• Published 7th Jul 2014
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A Song of Madness - DCLzexon

Octavia has a secret, and its that shes mentally insane. And as if living with a sociopathic voice inside her head wasn't hard enough, now she has to stay under the same roof as Vinyl, arguably the most insane pony in Equestria.

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Ch 3 - Mad about you.

Vinyl jumped into the air, thinking a roundhouse to the upper body would take me down. How wrong she was. I caught it easily,then using my superior strength and leverage, tackled her down to the padded floor. At this point, we were both sweating profusely, and Vinyl never was one to lose anything without a fight, So as anypony could imagine, getting her in a choke hold was rather hard at this point. Vinyl squirmed around and bit my arm, I didn't mind, after three weeks of constant sparing, we had both discerned that we we’re ponies made of sterner stuff, and could take a bit more ‘intense’ practice methods. I had a strong grip with one arm around her neck, so I used my free hand to pull her by the mane, and cement my grasp on her.

“THAT ALL YOU GOT TAVI!?” Vinyl re purposed her mouth to spitting insults, now lacking anything to bite down on.

“If only you were so fortunate!” I responded. I shifted my position around the body of the mare, using my legs and arms to lock her in place against the ground. I had her completely at my mercy, just the way I liked it.

Vinyl thrashed against the hold, but her small frame held little strength in comparison to mine, she was trapped, and thus soundly defeated.

“By all means, keep squirming Vinyl, I take pleasure in seeing you suffer after all.” I said with a victorious smile.

Vinyl gave a grunt of discomfort before responding. “Keep this up, and I'm going to start to enjoy losing to you ya know.” she joked.

“You know how much I disapprove of your inappropriate, sexually charged humor.” I had punctuate my statement with a tug on the hold, causing more pain than necessary

“Ow ow ow! yes mistress, punish me more for my inappropriate behavior- yeoooOWW!” I cut her sarcasm off with another, tighter tug.

“Okay okay! you win, you win!” She quickly blurted out, wanting nothing more than to get out of the hold. She nearly jumped out from under me as soon as I relaxed enough for her to escape, which admittedly wasn't much.

“Really now, these damn grapples of yours are getting annoying! Where did you even learn them? I only taught you strikes.”

“The internet.” I answered curtly.

“What, did you search up ‘how to disassemble a pony with your bare hands?’ That shit hurts!” she whined.

“I could do that before, for you, I searched more along the lines of ‘how to wrestle a Manticore and win.’”

“Hmp, flattery doesn't get this new pain out of my neck.” she said, stretching. “Next thing I know you’ll be using those weapons of mass destruction to strangle me.” she said pointing at my chest, emphasizing the word ‘mass’. She always resorted to teasing my breasts when she wanted to get me riled, or when she was just joking, or at any time really, I often found her obsession with them aggravating, and I had always been quick to respond with physical violence in retaliation.

“Don't take it as a compliment, your more comparable to one due to your odious scent, rather than your fighting skills.” I said walking up to her, still formulating in what way I would assault the mare for her earlier comment.

She always stood there and smiled, knowing it was coming. I suppose the joke wasn't fun if it didn't get an angry reaction out of me, and Vinyl was a tough mare, so in all honesty, attacking her in any way was always counter productive. But being one of the few illogical actions I did do in the routine of my life, I decided to hit her anyways, because it always made me feel better.

A quick jab to the side of her outstretched neck was all I needed to subside the irritation I felt at the mare.

“YEOW!” she exclaimed, I must be getting stronger, she normally just laughs off my attacks.

“Hey, that kink in my neck is gone, thanks Tavi!” she said, flashing that idiotic smile of hers at me.

“Count Luna's lucky stars for that, I was trying to end your life, and save me the pains of having to see you again later in the day.”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, will I be seeing your sexy flank during breakfast?”

“No, not at all, I need some more time to think out the third verse for my part in the song, I’d like to do so in silence.”

“Right-o. I guess I'll tweak around with my sound board again.”

“Remember that you aren't allowed to add that preposterous Griffon-Style song into the mix.” I said, glaring at her just to make sure she got the point.

“Damn it, you never let me have any fun.” she grumbled.

“Yes, but I allow you to live, so it balances out. Make sure you take a shower before our practice this afternoon; I dislike having your odor constantly filling my nostrils.” I didn't really mind it at all, in all actuality, the strange mare had an ability to smell pleasant at all times, but I'd die thrice over before I'd ever admit that to anypony, least of all her.

“Roger Roger.” where the last words before I left her for my shower.


The warm water flowed over me as I looked down upon my new scar, a addition to the growing collection. The spot where Vinyl had bit me still hurt a little, but the pain was worth the assurance it brought me. Vinyl, who I had held insecurities and feelings of inferiority too, was treating me like a equal, a true rival in everything. She knew my pride could barely take being pitied, and its not like she could afford such a luxury anymore even if it didn't. She had to scrape, nail, and in this case, bite her way to holding equal ground with me, just like I had to do for the same for her. This bite mark, from an attack made in pure desperation and struggle, was all the proof I needed that she was giving her all to me, and despite our now different worlds of music, I knew she did the same in that regard too.

I always loved to shower, but some how fighting with Vinyl every morning had made the act feel that much more rejuvenating. What ever angers or frustrations that I would inevitably build up towards the dysfunctional mare, would make itself known during our heated clashes, And then all that negativity would be washed away, leaving only positive thoughts in its wake.

Getting oftly found of the malcontent aren't you?

Well, mostly positive thoughts.

Why, hello there, my voice of insanity, what a pleasant morning this is, wouldn't you agree?

This new condescension is rather trying on my nerves, I liked it much better when you were bickering with me as a feeble attempt to keep the remaining sanity of your mind.

Me and Vinyl are getting along swimmingly, in just a few more weeks, I'll have reconciled with her completely, and have you out of my head for good.

Such great progress, explains why you still haven't talked to her about three years prior to this.

I'll get to it when I'm good and ready, and at this rate, it will be soon. There is nothing you can say to me anymore that will get under my skin. So throw your best at me, from here on out, I can take it.

Well since you're proposing the challenge, how about the fact that outside of beating each other within inches of your lives, and musical practice, you two rarely share any friendly moments with each other.

Going have to try harder than that, we’re both reclusive introverts by nature of being artist. Our moments together are rare and brief, but no less valuable.

Or at least they would be if Vinyl was also a locked away bint who was more likely to punch a pony before hugging them.

Punching is for ponies worthy of touching my hands, I crush under heel such commoners, but what is your point?

My point is that Vinyl has other friends, friends who are nicer than you, who probably spend more time with her than you as well, you think she just goes to sit down in some dark corner when she leaves at night?

It was true, Vinyl was a thoroughbred party animal, placed second only behind the Element of Laughter in her hi jinks. As a DJ she had prided herself not only in her music, but her ability to ‘supercharge the fun levels’ as she put it. While I was a shut in, who rarely wanted to interact with the ponies of the outside world, Vinyl was quite outgoing, and would often leave after practice, not coming back till the twilight hours, stories of her party shenanigans splayed all over her body.

I saw her as a annoying, hyperactive, overly eccentric mare who had a goofy smile, but I doubted she had any trouble making friends with others, unlike me.

And for some reason, that line of thought made me worried.

And the seeds of doubt are sown~! my inner voice singed

Shut up. There is a easy fix to this, one so simple its almost genius.

Oh? and what might that be?


“Vinyl, I want to spend more time with you.” I said abruptly after some silence.

“Yeah, and I want to be the personal sex slave of granny smith, now are we done talking like its opposite day or what?”

“Wait, personal sex slave of Granny Smith, as in the Apple family farm owner?”

“Trust me, its a long, dark, and fucked up story.The kind of thing you don't learn without killing off a piece of your sanity.”

I shook my head to clear myself of those mental images before they began. “But I am serious Vinyl, I want to spend more time with you.” I restated, trying to sound as warm and inviting as I possibly could.

Vinyl seemed to freeze up behind her work station, I noted her eyes darting around, marking all the possible escape routes. From the looks of it, she found the window to be the most appealing option.

“Um, Tavi...Look, I don't know what I've done as of late to tick you off, but I just want to make sure that you are mostly joking whenever you talk about wanting to kill me and stuff, right?”

“I beg you pardon?” I asked, raising a brow

“Tavi, can I be straight with you for a moment?”

“I don't know, can you stop staring at my breasts for two moments?”

“Pfft, sexual humor! I'm rubbing off on you.” she pressed a button, causing a drum sting to play.

I rolled my eyes “Oh Celestia, parish the thought.”

“But seriously Tavi, after spending twenty minutes with me, you look like you're ready to mutilate me so bad that the funeral would have to be closed casket.”

“I am not that violent!” I said defensively

“Tell that to the grocery store owner who smacked you on the ass, the doctors say he may never walk again.”

“Sexual harassment is something I do not tolerate.” I responded flatly

“And this is why I grope you in your sleep.”

I stared daggers at her for that one.

“What? I'm kidding, I'm kidding…”

I held my stare, and Vinyl appeared like she was really starting to like the look of that window.

“Anyways” she awkwardly interjected. “Say you did want to hang out with me, what would we do? I really only go to hang out at clubs, and not only do they operate outside your bedtime, but I doubt they would really be your kind of scene either.”

“Well, do you have some other activity you partake in perhaps?”

she put her hand to her chin, contemplating a response. she looked as if she was about to give a answer, but for some reason, my instincts kicked in.

“And I swear by William Trot Overture, if anything you're about to suggest involves lighter fluid, pony feathers, twenty pounds of nitro glycerin, and a turtle, I will skin you alive and leave you to dry in the Saddle Arabia desert.”

“Aaaaaawwww, and I really wanted to save that poor turtle…” she returned to her thinking, I ,some how knowing that past those thick shades, her eyes were looking into some far off corner. She begun to try and speak again.

“And no porn.” I interjected

“Well tie my hands up why don't you? Seriously, let’s do that, I bet it would be pretty kinky-”


“Alright, alright, I have a great idea on what we can do, and no it doesn't involve explosives, turtles, or kinky lesbian bondage sex.” she had manage to cut me off before I could voice my objections, but had addressed each one of them none the less.


Out of the time I've spent here, this was the third occasion that I had been in vinyls room, but each time before, I had barely paid any attention to its contents. Vinyls room seemed to scream of a culture that was all unto its own. On one end laid a huge, king sized bed, with all types of multicolored underwear and lingerie hanging from its posts, the covers on top of said bed where disheveled. On the the walls, hung the typical posters of musicians both modern and old, accompanied by different types of artistic renderings of ponies. Some of them held characters with oversized eyes, in dresses and manes filled with bright, colorful pallets, designed for the sole purpose of being sickeningly cute. Other posters had darker, almost grim quasi-realistic tones, of ponies with brooding, menacing looks to them, they held weapons, both comically gigantic and practical, as they posed in attempts to make them appear like unequal warriors of epicness. Across from her bed sat her work station, a monstrosity of technology that served to augment her laptop. Monitors, turn tables, game stations, and many other devices that I was too inexperienced to even name, stood set up in a mass of glowing neon lights.

“We’re going to stay up all night playing video games and watching anime!” Vinyl cheered, hugging an arm around my midsection. I had agreed to go along with her plans, as she suggested a sleep over. Sleepovers were not something we really had time to do in our younger lives. Our friendship was quite unusual, and time we spent together as children was often limited by the daylight, so Vinyl wanted to make up for lost time.

She bounced around in set of red, raunchy lingerie with faded, high stockings. Vinyl was a free spirit when it came to clothing, most of the time she would be practically naked within the walls of the house, and when she left to go outside, she settled for just looking like she was waiting to be stripped. The little ivory mare rarely wore anything to ‘cover’ her body, so much as ‘accent’ it, often justifying her lewd attire by saying such things as “I worked too hard to not show off my body.”

Showing off that body of hers again, at least she’s a pleasing view...

I didn't often look at others behinds, but out of the small number of times that I had, Vinyl probably owned the nicest. Everything about her was toned and lean, with just the right amount of curves, softness, and muscle. I had grown use to the display by now, sure, but the idea of spending a night alone with a pretty much naked Vinyl didn't completely sit right with me...not that I would ever think about such events transpiring in the first place.

Shut up.

Anyways, I knew what video games were, but I had no idea about the later.

“I don't know what this anime is, but I feel like there's a great sense of shame attached to it.”

“You don't know the half of it. But come on, we need to get you out of those clothes.”

“You said this was a sleepover Vinyl, I came wearing my night clothing, prepared for just that, Sleeping over.”

“Okay filly, life rule number one, the term ‘sleepover’ is the greatest lie since ‘Santa Hoofs’.”

Told you so.

“Well there goes my childhood…” I muttered to myself softly.

“And second, there is no way you are going to be in my room wearing that much clothing at this hour, you look like my grandma!” I admit, my night clothes may have been a bit, modest. However it’s not like I had anyone I was trying to impress.

Are you sure about that? Vinyl is looking rather complacent with herself right now, I think it would do some good to show her what a real mare looks like.

“I like this set of pajamas, thank you, and I shall not be stripping down any further.”

“Filly please, as if I'm giving you the option.” she stated as she begun to grab hold of my clothes. Being used to Vinyls movements, and having fought for several weeks now, I had reflexively threw her over to her bed. When she landed, she had had a malicious smile, and when she held up what she held in her hands, I had found the answer to why. She had my pajama pants and top in her hands, leaving me with nothing other than my basic black underwear, that barely served to cover up any of my delicate spots.

If I was to ever consider myself blessed for anything (besides my near celestial gods levels of natural hair quality) it would be that I was born an earth pony. After all, I needed quite a strong back if I was going to hull around the massive breasts on my chest.

They were triple D cups, last time I checked...yes they are still growing slightly, much to my dismay. I often had to keep them strapped down to my chest, as I refused to get a magical reduction, not trusting anypony with the handling of my body. I'm a beautiful mare, have a set of good hips, and was frightfully tall. Despite my fitness, my body projected nothing but feminine softness and beauty. It was often that I was compared to the celestial sisters as a compliment from deluded stallions who thought they had stood a chance with me. I kept perfect maintenance of my body through and through, but that didn't mean I was happy with showing it off. I always dressed modestly, not wanting any part of my body exposed to the leers of dirty eyes, my body was mine, and mine alone, and I would not let anyone get any wise ideas as to what they could do with it. So naturally, when Vinyl had so soundly stripped me, I had tried to retreat to my room.

“And where do you think your going, sexy?” Vinyl appeared right in front of me as soon as I turned around.

“How in Tartarus did you manage to do that!”

She smiled to answer, then shifted her face into one of question. “Wait, the ninja stripping, or the complete disregard for the laws of physics?”


“Years of partying, and Pinkie Pie...and I meant that as an answer for both.”

For my remaining sanity, I did not further go down that line of thought.

“Anyways, get back in there sister!” She made a movement to push me, and I nearly jumped out of my skin as lighting ran through my spine at the contact of her hands against my waist. I leaped away from her, letting lose the most undignified yelp I think I have ever made.

“Whoa, did I touch some where off limits.” Vinyl questioned, raising her hands in a defensive posture.




“Oh. way less sexually charged.”

“Vinyl Symphonia Allegro Scratch! If this slumber party is to happen, there are ground rules that must be followed, under the penalty of your untimely demise!”

“Okay, shoot.”

“No touching of my body!”

She raised an eyebrow, but didn't complain “‘Kay.”

“No sexually charged humor!”

“No promises.”

“And, absolutely NO jokes or comments about my breasts, PERIOD!”

She stood there in silence.

“Vinyl?” I asked

“You know, there's this new shovel I got that hasn't been used, and the back yard is rather spacious.”


“Dammit Tavi what do you want from me? You're basically asking for me to tie my muzzle shut.”

“Vinyl! Please! I'm uncomfortable like this! I don't like other ponies touching or commenting on my body.”

“We spar all the time in the morning, you never seemed to have a problem with that.”

“That's fighting, Vinyl, this is something completely else, something...intimate.”

Vinyl gave me a befuddled look over my choice of words.

“Whoa, whoa. Alright alright, I'll keep it on a leash, just don't start making this weird alright?”

“That coming from you...by the way, may I put my pajamas back on?”

“Hell no filly. If I'm going to keep my tongue in check, I'm going to need something to distract me.” she said, giving me a lecherous eye through her shades.

Vinyl didn't like lying about herself, so much so that she had casually dropped the fact that she prefered the female persuasion, like she was simply mentioning her hoof size. I didn't begrudge her for her choice, but I wish she didn't make her preferences so painfully obvious all the time.

I had shrunk in a feeble attempt to cover my body, blushing furiously, I probably only made things worse by squeezing my breasts closer to my chest. I swear I saw Vinyl go slack jawed for a moment.

“I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I just needed to get that last joke out my system. But I'm serious, no over covering of thy body shall be permitted within the domain of Vinyl scratch!” she announced.

“Can I at least stay under the covers?!” I whined.

“Sure, knock yourself out.”

At Least she was willing to compromise, not that my position was much better under the very sheets Vinyl had slept in.

She probably has pleased herself atop these very sheets as well.

That thought alone was almost enough to send me rocketing out from under them, but they had a rather pleasant smell to them, so I had assumed, more like prayed, that Vinyl had recently washed them.

“You ever play any video games Tavi?”

“No, I'm surprised you have time for them, with all the practice we put into music.”

“Sometimes after a gig I'm all burnt out but don't want to sleep, it’s where most of my gaming hours come from.”

“I see, well I at least understand the basic principle, Controlling characters through certain inputs on a controller, though the objective varies depending on the game.” I said scholarly, hoping to impress Vinyl with my knowledge on the subject.

“Pretty much, though you’re lucky you have a friend with such good taste, your first game is going to be one of the best titles we have to date! Pony Kart 8!”

“What does it entail?”

“Colorful race tracks, fun and cool driving mechanics, and the most infuriating, rage inducing item system to ever be introduce into a racing game.”

“I see.” I didn't really, but I just took her word for it.

“I'll start setting it up! Give me a second, here, you might as well get use to having the controller in your hand while you wait.”

She tossed me a small, white plastic device, I had planned to follow her advice and familiarize myself with the thing, but Vinyl was...distracting me. She got down on her knees and started to mess with the wires sprawled around the floor, she wiggled her flank to and fro, while whistling one of the verses from our experimental piece.

Like what you see?

What? Vinyl is always spying on at my chest, am I not allowed to sneak some appreciative glances at her rear?

Appreciative? Is that the worlds new word for lusting?

“Excuse me?!” I exclaimed

“Hmm?” Vinyl responded

“Nothing, go back to preparing the game.” I barked. She shrugged, probably use to my random outburst from reacting to my inner voice by now.

I am not lusting over Vinyl scratch, are you mad?

Do you really want the answer to that?

I want you to stop trying to spread your corrupting influence and attempting to ruin my relationship with Vinyl!

Relationship is such a strong word, don't you think you should at least wait until you two kiss?

Oh my celestial gods, I cant believe im having this conversation with you.

Neither can I, you should be, as Vinyl puts it, ‘having sexy lesbian fun times’.

First you try to get me to physically harm and shun Vinyl, now you're trying to corrupt my feelings of friendship towards her by claiming they have an origin in lust! Do you ever quit? Why can't you simply allow me to be happy?

That's not what I'm here for.

And just what are you here for, hmm? Just what purpose do you serve that makes you so necessary, as to constantly butt in and affect my life and emotions?

I am a part of you; you already know that answer. I'm also not here to make your life problems easier, it would be too simple if I just told you.

Shut up. I don't hold any such disgusting thoughts for Vinyl. I am a pure mare who has never held such dirty affections too any pony, and I wont be deceived by your lies into thinking otherwise.

End of discussion.

“You ready to have some fun Suga- I mean, Tavi?” At Least Vinyl was trying, after the prodding from my inner voice, I'm not sure I could take listening to her call me by that infernal nickname.

“Yes, I suppose I am.” I replied. Vinyl hopped over unceremoniously to her bed, and plopped herself down right besides me.

“Let the games begin!”


Is it situational irony that the two things in this world that bring me to complete mindless, bitter, and uncontrollable rage, are both related to the color blue? I asked myself this question, as a blue turtle shell flew over the head of my digital avatar, spiraled around, and then came crashing down, exploding, ruining my recently gained lead, and sending me spiraling towards the bottom of the ranks.

“VINYL!” I yelled, I felt anger rise up in me as the white mare laughed herself into a near coma at my expense.

“Oh man, that was totally worth it! I don't think I've ever seen you so pissed!” she said in between breaths, panting from the exertion of her laughter.

“You treacherous curr! I cant believe you would use such a vile item on me when I had so rightfully earned my lead!”

“Man, even your gamer rage is posh, you're soooo adorable Tavi!”

I hid my oncoming blush with a cold death glare.

“What did I tell you before we began this?” I warned

“Relax Tavi, I didnt mean anything by it, I just like the way you talk is all.”

“Hmph, you're much too honest for your own good.”

“The way I see it, I am plenty good, considering how that puts me in a two win lead out of twenty games!”

“You should be ashamed that you had to try so hard against someone so inexperienced as I. But I've grown tired with this game, let us move on to the next activity.”

“Ah watching anime! I cant wait, I rarely get to talk to anyone about it. Shows from Neighpon are the best!” She bounce up from the bed to set up her devices for the task. I felt a pang of longing as her warmth left my side, I was getting used to having her within such a close vicinity of me, long since abandoning the covers that I had used in a feeble attempt to wall myself off.

Missing your new favorite pillow already?

“Shut up.”

“I di-”

“You shut up too.”

Vinyl just rolled her eyes and shrugged. “Whatever you say, Crazypants.”

You were stealing so many glances over her body I'm surprised you could devote any attention to gaming.

Liar, I was completely focused at the task at hand.

Is that why you’re completely focused at the flank in front you now?

“Ahem, Vinyl, I think I need to go the bathroom for a bit.”

“Okay, but try not to take so long, I'm really excited about getting you to watch Dragon Star Z.” she beamed. I got up and left.

I stepped into the bathroom, washed my hands, patted my face, and did some slow breathing exercises, I was in complete control of my emotions.

I swear, I only punched the mirror into a million pieces because I had a logical and controlled reason for it, not because I was mad or anything.

Are you quite finished, or do you still have more? Going to mention the curves of her body, How beautiful her face looks? Maybe you’d like to start mentioning the little habit she has with her tongue when she thinks no ones looking?

I was just going to say she has a cute flank, but by all means if we want to talk on the larger scale-

I will not have this friendship ruined, I resisted your verges of anger, and I can resist your temptations of lust! I will have control, not because I have too, but because its what Vinyl deserves after going so far to be such a good friend to me!

I walked out of the bathroom, confidence and strength emanating from my every step, only for it to shatter upon seeing the tartarus-spawn smiling vinyl, Holding a glass of vintage scotch.

Alcohol...My most crippling vice. If Vinyl’s sin was her hyperactive attitude that could only be curbed by the most crazy and unbound parties, mine was that I had a tongue that wanted nothing more than to be drowned in the deep and enriching taste of alcohol. It’s not like I had a history of drinking, I was only eighteen, just skimming the legal age of equestrian laws. But it was something of a tradition to drink in formal canterlot parties. The few I was forced to attend one with my mother, always ended in me getting a small taste,mother had hoping that experiencing its flavor would wean me off the future idea of consumption, but I had thought the mare ignorant to not be able to see the art that was put into the drink.

“Vinyl, what in Equestria do you think you're doing?”

“What? I’ve never shared a drink with you, and considering the ponies I’ve tapped glasses with, thats practically a war crime.”

“I thought we were going to watch anime.”

“We are.”

“While drinking?

“Anime and alcohol, you don't know it yet, but that’s a winning combination, trust me.”

I eyed her suspiciously, Vinyl was trying her best to appear innocent, which only served to highlight the metaphorical blood on her hands.

“What? We don’t have to get smashed out drunk or anything, I dont even drink that much during my hardest party moments. A few sips here and there and we can call it a night, pure and simple.” she argued. I had to admit, I had confidence in my self control, and I oh so badly wanted to taste that delicious looking nectar.

“Alright Vinyl, you’ve persuaded me yet again tonight. I’ll partake in a few drinks with you.”

She smiled like an idiot, gods how I was starting to grow fond of that moronic joy of hers.

Author's Note:

Building up that sexual tension~
i might have to change the tag of this story to mature at this rate.

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