A Song of Madness

by DCLzexon

First published

Octavia has a secret, and its that shes mentally insane. And as if living with a sociopathic voice inside her head wasn't hard enough, now she has to stay under the same roof as Vinyl, arguably the most insane pony in Equestria.

My name is Octavia Harmonious Melody, and I am mentally deranged… No no, I assure you, I'm quite serious. For the past three years I have lived with a voice inside my head, a crazed, lunatic of a voice, who I, through the displeasure of living with for the past three years, have come to almost befriend...


Now my childhood friend-turned-enemy, Vinyl Scratch, is inviting me to further my musical prowess by living under the same roof as her, and as much as I can barely stand the sight of her, she represents what may be my last chance at closure and sanity. The irony of which being that I'm sure she's already insane, if not pushing me towards it.
Although, to her credit, she's a nice enough mare, maybe if I could stop the voice in my head for a minute we could grow to become friends again…
...it isn't a sin to dream, is it?

A Prelude to Madness part 1

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Octavia had stomped through the Canterlot train station like she held a grudge against life itself. And for all she knew, she very well did. The Musician armed herself with a cold and furious glare, cutting down the emotional fortifications of any poor soul traveling along her path. The ponies around took heed to the raging mare, and stepped aside without protest, not even daring so much as to look at her, less they unwillingly trigger of what could only be a impending meltdown.

“Of all the illogical, ill advised, and, most of all, insulting…” She mumbled to herself, most words breaking off from anger, only becoming coherent sentences when the time demanded for orders to be made.

She shoved her ticket to the train conductor without a word, and continued onto her seat. It was a brisk walk across the passenger cars to her destination, cutting a look at anypony that even breathed funnily on her way. Octavia had to then muster her will in order not to murder the spaced out teen sprawled across her designated area. The colt was almost too busy deafening himself with yet another source of the musician’s rage to notice the impending doom looming over him.

“Let it be known that i am a mare of mercy. Tell me colt, do you prefer the left, or right hand to be broken.” Octavia coldly stated.

“e-err….what?” Sputtered the colt.

“I am asking you as to how you want to receive your punishment, so it does not impact too heavily upon your future productivity...”
The mare glared daggers as she brought her face closer to the colt’s own.
“...A punishment levied for not only lounging in my seat, but for daring to blast that dreaded dubstep in my presence!”

The colt was quick to mask his startled reaction with male bravado.

“You don't scare me sis, i sit where i want!” he gibed.

Octavia best instrument in ‘social negotiations’ was her prodigious stare. It was a tool she often employed to instill fear in the hearts of ponies of all kinds. So skilled she was in its use, the few ponies who had suffered under it would swear to the sun that she was trained by the Element of Kindness herself. Deciding to be extra malevolent today, she had opted to used one of her colder stares on the colt.

“Scaring, is for ponies that don't aggravate me, promises are for young little upstarts who try my patients.”

“My parents are prestigious members of high society, my father is even an acquaintance with Fancy Pants himself!”

The gray mare started back in silence, face still hard

“I can make sure you never work in this town again for messing with me! no one would hire for you so much as janitorial work, even if it was your cutie mark!”

Same hard stare.

“I-I am a young future business owner who is not to be trifled with?”

Octavia's eyes narrowed as the colt lost confidence in his standing.

“I...um....know kung fu?”

“And i know 72 ways to disassemble a stallion with my bare hands.” she said in a cheery tone
“Now are you going to move, or are we going to do this?”

“Uhh...phrasing?” the colt said with a half hearted smile.

For the next three seconds, the young Colt questioned for the first time in his life if he was a pegasus instead of a unicorn, that or he had simply reached terminal velocity as he was flung away from the musician. Crashing against the wall, then recovering to run in a panic induced stupor, the colt had just enough time to yell off one final remark.

“Holy shit sis! You are MENTAL!!” Where the last words from the colt as he bolted from the seat.

Oh if only he knew….

The cellist stood there for a moment, steadied her breath, then sat down. Finally contempt to address the storm that was her emotions, and hopefully, limit bystander casualties.

Okay Octavia, calm down this isn't like you, that was Her talking, Her anger, not yours….

She began to calm herself by going over the cause of her most recent bout of spite. The Morning had started with a letter from her most hated ene-DEAR childhood friend Vinyl Scratch. The letter in question, contained the most asinine and mentally challe-INTERESTING and new suggestion. Vinyl, of all ponies, wanted to try to combine her new wave of trite-MUSIC, damn you! MUSIC...with her own classical style, in an attempt to further invigorate and expand the musical horizon.

And it got better, Vinyl had offered free room and board during the experimentation of said new project, all under the same roof as Vinyl herself.


Distressing as the mere mention of the idea was to her, she knew she needed to co operate. She needed a place to stay, a place to get away from it all and deal with her problems with life and music.
It wasn't as if she didn't get shows or concerts to perform in, as ‘dated’ and ‘boring’ the commoners found her music, there was always a plethora of sophisticated and classier sorts to enjoy her muse. Nor was it a problem of financial safety, as she was quick to build up a notable sum of money, and keep it with efficient spending .

No, her problem was that of obsession, her dreams and desires egging her on to shut herself off from the world. Despite her already impressive skills with classical instruments, she had yet to ascend to the prestigious Canterlot Orchestra, or any other position of real worth. Most had passed her off due to her young age, but the cellist was determined to not let such an insignificant factor hold her back.

So determined that she had almost driven herself to insanity in the span of 3 years.


Scratch that, she HAD gone insane.

Four hours of walking in the outside world, and you have yet to taste the blood of the innocent, you are disappointing me.

The grey mare could not groan hard enough.

Can you be quite? I already let you rule me since this morning, the most you can do is let me think in peace.

You never give me full control, I’ve yet to build a castle out of the bodies of my enemies.

We don’t HAVE enemies, we don’t even have friends, save for one! And no, the few stallions that stared at our flank do not count as ‘mortal enemies’. What's with you today anyways? I've heard you suggest many a poor choices, but i don't think I've ever heard you cry for outright murder.

I’m simply trying to vent my rage, so that when I see that backstabbing curr of a mare you call a friend, I won't take charge and end her in symphony of blood and horror.

Always the considerate and compassionate one, i dare not dwell on what evils i would commit without your wise guidance.

No, Octavia was quite sure she had gone insane years ago, when ‘the voice’ had started to develop in her head. Spawned from the pit of her suppressed mind during the years of her isolation and training, Her mental illness turned imaginary friend was the only guiding light to keep her from true madness for the last three years of her life.

At the birth of said voice,the grey mare had done what any sane pony would, she yelled at the sky around her, screaming for the voices to silence themselves. After that had failed, and with no time or will to get ‘proper psychological care’, Octavia had resigned herself to putting up with it. Recognizing that the voices ideas and desires came from (a hopefully, deep, dark) place within her heart, the musician had hope she could fully control her inner demon, and perform like the proper mare she was.
But she, rather that is her other self, had different plans.

Why do you want to see that foal anyways? Do i not torture your existence enough as it is? Her inner voice asked sardonically

Yes, in fact that's the exact reason why we are going to go see her. My previous attempts to tame you have never gone well.

And you figure going to the source would help?

Its not like avoiding it for the past couple of years has helped at all, i figured some closure was in order.

Finally we agree on something, i’ll start planning out where we can dump the body and-

I am going to behave like a grown, civil mare, and talk to her about past issues and problems, then continue to aid in her endeavors.

Riiiiiiight….so there's this little park near Manehattan that has a perfect lake-

NO, I am serious! I will not allow this to devolve to petty violence.

And you think I am just going to sit quietly and behave myself during all of this?

I had planned to bribe you with copious amounts of alcohol, and promises of drunken antics.
Vinyl always was the party animal, I doubt that wild flame of hers has died out with her new carrier.

At least it’s a start….

It was a unstable plan, and even calling it that was a gracious statement, but Octavia had to do something about her degrading mental state. Vinyl, no matter how much she didn't want to admit it, was one of the central forces in regards to her current insanity. And until this fateful morning, she had given up any hope for said sanity, but the DJ was giving her a final chance.

I still can not believe the gall of that mare, inviting us over like we left on the best of terms, like nothing ever happened!

She invited ME, Octavia Harmonious Melody, the calm, collected musician who is an esteemed member of high society. NOT Octavia Harmonious Melody, the insane, sociopathic, hyper bitch, who would be better suited for a banishment to the moon, rather than a friendly invitation to a home.

Do not tease me with the option, I WILL get us banished if that's what it takes to stop this before it starts.

I have no doubt you could get us banished to the SUN if given a few days and my financial resources, but I am trying to keep my sanity, not become the next Nightmare moon.

Vinyl is a wretched mare, who we should have killed ages ago, that taunting letter of hers still enrages me to no end, I could nearly hear the sarcasm in our head as we read the words.

Your immature impersonation certainly didn't help lend benign or earnest intent to the words, I’ll admit…

The grey mare sighed, as she watched the landscape speed by. reaching into her travel bag, she pulled out the catalyst to what was sure be an eventful few next days. She opened the letter and read to herself, clearing her mind of any self inserted bitterness behind the words.

Hiya Tavi!

Long time no see, its been awhile huh? I’m sure over the past few years you've made a rockin’ name for yourself amongst the canterlot elite, I could never forget how well you played that cello of yours, I bet you've only improved with time too!

anyways, I’ve been rockin hard and improving my beats, even created this new awesome thing i like to call dubstep, the clubbers DIG IT! and I do too! but I know a passing trend when I see it, and right now, i'm not sure I've done enough to make sure that my new wubs don’t fade out in a few months with a whimper….that's when I got the most awesome idea of combining my electronic beats with classical strings~ but I've lost a bit of my touch in the latter subject, but i remembered that you were still keeping the old dream alive with your practice, and knew you’d be perfect for this!

Help me start a revolution Tavi, plus we’ll get to hang out again and catch up with one another, I cant wait! hope to see ya soon…..

Your friend,

The letter continued to give an address and dates to come over, along with a stylized sketch of a waving Vinyl Scratch.

“Crude and unrefined as usual.” she huffed.

The mere sight of this letter brings back too many unpleasant memories, if you will not do the right thing and crush her under foot, you will truly learn what it means to be insane.

A rather disturbing skill that mare had taught herself was how to bargain with her insane half. With false promises of violence, debauchery, and perversion, she could often subdue the voice of madness for a time. The simple truth that she was sedating herself with such twisted fantasies was never lost on her, but she simply chalked it up to the cost of keep up appearances.

You know, if Vinyl is being so kind and trusting, wouldn’t it be better to go along with it?

Are you implying that we gain her trust?

Of course, what better way to redeem ourselves than to use the same methods that began this mess? Crush her emotionally and leave her a empty husk, that should be your plan.

I know you don't mean any of that at all, you still want to try and be friends...but if you're resorting to goading me with fantasies again, then I know I will not be able to interject without struggle…

The mare allowed herself to relax, finally taming the voice for a while.

Heed my warning though, no matter how this goes, it’s going to be messy, there's too much history and emotional involvement for there not to be. I pray that you're truly prepared to deal with your monsters.

Octavia hated when her voice of madness started being a voice of reason, for it was always cold, always blunt, and always right in those spare moments, but never heralded any good news. The cellist laid her head back on the comfy seats and closed her eyes, yet no rest would come to the mare.

In a few hours, she would be trying to make friends with the mare who had hurt and betrayed her the most, all while keeping her insanity in check, and under the same roof for Celestia knows how long. This was going to be a battle, but one she needed to fight, and win.

Or Celestia help her, she would go insane trying.

A Prelude to Madness part 2

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The ivory mare hopped up and down atop her bed with glee, she was ecstatic. How could she not be? After twenty years, the last three in particular being especially hard, life was finally looking up for the DJ. Her new discovery, Dubstep, was a hit, and had a ever growing audience. She could finally have the option (not like she was going to stop) to eat better and healthier foods, rather than endless cups of instant noodles. The mice and vermin that use to pester her ragged, confined rooms had ceased to exist in her life, save for one exceptionally awesome rodent who she had befriended. With a new house, more money, and growing fame and popularity, she finally had free time, time to devote to something other than music, time to rekindle the bonds of a old friend who she had left behind….

Her bouncing halted when she thought of Octavia, memories of the starry-eyed, grey mare flooded her mind. She stood there for a moment, lost in a daze, before returning to her merry bouncing.

“I bet Tavi is the same adorably shy scamp that she was back then. Things couldn't have changed TOO much in the span of three years...right?” she thought aloud.

Her devilish smiled returned, and she redoubled her bouncing, planning to vault off and land in a radically awesome triple back flip.

“And here's the jump~ can she land the trick mares and gentlecolts?!” she said to her invisible audience.

Bouncing off without fear, Vinyl lept into the air towards the door, twirling at high speeds with perfect form….

“-Vinyl….are you in here-”

...Only to collide with a gray figure who had opened the door at just the wrong time.

The landing was a tad rough, but she felt nothing besides joy. There was only one pony she knew who had a spare key to her new home, the one she had sent herself in the express mail this morning. It was Octavia, her childhood friend, her fellow musician, and now, renewed partner in crime.

Vinyl squirmed around the tangled limbs to align herself above her disgruntled friend, she had planned to look down upon the cellist, and see annoyed eyes that were trying hard to contain their laughter and joy. What she was met with instead, was a cold and humorless stare that seem to penetrate past her purple shades.

Ho boy….did she ever hope things hadn't changed too much over three years.


Four inches down, two centimeters to the right of where you're looking, apply at least five pounds of pressure repeatedly….

What are you--

Jugular will be crushed, death approximately four minutes after the act.

Oh hush you, we haven't even exchanged words yet…

Ahem....I would prefer it if you were to greet me in a more formal mater, Vinyl Scratch.” said Octavia, trying her best to put some humor and warmth into her voice, and failing miserably.

“What, you don't enjoy suffering concussions as a form of greeting?” Started Vinyl as she picked herself off from Octavia.

The DJ brushed herself off and cleared her throat, dawning a exaggerated Canterlot accent. “Octavia Harmonious, I welcome you the the esteemed estate of the Scratch residence, i hope you will find your temporary home accommodating.” She flourished her arm towards the cellist, offering her a hand up, it was promptly ignored as Octavia rose.

“Cute...I must say, I’m at least glad that you didn't choose to live out of a glow stick infested dumpster. Though, I do find this place rather modest in compared to my manor.” Started Octavia

“Whats wrong with glow sticks? They make great night lights.”

Octavia raised a brow

“N-not that I need a night light or anything. I was just saying, ya know?”

“Maybe I should have brought some extra sheets from the manor.”

“Psh, I’m not a little kid, but I like the idea of being babied by Mama Tavi.”

A swift flash of white was all the cellist could make out as Vinyl moved behind her.

“You’ve already got the monstrous jugs for it, that's for sure!”

Vinyl giggled to herself as she groped the rather large breast of her friend, taking note that the cellist had made massive strides in growth since last shes seen her.

Her antics were rewarded with a blush from the gray mare, followed promptly by a swift elbow to her side.

“OOF!” she cried breathlessly as she collapsed to her side. “Okay...I deserved that one.”

Octavia was rather annoyed to see the ivory mare laugh through what ever little pain she inflicted.

“Keep your hands off me, or I’ll enjoy cracking every one of your digits slowly.” The cellist growled.

Vinyl bounced off the ground, landed on her feet, and draped her hand over the disgruntled mare.

“I'm sure my pain would be music to your ears, but we’ll save that for later, I got to show you around the house!” She gestured openly, “This is my room of course.”

Octavia looked around to find a rather disheveled room, the floor was covered in magazines, comics, and some thrown away drawings. On the walls there were posters of half naked, scantily clad mares and colts, with musical instruments or impossibly oversized weapons with even more impossibly styled manes. On the DJs personal desk lay a impressive looking computer, with soundboards and synthesizers galore. The remainder of the space covered with with Figurines of cartoony characters and some other technological equipment.

“Don't worry about this ol’ wreck of a room, its usually my personal area, so but its especially clean today.” said Vinyl.

Dragging Octavia along before she could comment, the DJ continued the tour of her new home, listing off the rooms and their purposes, showing off the rather spacious and well designed home.

Octavia held her focus for all of two seconds, before her eyes wandered over to look at Vinyl, who was too absorbed in her tour to notice the gaze. Octavia, due to her recent state of health, had started to question her strong memories a beautiful ivory mare, wondering if they could be chalked up to her impressionable young mind. However, taking in Vinyl after the three years of separation had crushed the notion into dust.

Vinyl stood a rather spunky five feet, four inches tall, and carried herself like she dared the world to tell her being short made her any less dangerous. Her blue and teal zig-zag mane practically exploded around her head in a unkempt, spikey mess that fell down to her shoulders, and somehow, still remained to look appealing. Her short and stubby horn adorned the top of her head, poking out of the wild mess she called a mane. Octavia was rather surprised when looking upon the body of the DJ, as she expected signs of a lackadaisical life of partying, and bad eating habits. Vinyl instead had an athletic and hard body, some muscles trying in an almost vain attempt to show through what softness her body did have. Despite her build, it was quite easy to still call her figure womanly, as her lose and purposely torn wardrobe barely covered up the curves of the her body. On her chest sat a pair of proud, and practical C-cup breast, the whole ensemble her outfit and body brought together by the DJ’s trade mark magenta, round rimmed shades, that bounced happily along her snout as a mischievous grin grew on her face.

“Like what you see sugar-tits?” commented Vinyl, she could barely contain her laughter as Octavia shot her the most incredulous look of disgust she had ever seen.

“Sugar-tits? Really? I feel dirty for even repeating such words.”

“Oh come on, Tavi, learn to let that mane of yours down.”

Octavia Huffed in response. “My mane is always down…”

The only thing I'm going to let down is a knife into that pretty little neck of yours.

Really? That's the best you could come up with?

I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were capable of possessing critical thinking skills while ogling your marefriend over there.

Shut up.

“But I didn't say anything.” Vinyl said.

Octavias eyes shot wide, worried that some of her madness might have slipped past her lips, but she regained composure.

“Doesn't mean I don't want you to still keep quiet, Vinyl.”

“Ah jeez, you're really mad about that sugar-tits comment huh? Would it help if I checked you out too?”

“Keep your unchecked perversion to yourself; I am a mare of Class.”

“Man, did your stuffy attitude come packaged with the extra cup sizes?”

“Are you going to continue obsessing over my breasts?”

“Are you going to continue having such a nice pair of them?”

Octavia busted out her best death glare, a tool responsible for making even the most well muscled, arrogant hot heads in Canterlot quiver. Vinyl, of course, proceeded to laugh at the musicians expense.

Its not as if the DJs remarks had no merit to them, for Octavia was a stunning, towering visage of a mare. Her clothing was practical and fashionable, a mix of whites, browns, and blacks that complimented her coat and mane in the form of a stylish suit, accented with a pink bowtie. Her mane was a beautiful cascade of ebony, worn with the intent of business, yet still hung in unbound grace. Her purple eyes were always sharp, observant, half lidded with constant, bored disdain that conveyed a message of class and superiority. She was tall, breaking 6 feet in height, and possessed a naturally strong, but femininely beautiful body, due her genes as an earth pony with obsessive body maintenance rituals. Every step, action, and movement she took was overflowing with practiced grace, to the point where even the most ignorant of common folk would recognize her high value from a mile away. Yes, the cellist had kept everything about herself in pristine condition at all times, nothing was ever out of place.

Nothing except the rather comical set of F, borderlining on H cup sized breast that she was cursed to bare across her chest.

The things where a constant nuisance in her early teen years, and as time went by, they only continued to grow and hinder her. Despite her perfect diet and moderate exercise regimen, the damnable things never seemed to reduce in their growth. She would have gotten a magical reduction some time ago if she had trusted anyone with such intimate contact with her body, but the well-endowed cellist had made it a life goal to reduce her contact with the outside world three years ago. Despite her views on them, they were also well maintained, giving them a perfect form. If not for the existence of Luna and Celestia themselves, anypony could swear that Octavia was a celestial creation herself.

However, none of this reduced the blatant annoyance the cellist felt at having Vinyl tease her breasts. The two mares bantered for some time more while moving the few possessions of Octavia inside. Vinyl was quick to have a sarcastic response to anything the cellist could possibly say, and it was beginning to try the grey mares patients.

Finally enervated by the conversation, Octavia had opted to retreat.

“I feel it would be best if you simply showed me to my room so I may retire for the evening.” Octavia sighed, trying to compose herself yet again.

“Your room?” The white mare said with a eyebrow raised.

“Yes, the location of which in this facility that has been deemed mine for the purposes of rest.” she responded, annoyance rising yet again.

“Ohhhhh…. Well, you see, you're going to sleep in my bed.”

The gray mare rolled her eyes. “For the sake of killing your rather inappropriate joke: I saw your bed; it only had room for a single pony.”

“You see, that's the best part about it, you lay down on your back, then i can use your big boobs as pillows and-Hey!” the DJ was cut off by the need to dodge the incoming slap to her face. she giggled while nimbly dodging Octavia's attempted attacks.


“Ha ha, talking like a true blue Canterlot noble, man we have a lot of catching up to do, we need to chat over drinks tonight.”

Octavia halted her thrashing at the word ‘drinks.’

“Drinks… as in alcohol?”

As in sweet, sweet alcohol?

“Yeah, what else would I mean Tavi?”

“I….I s-simply couldn't, not today after all, why it would be simply improper!” the cellist stammered

“Why? You a recovering alcoholic or something? I’d find that hard to believe at the age of eighteen”

“No, no! Of course not! Not that it’s any of your business in the first place!” Octavia snapped

“What are you talking about? I’m your friend, of course it’s some of my business-”

There was that word again. ‘Friend’

Vinyl throughout their conversation had been throwing the phrase around so matter-of-factly, at first Octavia thought she was being coy, making petty attempts to annoy her, but she started to realise that the DJ meant it. After what she had done three years ago, she had the gall to pretend that they were still friends, like nothing ever transpired, that the last three years where just due to some inconvenient spacing, and that life could continue from where they left off.

The very thought of the idea drove Octavia into a rage.

“Vinyl. Symphonia. Allegro. Scratch…” the normally bubbly disposition that the DJ had suddenly died off at the hearing of her full name. Octavia begun to step closer with every word, forcing the white mare to retreat backwards.

“Let me make one thing clear right now: You were a lot of things to me, but on the list of things you are right now, friend is not one of them. I came here to advance my art by giving your idea a try, but I did not come here to put up with your unacceptable behavior as if you were someone close to me.”

Vinyl had flinched after hearing the cellist’s words. She quickly had backed herself into a literal wall as the tall mare stood over her. The DJ took off her glasses, to bring her red eyes directly on to the purple ones of her friend.

“Where is this coming from Octavia?” she pleaded.

Octavia knew exactly where this was coming from, exactly who was speaking, what ‘voice’ was ruling her actions, but she couldn’t regain control, couldn't stop herself from letting her wild emotions reign free, and to make matters worse, the ivory mare had started to tremble, an action that seemed to only break her mental control even more. She leaned in, bringing her face so close to the DJ that she could see the fear gleam in her eyes.

“Listen to me well Vinyl Scratch, my problems with you are none of your concern at this moment. You are going to tell me where my room is, you are going to answer me swiftly, and to the point, without banter or witty remarks. You will also address me as Madam, do you understand me?”
Vinyl turned her eyes away as Octavia gave her ultimatum, shaking and breathless, she could only nod in response.

“Now...where is my room?”

“U-up stairs, first door on the left.”

“You are not to disturb me for the rest of the night, do you understand me?”


“Yes, what…?”

Vinyl hesitated a moment, before finally whispering the words. “Y-yes Madam…”

“Good, it seems the wild mare can be tamed.” Octavia turned to walk away, starting to bring her luggage from the trip up to her room.

Vinyl slid down the wall onto her behind and stayed there, silently trembling and blanked faced from her unexpected experience.


“I can’t believe I did that! I can’t believe you did that!”

Octavia furiously paced in her room, back and forth, ranting against her inner-voice with her conscious one.

I told you I wouldn't have patience for that mare unless you did something, you seemed content to banter pointlessly with her all day, so I took action.

“How is this suppose to help the situation, threatening and talking down to her like shes beneath us?”

She IS beneath us, and she needs to realize this and be put in her place, proper.

Octavia grounded her teeth as her next words came out.
“You sound just like my mother...I don’t care how insane I become, I will never, so long as I draw breath, turn into my mother.” The gravity of her words fell on no ears besides her own, but the steel of her conviction was made through saying them, as if unlocking a part of her that she didn't know existed. Her inner voice seemed to recognize the strength of the words as well, and fell silent in contemplation.

….Fine, you’ve leveled the playing field for now, we’ll play this game for a bit longer.

The voice had disappeared from her head, but Octavia knew it was only temporary, she knew she had to make amends, had to try to get Vinyl to understand a little, before ‘the voice’ would be back in her head, and continue to poison the only chance of redemption she may ever have.


Few hours later, Vinyl still sat at the same spot against the wall, mulling over the events had transpired earlier in the day. Vinyl Scratch, the mare that who had kicked the asses of stallions all shapes and sizes, the mare who took no serious grief from anyone or anything, the mare who had defied every social norm ever enforced onto her without struggle, had been mentally dominated by her childhood friend. Octavia was like a little sister to the DJ, Vinyl being the older, more outgoing, more experienced one in the relationship. And yet she had just stood there trembling under the gaze of the cellist, unable to say a word in protest, or break the commands given to her.

Vinyl couldn't even fathom what had happened, she had never been subservient to anyone her whole life, not until today, and she was confused as to how she should feel.

Angry? No, she lacked the burning passion of rage in forethought to the events. Sadness? Maybe, she knew the grey mare was probably just lashing out in stress and didn't truly mean her words. Indignant? No, she clearly didn’t see herself as superior to Octavia, and if she ever did, not anymore….she couldn’t put words into what she had felt…


“H-Huh, what?” the white mare was brought out of her introspection by a gentle shaking from Octavia.

“Vinyl, I’ve been trying to get your attention for a few seconds. I need to apologize to you.”

“Apologize? Aw hell Tavi you don’t need to do that!”

“No...I do need to...Vinyl, I have some...things that I’ve been dealing with recently, but that’s no excuse for me lashing out on you, especially over something so trivial. My mind right now, to be frank, is not in the best of states. I’m sorry, I didnt mean anything of what i said back there.”

Octavia broke off her words as if she wanted to say more, but couldn't bring herself to speak what was truly on her mind. An awkward silence grew in place of the quietness, but Vinyl was never one to let such a mood hang around.

“Oh c’mere you!” Vinyl moved in and gave Octavia a hug. The gray mare didn’t hug her back, but she didn’t retreat from it.

“It’s totally fine, besides I’m just going to be annoying you later on with pranks and jokes anyways, so I’ll be getting you back soon” she joked.

“Oh joy, it seems I’m in for entertainment when we are not practicing…”

“You must have a funny idea of entertainment, I’m making you suffer for my own joy, not giving mutual satisfaction!” she beamed. The cellist got up and brushed herself off.

“I will be returning to my room, I do suggest you don't bother me for the rest of the night though.”

“Roger Roger.” the DJ saluted.

The gray mare returned to her room, and Vinyl continued to be motionless, sitting there lost in thought. She was right, Octavia was just dealing with some stressful things and was lashing out after being prodded too much. They would continue to banter and hang out like old times, and everything would be all right.

Despite the nice train of thought she had going, the odd feeling in her stomach did not ease, and after some time, she could only replay the scene of Octavia's anger in her head again and again. She looked up to the ceiling and sighed in defeat.

“Man….it’s going to be an interesting next few weeks….”

Ch 1 - Waking Up Mad

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Many ponies believe Celestia is a benevolent paragon of the sun, a guiding light against the darkness that threatens to envelop the world in coldness, that is complete horse shit. Dont believe me? Well let me make my case, I present to you Exhibit A: Mornings. What kind and loving god, would ever subject her people through the Tartarus-like experience of having to drag themselves from the soft confines of their beds, day after day, to suffer for not being able to obtain the mythical ‘perfect sleep’.

Thats right, I’m onto you Celestia, you best pray that I don't devote my genius intellect too exposing your lies and usurping your throne….

“Good morning to you too, sunshine…” I groaned to myself.

Go buck yourself in the arse with a flaming saxophone.


Mornings are never easy with my voice around. Despite the first fifteen years of my life being conditioned around a disciplined sleep schedule. My inner voice of madness deemed it fitting to bitch and moan about having to wake up so early every day, I had to start drinking coffee just to get her back to normal levels of insanity.

I can hear everything you're thinking you know.

So can I, doesn't stop you from never shutting up now does it?

Get your fat flank up out of bed and make me some coffee, or I will see to it that everything you know and love dies in a burning cascade of fiery misery!

For the love of the stars, alright, alright, just quit your whining, it’s giving me an early headache.

I casted my sheets aside and let my hair spill down around me, whipping it side to side, admiring its flawless shimmer and form. It was almost a sin to have hair as beautiful as I, Octavia Harmonious Melody, it was my gift to the world, as well as my music of course.

In counter to my own voice-of-insanity’s earlier tirade I present my own “Exhibit A” for the existence of a kind and loving pair of gods watching over us: coffee. It’s delicious aroma always sent shivers down my spine, and the deep blends of flavors and ingredients to be explored where wasted on us mere, foalish, mortal ponies. Plus, anything that could take some of the edge of my extremely temperamental mental-illness-turned-unwilling-friend, was a god send.

Ha Ha, very funny, the more you anger me, the harder the rest of your day is going to be.

Still continuing your vendetta against Vinyl scratch?

It was a Vendetta BEFORE she put poison joke in our shoes, NOW it’s premeditated murder in the making.

These antics are nothing new from the mare, I don't know how you can still take it so personally

Stop pretending to be the mature and forgiving one, I didn't put it in your head to buy that new knife set for ‘cooking only purposes’.

Hey, I MOSTLY meant that when I bought those, and too my credit, Vinyl still draws breath, and remains unharmed.

That’s the problem, you haven't done anything but give her the silent treatment in retort for the past week since we got here. If you keep this up, she’s going to catch on that we plan to murder her.

I’m not trying to kill her.

The filly said to the homicidal voice in her head.

I really wasn't trying to kill Vinyl...I think. But on the day I had arrived, I snapped at the poor mare who was only trying to be friendly, in her own weird, perverse, insulting kind of way, but that didn't excuse the fact. I was dealing with some rather personal issues I had with her, and I wasn't quite ready to talk about them still. So for the last seven days, I’ve kept my conversations with her to a base minimum. Vinyl tries to get me going by talking about my breasts, pulling pranks, or by making conversation during our practice sessions, but I have found myself unable to indulge the ivory mare in banter.

I came to regain a friend, and settle old hardships with the hyperactive DJ, but outside of the skillset of intimidation, insults, and political small talk, my social abilities are stunted at best, no better than a rabid cockatrice at worst. It wasn't as if Vinyl made it easy, sure she’s friendly, open, and willing to talk at any moment, but she is a crazed eccentric, who likes to goad me into anger for one reason or another. Calm, rational thought is my domain, where I still have control over myself, but anger and rage was ‘her’ specialty. When she came out, it was always hard to regain control, and considering how much that side of me wants to do nothing more than take a garroting wire to Vinyls neck, I find it better to just ignore the mare, until I can find a way to reign in my annoyance when around her.

Fat chance of that happening, filly’s got your buttons on a control pad.

“Yes, she is quite exquisitely skilled at enraging me, some things never change I suppose.”

If you had told me that the devil was a short, white coated, blue haired pony named Vinyl Scratch, I would have believed you for a multitude of unflattering reasons, but let’s just blame it on her impeccable timing for now, shall we?

“Are you talking about my underwear or my Shades?” Vinyl asked from right behind me.

I responded in which with the most graceful flailing of my arms, were afterwards
I remembered to say good morning to the floor, with my face.

“Vinyl! How many times have I told you to address yourself as you enter the room, my heart is not designed for your constant frights!” I screamed from the ground.

“That's a pretty demanding order considering the quality reactions you give, Tavi.” Giggled the DJ

I set my self back up onto proper form, to look upon a scantily clad Vinyl Scratch wearing nothing besides a rather revealing lingerie set of gold and white, and her trademark shades of course. Honestly, if she kept that wild mane of hers in check, she could easy land a job as a athletic model.

“C-Celestia’s grace Vinyl! why are you wearing such an indecent outfit!” I stammered. I was a mare of class after all, rarely are my eyes ever subjected to such indecent displays.

“Because it makes me feel sexy.”

“That’s a terrible joke and you know it.”

The white mare suddenly dawned a serious questioning face.

“Why would I joke about my self-image?”

I could do nothing but give a flat look in response.

The Everfree forest is only a day ride away; they would never find the body.

“Shut up.”

“But I didn’t say anything.” Vinyl commented

“Not you… I was talking to….ugh, never mind.”

I buried my face into my hands, preparing for another long day of awkward silences and haphazard pranks. But Vinyl, less the sun disappear the very instant it happened, just couldn't be predictable.
“Hey Tavi…” She questioned, but I refused to answer at the time.

“Tavi…..Tavi…..Taaaaaaaviiiiiii.” As my vain attempts to ignore her continued, she sucked in a deep breath of air before her next words.



“Wait, can you even do that?”


She even looked like she was considering the idea, as if it would be a fun little experiment to try some day. Do you see why I’m so insane? A sane mare wouldn't be within a twenty mile radius of Vinyl.

“Hold that thought, because I have a better one for ya, Tavi.”

“You have my seething, angry, undivided attention, my dear Vinyl.”

“Well first, do you know what these are?” Vinyl, through the same disregard of the laws of physics that she obviously held for common decency, appeared behind me only a split second after saying her last word. she held a pair of padded gloves in her hand, and a weird plastic helm of sorts.

“First off, where we’re you hiding that, you don't have a single pocket on you.”

“If I explained it to you, you’re brain would literally collapse upon itself.”

“Im guessing you are living with the result of such cerebral damage?”

“Naaa, I was okay because Pinkie Pie explained it to me at a party once. You should see the stuff she can do, it would drive you cray-cray!”

I was going to make some clever in joke aloud to myself, but considering this was Vinyl of all ponies warning me about the antics of another, I decided to take the words somberly to heart, and mentally promised my self to never see the pink terror again.

“Anyways, this stuff is sparing equipment! You use it to punch and pound on other ponies and not hurt em so much! And its clear that you're still pretty angry with me, so I thought the best way to let go of some of that stress, was to try giving me a few good ones here and there.”
My eyebrows couldn't help but furrow themselves as Vinyl’s own wiggled up and down on her forehead.

“Are you suggesting that I partake in a barbaric sport as a method of stress release?”

“Oh come on Tavi, we use to fight all those snooty Canter-colts back when we were fillies.”

“Some of us have actually grown up over the years, Vinyl, it would be a good idea for you to follow suit in that regard.”

“Oh come on, it’s totally like, theraputic, I read it in a book once!”

“The word is ‘therapeutic’, and as surprised i am to learn that you can in fact read, I'm going to have to decline.”

“OH come on Tavi, this is like, the longest we’ve held a conversation all week! You’ve obviously got beef with me, and right now you still aren't talking about it, so this is a good way to work out all that angst your building.”

I turned my head away, it still made me angry that Vinyl pretended not to know what she did to put me in this disposition. But still, its not like I didn't find appeal in the idea, The mental image of my fist colliding at rapid speeds with the ivory mares skull made my inner voice giggle like a school filly.

Hehehe, we should do it, she is handing us a chance to do her physical harm without retaliation!

You're a horrible pony…

...Hello Kettle, I’m Pot, accept her offer, or I'll use both of us to smack Vinyl upside the head.

Groaning is so unbecoming of a lady, but I hope you’ll excuse me given the circumstance.

“Alright, Vinyl Scratch, I accept your invitation to indulge in physical violence.”

Vinyl broke out in a happy little dance, wiggling her but with the most foalish of grins….Show off…

“Dont get too excited.” I cut her off. “I doubt that I will be able to even stand the act for more than twenty minutes, I am simply putting an end to this before it becomes a tool of constant nagging that I know you will wield with malicious intent.”

“I have no idea what you meant by that, but come on, let’s go get dressed for sparing!” Vinyl beamed. she dragged me along as my eyes did their best to catalog the patterns on the ceiling.


I am a musician, through both destiny and choice. Nothing in the world can elicit the same joy and excitement I feel when my fingers dance across a piano. Or match the emotional rush, the bursts of thoughts that come running to me when my body dances along with my violin. And nothing can even come close to the melancholical serenity that fills my every pore as I string my cello, and listen to its hauntingly beautiful melody.

But I will admit, launching Vinyl twenty feet through the air from a well placed roundhouse was a extremely close second.

The Ivory mare had come crashing down from the air with a less than graceful tumble on top of the padded floor. I quickly rushed to her side to check on her condition.

“IN. YOUR. FACE. VINYL!” I bent my knees and began pointing my fingers at her in rapid succession.

“You, as I believe the ponies say now a days, just got RUPTURED!” I exclaimed in triumph.

Grunting through her inevitable defeat, Vinyl began to speak.

“It’s ‘got wrecked’, and winning one time out of thirty isn't exactly wrecking somepony.”

Just couldn't let me bask in the glory could she? It was true though, we had been fighting for the past five hours. Most of the bouts we did where nothing more than me trying hopelessly to attack the surprisingly agile mare, She floats like a parasprite and stings like a Ursa. It probably didn't help that I had rather improper form most of the time, not use to partaking in such a barbaric display of power. Vinyl, after growing tired of so easily trouncing my flank, decided to teach me the proper technique and art to fighting.

“First you got to stand like this! and then when you punch, you kind of want to move like this!” she would say, demonstrating the motions. Vinyl has always been something of a idiot savant, being able to pick up and master the techniques of something she practiced, while never fully understanding the concepts or reasoning behind them. As I tried them out myself however, the intent was made bare to me, the efficient ways of moving, the preplanning and preparation to swiftly strike and counter attack a foe, it was almost akin to playing a simplified chess.

Where Vinyl has raw experience and practice, I have intellect and ingenuity on my side, along with being a six foot, four inch tall earth pony. It is only a matter of time before I may wield my advantages to their full extent, and dominate over the smaller mare, making this defeat the first of many she will suffer in the future from me.

At least that's what I told myself, it was quite clear that the filly was taking it easy on me. Didn't make the victory any less sweeter, but I will certainly continue to strive for a total victory in the near future.

We were both drenched in sweat, and breathing heavily, me more so than Vinyl. I bet that I was a sight to behold for any stallion right then, as my coat glistened with the new layer of perspiration. That and I noticed Vinyl taking a few inquisitive looks, she must have been envying my well balanced, feminine figure...or just looking at my boobs again…which had reminded me of something.

“Now that we've finally calmed down from this bout, I’m reminded to ask, how did you manage to get my measurements for a sports bra.”

“I worked at a lingerie store for a while as a side job for a few months when I was starting off on my own, so I'm good at guessing sizes. What you should really be asking is where did they get enough materials to make a bra so big-OOF!”

I threw my towel at her to cut her off, she simply continued to giggle like the little heathen I knew she was, And honestly, I found myself slightly laughing at the situation as well. Vinyl’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as she beamed at me.

“Ah! A laugh! so you do remember how to laugh still!”

“Of Course I know how to laugh, you foal.” I retorted a little more playfully than intended.

“Could have fooled me, I've gotten nothing but grunts and eye rolls out of you for the past week now.”

“That's because your actions are barely worthy of such things, let alone anything more. Though I will admit, this has been, as you put it, ‘therapeutic’.”

Even the voice inside my head had grew silent for a while now, It always does after being satisfied with the days events. It had left me a rare moment of clarity to begin mending bridges with the sporadic DJ.

“This does remind me of our childhood, how we would fight against that gang of ruffians?”

Vinyl’s crazy smile grew small and warm, as she started to travel down the road to her memories as well.

“Yeah…I remember those days pretty well...what was that asshat of a colts name again, the one who lead the whole crew of lil’ monkeys?”

“Bull Worth, that was his name, I was the only one around who was bigger than him. He always had it out for me because of that.”

“It didn't matter how many of those guys tried to gang up on us, we’d always have each others backs, us against the world! And we’d win too!” Vinyl chuckled.

“Yes, I suppose we made quite the dynamic duo, if we weren't getting ourselves into trouble, we certainly had our hands filled with dragging everyone else down into the mess we were in.”

My smile had slowly died as I reeled through the memories, for all the good times we had always, they always led back to what happened three years ago. I was still bitter about it, still hurt. Thinking back on it, Vinyl probably could give a good reason for what she had did, but I still couldn't bring myself to mention it, thinking about it sunk a pit into the bottom of my stomach, a dark hole where only sadness and anger could escape its pull.

The stars must have aligned themselves right then and there, because Vinyl, in a rare bout of understanding and wisdom, did not press me further on the subject of past events. She bounced to her feet, re-adjusted that goofy smile of hers, and walked over to drape a hand on me, waking me out of my own self-inflicted pity party. I wish I could say that the sweaty Vinyl smelled disgusting, but there is little use lying to myself in my mind.

“You know Tavi, we are two very attractive mares who are all hot and sweaty. I believe we’re supposed to go wash and play with each other in the shower, until it slowly degrades into hot lesbian fun times.”

My scowl reached a whole new level. “Vinyl, where in Equestria do you get such vulgar ideas for your jokes.”

“The Internet.” the DJ responded without missing a beat.

“How we as a species have managed to Cultivate such high percentages of imbeciles like you around in a day and age where such a vast accumulation of knowledge is on easy access is beyond me.”

“That's because it’s mostly used for porn and kitten videos.”

I shot her a look. “Oh gods, you're not joking are you.”


“Idiots….idiots the lot of you.”

I took Vinyl’s arm and shifted my weight over quickly, using my body leverage to swing the mare over my side and slam her down on her back, She bounced off the padded floor with a grunt, then giggled.

“Since I actually value cleanliness, I shall be occupying the showers first, be ready to use the rest of the day for rehearsal in two hours on the dot, don't be late.”

She bounced up yet again, and saluted me “Roger Roger.”

I sauntered off to make myself presentable for the remainder of the day, trying to pretend I didn't notice the giggling mare as I walked away.

Ch 2 - A Song to Drive You Mad

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Vinyl’s music is absolute garbage. A mess of gargled, technological noise turned up to obscene levels of volume, to torture the idiotic masses who subject themselves to such a thing. The fact that this caught on only proves that the ponies of new are headed down a path of self destruction and ignorance, Art taking direction to please the tasteless foals who call themselves ‘the common ponies’.

You’re lying through your teeth, you love the music and you know it.

What ever favoritism I have for this blasted noise is only the result of the worlds most unfortunate case of stockholm syndrome, I swear it by my mane!

I doubt the time span for such a case is shorter than ten minutes.

“Shut up.”

“But I didn't say anything Tavi-”


The white DJ simply shrugged, and went back to configuring her infernal tools of musical blasphemy.

Oh my stars you are so in denial.

I, Octavia, am a mare who has been raised in class. I have taken musical lessons from the most esteemed artist before I could even walk. I have mastered nearly every classical instrument known to pony kind, even the bassoon, and nopony likes the bassoon! I listen to mastercrafts of complicated sonatas, quality music that invokes deep thoughts of emotion, through a gathering of skilled professionals lead by a inspired conductor. I am far too superior in intellect to ever enjoy a type of music that has ‘wubs’ in it.

….Okay, so maybe too unfair here, its not as if Vinyl simply convulses on top of a computer and calls what ever sound that comes out music. There is at least deliberation to what she does, if anything she’s following a basic rhythm and beat. She builds up with a start of sorts, something that brings promises of energy for the following parts of the song, at times it can almost even be considered normal music. That is until what is apparently called the ‘bass drop’ happens. Then the music seems to transform into a primal assault of sounds that evoke excitement and passion, the deafening beats seem to penetrate your very body, leaving you at the mercy of the hypnotic tunes. You are given no other option other than to be swept up by the flow, riding on a high of hyperactive bliss and- “OH MY GOD SHUT UP!”

Vinyl tip the shades off her head and looked upon me with worry.

“Whoa, are you okay there Tavi?”

“Oh yes, yes, I was simply….testing my lungs….”

At any other time, that would have probably earned me a sarcastic, sexual retort at my expense, but during practice hours, the DJ was all business. As she returned to configuring and testing her tool, something called a launch pad if I remember correctly, I could see how serious she was about the whole thing. The normally dopey smile on her face disappeared into a scowl of focus, I could feel the intensity of her eyes as she went over everything mentally, even through her tinted shades.

“Alright!” The DJ beamed. “My launch pad is all set up, with this I can keep my flow fluid and adaptable”

She pressed different buttons on the pad, making a small beat with a collage of sounds and other cut up songs.

“Now when you play your violin, I can adjust to match you.”

“So you plan to have a jazz session of sorts for today?”

“Yeps! Just going to ride the sounds of our beautiful music, afterall, we already spent the last week getting you up to speed on the concept of dubstep and how it works, you should be able to get a feel for how to play in counter to it.”

“Fine, just try to keep that technological garbage you call music under control, I don't need it messing up my tempo” I snapped.

“Roger roger.” she replied

I went ahead and begun to string my Violin, deciding to go off piece for the purpose of the session, I instead opted to channel my emotions into my playing. You see, musicians play instruments, but musical artist communicate ideas and feelings through their playing, they inspire a reaction from the very soul, only jaded foals and stuck up old ponies think that being a great musician is all about technical skill, not that I don't have that in surplus, but an artist needs something more, and that is a heart that is willing to share its outlook of the world with others, a mind that is driven to create and express.

Wanting to throw Vinyl for a loop, I opted for a slow melody, letting its sad beauty linger in the air. I played for a few seconds by my self, as Vinyl closed her eyes and took in the music. After the first verse, Vinyls smile returned ten fold, and she began to channel her madness into her work.


I… I can’t believe it… that was beautiful, that was amazing….it was ART!

Knew you loved this music.

That wasn't music, that was...something else entirely, i've never felt such a conflicting wave of emotions.

I must have sat there for several minutes with the most dumbfounded look upon my face, as the only thing that broke me out of my trance was the sound of Vinyl laughing at me.

“Try not to be too impressed, Tavi, its nothing amazing like those boobs of yours.”

“I…. I simply was impressed you could keep up with me, considering the crippling factor you put on your self, what with using your dubstep and all.”

“Mhmmm.” Vinyl cooed, knowingly.

“Shut up. Anyways, I suppose that was an adequate session for the day, though I must admit, I have a request from you.”

here it comes.

Shut up.

“And that is...?” Vinyl questioned

“That small red device of yours, I believe you called it a MLPod, may I borrow it for the night?”

“Let me guess, you want to listen to some more dubstep.”

"I am simply only trying to get a better feel on this trash you call music so I can better figure out how to play so that my quality sound isn't dragged down with it.”

“You really aren't fooling anyone here.”

You really aren't fooling anyone here.

“You could at least humor me like I am…”

“Filly please, you got to work for that.” she rose from her work station and began thumbing along her pocket sized device. “You can keep it for the night, but I think you should stay away from my porn stash on it.”

I shot her a look her a look to let her know how much I disapproved of her perverted tendencies.

“What?” she started defensively “Some ponies aren't aren't afraid to admit how awesome porn is in this world. And believe you and me sis, I need a lot of it to hold me over. And since you aren't letting me squeeze them sweater puppies anytime soon-”

“Wait, you're a fillyfooler?” I questioned.

“Equal opportunist, but so not the point, my point is that you should stop pretending like you don't like to rub one off every now and again.”

I could only bring myself to scowl at her in silence.

“Oh my sun, are you seriously telling me that you don't.”

“Some of us have control over our own mi-....”

I considered my words, then mentally kicked myself. Then tried to mentally kick my other self for taking away my ability to say those words with a straight face.

“My point is that it wouldn't kill you to act with some decency, at least pretend you're ashamed of yourself.”

“Shame is for ponies who are afraid to be themselves.” she said matter-of-factly. I caught the MLPod as she tossed it to me.

“Knock yourself out.” she said, relaxing back to her chair.

“I’ll do you one better…”

I waltzed over to Vinyl and stalked around her chair, making sure to take my time circling around her.

“What, are you going to give me a show?” she asked, a little bit more hope in her voice than there should have been. I traced my finger along her neckline and enjoyed watching her squirm a little under my touch, then I quickly yanked her sensitive horn upwards.

“Owowowowowow!” Vinyl complained.

“That's for insulting my breasts yet again.”

“I-I was hoping you were going to let that one slide, not that this punishment hasn't given me a even better view.”

"I am so going to kick your ass tomorrow.” I decreed as I released her horn, shunting her backwards. She laid on the floor, the same giggling mess as always.


So are you going to get to bed anytime soon?

Shut up. I'm trying to do some research here.

You’ve spent the past three hours doing nothing but listening through the playlist, you're not going to be able to rekindle that moment you had during practice.

Shut up! I know there has to be something in here that inspires me like the song we improvised! I knew most dubstep was trite, but there has to be something of value in here, some other pony who actually has a sense of artistic vision and taste that has made something of worth!

You could probably find just that in Vinyls personal creations folder, she even conveniently labeled it ‘MY CREATIONS’.

Shut up. Also shouldn't you be formulating violent, psychopathic ways to kill Vinyl scratch or something?

I’ve developed one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two ways to end the mare, one even including a water bottle and a bag of marshmallows, honestly at this point i'm running out of ideas.

So you stick around to bug me all night instead?

Not like I'm free to roam wherever I please, I'm a figment of your own twisted mind remember?

Shut up. I'll get to bed just as soon as I find a song that's even half decent.

Whatever you say…


It has been years since I have ever woken up off schedule. I have held my self to a standard. making sure to get up at a constant 5:45 AM after getting a solid seven hours worth of sleep. If not for my sore lack of discipline, and my complete exhaustion from trying to function off of two hours of rest, I would have seriously committed homicide against the ivory mare known as Vinyl scratch, for waking me up with enough Volume to put me in a early grave.

I couldn't keep my self sentient enough to use the stove, and anything Vinyls hands touched that wasn't already cooked turned into demonic concoctions of otherworldly poisons. So I surprised myself with a basic bowl of milk and oats.

Ever have that one person who is just way too cheery in the morning, and if you had the energy, you would slay them where they stood? You haven't felt the apex of that emotion until you have lived with Vinyl.

Maybe if someone hadn't stayed up all night listening to dubstep, you’d have the energy to commit the act that I have been planning for days now.

Well maybe if you planned as well as you nagged, I would have already done it by now.

Wow, I can not believe you would stoop so low as to insult the integrity of my schemes.

I am far too tired to think straight, let alone deal with your snark, begon from my sanctum and leave me to my misery.

And what, make your life not a living hell? as if I'd ever let you have it that easy.

Bloody tart…

“Sleep well, Sugar-tits?” Vinyl sang.

“I will gut you with a spoon.” I groaned

“Well enough to promise violence, but bad enough to be grumpier than usual. What’s up?”

“What is up, my ill-tasted Vinyl Scratch, is your music selection.”

“The hay you saying is wrong with my tunes, mare?” she questioned Indignantly.

“What I am saying, is that I went through your collection of dubstep and found myself less than satisfied.”

“The whole thing? in one night?” Vinyl asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

“No not the whole thing, not yet at least.”

Especially not any folders named ‘My Creations’

“Which is why I will have the continued need for the device past the agreed upon time, I cannot leave this subject unsolved. I must see to it that i discover what makes this new brand of music so great.”

“You know I'm going to need my MLPod back right? I have my ‘morning business’ to attend to.”

“Ew, so that's why your always so late….wait, you never wash your hands during morning breakfast...”

“I like to think of it as my own natural, delicious seasoning.”

Note to self, take next bath in bleach and fire.

“I’m kidding, i’m kidding. Seriously though, I need my pod back.”

“Okay… I’ll hand it back into your custody after a hour more or so.”

I could feel Vinyl’s flat look through her shades.

“What? you have a laptop don't you? Surely there is plenty more of your disgusting vice on that machine.”

Vinyl tapped her chin, then shrugged in recognition. “Fair enough, I think it would be best if we skipped sparing for today, you don't look up to it.”

“Just count the hours until your complete and total defeat.”

She got up to walk away. “Whatever you say, Sugar-tits.”

I swear, if I was just a bit faster I would have lodged my spoon into that thick skull of hers, instead of the door.


I walked along the hallways of our home, destination already in mind. I had completely searched the small device’s resources, yet still found nothing good enough. I needed more, and there was only one other device I knew with that on it.

You know, if you’re just going to ruin your life like this, what am I here for?

Shut up, this is more important than both sleep, and food.

Blasphemy. But don't mind me, go ahead and run your health into the ground searching for this golden song. I mean it’s not like there's a certain playlist or anything you just won't check that has everything you’re asking for.

Vinyl may have started it, but she can't be the only artist of its field with any merit, I refuse to even consider that a idea.

That or you just don't want to admit you only have ears for-

Finish that thought, and I'll leave you alone with Vinyl in a public place all day.

And suddenly, I am a good, obedient little voice.

I bursted through the door to Vinyls room, she jumped from where she sat in front of her machine, face a bright hue of red.

“T-TAVI! I swear I can explain!”

“You were clopping weren't you.”

“I WASN'T LISTENING TO THE BACKSTREET COLTS- I mean….yes….clopping...thats what I was doing.”

“Don’t care. The machine. Give it to me.”

“What, you mean my laptop? Why?”

“Because I have gone through your entire collection of songs, and have found nothing of worth, I need a bigger sample.”

“It’s twelve at night, aren't you suppose to be in bed by now? Besides I don't even think you know how to navigate a hard drive, I had to set up the web browser for you the last few times.”



“Grab my hand.” I extended my hand forward.

“Okay.” she grabbed it.

“Now stand closer.”





I was literally breathing down her neck, the little mare looked nervous.

“Do you know what I want you to do, Vinyl?”

“No. What?”

“I want you…” I used my other to grab the belt of her pants. “...to GET WRECKED!”

I threw her across the room, with my height and genes, the small Unicorn went soaring like she had sprouted wings. She collided with the wall, and fell down, bouncing off her bed (I am much too merciful). I swiped her laptop, and made a mad dash for my room. “Thank you Vinyl dear!” I cheered back at here.

“CELESTIA DAMNIT TAVI!” I took solace in knowing that Vinyl seemed genuinely peeved by my actions for once, I was starting to see why she teased me so much, the feeling was rather invigorating.


I didn't know how many hours had past, but by the time I had torn my eyes away from the screen, the sun was already crawling across the horizon, the big burning wretched ball of flame could be damned for all I cared. I still had a conquest to finish, a dream to relieve, and I would not be stopped come Tartarus or high water. However I will say that Vinyl herself makes at least a considerable road block.

“Tavi! TAVI! Open the door already!”

You’ve been ignoring her for at least half an hour. Her screaming is starting to annoy me.

Ignore it! I still have at least forty albums to siphon through!

My thumbs were practically imprinted on the play and forward buttons, I stayed huddled under the warmth of my blanket as I immersed myself in my mission. I was entirely focused on the task at hand until Vinyl had kicked my door down, I don't give the filly enough credit for her kicks, shes got enough strength to send the thing flying over my head. I made a mental note to avoid them at all cost next time we sparred.

“Was the destruction of my door really necessary?” I questioned, not tearing my eyes away from the monitor in front of me.

"I have plenty of spares in the closet.”

That made me look up at her to question. “You have spare doors in your closet?”

“How else would I practice my door kicking?”

“That almost makes too much sense.”

Vinyl sat down at my side while she waited for me, obviously expecting me to quit in my endeavors, I was determined to prove her wrong. We sat together in silence for a time, before she finally tried to say something to me.

“You know Tavi-”

“DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HOURS OF THIS GARBAGE I'VE HAD TO GO THROUGH?” I belted. Vinyl could do nothing but blink back at me in confusion.







My neck jerked back as Vinyl slapped me across the face

“Tavi, chill.”

I blinked through the stinging pain and bit back my tears, eventually I managed to get the whirlwind in my head under control.

“Thanks...I needed that…”

You're telling me

“Shut up.”

“But I didn't-”

“Not the point.”

Vinyl leaned back and brushed her hair, relaxing into her spot on my bed. “Yeash….I forgot how crazy you get over music-”

“WHO TOLD YOU MY SECRET- I-I mean….yes...I suppose my passion for the musical arts is a bit much.


Shut up

“Have you gotten any sleep at all sis? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so not ‘polished and perfect’. You look like a wreck.”

“Well I don't much care for your face either but you don't see me pointing it out.” I spat.

“Ouch, someone's got a grade-A case of the grumps.”

“Bite me...No not literally.”

Vinyl retracted her teeth away from my neck.

“I'm going to have to get my laptop back, I seriously need that for work.”

“YOU will not get anything from me until I can relieve myself of this sinful desire.”

Vinyl raised a brow.

“Of music, my sinful desire of music, Vinyl.”

“Staying up two nights in a row, not eating anything during that time either. Taking my stuff and not giving it back, being even bitchier than usual. What is up with you Tavi? you’re making me worried.”

As if I could tell her anything, she was the one responsible for my sad state, my current addiction. she showed me what dubstep could be, the new world it could open up, and I was trying so hard to explore that world, only to be disappointed at every turn. I knew there had to be another great artist doing this type of thing, why was it that I couldn't find anything.

Because its not-

No, even if that was true, I’d never admit to it. Vinyl may be good, maybe even the best on this field, but she wasn't the only talent, she couldn't be, just by the sheer number of new artist, I had went through hours worth of songs, and still had hours more to go through.

“Seriously Tavi, have you even looked in a mirror?” Vinyl grabbed my favorite hand mirror from my dresser, and shoved it in front of my face. It almost didn't register to me that the Mare in the mirror was myself. My hair was a tangled mess of a mane that was losing its luster, my eyes were bloodshot with deep bags under them, and my normal grace and stillness was replaced with small jerks and shaking all over my body. I was a disaster to say the least, It was amazing how fast I could degrade within the span of two days.

“You keep going through my music.” Vinyl added “And keep complaining about my selection, but almost all of them are my personal picks, my cream of the crop.”

“Really? Is that what that was.” I laughed sadly.

“Well, I mean if anything, they were at least pretty good.”

“Pretty good Vinyl? Pretty good Vinyl? Pretty good is not the superior quality and all ending greatness that I am searching for, pretty good is not what sets my heart aflutter, not what makes me feel alive…pretty good is not….”

I grew silence as I searched my self to figure out what I truly wanted, but I knew I had already found it. Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe, just maybe it was because I was trying to be a friend to Vinyl yet again, but I had pushed my pride aside long enough to admit what I needed to say.

“....Pretty good isn't your music…”

Vinyl had to raise her shades in surprise to make sure the words she just heard came from the mare in front of her.

“Oh shut up, you heard me right...I had forgotten just how much your music inspired me, it was your musical prowess that had birthed my love for music in the first place as a little filly...without you I would have still kept my jaded disdain for the art.” I looked up into Vinyl's scarlet eyes, I wanted to make sure she knew I was serious about my words. “Your songs touch me in a way that nothing else does, you don’t just make music, you craft emotions for the world to enjoy and experience. To this day I’m still…”

I swallowed, catching the words on my throat.

You can't admit it can you, can't bring yourself to completely forget your pride.

Its hard, I don't want to leave myself so vulnerable again.

Are you afraid of letting yourself be weak, or admitting to yourself and Vinyl that you are weak.

SHUT UP! I'm not weak, I’ve struggled to hard to be weak! I'm not weak, I'm not weak! I'm not… I'm not weak...I’m-

“You know, I remember when we were fillies.” Vinyl had snapped me out of my slow descent into panic.

"There was this little doe eyed filly who would always follow me to my own practice sessions. It didn't matter if I was on the top of my game, or stumbling over a new instrument, she was always there, looking at me with eyes that told me that my music meant the world to her.”

She took her shades off fully and moved in close to me, I didn't shy away from her moving closer, nor did I when she draped her arms around me for a hug.

“I had always made sure to practice my hardest almost every waking hour after seeing her, to make sure that my music would be good enough to deserve her attention.”

My eyes grew wide, I could barely suppress the gasp.

“It wasn't anything too complicated or nothing, I just knew she wouldn't settle for anything less than the absolute best. And she was always right behind my flank in skill, so I made sure to practice my ass off so that I could always impress her.”

I almost couldn't believe the words my self, I searched her eyes for a glimmer of a smile, waited for the punchline, looked for the ‘I gotcha’ and everything, but she was sincere from the bottom of her heart, Vinyl was always too blunt to not be.


I hated to admit it, but Vinyl was my childhood rival, and idol. The way she would play with such ease and grace when we we’re younger, and still manage to create beautiful flowing pieces without ever learning from anyone. She carried a mystique and unbelievable charm to her skill like none other. She was unorthodox from the get-go, and refused to follow anyoponies example, I had always just thought her as an natural genius, someone gifted with the hands of a goddess, who had a level mastery that I could never attain. Even the adults around us who had cutiemarks to instruments, and years of dedicated practice subsided to her.

“Hmph, even the goddesses themselves must practice to reach their prime it seems.” I whispered aloud to my self

“Well it’s at least a small comfort for me, knowing that you also had to work your flank off too.”

“Stop trying to flatter me with lies, Vinyl, you're a horrid liar.”

“I’m serious Tavi…” she took a deep breath before continuing on. “Every time I looked back on you, you were better than I was at that age, I had to keep finding new ways to step up my game just to keep up. Just don't become a DJ, I don’t think I’m ready to lock myself in a room again trying to stay ahead.”

Vinyl was an artist with her own pride, same as me, its why Vinyl, who would tell her life's secret to a total stranger, had never even mentioned this to me until now. And if she truly did see me as a rival all this time, it must have been just as hard for her, as it is for me, to admit what she just told me.

“Vinyl, I didn’t get to finish...to this day I'm still trying...I'm still…”

You can’t say it, you can never say it. Even after Vinyl opened up to you, your still too much of a coward to say it.

“What im trying to say is...What I really want to say…”

Coward. Hypocritical coward. Just hide behind your false pride, you aren't strong enough to stand without it.

The voice was going back to its old ways, going back to telling me the truths I didn't want to hear, to the things I wanted the most to not be true.

Weak. Useless. Arrogant. Foal.

Why? Why couldn't I just say it? why couldn’t I just say what I needed to say? I can't breathe, I can't speak, my heads going numb. I need to be strong, I need to be strong, I need-

“I get it Tavi, don't you worry. I wouldn't be much of a friend if I couldn't tell what you meant.”

Vinyl hugged me tightly, and the breath I found my self devoid of just seconds ago returned to me, I didn’t have to say it, didn't have to face myself, for Vinyl had already knew what I wanted to say, she had protected me yet again, just like she always did...

Then why did what happen three years ago, happen.

Thats right, three years ago, Vinyl had caused my very world to come crashing down on me. She still considered me a friend, still obviously had at least respected me, so then why, why did that happen? It doesn't add up at all...

But if what just happened was any indication, I still wasn't ready to talk about it.

I gently broke away from the hug, and composed myself before speaking to Vinyl again.

“Thank you, I needed that more than I thought.” I started.

The devilish grin returned when her shades were back at their usual spot on her face.

“No prob Tavi, anything else I can do for ya? I kinda owe you for copping a feel during the hug.”

“I'm going to extend my mercy for just this once and let that slide, but request that you let me keep your Laptop for a bit longer. There's something I need to listen too before I can put this whole dubstep mess behind me.”

“Okay okay, I’ll let trade you my free pass from punishment for a few more hours with my laptop, you going to be okay for the rest of the day though?”

“Doubt it, but I can always reset myself with ease.”

“Fair enough.” she launched her self off from the bed, and started walking towards the busted door way. “Goodnight Tavi.”

“It’s morning you foal.”

“Whatever.” she giggled.

When she finally left the room, I let out a sigh, I suddenly could feel all the exhaustion I had been suppressing until this point.

Weak. Coward. Hypocrite.

“Shut up…”

I navigated through the device, until the one playlist I had been avoiding all this time came brightly lit across the screen


The folder was quite eloquently named, I had hit the play button, not caring what song it was so long as it was one of Vinyl’s. The beats that came on were loud, energetic, and made whoever want to listen to them get up and dance, and at this moment, they were my perfect lullaby.

I slept till the dawn of the next day.


You think this makes everything better? This changes nothing. What happened three years ago can't just be so easily forgotten, she abandoned you and left your world to crumble, that can never be forgiven, never be forgotten. Until you purge that weakness from your heart, I will always be here to remind you of the failure you truly are.

Sleep peacefully, Octavia, for the weak need all the rest they can get.

Ch 3 - Mad about you.

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Vinyl jumped into the air, thinking a roundhouse to the upper body would take me down. How wrong she was. I caught it easily,then using my superior strength and leverage, tackled her down to the padded floor. At this point, we were both sweating profusely, and Vinyl never was one to lose anything without a fight, So as anypony could imagine, getting her in a choke hold was rather hard at this point. Vinyl squirmed around and bit my arm, I didn't mind, after three weeks of constant sparing, we had both discerned that we we’re ponies made of sterner stuff, and could take a bit more ‘intense’ practice methods. I had a strong grip with one arm around her neck, so I used my free hand to pull her by the mane, and cement my grasp on her.

“THAT ALL YOU GOT TAVI!?” Vinyl re purposed her mouth to spitting insults, now lacking anything to bite down on.

“If only you were so fortunate!” I responded. I shifted my position around the body of the mare, using my legs and arms to lock her in place against the ground. I had her completely at my mercy, just the way I liked it.

Vinyl thrashed against the hold, but her small frame held little strength in comparison to mine, she was trapped, and thus soundly defeated.

“By all means, keep squirming Vinyl, I take pleasure in seeing you suffer after all.” I said with a victorious smile.

Vinyl gave a grunt of discomfort before responding. “Keep this up, and I'm going to start to enjoy losing to you ya know.” she joked.

“You know how much I disapprove of your inappropriate, sexually charged humor.” I had punctuate my statement with a tug on the hold, causing more pain than necessary

“Ow ow ow! yes mistress, punish me more for my inappropriate behavior- yeoooOWW!” I cut her sarcasm off with another, tighter tug.

“Okay okay! you win, you win!” She quickly blurted out, wanting nothing more than to get out of the hold. She nearly jumped out from under me as soon as I relaxed enough for her to escape, which admittedly wasn't much.

“Really now, these damn grapples of yours are getting annoying! Where did you even learn them? I only taught you strikes.”

“The internet.” I answered curtly.

“What, did you search up ‘how to disassemble a pony with your bare hands?’ That shit hurts!” she whined.

“I could do that before, for you, I searched more along the lines of ‘how to wrestle a Manticore and win.’”

“Hmp, flattery doesn't get this new pain out of my neck.” she said, stretching. “Next thing I know you’ll be using those weapons of mass destruction to strangle me.” she said pointing at my chest, emphasizing the word ‘mass’. She always resorted to teasing my breasts when she wanted to get me riled, or when she was just joking, or at any time really, I often found her obsession with them aggravating, and I had always been quick to respond with physical violence in retaliation.

“Don't take it as a compliment, your more comparable to one due to your odious scent, rather than your fighting skills.” I said walking up to her, still formulating in what way I would assault the mare for her earlier comment.

She always stood there and smiled, knowing it was coming. I suppose the joke wasn't fun if it didn't get an angry reaction out of me, and Vinyl was a tough mare, so in all honesty, attacking her in any way was always counter productive. But being one of the few illogical actions I did do in the routine of my life, I decided to hit her anyways, because it always made me feel better.

A quick jab to the side of her outstretched neck was all I needed to subside the irritation I felt at the mare.

“YEOW!” she exclaimed, I must be getting stronger, she normally just laughs off my attacks.

“Hey, that kink in my neck is gone, thanks Tavi!” she said, flashing that idiotic smile of hers at me.

“Count Luna's lucky stars for that, I was trying to end your life, and save me the pains of having to see you again later in the day.”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, will I be seeing your sexy flank during breakfast?”

“No, not at all, I need some more time to think out the third verse for my part in the song, I’d like to do so in silence.”

“Right-o. I guess I'll tweak around with my sound board again.”

“Remember that you aren't allowed to add that preposterous Griffon-Style song into the mix.” I said, glaring at her just to make sure she got the point.

“Damn it, you never let me have any fun.” she grumbled.

“Yes, but I allow you to live, so it balances out. Make sure you take a shower before our practice this afternoon; I dislike having your odor constantly filling my nostrils.” I didn't really mind it at all, in all actuality, the strange mare had an ability to smell pleasant at all times, but I'd die thrice over before I'd ever admit that to anypony, least of all her.

“Roger Roger.” where the last words before I left her for my shower.


The warm water flowed over me as I looked down upon my new scar, a addition to the growing collection. The spot where Vinyl had bit me still hurt a little, but the pain was worth the assurance it brought me. Vinyl, who I had held insecurities and feelings of inferiority too, was treating me like a equal, a true rival in everything. She knew my pride could barely take being pitied, and its not like she could afford such a luxury anymore even if it didn't. She had to scrape, nail, and in this case, bite her way to holding equal ground with me, just like I had to do for the same for her. This bite mark, from an attack made in pure desperation and struggle, was all the proof I needed that she was giving her all to me, and despite our now different worlds of music, I knew she did the same in that regard too.

I always loved to shower, but some how fighting with Vinyl every morning had made the act feel that much more rejuvenating. What ever angers or frustrations that I would inevitably build up towards the dysfunctional mare, would make itself known during our heated clashes, And then all that negativity would be washed away, leaving only positive thoughts in its wake.

Getting oftly found of the malcontent aren't you?

Well, mostly positive thoughts.

Why, hello there, my voice of insanity, what a pleasant morning this is, wouldn't you agree?

This new condescension is rather trying on my nerves, I liked it much better when you were bickering with me as a feeble attempt to keep the remaining sanity of your mind.

Me and Vinyl are getting along swimmingly, in just a few more weeks, I'll have reconciled with her completely, and have you out of my head for good.

Such great progress, explains why you still haven't talked to her about three years prior to this.

I'll get to it when I'm good and ready, and at this rate, it will be soon. There is nothing you can say to me anymore that will get under my skin. So throw your best at me, from here on out, I can take it.

Well since you're proposing the challenge, how about the fact that outside of beating each other within inches of your lives, and musical practice, you two rarely share any friendly moments with each other.

Going have to try harder than that, we’re both reclusive introverts by nature of being artist. Our moments together are rare and brief, but no less valuable.

Or at least they would be if Vinyl was also a locked away bint who was more likely to punch a pony before hugging them.

Punching is for ponies worthy of touching my hands, I crush under heel such commoners, but what is your point?

My point is that Vinyl has other friends, friends who are nicer than you, who probably spend more time with her than you as well, you think she just goes to sit down in some dark corner when she leaves at night?

It was true, Vinyl was a thoroughbred party animal, placed second only behind the Element of Laughter in her hi jinks. As a DJ she had prided herself not only in her music, but her ability to ‘supercharge the fun levels’ as she put it. While I was a shut in, who rarely wanted to interact with the ponies of the outside world, Vinyl was quite outgoing, and would often leave after practice, not coming back till the twilight hours, stories of her party shenanigans splayed all over her body.

I saw her as a annoying, hyperactive, overly eccentric mare who had a goofy smile, but I doubted she had any trouble making friends with others, unlike me.

And for some reason, that line of thought made me worried.

And the seeds of doubt are sown~! my inner voice singed

Shut up. There is a easy fix to this, one so simple its almost genius.

Oh? and what might that be?


“Vinyl, I want to spend more time with you.” I said abruptly after some silence.

“Yeah, and I want to be the personal sex slave of granny smith, now are we done talking like its opposite day or what?”

“Wait, personal sex slave of Granny Smith, as in the Apple family farm owner?”

“Trust me, its a long, dark, and fucked up story.The kind of thing you don't learn without killing off a piece of your sanity.”

I shook my head to clear myself of those mental images before they began. “But I am serious Vinyl, I want to spend more time with you.” I restated, trying to sound as warm and inviting as I possibly could.

Vinyl seemed to freeze up behind her work station, I noted her eyes darting around, marking all the possible escape routes. From the looks of it, she found the window to be the most appealing option.

“Um, Tavi...Look, I don't know what I've done as of late to tick you off, but I just want to make sure that you are mostly joking whenever you talk about wanting to kill me and stuff, right?”

“I beg you pardon?” I asked, raising a brow

“Tavi, can I be straight with you for a moment?”

“I don't know, can you stop staring at my breasts for two moments?”

“Pfft, sexual humor! I'm rubbing off on you.” she pressed a button, causing a drum sting to play.

I rolled my eyes “Oh Celestia, parish the thought.”

“But seriously Tavi, after spending twenty minutes with me, you look like you're ready to mutilate me so bad that the funeral would have to be closed casket.”

“I am not that violent!” I said defensively

“Tell that to the grocery store owner who smacked you on the ass, the doctors say he may never walk again.”

“Sexual harassment is something I do not tolerate.” I responded flatly

“And this is why I grope you in your sleep.”

I stared daggers at her for that one.

“What? I'm kidding, I'm kidding…”

I held my stare, and Vinyl appeared like she was really starting to like the look of that window.

“Anyways” she awkwardly interjected. “Say you did want to hang out with me, what would we do? I really only go to hang out at clubs, and not only do they operate outside your bedtime, but I doubt they would really be your kind of scene either.”

“Well, do you have some other activity you partake in perhaps?”

she put her hand to her chin, contemplating a response. she looked as if she was about to give a answer, but for some reason, my instincts kicked in.

“And I swear by William Trot Overture, if anything you're about to suggest involves lighter fluid, pony feathers, twenty pounds of nitro glycerin, and a turtle, I will skin you alive and leave you to dry in the Saddle Arabia desert.”

“Aaaaaawwww, and I really wanted to save that poor turtle…” she returned to her thinking, I ,some how knowing that past those thick shades, her eyes were looking into some far off corner. She begun to try and speak again.

“And no porn.” I interjected

“Well tie my hands up why don't you? Seriously, let’s do that, I bet it would be pretty kinky-”


“Alright, alright, I have a great idea on what we can do, and no it doesn't involve explosives, turtles, or kinky lesbian bondage sex.” she had manage to cut me off before I could voice my objections, but had addressed each one of them none the less.


Out of the time I've spent here, this was the third occasion that I had been in vinyls room, but each time before, I had barely paid any attention to its contents. Vinyls room seemed to scream of a culture that was all unto its own. On one end laid a huge, king sized bed, with all types of multicolored underwear and lingerie hanging from its posts, the covers on top of said bed where disheveled. On the the walls, hung the typical posters of musicians both modern and old, accompanied by different types of artistic renderings of ponies. Some of them held characters with oversized eyes, in dresses and manes filled with bright, colorful pallets, designed for the sole purpose of being sickeningly cute. Other posters had darker, almost grim quasi-realistic tones, of ponies with brooding, menacing looks to them, they held weapons, both comically gigantic and practical, as they posed in attempts to make them appear like unequal warriors of epicness. Across from her bed sat her work station, a monstrosity of technology that served to augment her laptop. Monitors, turn tables, game stations, and many other devices that I was too inexperienced to even name, stood set up in a mass of glowing neon lights.

“We’re going to stay up all night playing video games and watching anime!” Vinyl cheered, hugging an arm around my midsection. I had agreed to go along with her plans, as she suggested a sleep over. Sleepovers were not something we really had time to do in our younger lives. Our friendship was quite unusual, and time we spent together as children was often limited by the daylight, so Vinyl wanted to make up for lost time.

She bounced around in set of red, raunchy lingerie with faded, high stockings. Vinyl was a free spirit when it came to clothing, most of the time she would be practically naked within the walls of the house, and when she left to go outside, she settled for just looking like she was waiting to be stripped. The little ivory mare rarely wore anything to ‘cover’ her body, so much as ‘accent’ it, often justifying her lewd attire by saying such things as “I worked too hard to not show off my body.”

Showing off that body of hers again, at least she’s a pleasing view...

I didn't often look at others behinds, but out of the small number of times that I had, Vinyl probably owned the nicest. Everything about her was toned and lean, with just the right amount of curves, softness, and muscle. I had grown use to the display by now, sure, but the idea of spending a night alone with a pretty much naked Vinyl didn't completely sit right with me...not that I would ever think about such events transpiring in the first place.

Shut up.

Anyways, I knew what video games were, but I had no idea about the later.

“I don't know what this anime is, but I feel like there's a great sense of shame attached to it.”

“You don't know the half of it. But come on, we need to get you out of those clothes.”

“You said this was a sleepover Vinyl, I came wearing my night clothing, prepared for just that, Sleeping over.”

“Okay filly, life rule number one, the term ‘sleepover’ is the greatest lie since ‘Santa Hoofs’.”

Told you so.

“Well there goes my childhood…” I muttered to myself softly.

“And second, there is no way you are going to be in my room wearing that much clothing at this hour, you look like my grandma!” I admit, my night clothes may have been a bit, modest. However it’s not like I had anyone I was trying to impress.

Are you sure about that? Vinyl is looking rather complacent with herself right now, I think it would do some good to show her what a real mare looks like.

“I like this set of pajamas, thank you, and I shall not be stripping down any further.”

“Filly please, as if I'm giving you the option.” she stated as she begun to grab hold of my clothes. Being used to Vinyls movements, and having fought for several weeks now, I had reflexively threw her over to her bed. When she landed, she had had a malicious smile, and when she held up what she held in her hands, I had found the answer to why. She had my pajama pants and top in her hands, leaving me with nothing other than my basic black underwear, that barely served to cover up any of my delicate spots.

If I was to ever consider myself blessed for anything (besides my near celestial gods levels of natural hair quality) it would be that I was born an earth pony. After all, I needed quite a strong back if I was going to hull around the massive breasts on my chest.

They were triple D cups, last time I checked...yes they are still growing slightly, much to my dismay. I often had to keep them strapped down to my chest, as I refused to get a magical reduction, not trusting anypony with the handling of my body. I'm a beautiful mare, have a set of good hips, and was frightfully tall. Despite my fitness, my body projected nothing but feminine softness and beauty. It was often that I was compared to the celestial sisters as a compliment from deluded stallions who thought they had stood a chance with me. I kept perfect maintenance of my body through and through, but that didn't mean I was happy with showing it off. I always dressed modestly, not wanting any part of my body exposed to the leers of dirty eyes, my body was mine, and mine alone, and I would not let anyone get any wise ideas as to what they could do with it. So naturally, when Vinyl had so soundly stripped me, I had tried to retreat to my room.

“And where do you think your going, sexy?” Vinyl appeared right in front of me as soon as I turned around.

“How in Tartarus did you manage to do that!”

She smiled to answer, then shifted her face into one of question. “Wait, the ninja stripping, or the complete disregard for the laws of physics?”


“Years of partying, and Pinkie Pie...and I meant that as an answer for both.”

For my remaining sanity, I did not further go down that line of thought.

“Anyways, get back in there sister!” She made a movement to push me, and I nearly jumped out of my skin as lighting ran through my spine at the contact of her hands against my waist. I leaped away from her, letting lose the most undignified yelp I think I have ever made.

“Whoa, did I touch some where off limits.” Vinyl questioned, raising her hands in a defensive posture.




“Oh. way less sexually charged.”

“Vinyl Symphonia Allegro Scratch! If this slumber party is to happen, there are ground rules that must be followed, under the penalty of your untimely demise!”

“Okay, shoot.”

“No touching of my body!”

She raised an eyebrow, but didn't complain “‘Kay.”

“No sexually charged humor!”

“No promises.”

“And, absolutely NO jokes or comments about my breasts, PERIOD!”

She stood there in silence.

“Vinyl?” I asked

“You know, there's this new shovel I got that hasn't been used, and the back yard is rather spacious.”


“Dammit Tavi what do you want from me? You're basically asking for me to tie my muzzle shut.”

“Vinyl! Please! I'm uncomfortable like this! I don't like other ponies touching or commenting on my body.”

“We spar all the time in the morning, you never seemed to have a problem with that.”

“That's fighting, Vinyl, this is something completely else, something...intimate.”

Vinyl gave me a befuddled look over my choice of words.

“Whoa, whoa. Alright alright, I'll keep it on a leash, just don't start making this weird alright?”

“That coming from you...by the way, may I put my pajamas back on?”

“Hell no filly. If I'm going to keep my tongue in check, I'm going to need something to distract me.” she said, giving me a lecherous eye through her shades.

Vinyl didn't like lying about herself, so much so that she had casually dropped the fact that she prefered the female persuasion, like she was simply mentioning her hoof size. I didn't begrudge her for her choice, but I wish she didn't make her preferences so painfully obvious all the time.

I had shrunk in a feeble attempt to cover my body, blushing furiously, I probably only made things worse by squeezing my breasts closer to my chest. I swear I saw Vinyl go slack jawed for a moment.

“I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I just needed to get that last joke out my system. But I'm serious, no over covering of thy body shall be permitted within the domain of Vinyl scratch!” she announced.

“Can I at least stay under the covers?!” I whined.

“Sure, knock yourself out.”

At Least she was willing to compromise, not that my position was much better under the very sheets Vinyl had slept in.

She probably has pleased herself atop these very sheets as well.

That thought alone was almost enough to send me rocketing out from under them, but they had a rather pleasant smell to them, so I had assumed, more like prayed, that Vinyl had recently washed them.

“You ever play any video games Tavi?”

“No, I'm surprised you have time for them, with all the practice we put into music.”

“Sometimes after a gig I'm all burnt out but don't want to sleep, it’s where most of my gaming hours come from.”

“I see, well I at least understand the basic principle, Controlling characters through certain inputs on a controller, though the objective varies depending on the game.” I said scholarly, hoping to impress Vinyl with my knowledge on the subject.

“Pretty much, though you’re lucky you have a friend with such good taste, your first game is going to be one of the best titles we have to date! Pony Kart 8!”

“What does it entail?”

“Colorful race tracks, fun and cool driving mechanics, and the most infuriating, rage inducing item system to ever be introduce into a racing game.”

“I see.” I didn't really, but I just took her word for it.

“I'll start setting it up! Give me a second, here, you might as well get use to having the controller in your hand while you wait.”

She tossed me a small, white plastic device, I had planned to follow her advice and familiarize myself with the thing, but Vinyl was...distracting me. She got down on her knees and started to mess with the wires sprawled around the floor, she wiggled her flank to and fro, while whistling one of the verses from our experimental piece.

Like what you see?

What? Vinyl is always spying on at my chest, am I not allowed to sneak some appreciative glances at her rear?

Appreciative? Is that the worlds new word for lusting?

“Excuse me?!” I exclaimed

“Hmm?” Vinyl responded

“Nothing, go back to preparing the game.” I barked. She shrugged, probably use to my random outburst from reacting to my inner voice by now.

I am not lusting over Vinyl scratch, are you mad?

Do you really want the answer to that?

I want you to stop trying to spread your corrupting influence and attempting to ruin my relationship with Vinyl!

Relationship is such a strong word, don't you think you should at least wait until you two kiss?

Oh my celestial gods, I cant believe im having this conversation with you.

Neither can I, you should be, as Vinyl puts it, ‘having sexy lesbian fun times’.

First you try to get me to physically harm and shun Vinyl, now you're trying to corrupt my feelings of friendship towards her by claiming they have an origin in lust! Do you ever quit? Why can't you simply allow me to be happy?

That's not what I'm here for.

And just what are you here for, hmm? Just what purpose do you serve that makes you so necessary, as to constantly butt in and affect my life and emotions?

I am a part of you; you already know that answer. I'm also not here to make your life problems easier, it would be too simple if I just told you.

Shut up. I don't hold any such disgusting thoughts for Vinyl. I am a pure mare who has never held such dirty affections too any pony, and I wont be deceived by your lies into thinking otherwise.

End of discussion.

“You ready to have some fun Suga- I mean, Tavi?” At Least Vinyl was trying, after the prodding from my inner voice, I'm not sure I could take listening to her call me by that infernal nickname.

“Yes, I suppose I am.” I replied. Vinyl hopped over unceremoniously to her bed, and plopped herself down right besides me.

“Let the games begin!”


Is it situational irony that the two things in this world that bring me to complete mindless, bitter, and uncontrollable rage, are both related to the color blue? I asked myself this question, as a blue turtle shell flew over the head of my digital avatar, spiraled around, and then came crashing down, exploding, ruining my recently gained lead, and sending me spiraling towards the bottom of the ranks.

“VINYL!” I yelled, I felt anger rise up in me as the white mare laughed herself into a near coma at my expense.

“Oh man, that was totally worth it! I don't think I've ever seen you so pissed!” she said in between breaths, panting from the exertion of her laughter.

“You treacherous curr! I cant believe you would use such a vile item on me when I had so rightfully earned my lead!”

“Man, even your gamer rage is posh, you're soooo adorable Tavi!”

I hid my oncoming blush with a cold death glare.

“What did I tell you before we began this?” I warned

“Relax Tavi, I didnt mean anything by it, I just like the way you talk is all.”

“Hmph, you're much too honest for your own good.”

“The way I see it, I am plenty good, considering how that puts me in a two win lead out of twenty games!”

“You should be ashamed that you had to try so hard against someone so inexperienced as I. But I've grown tired with this game, let us move on to the next activity.”

“Ah watching anime! I cant wait, I rarely get to talk to anyone about it. Shows from Neighpon are the best!” She bounce up from the bed to set up her devices for the task. I felt a pang of longing as her warmth left my side, I was getting used to having her within such a close vicinity of me, long since abandoning the covers that I had used in a feeble attempt to wall myself off.

Missing your new favorite pillow already?

“Shut up.”

“I di-”

“You shut up too.”

Vinyl just rolled her eyes and shrugged. “Whatever you say, Crazypants.”

You were stealing so many glances over her body I'm surprised you could devote any attention to gaming.

Liar, I was completely focused at the task at hand.

Is that why you’re completely focused at the flank in front you now?

“Ahem, Vinyl, I think I need to go the bathroom for a bit.”

“Okay, but try not to take so long, I'm really excited about getting you to watch Dragon Star Z.” she beamed. I got up and left.

I stepped into the bathroom, washed my hands, patted my face, and did some slow breathing exercises, I was in complete control of my emotions.

I swear, I only punched the mirror into a million pieces because I had a logical and controlled reason for it, not because I was mad or anything.

Are you quite finished, or do you still have more? Going to mention the curves of her body, How beautiful her face looks? Maybe you’d like to start mentioning the little habit she has with her tongue when she thinks no ones looking?

I was just going to say she has a cute flank, but by all means if we want to talk on the larger scale-

I will not have this friendship ruined, I resisted your verges of anger, and I can resist your temptations of lust! I will have control, not because I have too, but because its what Vinyl deserves after going so far to be such a good friend to me!

I walked out of the bathroom, confidence and strength emanating from my every step, only for it to shatter upon seeing the tartarus-spawn smiling vinyl, Holding a glass of vintage scotch.

Alcohol...My most crippling vice. If Vinyl’s sin was her hyperactive attitude that could only be curbed by the most crazy and unbound parties, mine was that I had a tongue that wanted nothing more than to be drowned in the deep and enriching taste of alcohol. It’s not like I had a history of drinking, I was only eighteen, just skimming the legal age of equestrian laws. But it was something of a tradition to drink in formal canterlot parties. The few I was forced to attend one with my mother, always ended in me getting a small taste,mother had hoping that experiencing its flavor would wean me off the future idea of consumption, but I had thought the mare ignorant to not be able to see the art that was put into the drink.

“Vinyl, what in Equestria do you think you're doing?”

“What? I’ve never shared a drink with you, and considering the ponies I’ve tapped glasses with, thats practically a war crime.”

“I thought we were going to watch anime.”

“We are.”

“While drinking?

“Anime and alcohol, you don't know it yet, but that’s a winning combination, trust me.”

I eyed her suspiciously, Vinyl was trying her best to appear innocent, which only served to highlight the metaphorical blood on her hands.

“What? We don’t have to get smashed out drunk or anything, I dont even drink that much during my hardest party moments. A few sips here and there and we can call it a night, pure and simple.” she argued. I had to admit, I had confidence in my self control, and I oh so badly wanted to taste that delicious looking nectar.

“Alright Vinyl, you’ve persuaded me yet again tonight. I’ll partake in a few drinks with you.”

She smiled like an idiot, gods how I was starting to grow fond of that moronic joy of hers.

Ch 4 - Mad For You

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I am what many would call a ‘virgin’ in the more demeaning sense of the word, other than the brief flashes of utter horror stashed away on Vinyl’s laptop, I know very little about sex. However even I am not so naive as to not recognize the implications of waking up, snuggled tight against another pony, and being able to remember nothing of the night before.

Vinyl was always the sort to get very close to me in a platonic way, and I could have chalked up the whole situation to Vinyl just being Vinyl. It’s too bad my inner voice of madness was cackling like a mad mare, making me unable to assume anything besides the worst.

I laid there in silent panic, and to make matters worse, Vinyl began nuzzling my neck, moaning softly into me. I couldn't do anything besides just let it happen….What? She’s soft, warm, and Celestia knows that she has both the color and intelligence of a pillow, It was a honest mistake in my somnolence, and one that correcting would only lead to a awkward situation.

Oh sweet summer set Celestia! What did I DO last night?!

Oh my stars, what DIDN'T you do last night?

I don't know! Why don't you tell me? Because I can't remember any of it and I’M FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!

I never took you for the type to be swept up in a drunken passion, but I must say, I’m glad that you are, it was quite the experience.

I started hyperventilating, had I ruined my purity? had I defiled the second chance I had gained from Vinyl? Could our relationship be the same after we had indulged each other in such depravity? I could picture it now, the two of us, lost in each other eyes, locking our bodies and tongues together as we kissed with burning passion. Shuddering as her skilled hands explored my body, tingling with a new heat and anticipation like I had never experienced. Moaning softly as we undressed each other, preparing for- ...wait a minute...

Inspecting closer, I could see that Vinyls raunchy set of underwear had not been tampered with, and neither had my own plain pair been disturbed. If it was true that we had thrown ourselves to the wills of our loins, we would have had no time, nor motivation to redress ourselves. I may have lacked memory to what happened last night, but I was sure that my voice of madness was up to her old tricks.

You’re lying to me, nothing of the such transpired last night.

Is that why you woke up with your arms wrapped around her?

Shut up.

“mmm….okay~…” Vinyl slurred in her sleep.

I had to think, I was a smart mare, I was more than capable of that! Think and remember the night before, if my twisted subconscious could truly remember the last night, then it stood to some reason that I could access the thoughts as well….


Only my third glass and already I was starting to feel a warm glow spread throughout my body, it silenced the maddening voice in the back of my mind, and made me feel rapturous from head to toe, so I couldn't complain about falling under the effects of the ambrosia. Vinyl seemed to be holding up much better than I was, already on her second bottle, and not even showing signs of being inebriated….then again, this was Vinyl I was talking about, For all I knew, she started off the day chugging vodka and Jaeger bombs, as if she needed any aid to maintain her chaos.

We spent the last three hours drinking, and watching snippets to different show genres of Vinyls beloved animes. She was really quite the adorable little nerd, her eyes would light up as she pointed out and explained to me the different tropes and little stupid things that made her enjoy the art.

“... and shes what is called a ‘tsundere’” she explained, pointing to a scowling pony, throwing insults at the protagonist.

“What does her archetype entail?”

“She acts all mean and crabby, like she hates everyone, but thats just because she can’t admit that shes just a big softy. Kind of like a certain somepony I know.” She said, playfully elbowing me.

“I don’t pretend to hate anypony, I DO hate everypony.” I scoffed.

“And I bet you hate me even more so than the usual smoe, right?” she said with a grin.

“Is that a question that even needs an answer?”

She giggled at that, of course I didn't truly mean those words, it was just our usual banter...but I didn't feel right leaving it at just those words.

“...You are the only pony I don’t hate, nor dislike. You are my closest and dearest friend, and you would do well to remember that, as I won’t repeat it.”

Vinyl was staring at me, she took her shades off to make sure that I was the same pony, then gave a glance at the bottle of alcohol she held in her hands.

“I think you’ve had a few too many drinks Tavi.”

“Why is that? Can I not admit to enjoying your company without being under the influence?”

“It’s not that I didn’t know that or anything, I just never expected you to admit it so easily.”

“Did we not spend our childhood together as rivals and friends?”

“Well, yeah but-”

“Did I not come to live with you out of my own free will, after our three years of separation?”

“You did but-”

“And have I not endured any and all pranks, insults, cat calls, and perverse acts that you have put me through? And to top it all off, resisted my urges to murder you in cold blood.”

“Wait, what was that last part-”

“Vinyl, you drive me to literal insanity, but after everything I’ve done to prove the contrary, I can’t pretend to not hold you within my favor, even for the sake of my pride. I would never, not for a second more after this day, allow you to even think that for any reason I would dislike you, let alone hate you. You mean too much to me to harbor such doubts.”

Vinyl gave an apprehensive look at me, and I swear I saw the corners of her eyes water.

“Damn Tavi, you can be a real softy when you want to be…”

“Only to you Vinyl, and if you ever let it be known that I have a beating heart in my chest, I will torture you till you beg for me to end you.”

“Yes mistress~” she said sarcastically, fluttering her eyes at me, I rolled my own, but couldn't stop myself from donning a small smile. It felt good to admit that the white mare was special to me, I guess if I thought about it, I was rarely honest with myself, but that was fine, because only Vinyl needed to know the truth.


My rocketing heart rate began to slow as I remembered events of the previous night.
I had admitted to Vinyl that she was my friend, something that I had never said to her in the seven years of knowing her. Sure, my actions spoke for themselves, but Vinyl must have felt so unsure all this time, never hearing me once call her that.

She was my friend, my dear, close, friend, possibly my only one, and the only one I would ever need.

I smiled at the sleeping mare, her gentle snoring made my heart melt with warmth. I started to pet her gently along the head, she practically purred like a kitten in my arms. I was starting to question how I could ever be annoyed by such a adorable little mare.

However I still couldn’t bring myself to think of the two of us fucking. Cuddling was one thing, but partaking in such forbidden acts, with Vinyl of all ponies, would she even be satisfied with such a mare as I? Sure, maybe she really was quite fond of my breasts, but I had no experience, could I even please her? what if she was unsatisfied with my performance? I am not one to tolerate subpar quality, especially from myself! as soon as she woke up, I'd have to show her that last night was simply a test, and that I could best any pony that she had ever taken to bed- “OH MY CELESTIA WILL YOU STOP THAT!”

Shush, you’ll wake the little one.

My eyes snapped open to look at Vinyl, she was still sound asleep, despite the fact that I might have just shouted in her ears loud enough to shake the house. I silently thanked the musical gods for Vinyl’s constant ear drum suicide habits.

Stop putting those thoughts into my mind!

Then stop putting your hands on Vinyl.

I’m petting her to ensure her peaceful rest, I have no ulterior motives.

I’m sorry, I meant stop putting your hands IN Vinyl.

That one made me mentally freeze, my madness would continue to insist that sexual acts were involved, The only thing I could do to prove it wrong was by remembering everything. I steeled myself, and prepared to dive into the recesses of my mind.


“You of all ponies have self confidence issues about your body?” I laughed out. It had been five hours, and at this point, we long since abandoned watching shows in favor for the company of one another, and the joy that the alcohol had brung. While I still kept to my rather dainty glasses, Vinyl had gone through uncountable amounts of bottles, I was tempted to ask where she kept it all.

We decided to share secrets and stories amongst one another, we were learning quite a bit, things that neither one of us would have ever guessed. I suppose it just proves that even close friends cannot know everything about one another, not without being willing to expose yourself to the judgement of the other, though the scotch was making that notion quite bearable.

“Well of course!” Vinyl Sputtered, she was feeling the effects of her reckless consumption. “I grew up at your side, and you sprouted into this beautiful, tall, big breasted mare! And I stayed a short and small, scrappy little filly. You’re whole ‘No one is worthy of my attention’ act also just made the colts go even crazier for you. There was no way I could compete!” She continued, ending her confession with another large take of her drink.

“Is that why you took a side job as a model?” I asked with a brow raised.

“And a stripper, Figured that I had taken my top off at the clubs so many times that I might as well start getting paid for it.”

“If it was any other pony besides you, I’d be appalled. But with you honestly, I’m amazed you stopped at just that.” I giggled.

“Well the nightclubs pay me to play my beats, not start orgies.”

“You’ve started orgies before?”

“Ponies practically rutt each other on the dance floor with all the grinding they do. Be more selective about the guest list, and give them the green light before hand, and you’ve already done all of the set up.”

“You are SUCH a sex fiend!” I laughed, for some reason the idea of Vinyl orchestrating such ‘mass congregations’ was so fitting that it was comical.

“Okay, your turn again, tell me something REAL good.”

“Okay uhh...let me think…” I took a sip while I buffered my thoughts. “It has always irritated me a little bit that you call me ‘Tavi’ all the time. Tell me, why do you never say my full name?”

“Oh come on, thats not a real confession, thats a question!”

“And you’ll answer it-” I swiped her bottle of scotch and held it away from her. “-If you want your drink back!”

“Hey! No fair!” she whined. Vinyl smashed her self against me trying to retrieve her precious bottle, but I kept her at bay with my long limbs and strength. Having Vinyls body touching up against mine made my heart raise a few paces higher, and I felt a warm, flushing sensation begin to wash over my body. Honestly, I quite liked it.

Finally giving up, Vinyl puffed up an over exaggerated sigh, and directed her red eyes towards me.

“I always call you Tavi, because if I called you ‘sugar-tits’ all the time, you’d kill me-OOF” I gave her a quick jab in the side, reminding her of the consequences that befell use of that nick-name. She tried to scoot over to the end of the bed, probably to reach over and grab another bottle, but I pursued her and locked her into place against me, she wasn’t going anywhere I didn’t want her too.

“You aren't having another sip until you tell me!” I demanded with a smile, Vinyl began laughing.

“Okay, okay, but it’s such a stupid reason, you have to promise you won't laugh.”

“I’m listening.”

“Well, I mean, just listen to your name, its so beautiful and important sounding, its like I'm talking too my boss rather than my best friend.”

“Oh? So I've gone from friend to best friend status?”

“Oh shut up Tavi, you've always been my best friend.”

We hugged each other closely, my own smile mirroring that of Vinyls.

“Now can I get my drink back miss bossy pants?” she said, reaching again for my arm.

“Hmmmm….No, not until you say my full name.”

“Oh come on, I just told you why its weird for me.”

“Well maybe I want to feel like I’m superior, you ever think of that?”

“Wow, are we sure you’re not the kinky one out of the two of us?”

“Shut up and say it.”

Vinyl seemed to pause for a moment, taking in a deep breath, as if having to ready herself for a huge task. her eyes darted around, refusing to hold my gaze as she mumbled out the word. “Octavia.”

I couldn't explain why, but hearing that felt good.

“Say it again Vinyl, I couldn't hear you.” I said with a malicious smile.

“O-Octavia.” she stated clearly, her voice shaking a little bit.

“Say it again, slower and more pronounced this time.”

She was trembling, I could feel it as she started to lay into me more and more. The little mare was trying to seek comfort in my body as she amassed the strength needed to repeat the words.

“Octavia.” She lingered on every syllable, that scratchy and tomboyish voice of hers turning low and musical. I was surprised with myself when the next words that came from my mouth where low and husky.

“Look me in the eyes, and whisper my name to me.” I commanded

Vinyl became short in breath, and she clenched her fist as she brought her eyes up to mine once again. We stared at each other in silence for a moment, Vinyls small and trembling body against my own, electricity dancing where ever our skin met. She finally breathed the words, barely audible to anyone but myself.


I could hear it, everything that was mixed into her voice at that moment, the submissive sound of need and desire heavy in her voice. It made my own body quiver as my name left her lips for the fourth time. I had to close my eyes as I was swept away by a wave of euphoria. I really liked Vinyl looking like this, so small and vulnerable in front of me, the eagerness in her eyes, the fear in her breath, and the closeness of herself to me.

I had never been so turned on.



Vinyls grunts of awaking consciousness had pulled me out of my moment of remembrance. I was sweating, breathing hard, and had felt a fire burning within me. I wanted to deny it, pretend like it the fact was simply false, but my own body and mind had confirmed it twice over for me.

I had slept with Vinyl, and I had wanted to do it.

I couldn’t face myself, how could I have been such a deviant! My first time was before I was even married, and with another mare! Sure, Equestria was known for its more open minded populace, but what would my fans think? what would mother think?! Oh by the sun and the moon themselves, I didn't know what to think! I HAD SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND!

….Wait...I had sex with my best friend, with Vinyl…

It was just like I had admitted, Vinyl was my best friend, the one who was always there for me the longest, the only one ive ever let so close to my heart. Surely doing such things with a close friend wasn't a taboo, I bet it was even understandable! I mean have you SEEN Vinyl? she could make even the straightest of arrows bend just to get a chance with her! and we are so close, we have a deeper understanding of one another than most ponies can claim to have with their own parents.

And if I was completely honest with myself, the only one I could ever see myself in bed with, was infact Vinyl, despite me never allowing myself to stoop to such acts until last night.

I guess the only question left, was if this made the two of us something more, something greater than ‘friends’. Vinyl and I had only been growing closer and closer, as if the last three years never even happened, we both made each other happy, loved spending large amounts of time with one another, and we were already living under the same roof. Could one not say that we were already at that level of relationship, not even being able to deny it now that we had ‘sealed the deal’ so to speak. I was scared at the thought, afraid of not knowing whether I'd be good enough for Vinyl, but I knew no matter the case, me and Vinyl, we would take on that risk together.

It was time for me to be completely honest with myself, I could lie no longer.

Vinyl was finally regaining thought process, she backed away slowly from our embrace.

“Whoaa….sorry about that Tavi, I know how you hate having other ponies all up on ya’” she said with a sigh, stretching nonchalantly.

“I’ll get over it, besides, I think after last night, we are far past that.” I said, turning my eyes down, I could feel the blush blooming on my face.

“I’ll say. last night was pretty crazy.” she said with a knowing smile.

“Indeed, though I’m ashamed to admit that I don't remember all of it.”

“You don’t huh? Well that’s a shame.”

“Its not too grievous a predicament...honestly all I want to know is if I was good for you?”

That seemed to make Vinyl blink into full awakeness.

“You know when you say stuff like that, it sounds like we had sex last night.”

It was my turn to blink.

“You mean...we didn't?”

“What? of course we didn't, I was drunk half off my ass, and you weren't faring so well either. I’d never take advantage of my friends, especially not you! Luna be damned, no wonder why you looked so spooked! You must have thought I violated your purity or some shit!” Vinyl quickly moved in close and hugged me. I was still confused, but I hugged her back.

“Tavi, listen to me, you are my best friend, and always will be, I know how much you hate the idea of sex and all that, and i’d never try to force myself onto you. Trust me, I’ve got a memory of an elephant when alcohol gets involved, I didn't do anything that would have made you uncomfortable.”

“B-but...then what did…” Suddenly the rest of my memories came to me, and I had in full what had gone on.


“Jeash Tavi, don't ever make me do something like that again!” Finally reunited with her bottle, Vinyl plopped herself down from ontop of me and began taking deep gulps from it to re steady her breath.

“Sorry, I guess after all the teasing you’ve done to me, I couldn't resist getting a little revenge.” I said laughing. I had honestly planned to take it farther, the flames of my desire were still left burning even after our contact was broken. I could only hope that Vinyl didn’t notice my hungry eyes tracing over her body.

“Anyways, I guess its my turn, because unlike some ponies I play by the rules!” she stuck her tongue out at me, I had to resist the urge not to bite it and take it into my own mouth.
“This is kind of hard for me to admit, but when I said you were my best friend, I totally meant it. If I’m honest, I’m kind of lonely.”

“How? You’re a social butterfly, ponies dream of the chance of becoming your friend, I’ve seen the fans that fawn over you. And what about that Pinkie Pie you always mention?”

“Yeah, I have a lot of friends and co workers, and Pinkie Pie is a real friend through and through, but I don’t have many ponies I can just be honest with completely and not be judged.”

I raised my brow at that one.

“Sure, you like to pretend like you judge me and disapprove of the things I do, but you're always there for me, and you never make me feel like a bad pony for any of it…” she paused before continuing on, sadness creeping into her eyes.

“And I know you don’t want to talk about it...but what happened three years ago, when I left you...i had my reasons, but I never forgave myself, I was such a shitty friend, and I thought you’d never forgive me, and that I didn’t deserve for you to forgive me.” she started to cry, and Vinyl wasn’t somepony you saw crying about anything.

“Oh, Vinyl…” I couldn’t help but sigh, the burning desire I felt was squashed by a rare pang of empathy, I felt bad that I could be so angry at Vinyl for something that happened so long ago, to see that she was still beating herself up about it, and that I was only making her feel worse. We both had much to learn about being good friends to one another.

I moved close to her and started wiping away the forming tears, comforting her with a tight hug.

“I promise Tavi, I'll be the best friend you will ever have, and even after the day we die, I'll continue being there for you, like a good friend should...” she finally said between breaths.

I hugged her and let her silently cry out the rest of her ills, at some point the little mare had fallen asleep, and I was soon to follow her.


That’s right, On that night, Vinyl had told me that she would always be there for me as a friend. She would never do anything to betray her friend, or her wishes.

“We are going to be best friends forever!” Vinyl said, cheer in her voice.

Thats right, we are best friends.

“Jeash Vinyl, I was simply trying to pull a joke, something within the same theme of your sexual humor, no need to get all mushy.”

After all, good friends joke around with each other.

“Damn, you really did fool me, remember not to act like you’re so serious when you say that kind of stuff.” she playfully punched me on the arm, then hopped out of her bed.

“C’mon, lets go get our morning fight on! Sparring with you is better than a energy drink when it comes to starting off my day.”

She headed out her room, grabbing her sporting attire and gloves. I sat there, smiling warmly to my self.

Ha, I was right, nothing happened, and nothing ever will, because we are friends.

Vinyl is my best friend, and she would never violate my personal space like that.

And we shall always be friends, nothing more, nothing less.

This morning will mark the start, of a even more beautiful, and forever lasting friendship-

My thoughts were cut off as I felt a wetness around my cheeks, I wiped it away, only for it to be replaced with more wetness shortly after. I sat there for a while, trying to rub away that damned wetness from my cheeks, but it kept replacing itself after every attempt. It was almost as if I was crying.

But that would mean that I had something to be sad about. And that would just be crazy.

Interlude - The Beginning of Madness part 1

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“Tavi, could we please not do this? I am way too young to start burning bodies and faking alibis.” Vinyl whined as she scratched her frizzy mane. It looked like Wonderbolts had an emergency crash landing in it, what with the streaks of off colored cyan that went in a tangled mess every which way. She still had faith that one day she would style her hair in the manner that she wanted. Faith was always wasted on the foalish.

“Weren't you the one who wanted to kill a pony with your bare hands?” I said.

“Don’t project your sociopathic murder fantasies onto me, I am way too young to be haunted by my crimes.”

“Shut up, you wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if Bullworth were to suddenly wash up in a lake.”

“No, but I’d have to pretend like I was, and that’s already more trouble than he’s worth.” Vinyl had bounced herself from the wall she was resting against and came near me. She put her hand on my shoulder in an effort to calm me down, a welcome gesture, but a futile attempt.

“C’mon Tavi, you know your moms going to lay into you for doing this. All Bullworth did was rough me up a little, I’m a tough girl; I can take whatever he dishes out.”

“You’re worried about my mother? Where did you think my unbridled rage and hatred came from? She practically gave me a list of places to dump bodies as I was walking out the door.”

“Its it bad that I don’t think you're joking?”

“Only if it’s favorable that I’m completely serious.”

“Bullworth isn’t going to fight fair, he’s going to have a whole bunch of guys, we’ll be out numbered.”

“So I’m just suppose to leave you to fight them alone? The only one allowed to hurt you is me, that is my right, and my right alone. And I won’t tolerate that slack-jawed, whelp of a ruffian thinking that he can get away with what he did!”

“You should save the dirty talk till after I buy you dinner, love.” Interjected a overly accented voice. I turned to see the prettied up mug that was Bullworth Pennyten. His red coat and black hair were well cut with refined care. He had a gorgeous face that just begged to be punched, if only to wipe away the constant grin he wore at all times.

Bullworth was so flaming that I had swore that it was Celestia’s duty to raise him up out of bed along with the sun every morning. He was always well dressed, and surrounded by fit and athletic Colts at all times. He had a smug reassurance about himself that could only come from a life of vehemently maintaining his mane, and ignoring his brain. But don’t take my detest for him as bigotry by any stretch, I didn't hate him because he was a raging homosexual who had more fashion sense than common sense.

I hated him because he was an utter ass, pure and simple.

He had always tormented Vinyl with his gang, and due to being Blue Blood’s second cousin twice removed, he often got away with metaphorical murder against the low born street urchin that was Vinyl. I had gotten involved in the recent years with defending Vinyl from the miscreant, our encounters were often physical, but never final, and cruel words mixed with ugly insults were often thrown around like common pleasantries among us.

He was surrounded by his usual gang of five, each one of them trying to look tougher and more menacing than the next. Their attempts often ruined by what ever ridiculously themed outfits that Bullworth had managed to force upon them.

“Tell me Vinyl deary, are we going to dance, or are you two love birds going to enjoy your own ‘private affair?’” He continued, his growing smile only serving to fuel my desires to mutilate him.

“I dunno’ BullWhipe, are you and the sausage crew done combing cow semen out of your manes?” Vinyl retorted.

“That was quite the vindictive little response for a bit of rough housing, love. You milk all those cows yourself, or did you get your girlfriend involved for a romantic evening?” Bullworth drawled.

“If I was in anyway involved in the planning, you would be extracting what was left of your knee caps off the pavement.” I spat.

“Care to keep it that way? Today’s problems are of the short, white, and idiotic persuasion, no need to do a foul to you without just cause.” Bullworth smirked.

“What? Too afraid to take the two of us on as usual, even with your crotch-warmers backing you up?” Vinyl said.

“Jokes about my questionable sexual orientation aside, you are quite outnumbered. A simple bruise here or there should be enough for proper revenge. I think it would due you good to sit-out from this one Miss Harmonious.”

I simply leveled my mother’s stare at him, he kept his calm, but I could see the small wince in his eyes. He was scared, and if he wasn’t, then his fate would simply be due to natural selection.

“Why are you trying so hard to get Tavi to sit this one out? You actually remember that you're a stallion and decide to fight me mono e mono?” Vinyl jeered, putting up her fist.

“And what, ruin my pedicure over you? Heavens no, love! I’m a rich and well connected bully, I get others to fight for me.” Bullworth made a dainty motion with his hand, and the crew of colts behind him started filling in for their soon-to-be-beating.

We were on them like a swarm of dragons.

I was extremely tall for my age, and being born an earth pony gave me a gift of effortless strength, I towered over all of the older Colts in my age group, and still many of the adults. And when you give a mare like me an overflowing supply of anger, coupled with a cold detachment for the well being of others, I could do considerable damage in almost no time.

Vinyl herself was a rogue, born and raised off the streets. Even in the calm and well mannered society that was Canterlot, it took no less guile and wit to get by without a proper home, especially when the elite echelons of the upper crust had it out for you. And believe you and me, Vinyl certainly caused enough trouble to gain the ire of anyone who knew the difference between a scarf and an ascot.

Vinyl nimbly maneuvered around the attackers, moving so fast that you would swear she was a pegasus, only being reminded of the contrary as she used her magic in small, intuitive little ways to trip up the ruffians.

I simply kept my methods straightforward. I pulled hair, and punched faces. Sure it lacked style, grace, and tact, and those were often qualities I had in abundance, but it got the job done, and at the moment that was all I truly cared about.

Barely two minutes had past before we had reduced Bullworths squad into a mass of whining fillies on the ground.

“They go down so fast, must be used to that, considering who they work for.” Vinyl cheered. I hadn't known exactly what that meant, but by the sound of her voice, it was probably more of her usual sexual humor.

Bullworth simply let out a long groan of displeasure. “If you want something done right…” He muttered as he began to take off his jacket.

I’m not used to giving praise, especially not to those who I have planned to be buried in my backyard in the next few hours, but Bullworth’s body was beautiful. He looked like the hand crafted statues of herculean heroes that my mother had adorned her halls with. He had his muscles clearly defined, well toned, and rippling with every movement. It was mostly for show, but I had enough first hand experience to know for a fact that there was power behind that overly cared for body. But me and Vinyl had been scuffing with him since our early childhood, we were use to his patterns.

Bullworth charged using his rugby skills. (Don’t even get me started on how much Vinyl has used that to fuel her sexually charged humor.) Prompting dodges from both me and Vinyl. We kept our distance, as not to engage in a grapple against somepony so much stronger than ourselves. I swiped at him with closed fists directly aimed at his face, while Vinyl took a more indirect approach, trying to attack his legs to slow him down. Even with the two of us and our efforts, bullworth was a sturdy, and agile target, and it only showed how much of a true equality-centric mind he possessed when he spared nothing in returning fire.

Bullworth looked annoyed that most of his attention had to be spent on me, while Vinyl poised a constant threat, the damage that I could do was nothing to ignore, and he knew it.

“If you boys are quite finished moaning on the floor.” Bullworth started yelling “I would much appreciate it if you would get up and DO SOMETHING!”

“Phrasing!-Oh crap!” Vinyls jeer was cut off as hand had yanked her on the ankle, reducing the normally fleet footed filly to her knees. Bullworth didn’t even miss a beat, he charged straight towards Vinyl, doubling her over with a horrible sounding crash as their bodies met. Vinyl yelped, and her small frame went sprawling. I stared in horror as I watched Vinyl land wounded onto the hard ground. She had taken plenty of hits, but always when she was prepared to lessen the blow in some way or form. With her balance gone, and hands trying to pull herself up, Vinyl had taken a charging shoulder to the face, and had looked gravely hurt.

I began to fume. How DARE he hurt Vinyl, MY Vinyl, the only pony besides my mother who held any real value in my life. The one pony whose idiotic banter, and vexatious bliss, has only endeared me closer to her, rather than causing bile to rise from my throat. No one was allowed to touch her like that, and Bullworth could tell that when he had looked into my eyes, he had opened the gates of Tartarus itself on to him.

Now I don’t really have any recollection of what happened next, because by the time I had regained conscious thought, I had Bullworth’s manhood under my foot, and was applying varying pressures so that his feminine screams would make a verse of Neightoven’s symphony six.

Truly one of my greatest performances.

I was saddened a bit when Vinyl had gently moved me away from my new musical instrument, but by the bruises and blood on Bullworths face, I assumed that I already went a tad farther than my usual punishments, and let the whelp squirm away.

“C-C-CELESTIA’S GRACE MARE, are you INSANE!?” Bullworths voice squeaked.

“TOUCH VINYL LIKE THAT AGAIN AND I’LL DO FAR WORSE!” My voice lacked my usual restrained resentment to it, Seeing Vinyl get hurt often did that to me.

“Be glad I’m a nice filly Bullwhipe, otherwise I’d let Tavi here have her way with you, and considering your preferences, I don’t think you’d enjoy that.” Vinyl said with a victorious grin, I still wish she had let me go to destroy that damned colt, but seeing her usual smile with full force was enough to calm me down.

“I hate to be so blasé, but this is far from over, I’ll have the both of you regretting what was done here today!” Bullworth squeaked as he and his colts got up, running away from us. I stood glaring at them while Vinyl helped them up and waved them goodbye, The boys always did like Vinyl more for being such a good sport about it all.

“Burning stars Tavi, I know Bullworth is never going to use ‘em, but don’t you think that was a little harsh?” Vinyl asked.

“HE HURT-” I had to take a moment to breath and steady my anger, furious rage was unbecoming of me. “He hurt you Vinyl, that is a grievous sin that shall receive equally grim punishment. Speaking of which how are you?”

“My heads ringing a bit, but everythings in place, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Good.” I swiftly hit her in her stomach, she doubled over a bit with a ‘Oof’. “That was for making me worry you, you little hellion.”

She simply giggled in response to me, it seemed no matter how hard I hit the mare, my blows never could truly hurt her. Not like I wasn’t trying to hurt her, she simply was quite tough.

Shut up.

With today's business concluded rather quickly, I had still had free time to myself, and decided to spend it practicing. I started walking to the musical hall, knowing it would be empty on a Saturday, but still open to any student looking for a quiet place to play.

“Vinyl, are our back up instruments still located in the music hall at the moment?” I asked, not even needing to look behind me to know that Vinyl was following.

“Yeps’, looking to get in some practice before heading back?” came Vinyls reply

“Yes, I’m also hoping that you share my discipline, after all, my fifteenth birthday is soon, and I expect you to play as usual.”

“Oh come on Tavi, you make me practice that stupid song for months, then play it on your birth day. And every year, for the past seven years, you've always rated me ‘adequate’. I honestly don't know how to impress you.”

“Maybe if you spent more time practicing rather than complaining, you could surmount the skills needed to do just that.”

It was a bold face lie. Every year since I had met her on that fateful day, I had made her play the custom piece she came up with for me when I first challenged her skills. And every year I was blown away by its beauty. It was more than just Vinyls skills, which had improved vastly every time she played it, It was the emotion behind it. Vinyl was a special mare, she was the one who had taught me the value of emotion and feeling, she had shown my young, jaded self over the years, that music needed more than just technical prowess to truly be art, it needed heart. Even though my fate as a musician had been decided since birth, it wasn't until Vinyl had played for me that I had gained my cutie mark, my true unyielding love for music.

Vinyl’s foster parents where the owners of the Canterlot musical hall that many of the students used to hone their skills, Though she herself spent most of her time roaming the streets, often getting herself into trouble, which I had to come dig her out of quite frequently. Blasted filly was a handful, and despite her being two years older than me, needed constant babysitting, less she cause utter anarchy in Celestia's capital.

I'm not joking, she almost caused a rebellion over the removal of her favorite breakfast sandwich from a restaurant. I swear to the sun that she is the bastard spawn of Discord.

“The only thing I want to surmount.” Vinyl started, pulling me out of my introspection. “Is knowledge on how you keep increasing that ridiculous bust size of yours.”

I covered my chest defensively “I-It’s not my fault they keep growing! I can’t get those blasted colts during lessons to stop staring at them! You think after the third tooth I knocked out of their mouths, they’d learn better.”

“Is the high and mighty Tavi worried about her Big bosoms?” she said with a lecherous grin

“Not as much as you are. Keep up that disgusting habit of yours and i’m going to start thinking that you’re as gay as Bullworth.”

“I’d have to dye my mane rainbow before I was even within the same realm of gay.” She said with a roll of her eyes and a light hearted smile. “We really do give him a lot of crap though, we could probably be friends with him if we just acted a bit nicer.”

“And what, lose my favorite punching bag?”

Vinyl made an over exaggerated emotion of shock that could be seen even through her large shades. “Why Tavi, I feel betrayed! and here I thought I was your favorite punching bag, to learn that you’re cheating on me so blatantly!”

“Shut up or I’ll lay you out as flat as your chest.”

“Ouch...and for the record C-cups are totally not flat! You just have ridiculous tits is all.”

I gave her a final smack before entering the band hall. It was a spacious room, filled with instruments in and out of their cases, sheets of music stacked high in different folders spread out around the place, and a small stage for a conductor to play, with chairs circled haphazardly around it.

We recovered our instruments, Both of us were skilled in practically every instrument that we could lay our hands on in the classical field, so we always had options. Vinyl had picked out my favorite, the cello, an interesting choice considering that my birthday gift was to be played upon it.

“Going to play me a part of my birthday gift?” I said with a raised brow.

“Maybe I’ll spoil you some and let you hear the first part. that is if it would be ‘adequate’ for you.”

“That has yet to be seen, start playing and we’ll see.” I took a seat across from her and closed my eyes. Vinyl did the rest of her set up, and then started to play.

The song started off as I always remembered, haunting, low, and slow. Her song reminiscent with emotions of loneliness, it was an abstract story of bitter isolation and destitute. The feeling of having no purpose or aim to ones life, and the melancholy that such thoughts could bring. It always struck a close cord to my own heart, as it was how I felt when Vinyl was away from me, or when I wasn’t playing my own instruments. It was a somber reminder of what my life would be like if Vinyl had never entered it, never gave me her gift of spirit and love to put into my own craft. It was why I respected Vinyl, admired her even in secret.

She abruptly stopped her playing before going further into the second act of the song. I was yanked out of my enjoyment of her music as silence suddenly filled the air.

“That’s all you get until your birthday.” Vinyl said with a teasing wiggle of her eyebrow. “So what did you think?”

It was the most enthralling thing I had ever heard. “Sub par, maybe I can give you the status of adequate once I hear the whole thing.” Was what I told her however.

She simply rolled her eyes and smiled. “I do better on my new turn tables anyways.”

I frowned at that. “Are you still messing with that infernal modern music?”

“Got to expand your horizons Tavi, we can’t be stuck in the old ways forever.”

“Its that exact way of thinking that gets you in trouble so much, Vinyl.”

“Hey, no one who ever had a revolutionary idea was ever in public favor at the start.”

“They also didn’t cause chaos in the general public for the fun of it.”

“I’m a party kind of girl, and if the Canterlot snobs weren't so stuck up, I’d have a loving audience for my talents.”

“Or if they weren’t so reserved, you’d have a angry mob with pitch forks ready to have you exiled.”

“Tomato, kumquat, It’s all semantics. Anyways, stop ragging on me and start playing! why don’t you show me how its done since my skills are so ‘sub par’.

“Hmph, I’d be glad to show you how a superior pony plays her music.” I raised my string, and began playing.

My tempo was fast, my song was violent, and my tone was cold. It was my own custom piece, a self aware craft to show everything that I had felt. A violent and wild storm of passion mixed with a frigid avalanche of disdain. I put all my frustrations, ambitions, cruelty, and every other ugly emotion that had resided in me into the notes, and let them soar through the air as my own sound. Furious, and without pause, most ponies had felt fear grab hold of them as they listened to me play it. I was told several times that while it was well crafted, that it was a disgusting piece, that it felt too evil, too unrestrained, and that I should stop playing such things if I ever wanted to have an audience that didn’t feel violated by my skills.

But those feelings never came to Vinyl, she would always sit there, with wide eyes and a wider smile, as if she was listening to the most pleasant song in the world. Vinyl accepted everything that I was. Over the seven years of our relationship, she had seen me at my best, and worse, she knew the ugliness that resided inside my heart, the bitter contempt I held that seemed to just endlessly produce itself from the pits of my soul. And never did she once shy away from it, nor look at me with scorn.

She saw me, the real and true me, and she had willingly befriended me.

I wish I could say that I had done the same for her, but I never once could find any ugliness within the soul that was Vinyl, she was pure as snow, and I….I….I didn’t know how to describe what I felt about it, but I knew it made me want to hold her close to my heart, closer than any other pony in this world.

When I was done playing, Vinyl had clapped enthusiastically for me. She didn’t care that she looked like a idiot, she always wanted to make it clear how much she enjoyed my song. I let myself smile despite my pride.

“And that’s how it’s done.” I said smugly, rising from my seat to do a bow.

“Okay okay, don't let that skill go to your head, remember that the beauty comes from your heart.” She said, playfully poking me.

“Shut up Vinyl, you’re too stupid to be attempting pretentiousness.”

“And you’re too smart to be hanging around me, yet here we are.”

That had killed my smile, I had realized that with all the playing we had done today, my free time was almost over, and my mother would be expecting me soon.

“Gotta go?” Vinyl asked, picking up on my emotion.

“Yes, my mother should be expecting me.” It was hard for me to ever leave Vinyl, I always felt a terrible ache in my heart as I left her side.

“Don't worry, your mum’s going to start letting you have more freedom soon, right? we can hang out even more!” Vinyl chimed in, her ability to read what I was thinking sometimes was terrifying.

“I suppose you’re right...I shall see you at a later date, don’t burn anything down while I’m away from you.”

“No promises~” She sang, as I walked out the door.


“I SHALL NOT DISTANCE MYSELF FROM VINYL!” I shouted, slamming my hands against the dinner table.

My mother simply glared at me as she continued speaking. “Remember who you raise your voice against, child…” her words rung with a icy chill, that made even my passionate rage fizzle out.

“...Forgive me mother, but I can’t understand why you’re so adamant about keeping me away from Vinyl. Is it because she is of lower breed and class?”

My mother was arguably the most threatening creature to ever walk this plain before Nightmare moon had returned from her imprisonment. And even then, all that her return had done was give my mother competition for the most frightening mare that ever existed. She was a merciless noble, and had raised several children in different fields of art and politics. I may have been her foster child, one of her many projects to attempt to raise prodigies, but despite her harsh and restrictive teaching methods, she loved me like I was her own blood, and was fiercely protective of me. which is why this subject of Vinyl was always so quick to bring itself up as of late.

“I don’t care what status of birth she is, I simply worry about you my dear.” Mother let the ice flow from her eyes to be replaced quickly with an exhausted look. “Every few days you come back battered and bruised, and I have to listen to stories about you causing a fuss around the community.”

“Bullworth and his boys are responsible for whatever bodily harm I receive, and you know as well as I do that the Canterlot nobility has it out for Vinyl due to her musical talent! They can’t stand the thought of some random pony with no noble heritage showing up their precious children in anything!”

“Your music teacher, Mr. Cornet, keeps complaining that you’re skipping lessons constantly, going off to spend time with Miss Scratch instead.”

“That hack wouldn’t know the difference between a clarinet and a recorder if they were both shoved up his a-”

“And you’re language grows more fowl and unlady-like by the day.”

I sat back down in defeat, letting a long sigh play out in the silence. “What do you wish me to do then mother? Vinyl is my dearest friend, I value her more than anything.”

My mother let out her own tired sigh. “And that’s exactly the problem my child…”

That made me raise a brow in question.

“You may be adopted, but you are still apart of the High Born family, you have a role to play in Canterlot politics and social standings. Not to mention that despite your talent, if you ever wish to fulfill your dream of mastering classical music, you have to work just as hard as any other pony would. Yet you spend every moment you can get mingling with that rebellious filly. You shut off the world around you and make no other friends, you don’t attempt to make connections or pay attention to anything besides her and your music. It simply isn’t healthy my child.”

I had heard this argument before in many different iterations. My mother would swear that I spent too much time around Vinyl, even going so far as to describe me as ‘clingy’ and would go on to say that I needed to open myself to more of the world. Why should i? I’ve seen what the world had to offer me; foalish, half hearted ponies, wearing false faces, lying to those around them and themselves. I didn’t need, nor want to live in a world filled with such casual lies and hidden intentions. A world where a pony was likely to sing your praise one moment, then spite you the next. All I needed was my mother, my music, and Vinyl to be happy, nothing more, nothing less.

“I don't understand mother, You’re the one who told me that most ponies in this world would never be worth my time, Vinyl has a rare quality in character that makes her an exception to that, and you were fine with us being friends when we we’re younger. So why now, why do you try to make me condemn her when i’m already so close to her?”

“Because she will not always be here for you.” My mother stated flatly.

“What do you mean by that? Vinyl shall always be at my side-”

“Miss Scratch is of a different world than us. Yes she lives in Canterlot, and yes she grew up here, but look at her with honest eyes.”

The protest in my face didn't waver, but I couldn't think of anything to respond with right away.

“The nobles hate her.” She continued on after some silence “And she too, hates them in return. She has skills in classical music, but is truly driven by her love of more modern genres, of which all the nobles hold no favor for. She doesn't fit in with Canterlot society due to her brash and blunt nature, and because of it she can never have a future within this town.”

“What just are you trying to get at mother?” I said, my voice starting to shake slightly.

“She is seventeen years old, and has no real schooling supporting her. She is going to have to, and one day soon, leave Canterlot to forge a life for herself somewhere else. Even when you’re old enough to follow her if you wanted too, the clashing worlds would be to much for you. You already don’t like the well mannered and high classed Canterlot lifestyle, how well do you think you would enjoy a life amongst mere commoners with no tact or class?”

It was a cold truth I didn't want to face, as much as I favored Vinyl, we were two very different types of ponies, that belonged to two very different types of worlds, just like my mother had said.

“I’m not asking you to condemn Miss Scratch, or even cut yourself off from her completely, I merely want you to be ready for what is the inevitable, and to have you be able to continue your life once Vinyl leaves it.”

“You’re wrong mother, Vinyl will never leave me.” I said as I rose from my seat, I was done with this conversation, the food could be damned for all I cared. “I'm going to retire to my room for the evening, goodnight mother.”

She simply nodded her recognition and watched me leave, I could feel those tired, cold eyes of her on my back until I was completely out of sight.