!

I have to agree, that had me slightly wierded, in a good way. any one else, 5thinking of Jason?

4506751 4504235 I threw in Camp Crystal Lake to see if anyone would have that reaction, and I was right :rainbowlaugh:

How often is this gonna update?

4506957 I'm hoping about once every two or three days, once every day or two if I have more time to write. Keep an eye out today though because chapter two will be out later tonight.

I may or may not have spammed this into six different groups. :twilightsheepish:

One question... HOW WOULD THAT WORK?!?!?!??!?! :applejackconfused::rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie::applejackconfused::applejackconfused::applejackconfused:

4507391 You'll have to be more specific. Otherwise I have no clue what you are talking about.

4507385 I don't mind if you did, it helps to get more views on the story :pinkiehappy:

4507396 How can two girls do that????!!!!! :rainbowhuh::applejackconfused:

Comment posted by Kapuchu deleted Jun 6th, 2014
Comment posted by Nightlock106 deleted Jun 6th, 2014

4507422 Do what? You need to be even more specific, I'm getting more confused now than I was earlier.

Comment posted by Kapuchu deleted Jun 6th, 2014

*likes the premise; faves to keep updated*
*checks on other updates; sees this story*
But...there was only one...holy cow, a new chapter while I read it. Awesome. =D

Comment posted by Nightlock106 deleted Jun 6th, 2014
Comment posted by Kapuchu deleted Jun 6th, 2014

4507497 No I don't...I am very freaking confused right now and about to go insane trying to figure it out. :flutterrage:

awwwwwww this story has me hooked and i cannot wait to see where it goes from here KEEP IT UP!!!:pinkiehappy:

4507539 How would two girls have children?

Octavia+Vinyl= Lindsey Stirling.



(If you don't stick to your word I will rape you with pliers.)

welcome to Camp Crystal Lake.

Of all the FUCKING names to choose from...

I'm not sure what's worse: the fact that you put in a Friday the 13th reference, or the fact that I actually smiled when I read it (until I saw the lack of a Gore tag)

"So Tavi, can I call you that?" "It's fine with me."

And Octavia regretted saying that for the rest of her fucking life.

4507544 oh.... uh well i will tell you its not like with a man and a women you would have to have sperm donated so you can have a fertilized egg and it would have to be properly inserted in one of the partners and then if successful you would wait nine or so months a baby would be had and if the two partners love each other enough they might even consider surrigating another women if they are infertile :applejackunsure:

I like the story so far. I only saw some minor spelling errors, but they are forgiven :D.

The birds and the bees would be proud, sir.

okay, really cool story, but i have one question about the cover art,...


contact hyrule!! links lost sister has been found!

4510284 that was the only good Vinyl and Tavi human pic that I could find.

4508210 I didn't promise anything, all I said was that I HOPE to get it updated once every two or three days. Plus, I'm currently going through some stressful events at the moment so updates might not come as often as I hope they will, but I will do the best that I can to keep the story going.

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