A Song of Madness

by DCLzexon

Ch 2 - A Song to Drive You Mad

Vinyl’s music is absolute garbage. A mess of gargled, technological noise turned up to obscene levels of volume, to torture the idiotic masses who subject themselves to such a thing. The fact that this caught on only proves that the ponies of new are headed down a path of self destruction and ignorance, Art taking direction to please the tasteless foals who call themselves ‘the common ponies’.

You’re lying through your teeth, you love the music and you know it.

What ever favoritism I have for this blasted noise is only the result of the worlds most unfortunate case of stockholm syndrome, I swear it by my mane!

I doubt the time span for such a case is shorter than ten minutes.

“Shut up.”

“But I didn't say anything Tavi-”


The white DJ simply shrugged, and went back to configuring her infernal tools of musical blasphemy.

Oh my stars you are so in denial.

I, Octavia, am a mare who has been raised in class. I have taken musical lessons from the most esteemed artist before I could even walk. I have mastered nearly every classical instrument known to pony kind, even the bassoon, and nopony likes the bassoon! I listen to mastercrafts of complicated sonatas, quality music that invokes deep thoughts of emotion, through a gathering of skilled professionals lead by a inspired conductor. I am far too superior in intellect to ever enjoy a type of music that has ‘wubs’ in it.

….Okay, so maybe too unfair here, its not as if Vinyl simply convulses on top of a computer and calls what ever sound that comes out music. There is at least deliberation to what she does, if anything she’s following a basic rhythm and beat. She builds up with a start of sorts, something that brings promises of energy for the following parts of the song, at times it can almost even be considered normal music. That is until what is apparently called the ‘bass drop’ happens. Then the music seems to transform into a primal assault of sounds that evoke excitement and passion, the deafening beats seem to penetrate your very body, leaving you at the mercy of the hypnotic tunes. You are given no other option other than to be swept up by the flow, riding on a high of hyperactive bliss and- “OH MY GOD SHUT UP!”

Vinyl tip the shades off her head and looked upon me with worry.

“Whoa, are you okay there Tavi?”

“Oh yes, yes, I was simply….testing my lungs….”

At any other time, that would have probably earned me a sarcastic, sexual retort at my expense, but during practice hours, the DJ was all business. As she returned to configuring and testing her tool, something called a launch pad if I remember correctly, I could see how serious she was about the whole thing. The normally dopey smile on her face disappeared into a scowl of focus, I could feel the intensity of her eyes as she went over everything mentally, even through her tinted shades.

“Alright!” The DJ beamed. “My launch pad is all set up, with this I can keep my flow fluid and adaptable”

She pressed different buttons on the pad, making a small beat with a collage of sounds and other cut up songs.

“Now when you play your violin, I can adjust to match you.”

“So you plan to have a jazz session of sorts for today?”

“Yeps! Just going to ride the sounds of our beautiful music, afterall, we already spent the last week getting you up to speed on the concept of dubstep and how it works, you should be able to get a feel for how to play in counter to it.”

“Fine, just try to keep that technological garbage you call music under control, I don't need it messing up my tempo” I snapped.

“Roger roger.” she replied

I went ahead and begun to string my Violin, deciding to go off piece for the purpose of the session, I instead opted to channel my emotions into my playing. You see, musicians play instruments, but musical artist communicate ideas and feelings through their playing, they inspire a reaction from the very soul, only jaded foals and stuck up old ponies think that being a great musician is all about technical skill, not that I don't have that in surplus, but an artist needs something more, and that is a heart that is willing to share its outlook of the world with others, a mind that is driven to create and express.

Wanting to throw Vinyl for a loop, I opted for a slow melody, letting its sad beauty linger in the air. I played for a few seconds by my self, as Vinyl closed her eyes and took in the music. After the first verse, Vinyls smile returned ten fold, and she began to channel her madness into her work.


I… I can’t believe it… that was beautiful, that was amazing….it was ART!

Knew you loved this music.

That wasn't music, that was...something else entirely, i've never felt such a conflicting wave of emotions.

I must have sat there for several minutes with the most dumbfounded look upon my face, as the only thing that broke me out of my trance was the sound of Vinyl laughing at me.

“Try not to be too impressed, Tavi, its nothing amazing like those boobs of yours.”

“I…. I simply was impressed you could keep up with me, considering the crippling factor you put on your self, what with using your dubstep and all.”

“Mhmmm.” Vinyl cooed, knowingly.

“Shut up. Anyways, I suppose that was an adequate session for the day, though I must admit, I have a request from you.”

here it comes.

Shut up.

“And that is...?” Vinyl questioned

“That small red device of yours, I believe you called it a MLPod, may I borrow it for the night?”

“Let me guess, you want to listen to some more dubstep.”

"I am simply only trying to get a better feel on this trash you call music so I can better figure out how to play so that my quality sound isn't dragged down with it.”

“You really aren't fooling anyone here.”

You really aren't fooling anyone here.

“You could at least humor me like I am…”

“Filly please, you got to work for that.” she rose from her work station and began thumbing along her pocket sized device. “You can keep it for the night, but I think you should stay away from my porn stash on it.”

I shot her a look her a look to let her know how much I disapproved of her perverted tendencies.

“What?” she started defensively “Some ponies aren't aren't afraid to admit how awesome porn is in this world. And believe you and me sis, I need a lot of it to hold me over. And since you aren't letting me squeeze them sweater puppies anytime soon-”

“Wait, you're a fillyfooler?” I questioned.

“Equal opportunist, but so not the point, my point is that you should stop pretending like you don't like to rub one off every now and again.”

I could only bring myself to scowl at her in silence.

“Oh my sun, are you seriously telling me that you don't.”

“Some of us have control over our own mi-....”

I considered my words, then mentally kicked myself. Then tried to mentally kick my other self for taking away my ability to say those words with a straight face.

“My point is that it wouldn't kill you to act with some decency, at least pretend you're ashamed of yourself.”

“Shame is for ponies who are afraid to be themselves.” she said matter-of-factly. I caught the MLPod as she tossed it to me.

“Knock yourself out.” she said, relaxing back to her chair.

“I’ll do you one better…”

I waltzed over to Vinyl and stalked around her chair, making sure to take my time circling around her.

“What, are you going to give me a show?” she asked, a little bit more hope in her voice than there should have been. I traced my finger along her neckline and enjoyed watching her squirm a little under my touch, then I quickly yanked her sensitive horn upwards.

“Owowowowowow!” Vinyl complained.

“That's for insulting my breasts yet again.”

“I-I was hoping you were going to let that one slide, not that this punishment hasn't given me a even better view.”

"I am so going to kick your ass tomorrow.” I decreed as I released her horn, shunting her backwards. She laid on the floor, the same giggling mess as always.


So are you going to get to bed anytime soon?

Shut up. I'm trying to do some research here.

You’ve spent the past three hours doing nothing but listening through the playlist, you're not going to be able to rekindle that moment you had during practice.

Shut up! I know there has to be something in here that inspires me like the song we improvised! I knew most dubstep was trite, but there has to be something of value in here, some other pony who actually has a sense of artistic vision and taste that has made something of worth!

You could probably find just that in Vinyls personal creations folder, she even conveniently labeled it ‘MY CREATIONS’.

Shut up. Also shouldn't you be formulating violent, psychopathic ways to kill Vinyl scratch or something?

I’ve developed one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two ways to end the mare, one even including a water bottle and a bag of marshmallows, honestly at this point i'm running out of ideas.

So you stick around to bug me all night instead?

Not like I'm free to roam wherever I please, I'm a figment of your own twisted mind remember?

Shut up. I'll get to bed just as soon as I find a song that's even half decent.

Whatever you say…


It has been years since I have ever woken up off schedule. I have held my self to a standard. making sure to get up at a constant 5:45 AM after getting a solid seven hours worth of sleep. If not for my sore lack of discipline, and my complete exhaustion from trying to function off of two hours of rest, I would have seriously committed homicide against the ivory mare known as Vinyl scratch, for waking me up with enough Volume to put me in a early grave.

I couldn't keep my self sentient enough to use the stove, and anything Vinyls hands touched that wasn't already cooked turned into demonic concoctions of otherworldly poisons. So I surprised myself with a basic bowl of milk and oats.

Ever have that one person who is just way too cheery in the morning, and if you had the energy, you would slay them where they stood? You haven't felt the apex of that emotion until you have lived with Vinyl.

Maybe if someone hadn't stayed up all night listening to dubstep, you’d have the energy to commit the act that I have been planning for days now.

Well maybe if you planned as well as you nagged, I would have already done it by now.

Wow, I can not believe you would stoop so low as to insult the integrity of my schemes.

I am far too tired to think straight, let alone deal with your snark, begon from my sanctum and leave me to my misery.

And what, make your life not a living hell? as if I'd ever let you have it that easy.

Bloody tart…

“Sleep well, Sugar-tits?” Vinyl sang.

“I will gut you with a spoon.” I groaned

“Well enough to promise violence, but bad enough to be grumpier than usual. What’s up?”

“What is up, my ill-tasted Vinyl Scratch, is your music selection.”

“The hay you saying is wrong with my tunes, mare?” she questioned Indignantly.

“What I am saying, is that I went through your collection of dubstep and found myself less than satisfied.”

“The whole thing? in one night?” Vinyl asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

“No not the whole thing, not yet at least.”

Especially not any folders named ‘My Creations’

“Which is why I will have the continued need for the device past the agreed upon time, I cannot leave this subject unsolved. I must see to it that i discover what makes this new brand of music so great.”

“You know I'm going to need my MLPod back right? I have my ‘morning business’ to attend to.”

“Ew, so that's why your always so late….wait, you never wash your hands during morning breakfast...”

“I like to think of it as my own natural, delicious seasoning.”

Note to self, take next bath in bleach and fire.

“I’m kidding, i’m kidding. Seriously though, I need my pod back.”

“Okay… I’ll hand it back into your custody after a hour more or so.”

I could feel Vinyl’s flat look through her shades.

“What? you have a laptop don't you? Surely there is plenty more of your disgusting vice on that machine.”

Vinyl tapped her chin, then shrugged in recognition. “Fair enough, I think it would be best if we skipped sparing for today, you don't look up to it.”

“Just count the hours until your complete and total defeat.”

She got up to walk away. “Whatever you say, Sugar-tits.”

I swear, if I was just a bit faster I would have lodged my spoon into that thick skull of hers, instead of the door.


I walked along the hallways of our home, destination already in mind. I had completely searched the small device’s resources, yet still found nothing good enough. I needed more, and there was only one other device I knew with that on it.

You know, if you’re just going to ruin your life like this, what am I here for?

Shut up, this is more important than both sleep, and food.

Blasphemy. But don't mind me, go ahead and run your health into the ground searching for this golden song. I mean it’s not like there's a certain playlist or anything you just won't check that has everything you’re asking for.

Vinyl may have started it, but she can't be the only artist of its field with any merit, I refuse to even consider that a idea.

That or you just don't want to admit you only have ears for-

Finish that thought, and I'll leave you alone with Vinyl in a public place all day.

And suddenly, I am a good, obedient little voice.

I bursted through the door to Vinyls room, she jumped from where she sat in front of her machine, face a bright hue of red.

“T-TAVI! I swear I can explain!”

“You were clopping weren't you.”

“I WASN'T LISTENING TO THE BACKSTREET COLTS- I mean….yes….clopping...thats what I was doing.”

“Don’t care. The machine. Give it to me.”

“What, you mean my laptop? Why?”

“Because I have gone through your entire collection of songs, and have found nothing of worth, I need a bigger sample.”

“It’s twelve at night, aren't you suppose to be in bed by now? Besides I don't even think you know how to navigate a hard drive, I had to set up the web browser for you the last few times.”



“Grab my hand.” I extended my hand forward.

“Okay.” she grabbed it.

“Now stand closer.”





I was literally breathing down her neck, the little mare looked nervous.

“Do you know what I want you to do, Vinyl?”

“No. What?”

“I want you…” I used my other to grab the belt of her pants. “...to GET WRECKED!”

I threw her across the room, with my height and genes, the small Unicorn went soaring like she had sprouted wings. She collided with the wall, and fell down, bouncing off her bed (I am much too merciful). I swiped her laptop, and made a mad dash for my room. “Thank you Vinyl dear!” I cheered back at here.

“CELESTIA DAMNIT TAVI!” I took solace in knowing that Vinyl seemed genuinely peeved by my actions for once, I was starting to see why she teased me so much, the feeling was rather invigorating.


I didn't know how many hours had past, but by the time I had torn my eyes away from the screen, the sun was already crawling across the horizon, the big burning wretched ball of flame could be damned for all I cared. I still had a conquest to finish, a dream to relieve, and I would not be stopped come Tartarus or high water. However I will say that Vinyl herself makes at least a considerable road block.

“Tavi! TAVI! Open the door already!”

You’ve been ignoring her for at least half an hour. Her screaming is starting to annoy me.

Ignore it! I still have at least forty albums to siphon through!

My thumbs were practically imprinted on the play and forward buttons, I stayed huddled under the warmth of my blanket as I immersed myself in my mission. I was entirely focused on the task at hand until Vinyl had kicked my door down, I don't give the filly enough credit for her kicks, shes got enough strength to send the thing flying over my head. I made a mental note to avoid them at all cost next time we sparred.

“Was the destruction of my door really necessary?” I questioned, not tearing my eyes away from the monitor in front of me.

"I have plenty of spares in the closet.”

That made me look up at her to question. “You have spare doors in your closet?”

“How else would I practice my door kicking?”

“That almost makes too much sense.”

Vinyl sat down at my side while she waited for me, obviously expecting me to quit in my endeavors, I was determined to prove her wrong. We sat together in silence for a time, before she finally tried to say something to me.

“You know Tavi-”

“DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HOURS OF THIS GARBAGE I'VE HAD TO GO THROUGH?” I belted. Vinyl could do nothing but blink back at me in confusion.







My neck jerked back as Vinyl slapped me across the face

“Tavi, chill.”

I blinked through the stinging pain and bit back my tears, eventually I managed to get the whirlwind in my head under control.

“Thanks...I needed that…”

You're telling me

“Shut up.”

“But I didn't-”

“Not the point.”

Vinyl leaned back and brushed her hair, relaxing into her spot on my bed. “Yeash….I forgot how crazy you get over music-”

“WHO TOLD YOU MY SECRET- I-I mean….yes...I suppose my passion for the musical arts is a bit much.


Shut up

“Have you gotten any sleep at all sis? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so not ‘polished and perfect’. You look like a wreck.”

“Well I don't much care for your face either but you don't see me pointing it out.” I spat.

“Ouch, someone's got a grade-A case of the grumps.”

“Bite me...No not literally.”

Vinyl retracted her teeth away from my neck.

“I'm going to have to get my laptop back, I seriously need that for work.”

“YOU will not get anything from me until I can relieve myself of this sinful desire.”

Vinyl raised a brow.

“Of music, my sinful desire of music, Vinyl.”

“Staying up two nights in a row, not eating anything during that time either. Taking my stuff and not giving it back, being even bitchier than usual. What is up with you Tavi? you’re making me worried.”

As if I could tell her anything, she was the one responsible for my sad state, my current addiction. she showed me what dubstep could be, the new world it could open up, and I was trying so hard to explore that world, only to be disappointed at every turn. I knew there had to be another great artist doing this type of thing, why was it that I couldn't find anything.

Because its not-

No, even if that was true, I’d never admit to it. Vinyl may be good, maybe even the best on this field, but she wasn't the only talent, she couldn't be, just by the sheer number of new artist, I had went through hours worth of songs, and still had hours more to go through.

“Seriously Tavi, have you even looked in a mirror?” Vinyl grabbed my favorite hand mirror from my dresser, and shoved it in front of my face. It almost didn't register to me that the Mare in the mirror was myself. My hair was a tangled mess of a mane that was losing its luster, my eyes were bloodshot with deep bags under them, and my normal grace and stillness was replaced with small jerks and shaking all over my body. I was a disaster to say the least, It was amazing how fast I could degrade within the span of two days.

“You keep going through my music.” Vinyl added “And keep complaining about my selection, but almost all of them are my personal picks, my cream of the crop.”

“Really? Is that what that was.” I laughed sadly.

“Well, I mean if anything, they were at least pretty good.”

“Pretty good Vinyl? Pretty good Vinyl? Pretty good is not the superior quality and all ending greatness that I am searching for, pretty good is not what sets my heart aflutter, not what makes me feel alive…pretty good is not….”

I grew silence as I searched my self to figure out what I truly wanted, but I knew I had already found it. Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe, just maybe it was because I was trying to be a friend to Vinyl yet again, but I had pushed my pride aside long enough to admit what I needed to say.

“....Pretty good isn't your music…”

Vinyl had to raise her shades in surprise to make sure the words she just heard came from the mare in front of her.

“Oh shut up, you heard me right...I had forgotten just how much your music inspired me, it was your musical prowess that had birthed my love for music in the first place as a little filly...without you I would have still kept my jaded disdain for the art.” I looked up into Vinyl's scarlet eyes, I wanted to make sure she knew I was serious about my words. “Your songs touch me in a way that nothing else does, you don’t just make music, you craft emotions for the world to enjoy and experience. To this day I’m still…”

I swallowed, catching the words on my throat.

You can't admit it can you, can't bring yourself to completely forget your pride.

Its hard, I don't want to leave myself so vulnerable again.

Are you afraid of letting yourself be weak, or admitting to yourself and Vinyl that you are weak.

SHUT UP! I'm not weak, I’ve struggled to hard to be weak! I'm not weak, I'm not weak! I'm not… I'm not weak...I’m-

“You know, I remember when we were fillies.” Vinyl had snapped me out of my slow descent into panic.

"There was this little doe eyed filly who would always follow me to my own practice sessions. It didn't matter if I was on the top of my game, or stumbling over a new instrument, she was always there, looking at me with eyes that told me that my music meant the world to her.”

She took her shades off fully and moved in close to me, I didn't shy away from her moving closer, nor did I when she draped her arms around me for a hug.

“I had always made sure to practice my hardest almost every waking hour after seeing her, to make sure that my music would be good enough to deserve her attention.”

My eyes grew wide, I could barely suppress the gasp.

“It wasn't anything too complicated or nothing, I just knew she wouldn't settle for anything less than the absolute best. And she was always right behind my flank in skill, so I made sure to practice my ass off so that I could always impress her.”

I almost couldn't believe the words my self, I searched her eyes for a glimmer of a smile, waited for the punchline, looked for the ‘I gotcha’ and everything, but she was sincere from the bottom of her heart, Vinyl was always too blunt to not be.


I hated to admit it, but Vinyl was my childhood rival, and idol. The way she would play with such ease and grace when we we’re younger, and still manage to create beautiful flowing pieces without ever learning from anyone. She carried a mystique and unbelievable charm to her skill like none other. She was unorthodox from the get-go, and refused to follow anyoponies example, I had always just thought her as an natural genius, someone gifted with the hands of a goddess, who had a level mastery that I could never attain. Even the adults around us who had cutiemarks to instruments, and years of dedicated practice subsided to her.

“Hmph, even the goddesses themselves must practice to reach their prime it seems.” I whispered aloud to my self

“Well it’s at least a small comfort for me, knowing that you also had to work your flank off too.”

“Stop trying to flatter me with lies, Vinyl, you're a horrid liar.”

“I’m serious Tavi…” she took a deep breath before continuing on. “Every time I looked back on you, you were better than I was at that age, I had to keep finding new ways to step up my game just to keep up. Just don't become a DJ, I don’t think I’m ready to lock myself in a room again trying to stay ahead.”

Vinyl was an artist with her own pride, same as me, its why Vinyl, who would tell her life's secret to a total stranger, had never even mentioned this to me until now. And if she truly did see me as a rival all this time, it must have been just as hard for her, as it is for me, to admit what she just told me.

“Vinyl, I didn’t get to finish...to this day I'm still trying...I'm still…”

You can’t say it, you can never say it. Even after Vinyl opened up to you, your still too much of a coward to say it.

“What im trying to say is...What I really want to say…”

Coward. Hypocritical coward. Just hide behind your false pride, you aren't strong enough to stand without it.

The voice was going back to its old ways, going back to telling me the truths I didn't want to hear, to the things I wanted the most to not be true.

Weak. Useless. Arrogant. Foal.

Why? Why couldn't I just say it? why couldn’t I just say what I needed to say? I can't breathe, I can't speak, my heads going numb. I need to be strong, I need to be strong, I need-

“I get it Tavi, don't you worry. I wouldn't be much of a friend if I couldn't tell what you meant.”

Vinyl hugged me tightly, and the breath I found my self devoid of just seconds ago returned to me, I didn’t have to say it, didn't have to face myself, for Vinyl had already knew what I wanted to say, she had protected me yet again, just like she always did...

Then why did what happen three years ago, happen.

Thats right, three years ago, Vinyl had caused my very world to come crashing down on me. She still considered me a friend, still obviously had at least respected me, so then why, why did that happen? It doesn't add up at all...

But if what just happened was any indication, I still wasn't ready to talk about it.

I gently broke away from the hug, and composed myself before speaking to Vinyl again.

“Thank you, I needed that more than I thought.” I started.

The devilish grin returned when her shades were back at their usual spot on her face.

“No prob Tavi, anything else I can do for ya? I kinda owe you for copping a feel during the hug.”

“I'm going to extend my mercy for just this once and let that slide, but request that you let me keep your Laptop for a bit longer. There's something I need to listen too before I can put this whole dubstep mess behind me.”

“Okay okay, I’ll let trade you my free pass from punishment for a few more hours with my laptop, you going to be okay for the rest of the day though?”

“Doubt it, but I can always reset myself with ease.”

“Fair enough.” she launched her self off from the bed, and started walking towards the busted door way. “Goodnight Tavi.”

“It’s morning you foal.”

“Whatever.” she giggled.

When she finally left the room, I let out a sigh, I suddenly could feel all the exhaustion I had been suppressing until this point.

Weak. Coward. Hypocrite.

“Shut up…”

I navigated through the device, until the one playlist I had been avoiding all this time came brightly lit across the screen


The folder was quite eloquently named, I had hit the play button, not caring what song it was so long as it was one of Vinyl’s. The beats that came on were loud, energetic, and made whoever want to listen to them get up and dance, and at this moment, they were my perfect lullaby.

I slept till the dawn of the next day.


You think this makes everything better? This changes nothing. What happened three years ago can't just be so easily forgotten, she abandoned you and left your world to crumble, that can never be forgiven, never be forgotten. Until you purge that weakness from your heart, I will always be here to remind you of the failure you truly are.

Sleep peacefully, Octavia, for the weak need all the rest they can get.