A Song of Madness

by DCLzexon

Interlude - The Beginning of Madness part 1

“Tavi, could we please not do this? I am way too young to start burning bodies and faking alibis.” Vinyl whined as she scratched her frizzy mane. It looked like Wonderbolts had an emergency crash landing in it, what with the streaks of off colored cyan that went in a tangled mess every which way. She still had faith that one day she would style her hair in the manner that she wanted. Faith was always wasted on the foalish.

“Weren't you the one who wanted to kill a pony with your bare hands?” I said.

“Don’t project your sociopathic murder fantasies onto me, I am way too young to be haunted by my crimes.”

“Shut up, you wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if Bullworth were to suddenly wash up in a lake.”

“No, but I’d have to pretend like I was, and that’s already more trouble than he’s worth.” Vinyl had bounced herself from the wall she was resting against and came near me. She put her hand on my shoulder in an effort to calm me down, a welcome gesture, but a futile attempt.

“C’mon Tavi, you know your moms going to lay into you for doing this. All Bullworth did was rough me up a little, I’m a tough girl; I can take whatever he dishes out.”

“You’re worried about my mother? Where did you think my unbridled rage and hatred came from? She practically gave me a list of places to dump bodies as I was walking out the door.”

“Its it bad that I don’t think you're joking?”

“Only if it’s favorable that I’m completely serious.”

“Bullworth isn’t going to fight fair, he’s going to have a whole bunch of guys, we’ll be out numbered.”

“So I’m just suppose to leave you to fight them alone? The only one allowed to hurt you is me, that is my right, and my right alone. And I won’t tolerate that slack-jawed, whelp of a ruffian thinking that he can get away with what he did!”

“You should save the dirty talk till after I buy you dinner, love.” Interjected a overly accented voice. I turned to see the prettied up mug that was Bullworth Pennyten. His red coat and black hair were well cut with refined care. He had a gorgeous face that just begged to be punched, if only to wipe away the constant grin he wore at all times.

Bullworth was so flaming that I had swore that it was Celestia’s duty to raise him up out of bed along with the sun every morning. He was always well dressed, and surrounded by fit and athletic Colts at all times. He had a smug reassurance about himself that could only come from a life of vehemently maintaining his mane, and ignoring his brain. But don’t take my detest for him as bigotry by any stretch, I didn't hate him because he was a raging homosexual who had more fashion sense than common sense.

I hated him because he was an utter ass, pure and simple.

He had always tormented Vinyl with his gang, and due to being Blue Blood’s second cousin twice removed, he often got away with metaphorical murder against the low born street urchin that was Vinyl. I had gotten involved in the recent years with defending Vinyl from the miscreant, our encounters were often physical, but never final, and cruel words mixed with ugly insults were often thrown around like common pleasantries among us.

He was surrounded by his usual gang of five, each one of them trying to look tougher and more menacing than the next. Their attempts often ruined by what ever ridiculously themed outfits that Bullworth had managed to force upon them.

“Tell me Vinyl deary, are we going to dance, or are you two love birds going to enjoy your own ‘private affair?’” He continued, his growing smile only serving to fuel my desires to mutilate him.

“I dunno’ BullWhipe, are you and the sausage crew done combing cow semen out of your manes?” Vinyl retorted.

“That was quite the vindictive little response for a bit of rough housing, love. You milk all those cows yourself, or did you get your girlfriend involved for a romantic evening?” Bullworth drawled.

“If I was in anyway involved in the planning, you would be extracting what was left of your knee caps off the pavement.” I spat.

“Care to keep it that way? Today’s problems are of the short, white, and idiotic persuasion, no need to do a foul to you without just cause.” Bullworth smirked.

“What? Too afraid to take the two of us on as usual, even with your crotch-warmers backing you up?” Vinyl said.

“Jokes about my questionable sexual orientation aside, you are quite outnumbered. A simple bruise here or there should be enough for proper revenge. I think it would due you good to sit-out from this one Miss Harmonious.”

I simply leveled my mother’s stare at him, he kept his calm, but I could see the small wince in his eyes. He was scared, and if he wasn’t, then his fate would simply be due to natural selection.

“Why are you trying so hard to get Tavi to sit this one out? You actually remember that you're a stallion and decide to fight me mono e mono?” Vinyl jeered, putting up her fist.

“And what, ruin my pedicure over you? Heavens no, love! I’m a rich and well connected bully, I get others to fight for me.” Bullworth made a dainty motion with his hand, and the crew of colts behind him started filling in for their soon-to-be-beating.

We were on them like a swarm of dragons.

I was extremely tall for my age, and being born an earth pony gave me a gift of effortless strength, I towered over all of the older Colts in my age group, and still many of the adults. And when you give a mare like me an overflowing supply of anger, coupled with a cold detachment for the well being of others, I could do considerable damage in almost no time.

Vinyl herself was a rogue, born and raised off the streets. Even in the calm and well mannered society that was Canterlot, it took no less guile and wit to get by without a proper home, especially when the elite echelons of the upper crust had it out for you. And believe you and me, Vinyl certainly caused enough trouble to gain the ire of anyone who knew the difference between a scarf and an ascot.

Vinyl nimbly maneuvered around the attackers, moving so fast that you would swear she was a pegasus, only being reminded of the contrary as she used her magic in small, intuitive little ways to trip up the ruffians.

I simply kept my methods straightforward. I pulled hair, and punched faces. Sure it lacked style, grace, and tact, and those were often qualities I had in abundance, but it got the job done, and at the moment that was all I truly cared about.

Barely two minutes had past before we had reduced Bullworths squad into a mass of whining fillies on the ground.

“They go down so fast, must be used to that, considering who they work for.” Vinyl cheered. I hadn't known exactly what that meant, but by the sound of her voice, it was probably more of her usual sexual humor.

Bullworth simply let out a long groan of displeasure. “If you want something done right…” He muttered as he began to take off his jacket.

I’m not used to giving praise, especially not to those who I have planned to be buried in my backyard in the next few hours, but Bullworth’s body was beautiful. He looked like the hand crafted statues of herculean heroes that my mother had adorned her halls with. He had his muscles clearly defined, well toned, and rippling with every movement. It was mostly for show, but I had enough first hand experience to know for a fact that there was power behind that overly cared for body. But me and Vinyl had been scuffing with him since our early childhood, we were use to his patterns.

Bullworth charged using his rugby skills. (Don’t even get me started on how much Vinyl has used that to fuel her sexually charged humor.) Prompting dodges from both me and Vinyl. We kept our distance, as not to engage in a grapple against somepony so much stronger than ourselves. I swiped at him with closed fists directly aimed at his face, while Vinyl took a more indirect approach, trying to attack his legs to slow him down. Even with the two of us and our efforts, bullworth was a sturdy, and agile target, and it only showed how much of a true equality-centric mind he possessed when he spared nothing in returning fire.

Bullworth looked annoyed that most of his attention had to be spent on me, while Vinyl poised a constant threat, the damage that I could do was nothing to ignore, and he knew it.

“If you boys are quite finished moaning on the floor.” Bullworth started yelling “I would much appreciate it if you would get up and DO SOMETHING!”

“Phrasing!-Oh crap!” Vinyls jeer was cut off as hand had yanked her on the ankle, reducing the normally fleet footed filly to her knees. Bullworth didn’t even miss a beat, he charged straight towards Vinyl, doubling her over with a horrible sounding crash as their bodies met. Vinyl yelped, and her small frame went sprawling. I stared in horror as I watched Vinyl land wounded onto the hard ground. She had taken plenty of hits, but always when she was prepared to lessen the blow in some way or form. With her balance gone, and hands trying to pull herself up, Vinyl had taken a charging shoulder to the face, and had looked gravely hurt.

I began to fume. How DARE he hurt Vinyl, MY Vinyl, the only pony besides my mother who held any real value in my life. The one pony whose idiotic banter, and vexatious bliss, has only endeared me closer to her, rather than causing bile to rise from my throat. No one was allowed to touch her like that, and Bullworth could tell that when he had looked into my eyes, he had opened the gates of Tartarus itself on to him.

Now I don’t really have any recollection of what happened next, because by the time I had regained conscious thought, I had Bullworth’s manhood under my foot, and was applying varying pressures so that his feminine screams would make a verse of Neightoven’s symphony six.

Truly one of my greatest performances.

I was saddened a bit when Vinyl had gently moved me away from my new musical instrument, but by the bruises and blood on Bullworths face, I assumed that I already went a tad farther than my usual punishments, and let the whelp squirm away.

“C-C-CELESTIA’S GRACE MARE, are you INSANE!?” Bullworths voice squeaked.

“TOUCH VINYL LIKE THAT AGAIN AND I’LL DO FAR WORSE!” My voice lacked my usual restrained resentment to it, Seeing Vinyl get hurt often did that to me.

“Be glad I’m a nice filly Bullwhipe, otherwise I’d let Tavi here have her way with you, and considering your preferences, I don’t think you’d enjoy that.” Vinyl said with a victorious grin, I still wish she had let me go to destroy that damned colt, but seeing her usual smile with full force was enough to calm me down.

“I hate to be so blasé, but this is far from over, I’ll have the both of you regretting what was done here today!” Bullworth squeaked as he and his colts got up, running away from us. I stood glaring at them while Vinyl helped them up and waved them goodbye, The boys always did like Vinyl more for being such a good sport about it all.

“Burning stars Tavi, I know Bullworth is never going to use ‘em, but don’t you think that was a little harsh?” Vinyl asked.

“HE HURT-” I had to take a moment to breath and steady my anger, furious rage was unbecoming of me. “He hurt you Vinyl, that is a grievous sin that shall receive equally grim punishment. Speaking of which how are you?”

“My heads ringing a bit, but everythings in place, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Good.” I swiftly hit her in her stomach, she doubled over a bit with a ‘Oof’. “That was for making me worry you, you little hellion.”

She simply giggled in response to me, it seemed no matter how hard I hit the mare, my blows never could truly hurt her. Not like I wasn’t trying to hurt her, she simply was quite tough.

Shut up.

With today's business concluded rather quickly, I had still had free time to myself, and decided to spend it practicing. I started walking to the musical hall, knowing it would be empty on a Saturday, but still open to any student looking for a quiet place to play.

“Vinyl, are our back up instruments still located in the music hall at the moment?” I asked, not even needing to look behind me to know that Vinyl was following.

“Yeps’, looking to get in some practice before heading back?” came Vinyls reply

“Yes, I’m also hoping that you share my discipline, after all, my fifteenth birthday is soon, and I expect you to play as usual.”

“Oh come on Tavi, you make me practice that stupid song for months, then play it on your birth day. And every year, for the past seven years, you've always rated me ‘adequate’. I honestly don't know how to impress you.”

“Maybe if you spent more time practicing rather than complaining, you could surmount the skills needed to do just that.”

It was a bold face lie. Every year since I had met her on that fateful day, I had made her play the custom piece she came up with for me when I first challenged her skills. And every year I was blown away by its beauty. It was more than just Vinyls skills, which had improved vastly every time she played it, It was the emotion behind it. Vinyl was a special mare, she was the one who had taught me the value of emotion and feeling, she had shown my young, jaded self over the years, that music needed more than just technical prowess to truly be art, it needed heart. Even though my fate as a musician had been decided since birth, it wasn't until Vinyl had played for me that I had gained my cutie mark, my true unyielding love for music.

Vinyl’s foster parents where the owners of the Canterlot musical hall that many of the students used to hone their skills, Though she herself spent most of her time roaming the streets, often getting herself into trouble, which I had to come dig her out of quite frequently. Blasted filly was a handful, and despite her being two years older than me, needed constant babysitting, less she cause utter anarchy in Celestia's capital.

I'm not joking, she almost caused a rebellion over the removal of her favorite breakfast sandwich from a restaurant. I swear to the sun that she is the bastard spawn of Discord.

“The only thing I want to surmount.” Vinyl started, pulling me out of my introspection. “Is knowledge on how you keep increasing that ridiculous bust size of yours.”

I covered my chest defensively “I-It’s not my fault they keep growing! I can’t get those blasted colts during lessons to stop staring at them! You think after the third tooth I knocked out of their mouths, they’d learn better.”

“Is the high and mighty Tavi worried about her Big bosoms?” she said with a lecherous grin

“Not as much as you are. Keep up that disgusting habit of yours and i’m going to start thinking that you’re as gay as Bullworth.”

“I’d have to dye my mane rainbow before I was even within the same realm of gay.” She said with a roll of her eyes and a light hearted smile. “We really do give him a lot of crap though, we could probably be friends with him if we just acted a bit nicer.”

“And what, lose my favorite punching bag?”

Vinyl made an over exaggerated emotion of shock that could be seen even through her large shades. “Why Tavi, I feel betrayed! and here I thought I was your favorite punching bag, to learn that you’re cheating on me so blatantly!”

“Shut up or I’ll lay you out as flat as your chest.”

“Ouch...and for the record C-cups are totally not flat! You just have ridiculous tits is all.”

I gave her a final smack before entering the band hall. It was a spacious room, filled with instruments in and out of their cases, sheets of music stacked high in different folders spread out around the place, and a small stage for a conductor to play, with chairs circled haphazardly around it.

We recovered our instruments, Both of us were skilled in practically every instrument that we could lay our hands on in the classical field, so we always had options. Vinyl had picked out my favorite, the cello, an interesting choice considering that my birthday gift was to be played upon it.

“Going to play me a part of my birthday gift?” I said with a raised brow.

“Maybe I’ll spoil you some and let you hear the first part. that is if it would be ‘adequate’ for you.”

“That has yet to be seen, start playing and we’ll see.” I took a seat across from her and closed my eyes. Vinyl did the rest of her set up, and then started to play.

The song started off as I always remembered, haunting, low, and slow. Her song reminiscent with emotions of loneliness, it was an abstract story of bitter isolation and destitute. The feeling of having no purpose or aim to ones life, and the melancholy that such thoughts could bring. It always struck a close cord to my own heart, as it was how I felt when Vinyl was away from me, or when I wasn’t playing my own instruments. It was a somber reminder of what my life would be like if Vinyl had never entered it, never gave me her gift of spirit and love to put into my own craft. It was why I respected Vinyl, admired her even in secret.

She abruptly stopped her playing before going further into the second act of the song. I was yanked out of my enjoyment of her music as silence suddenly filled the air.

“That’s all you get until your birthday.” Vinyl said with a teasing wiggle of her eyebrow. “So what did you think?”

It was the most enthralling thing I had ever heard. “Sub par, maybe I can give you the status of adequate once I hear the whole thing.” Was what I told her however.

She simply rolled her eyes and smiled. “I do better on my new turn tables anyways.”

I frowned at that. “Are you still messing with that infernal modern music?”

“Got to expand your horizons Tavi, we can’t be stuck in the old ways forever.”

“Its that exact way of thinking that gets you in trouble so much, Vinyl.”

“Hey, no one who ever had a revolutionary idea was ever in public favor at the start.”

“They also didn’t cause chaos in the general public for the fun of it.”

“I’m a party kind of girl, and if the Canterlot snobs weren't so stuck up, I’d have a loving audience for my talents.”

“Or if they weren’t so reserved, you’d have a angry mob with pitch forks ready to have you exiled.”

“Tomato, kumquat, It’s all semantics. Anyways, stop ragging on me and start playing! why don’t you show me how its done since my skills are so ‘sub par’.

“Hmph, I’d be glad to show you how a superior pony plays her music.” I raised my string, and began playing.

My tempo was fast, my song was violent, and my tone was cold. It was my own custom piece, a self aware craft to show everything that I had felt. A violent and wild storm of passion mixed with a frigid avalanche of disdain. I put all my frustrations, ambitions, cruelty, and every other ugly emotion that had resided in me into the notes, and let them soar through the air as my own sound. Furious, and without pause, most ponies had felt fear grab hold of them as they listened to me play it. I was told several times that while it was well crafted, that it was a disgusting piece, that it felt too evil, too unrestrained, and that I should stop playing such things if I ever wanted to have an audience that didn’t feel violated by my skills.

But those feelings never came to Vinyl, she would always sit there, with wide eyes and a wider smile, as if she was listening to the most pleasant song in the world. Vinyl accepted everything that I was. Over the seven years of our relationship, she had seen me at my best, and worse, she knew the ugliness that resided inside my heart, the bitter contempt I held that seemed to just endlessly produce itself from the pits of my soul. And never did she once shy away from it, nor look at me with scorn.

She saw me, the real and true me, and she had willingly befriended me.

I wish I could say that I had done the same for her, but I never once could find any ugliness within the soul that was Vinyl, she was pure as snow, and I….I….I didn’t know how to describe what I felt about it, but I knew it made me want to hold her close to my heart, closer than any other pony in this world.

When I was done playing, Vinyl had clapped enthusiastically for me. She didn’t care that she looked like a idiot, she always wanted to make it clear how much she enjoyed my song. I let myself smile despite my pride.

“And that’s how it’s done.” I said smugly, rising from my seat to do a bow.

“Okay okay, don't let that skill go to your head, remember that the beauty comes from your heart.” She said, playfully poking me.

“Shut up Vinyl, you’re too stupid to be attempting pretentiousness.”

“And you’re too smart to be hanging around me, yet here we are.”

That had killed my smile, I had realized that with all the playing we had done today, my free time was almost over, and my mother would be expecting me soon.

“Gotta go?” Vinyl asked, picking up on my emotion.

“Yes, my mother should be expecting me.” It was hard for me to ever leave Vinyl, I always felt a terrible ache in my heart as I left her side.

“Don't worry, your mum’s going to start letting you have more freedom soon, right? we can hang out even more!” Vinyl chimed in, her ability to read what I was thinking sometimes was terrifying.

“I suppose you’re right...I shall see you at a later date, don’t burn anything down while I’m away from you.”

“No promises~” She sang, as I walked out the door.


“I SHALL NOT DISTANCE MYSELF FROM VINYL!” I shouted, slamming my hands against the dinner table.

My mother simply glared at me as she continued speaking. “Remember who you raise your voice against, child…” her words rung with a icy chill, that made even my passionate rage fizzle out.

“...Forgive me mother, but I can’t understand why you’re so adamant about keeping me away from Vinyl. Is it because she is of lower breed and class?”

My mother was arguably the most threatening creature to ever walk this plain before Nightmare moon had returned from her imprisonment. And even then, all that her return had done was give my mother competition for the most frightening mare that ever existed. She was a merciless noble, and had raised several children in different fields of art and politics. I may have been her foster child, one of her many projects to attempt to raise prodigies, but despite her harsh and restrictive teaching methods, she loved me like I was her own blood, and was fiercely protective of me. which is why this subject of Vinyl was always so quick to bring itself up as of late.

“I don’t care what status of birth she is, I simply worry about you my dear.” Mother let the ice flow from her eyes to be replaced quickly with an exhausted look. “Every few days you come back battered and bruised, and I have to listen to stories about you causing a fuss around the community.”

“Bullworth and his boys are responsible for whatever bodily harm I receive, and you know as well as I do that the Canterlot nobility has it out for Vinyl due to her musical talent! They can’t stand the thought of some random pony with no noble heritage showing up their precious children in anything!”

“Your music teacher, Mr. Cornet, keeps complaining that you’re skipping lessons constantly, going off to spend time with Miss Scratch instead.”

“That hack wouldn’t know the difference between a clarinet and a recorder if they were both shoved up his a-”

“And you’re language grows more fowl and unlady-like by the day.”

I sat back down in defeat, letting a long sigh play out in the silence. “What do you wish me to do then mother? Vinyl is my dearest friend, I value her more than anything.”

My mother let out her own tired sigh. “And that’s exactly the problem my child…”

That made me raise a brow in question.

“You may be adopted, but you are still apart of the High Born family, you have a role to play in Canterlot politics and social standings. Not to mention that despite your talent, if you ever wish to fulfill your dream of mastering classical music, you have to work just as hard as any other pony would. Yet you spend every moment you can get mingling with that rebellious filly. You shut off the world around you and make no other friends, you don’t attempt to make connections or pay attention to anything besides her and your music. It simply isn’t healthy my child.”

I had heard this argument before in many different iterations. My mother would swear that I spent too much time around Vinyl, even going so far as to describe me as ‘clingy’ and would go on to say that I needed to open myself to more of the world. Why should i? I’ve seen what the world had to offer me; foalish, half hearted ponies, wearing false faces, lying to those around them and themselves. I didn’t need, nor want to live in a world filled with such casual lies and hidden intentions. A world where a pony was likely to sing your praise one moment, then spite you the next. All I needed was my mother, my music, and Vinyl to be happy, nothing more, nothing less.

“I don't understand mother, You’re the one who told me that most ponies in this world would never be worth my time, Vinyl has a rare quality in character that makes her an exception to that, and you were fine with us being friends when we we’re younger. So why now, why do you try to make me condemn her when i’m already so close to her?”

“Because she will not always be here for you.” My mother stated flatly.

“What do you mean by that? Vinyl shall always be at my side-”

“Miss Scratch is of a different world than us. Yes she lives in Canterlot, and yes she grew up here, but look at her with honest eyes.”

The protest in my face didn't waver, but I couldn't think of anything to respond with right away.

“The nobles hate her.” She continued on after some silence “And she too, hates them in return. She has skills in classical music, but is truly driven by her love of more modern genres, of which all the nobles hold no favor for. She doesn't fit in with Canterlot society due to her brash and blunt nature, and because of it she can never have a future within this town.”

“What just are you trying to get at mother?” I said, my voice starting to shake slightly.

“She is seventeen years old, and has no real schooling supporting her. She is going to have to, and one day soon, leave Canterlot to forge a life for herself somewhere else. Even when you’re old enough to follow her if you wanted too, the clashing worlds would be to much for you. You already don’t like the well mannered and high classed Canterlot lifestyle, how well do you think you would enjoy a life amongst mere commoners with no tact or class?”

It was a cold truth I didn't want to face, as much as I favored Vinyl, we were two very different types of ponies, that belonged to two very different types of worlds, just like my mother had said.

“I’m not asking you to condemn Miss Scratch, or even cut yourself off from her completely, I merely want you to be ready for what is the inevitable, and to have you be able to continue your life once Vinyl leaves it.”

“You’re wrong mother, Vinyl will never leave me.” I said as I rose from my seat, I was done with this conversation, the food could be damned for all I cared. “I'm going to retire to my room for the evening, goodnight mother.”

She simply nodded her recognition and watched me leave, I could feel those tired, cold eyes of her on my back until I was completely out of sight.