• Published 7th Jul 2014
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A Song of Madness - DCLzexon

Octavia has a secret, and its that shes mentally insane. And as if living with a sociopathic voice inside her head wasn't hard enough, now she has to stay under the same roof as Vinyl, arguably the most insane pony in Equestria.

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Ch 4 - Mad For You

I am what many would call a ‘virgin’ in the more demeaning sense of the word, other than the brief flashes of utter horror stashed away on Vinyl’s laptop, I know very little about sex. However even I am not so naive as to not recognize the implications of waking up, snuggled tight against another pony, and being able to remember nothing of the night before.

Vinyl was always the sort to get very close to me in a platonic way, and I could have chalked up the whole situation to Vinyl just being Vinyl. It’s too bad my inner voice of madness was cackling like a mad mare, making me unable to assume anything besides the worst.

I laid there in silent panic, and to make matters worse, Vinyl began nuzzling my neck, moaning softly into me. I couldn't do anything besides just let it happen….What? She’s soft, warm, and Celestia knows that she has both the color and intelligence of a pillow, It was a honest mistake in my somnolence, and one that correcting would only lead to a awkward situation.

Oh sweet summer set Celestia! What did I DO last night?!

Oh my stars, what DIDN'T you do last night?

I don't know! Why don't you tell me? Because I can't remember any of it and I’M FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!

I never took you for the type to be swept up in a drunken passion, but I must say, I’m glad that you are, it was quite the experience.

I started hyperventilating, had I ruined my purity? had I defiled the second chance I had gained from Vinyl? Could our relationship be the same after we had indulged each other in such depravity? I could picture it now, the two of us, lost in each other eyes, locking our bodies and tongues together as we kissed with burning passion. Shuddering as her skilled hands explored my body, tingling with a new heat and anticipation like I had never experienced. Moaning softly as we undressed each other, preparing for- ...wait a minute...

Inspecting closer, I could see that Vinyls raunchy set of underwear had not been tampered with, and neither had my own plain pair been disturbed. If it was true that we had thrown ourselves to the wills of our loins, we would have had no time, nor motivation to redress ourselves. I may have lacked memory to what happened last night, but I was sure that my voice of madness was up to her old tricks.

You’re lying to me, nothing of the such transpired last night.

Is that why you woke up with your arms wrapped around her?

Shut up.

“mmm….okay~…” Vinyl slurred in her sleep.

I had to think, I was a smart mare, I was more than capable of that! Think and remember the night before, if my twisted subconscious could truly remember the last night, then it stood to some reason that I could access the thoughts as well….


Only my third glass and already I was starting to feel a warm glow spread throughout my body, it silenced the maddening voice in the back of my mind, and made me feel rapturous from head to toe, so I couldn't complain about falling under the effects of the ambrosia. Vinyl seemed to be holding up much better than I was, already on her second bottle, and not even showing signs of being inebriated….then again, this was Vinyl I was talking about, For all I knew, she started off the day chugging vodka and Jaeger bombs, as if she needed any aid to maintain her chaos.

We spent the last three hours drinking, and watching snippets to different show genres of Vinyls beloved animes. She was really quite the adorable little nerd, her eyes would light up as she pointed out and explained to me the different tropes and little stupid things that made her enjoy the art.

“... and shes what is called a ‘tsundere’” she explained, pointing to a scowling pony, throwing insults at the protagonist.

“What does her archetype entail?”

“She acts all mean and crabby, like she hates everyone, but thats just because she can’t admit that shes just a big softy. Kind of like a certain somepony I know.” She said, playfully elbowing me.

“I don’t pretend to hate anypony, I DO hate everypony.” I scoffed.

“And I bet you hate me even more so than the usual smoe, right?” she said with a grin.

“Is that a question that even needs an answer?”

She giggled at that, of course I didn't truly mean those words, it was just our usual banter...but I didn't feel right leaving it at just those words.

“...You are the only pony I don’t hate, nor dislike. You are my closest and dearest friend, and you would do well to remember that, as I won’t repeat it.”

Vinyl was staring at me, she took her shades off to make sure that I was the same pony, then gave a glance at the bottle of alcohol she held in her hands.

“I think you’ve had a few too many drinks Tavi.”

“Why is that? Can I not admit to enjoying your company without being under the influence?”

“It’s not that I didn’t know that or anything, I just never expected you to admit it so easily.”

“Did we not spend our childhood together as rivals and friends?”

“Well, yeah but-”

“Did I not come to live with you out of my own free will, after our three years of separation?”

“You did but-”

“And have I not endured any and all pranks, insults, cat calls, and perverse acts that you have put me through? And to top it all off, resisted my urges to murder you in cold blood.”

“Wait, what was that last part-”

“Vinyl, you drive me to literal insanity, but after everything I’ve done to prove the contrary, I can’t pretend to not hold you within my favor, even for the sake of my pride. I would never, not for a second more after this day, allow you to even think that for any reason I would dislike you, let alone hate you. You mean too much to me to harbor such doubts.”

Vinyl gave an apprehensive look at me, and I swear I saw the corners of her eyes water.

“Damn Tavi, you can be a real softy when you want to be…”

“Only to you Vinyl, and if you ever let it be known that I have a beating heart in my chest, I will torture you till you beg for me to end you.”

“Yes mistress~” she said sarcastically, fluttering her eyes at me, I rolled my own, but couldn't stop myself from donning a small smile. It felt good to admit that the white mare was special to me, I guess if I thought about it, I was rarely honest with myself, but that was fine, because only Vinyl needed to know the truth.


My rocketing heart rate began to slow as I remembered events of the previous night.
I had admitted to Vinyl that she was my friend, something that I had never said to her in the seven years of knowing her. Sure, my actions spoke for themselves, but Vinyl must have felt so unsure all this time, never hearing me once call her that.

She was my friend, my dear, close, friend, possibly my only one, and the only one I would ever need.

I smiled at the sleeping mare, her gentle snoring made my heart melt with warmth. I started to pet her gently along the head, she practically purred like a kitten in my arms. I was starting to question how I could ever be annoyed by such a adorable little mare.

However I still couldn’t bring myself to think of the two of us fucking. Cuddling was one thing, but partaking in such forbidden acts, with Vinyl of all ponies, would she even be satisfied with such a mare as I? Sure, maybe she really was quite fond of my breasts, but I had no experience, could I even please her? what if she was unsatisfied with my performance? I am not one to tolerate subpar quality, especially from myself! as soon as she woke up, I'd have to show her that last night was simply a test, and that I could best any pony that she had ever taken to bed- “OH MY CELESTIA WILL YOU STOP THAT!”

Shush, you’ll wake the little one.

My eyes snapped open to look at Vinyl, she was still sound asleep, despite the fact that I might have just shouted in her ears loud enough to shake the house. I silently thanked the musical gods for Vinyl’s constant ear drum suicide habits.

Stop putting those thoughts into my mind!

Then stop putting your hands on Vinyl.

I’m petting her to ensure her peaceful rest, I have no ulterior motives.

I’m sorry, I meant stop putting your hands IN Vinyl.

That one made me mentally freeze, my madness would continue to insist that sexual acts were involved, The only thing I could do to prove it wrong was by remembering everything. I steeled myself, and prepared to dive into the recesses of my mind.


“You of all ponies have self confidence issues about your body?” I laughed out. It had been five hours, and at this point, we long since abandoned watching shows in favor for the company of one another, and the joy that the alcohol had brung. While I still kept to my rather dainty glasses, Vinyl had gone through uncountable amounts of bottles, I was tempted to ask where she kept it all.

We decided to share secrets and stories amongst one another, we were learning quite a bit, things that neither one of us would have ever guessed. I suppose it just proves that even close friends cannot know everything about one another, not without being willing to expose yourself to the judgement of the other, though the scotch was making that notion quite bearable.

“Well of course!” Vinyl Sputtered, she was feeling the effects of her reckless consumption. “I grew up at your side, and you sprouted into this beautiful, tall, big breasted mare! And I stayed a short and small, scrappy little filly. You’re whole ‘No one is worthy of my attention’ act also just made the colts go even crazier for you. There was no way I could compete!” She continued, ending her confession with another large take of her drink.

“Is that why you took a side job as a model?” I asked with a brow raised.

“And a stripper, Figured that I had taken my top off at the clubs so many times that I might as well start getting paid for it.”

“If it was any other pony besides you, I’d be appalled. But with you honestly, I’m amazed you stopped at just that.” I giggled.

“Well the nightclubs pay me to play my beats, not start orgies.”

“You’ve started orgies before?”

“Ponies practically rutt each other on the dance floor with all the grinding they do. Be more selective about the guest list, and give them the green light before hand, and you’ve already done all of the set up.”

“You are SUCH a sex fiend!” I laughed, for some reason the idea of Vinyl orchestrating such ‘mass congregations’ was so fitting that it was comical.

“Okay, your turn again, tell me something REAL good.”

“Okay uhh...let me think…” I took a sip while I buffered my thoughts. “It has always irritated me a little bit that you call me ‘Tavi’ all the time. Tell me, why do you never say my full name?”

“Oh come on, thats not a real confession, thats a question!”

“And you’ll answer it-” I swiped her bottle of scotch and held it away from her. “-If you want your drink back!”

“Hey! No fair!” she whined. Vinyl smashed her self against me trying to retrieve her precious bottle, but I kept her at bay with my long limbs and strength. Having Vinyls body touching up against mine made my heart raise a few paces higher, and I felt a warm, flushing sensation begin to wash over my body. Honestly, I quite liked it.

Finally giving up, Vinyl puffed up an over exaggerated sigh, and directed her red eyes towards me.

“I always call you Tavi, because if I called you ‘sugar-tits’ all the time, you’d kill me-OOF” I gave her a quick jab in the side, reminding her of the consequences that befell use of that nick-name. She tried to scoot over to the end of the bed, probably to reach over and grab another bottle, but I pursued her and locked her into place against me, she wasn’t going anywhere I didn’t want her too.

“You aren't having another sip until you tell me!” I demanded with a smile, Vinyl began laughing.

“Okay, okay, but it’s such a stupid reason, you have to promise you won't laugh.”

“I’m listening.”

“Well, I mean, just listen to your name, its so beautiful and important sounding, its like I'm talking too my boss rather than my best friend.”

“Oh? So I've gone from friend to best friend status?”

“Oh shut up Tavi, you've always been my best friend.”

We hugged each other closely, my own smile mirroring that of Vinyls.

“Now can I get my drink back miss bossy pants?” she said, reaching again for my arm.

“Hmmmm….No, not until you say my full name.”

“Oh come on, I just told you why its weird for me.”

“Well maybe I want to feel like I’m superior, you ever think of that?”

“Wow, are we sure you’re not the kinky one out of the two of us?”

“Shut up and say it.”

Vinyl seemed to pause for a moment, taking in a deep breath, as if having to ready herself for a huge task. her eyes darted around, refusing to hold my gaze as she mumbled out the word. “Octavia.”

I couldn't explain why, but hearing that felt good.

“Say it again Vinyl, I couldn't hear you.” I said with a malicious smile.

“O-Octavia.” she stated clearly, her voice shaking a little bit.

“Say it again, slower and more pronounced this time.”

She was trembling, I could feel it as she started to lay into me more and more. The little mare was trying to seek comfort in my body as she amassed the strength needed to repeat the words.

“Octavia.” She lingered on every syllable, that scratchy and tomboyish voice of hers turning low and musical. I was surprised with myself when the next words that came from my mouth where low and husky.

“Look me in the eyes, and whisper my name to me.” I commanded

Vinyl became short in breath, and she clenched her fist as she brought her eyes up to mine once again. We stared at each other in silence for a moment, Vinyls small and trembling body against my own, electricity dancing where ever our skin met. She finally breathed the words, barely audible to anyone but myself.


I could hear it, everything that was mixed into her voice at that moment, the submissive sound of need and desire heavy in her voice. It made my own body quiver as my name left her lips for the fourth time. I had to close my eyes as I was swept away by a wave of euphoria. I really liked Vinyl looking like this, so small and vulnerable in front of me, the eagerness in her eyes, the fear in her breath, and the closeness of herself to me.

I had never been so turned on.



Vinyls grunts of awaking consciousness had pulled me out of my moment of remembrance. I was sweating, breathing hard, and had felt a fire burning within me. I wanted to deny it, pretend like it the fact was simply false, but my own body and mind had confirmed it twice over for me.

I had slept with Vinyl, and I had wanted to do it.

I couldn’t face myself, how could I have been such a deviant! My first time was before I was even married, and with another mare! Sure, Equestria was known for its more open minded populace, but what would my fans think? what would mother think?! Oh by the sun and the moon themselves, I didn't know what to think! I HAD SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND!

….Wait...I had sex with my best friend, with Vinyl…

It was just like I had admitted, Vinyl was my best friend, the one who was always there for me the longest, the only one ive ever let so close to my heart. Surely doing such things with a close friend wasn't a taboo, I bet it was even understandable! I mean have you SEEN Vinyl? she could make even the straightest of arrows bend just to get a chance with her! and we are so close, we have a deeper understanding of one another than most ponies can claim to have with their own parents.

And if I was completely honest with myself, the only one I could ever see myself in bed with, was infact Vinyl, despite me never allowing myself to stoop to such acts until last night.

I guess the only question left, was if this made the two of us something more, something greater than ‘friends’. Vinyl and I had only been growing closer and closer, as if the last three years never even happened, we both made each other happy, loved spending large amounts of time with one another, and we were already living under the same roof. Could one not say that we were already at that level of relationship, not even being able to deny it now that we had ‘sealed the deal’ so to speak. I was scared at the thought, afraid of not knowing whether I'd be good enough for Vinyl, but I knew no matter the case, me and Vinyl, we would take on that risk together.

It was time for me to be completely honest with myself, I could lie no longer.

Vinyl was finally regaining thought process, she backed away slowly from our embrace.

“Whoaa….sorry about that Tavi, I know how you hate having other ponies all up on ya’” she said with a sigh, stretching nonchalantly.

“I’ll get over it, besides, I think after last night, we are far past that.” I said, turning my eyes down, I could feel the blush blooming on my face.

“I’ll say. last night was pretty crazy.” she said with a knowing smile.

“Indeed, though I’m ashamed to admit that I don't remember all of it.”

“You don’t huh? Well that’s a shame.”

“Its not too grievous a predicament...honestly all I want to know is if I was good for you?”

That seemed to make Vinyl blink into full awakeness.

“You know when you say stuff like that, it sounds like we had sex last night.”

It was my turn to blink.

“You mean...we didn't?”

“What? of course we didn't, I was drunk half off my ass, and you weren't faring so well either. I’d never take advantage of my friends, especially not you! Luna be damned, no wonder why you looked so spooked! You must have thought I violated your purity or some shit!” Vinyl quickly moved in close and hugged me. I was still confused, but I hugged her back.

“Tavi, listen to me, you are my best friend, and always will be, I know how much you hate the idea of sex and all that, and i’d never try to force myself onto you. Trust me, I’ve got a memory of an elephant when alcohol gets involved, I didn't do anything that would have made you uncomfortable.”

“B-but...then what did…” Suddenly the rest of my memories came to me, and I had in full what had gone on.


“Jeash Tavi, don't ever make me do something like that again!” Finally reunited with her bottle, Vinyl plopped herself down from ontop of me and began taking deep gulps from it to re steady her breath.

“Sorry, I guess after all the teasing you’ve done to me, I couldn't resist getting a little revenge.” I said laughing. I had honestly planned to take it farther, the flames of my desire were still left burning even after our contact was broken. I could only hope that Vinyl didn’t notice my hungry eyes tracing over her body.

“Anyways, I guess its my turn, because unlike some ponies I play by the rules!” she stuck her tongue out at me, I had to resist the urge not to bite it and take it into my own mouth.
“This is kind of hard for me to admit, but when I said you were my best friend, I totally meant it. If I’m honest, I’m kind of lonely.”

“How? You’re a social butterfly, ponies dream of the chance of becoming your friend, I’ve seen the fans that fawn over you. And what about that Pinkie Pie you always mention?”

“Yeah, I have a lot of friends and co workers, and Pinkie Pie is a real friend through and through, but I don’t have many ponies I can just be honest with completely and not be judged.”

I raised my brow at that one.

“Sure, you like to pretend like you judge me and disapprove of the things I do, but you're always there for me, and you never make me feel like a bad pony for any of it…” she paused before continuing on, sadness creeping into her eyes.

“And I know you don’t want to talk about it...but what happened three years ago, when I left you...i had my reasons, but I never forgave myself, I was such a shitty friend, and I thought you’d never forgive me, and that I didn’t deserve for you to forgive me.” she started to cry, and Vinyl wasn’t somepony you saw crying about anything.

“Oh, Vinyl…” I couldn’t help but sigh, the burning desire I felt was squashed by a rare pang of empathy, I felt bad that I could be so angry at Vinyl for something that happened so long ago, to see that she was still beating herself up about it, and that I was only making her feel worse. We both had much to learn about being good friends to one another.

I moved close to her and started wiping away the forming tears, comforting her with a tight hug.

“I promise Tavi, I'll be the best friend you will ever have, and even after the day we die, I'll continue being there for you, like a good friend should...” she finally said between breaths.

I hugged her and let her silently cry out the rest of her ills, at some point the little mare had fallen asleep, and I was soon to follow her.


That’s right, On that night, Vinyl had told me that she would always be there for me as a friend. She would never do anything to betray her friend, or her wishes.

“We are going to be best friends forever!” Vinyl said, cheer in her voice.

Thats right, we are best friends.

“Jeash Vinyl, I was simply trying to pull a joke, something within the same theme of your sexual humor, no need to get all mushy.”

After all, good friends joke around with each other.

“Damn, you really did fool me, remember not to act like you’re so serious when you say that kind of stuff.” she playfully punched me on the arm, then hopped out of her bed.

“C’mon, lets go get our morning fight on! Sparring with you is better than a energy drink when it comes to starting off my day.”

She headed out her room, grabbing her sporting attire and gloves. I sat there, smiling warmly to my self.

Ha, I was right, nothing happened, and nothing ever will, because we are friends.

Vinyl is my best friend, and she would never violate my personal space like that.

And we shall always be friends, nothing more, nothing less.

This morning will mark the start, of a even more beautiful, and forever lasting friendship-

My thoughts were cut off as I felt a wetness around my cheeks, I wiped it away, only for it to be replaced with more wetness shortly after. I sat there for a while, trying to rub away that damned wetness from my cheeks, but it kept replacing itself after every attempt. It was almost as if I was crying.

But that would mean that I had something to be sad about. And that would just be crazy.

Author's Note:

Oh shit son! i hope that was a unexpected turn of events!
sorry this took a week, i got super side tracked, on top of changing this chapters plot at least 3 times.
Feel free to leave comments as i love reading them and getting feed back. heres hoping that the next chapter comes soon,


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