• Published 7th Jul 2014
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A Song of Madness - DCLzexon

Octavia has a secret, and its that shes mentally insane. And as if living with a sociopathic voice inside her head wasn't hard enough, now she has to stay under the same roof as Vinyl, arguably the most insane pony in Equestria.

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A Prelude to Madness part 1

Author's Note:

The stories style and tone doesn't really take shape until chapter one, if you find your self unsure if you like the story so far, please feel free to skip ahead, at the cost of some minor set ups that will be re addressed later in the story anyways.
hope you enjoy, and will continue to do so.


Octavia had stomped through the Canterlot train station like she held a grudge against life itself. And for all she knew, she very well did. The Musician armed herself with a cold and furious glare, cutting down the emotional fortifications of any poor soul traveling along her path. The ponies around took heed to the raging mare, and stepped aside without protest, not even daring so much as to look at her, less they unwillingly trigger of what could only be a impending meltdown.

“Of all the illogical, ill advised, and, most of all, insulting…” She mumbled to herself, most words breaking off from anger, only becoming coherent sentences when the time demanded for orders to be made.

She shoved her ticket to the train conductor without a word, and continued onto her seat. It was a brisk walk across the passenger cars to her destination, cutting a look at anypony that even breathed funnily on her way. Octavia had to then muster her will in order not to murder the spaced out teen sprawled across her designated area. The colt was almost too busy deafening himself with yet another source of the musician’s rage to notice the impending doom looming over him.

“Let it be known that i am a mare of mercy. Tell me colt, do you prefer the left, or right hand to be broken.” Octavia coldly stated.

“e-err….what?” Sputtered the colt.

“I am asking you as to how you want to receive your punishment, so it does not impact too heavily upon your future productivity...”
The mare glared daggers as she brought her face closer to the colt’s own.
“...A punishment levied for not only lounging in my seat, but for daring to blast that dreaded dubstep in my presence!”

The colt was quick to mask his startled reaction with male bravado.

“You don't scare me sis, i sit where i want!” he gibed.

Octavia best instrument in ‘social negotiations’ was her prodigious stare. It was a tool she often employed to instill fear in the hearts of ponies of all kinds. So skilled she was in its use, the few ponies who had suffered under it would swear to the sun that she was trained by the Element of Kindness herself. Deciding to be extra malevolent today, she had opted to used one of her colder stares on the colt.

“Scaring, is for ponies that don't aggravate me, promises are for young little upstarts who try my patients.”

“My parents are prestigious members of high society, my father is even an acquaintance with Fancy Pants himself!”

The gray mare started back in silence, face still hard

“I can make sure you never work in this town again for messing with me! no one would hire for you so much as janitorial work, even if it was your cutie mark!”

Same hard stare.

“I-I am a young future business owner who is not to be trifled with?”

Octavia's eyes narrowed as the colt lost confidence in his standing.

“I...um....know kung fu?”

“And i know 72 ways to disassemble a stallion with my bare hands.” she said in a cheery tone
“Now are you going to move, or are we going to do this?”

“Uhh...phrasing?” the colt said with a half hearted smile.

For the next three seconds, the young Colt questioned for the first time in his life if he was a pegasus instead of a unicorn, that or he had simply reached terminal velocity as he was flung away from the musician. Crashing against the wall, then recovering to run in a panic induced stupor, the colt had just enough time to yell off one final remark.

“Holy shit sis! You are MENTAL!!” Where the last words from the colt as he bolted from the seat.

Oh if only he knew….

The cellist stood there for a moment, steadied her breath, then sat down. Finally contempt to address the storm that was her emotions, and hopefully, limit bystander casualties.

Okay Octavia, calm down this isn't like you, that was Her talking, Her anger, not yours….

She began to calm herself by going over the cause of her most recent bout of spite. The Morning had started with a letter from her most hated ene-DEAR childhood friend Vinyl Scratch. The letter in question, contained the most asinine and mentally challe-INTERESTING and new suggestion. Vinyl, of all ponies, wanted to try to combine her new wave of trite-MUSIC, damn you! MUSIC...with her own classical style, in an attempt to further invigorate and expand the musical horizon.

And it got better, Vinyl had offered free room and board during the experimentation of said new project, all under the same roof as Vinyl herself.


Distressing as the mere mention of the idea was to her, she knew she needed to co operate. She needed a place to stay, a place to get away from it all and deal with her problems with life and music.
It wasn't as if she didn't get shows or concerts to perform in, as ‘dated’ and ‘boring’ the commoners found her music, there was always a plethora of sophisticated and classier sorts to enjoy her muse. Nor was it a problem of financial safety, as she was quick to build up a notable sum of money, and keep it with efficient spending .

No, her problem was that of obsession, her dreams and desires egging her on to shut herself off from the world. Despite her already impressive skills with classical instruments, she had yet to ascend to the prestigious Canterlot Orchestra, or any other position of real worth. Most had passed her off due to her young age, but the cellist was determined to not let such an insignificant factor hold her back.

So determined that she had almost driven herself to insanity in the span of 3 years.


Scratch that, she HAD gone insane.

Four hours of walking in the outside world, and you have yet to taste the blood of the innocent, you are disappointing me.

The grey mare could not groan hard enough.

Can you be quite? I already let you rule me since this morning, the most you can do is let me think in peace.

You never give me full control, I’ve yet to build a castle out of the bodies of my enemies.

We don’t HAVE enemies, we don’t even have friends, save for one! And no, the few stallions that stared at our flank do not count as ‘mortal enemies’. What's with you today anyways? I've heard you suggest many a poor choices, but i don't think I've ever heard you cry for outright murder.

I’m simply trying to vent my rage, so that when I see that backstabbing curr of a mare you call a friend, I won't take charge and end her in symphony of blood and horror.

Always the considerate and compassionate one, i dare not dwell on what evils i would commit without your wise guidance.

No, Octavia was quite sure she had gone insane years ago, when ‘the voice’ had started to develop in her head. Spawned from the pit of her suppressed mind during the years of her isolation and training, Her mental illness turned imaginary friend was the only guiding light to keep her from true madness for the last three years of her life.

At the birth of said voice,the grey mare had done what any sane pony would, she yelled at the sky around her, screaming for the voices to silence themselves. After that had failed, and with no time or will to get ‘proper psychological care’, Octavia had resigned herself to putting up with it. Recognizing that the voices ideas and desires came from (a hopefully, deep, dark) place within her heart, the musician had hope she could fully control her inner demon, and perform like the proper mare she was.
But she, rather that is her other self, had different plans.

Why do you want to see that foal anyways? Do i not torture your existence enough as it is? Her inner voice asked sardonically

Yes, in fact that's the exact reason why we are going to go see her. My previous attempts to tame you have never gone well.

And you figure going to the source would help?

Its not like avoiding it for the past couple of years has helped at all, i figured some closure was in order.

Finally we agree on something, i’ll start planning out where we can dump the body and-

I am going to behave like a grown, civil mare, and talk to her about past issues and problems, then continue to aid in her endeavors.

Riiiiiiight….so there's this little park near Manehattan that has a perfect lake-

NO, I am serious! I will not allow this to devolve to petty violence.

And you think I am just going to sit quietly and behave myself during all of this?

I had planned to bribe you with copious amounts of alcohol, and promises of drunken antics.
Vinyl always was the party animal, I doubt that wild flame of hers has died out with her new carrier.

At least it’s a start….

It was a unstable plan, and even calling it that was a gracious statement, but Octavia had to do something about her degrading mental state. Vinyl, no matter how much she didn't want to admit it, was one of the central forces in regards to her current insanity. And until this fateful morning, she had given up any hope for said sanity, but the DJ was giving her a final chance.

I still can not believe the gall of that mare, inviting us over like we left on the best of terms, like nothing ever happened!

She invited ME, Octavia Harmonious Melody, the calm, collected musician who is an esteemed member of high society. NOT Octavia Harmonious Melody, the insane, sociopathic, hyper bitch, who would be better suited for a banishment to the moon, rather than a friendly invitation to a home.

Do not tease me with the option, I WILL get us banished if that's what it takes to stop this before it starts.

I have no doubt you could get us banished to the SUN if given a few days and my financial resources, but I am trying to keep my sanity, not become the next Nightmare moon.

Vinyl is a wretched mare, who we should have killed ages ago, that taunting letter of hers still enrages me to no end, I could nearly hear the sarcasm in our head as we read the words.

Your immature impersonation certainly didn't help lend benign or earnest intent to the words, I’ll admit…

The grey mare sighed, as she watched the landscape speed by. reaching into her travel bag, she pulled out the catalyst to what was sure be an eventful few next days. She opened the letter and read to herself, clearing her mind of any self inserted bitterness behind the words.

Hiya Tavi!

Long time no see, its been awhile huh? I’m sure over the past few years you've made a rockin’ name for yourself amongst the canterlot elite, I could never forget how well you played that cello of yours, I bet you've only improved with time too!

anyways, I’ve been rockin hard and improving my beats, even created this new awesome thing i like to call dubstep, the clubbers DIG IT! and I do too! but I know a passing trend when I see it, and right now, i'm not sure I've done enough to make sure that my new wubs don’t fade out in a few months with a whimper….that's when I got the most awesome idea of combining my electronic beats with classical strings~ but I've lost a bit of my touch in the latter subject, but i remembered that you were still keeping the old dream alive with your practice, and knew you’d be perfect for this!

Help me start a revolution Tavi, plus we’ll get to hang out again and catch up with one another, I cant wait! hope to see ya soon…..

Your friend,

The letter continued to give an address and dates to come over, along with a stylized sketch of a waving Vinyl Scratch.

“Crude and unrefined as usual.” she huffed.

The mere sight of this letter brings back too many unpleasant memories, if you will not do the right thing and crush her under foot, you will truly learn what it means to be insane.

A rather disturbing skill that mare had taught herself was how to bargain with her insane half. With false promises of violence, debauchery, and perversion, she could often subdue the voice of madness for a time. The simple truth that she was sedating herself with such twisted fantasies was never lost on her, but she simply chalked it up to the cost of keep up appearances.

You know, if Vinyl is being so kind and trusting, wouldn’t it be better to go along with it?

Are you implying that we gain her trust?

Of course, what better way to redeem ourselves than to use the same methods that began this mess? Crush her emotionally and leave her a empty husk, that should be your plan.

I know you don't mean any of that at all, you still want to try and be friends...but if you're resorting to goading me with fantasies again, then I know I will not be able to interject without struggle…

The mare allowed herself to relax, finally taming the voice for a while.

Heed my warning though, no matter how this goes, it’s going to be messy, there's too much history and emotional involvement for there not to be. I pray that you're truly prepared to deal with your monsters.

Octavia hated when her voice of madness started being a voice of reason, for it was always cold, always blunt, and always right in those spare moments, but never heralded any good news. The cellist laid her head back on the comfy seats and closed her eyes, yet no rest would come to the mare.

In a few hours, she would be trying to make friends with the mare who had hurt and betrayed her the most, all while keeping her insanity in check, and under the same roof for Celestia knows how long. This was going to be a battle, but one she needed to fight, and win.

Or Celestia help her, she would go insane trying.

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