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In which my pretension has hit critical mass. · 8:42pm Apr 11th, 2015

I've done it!

I've hit untold levels of flowery bullshittery and overly dressed sexual themes with this one! This Rarijack smut is sure to garner me every look of confusion and cold scorn possible. I dont know what I'm thinking, because this point I'm not even thinking at all! I mean, why else would I be putting this much misguided effort into BDSM themed pony smut?

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To snark, or not to snark? · 1:53am Apr 8th, 2015

I have two drafts, a straight faced, more serious toned rarijack smut story, and a snarkier, more comedic version like angry hate sex and denial. I dont know which one to go with.

any suggestions?

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What it feels like trying to plot Rarijack smut. · 4:43am Apr 6th, 2015

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So about that rarijack fic... · 4:12am Apr 2nd, 2015

Do people still want that?

...because I might still write it.

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More Vinyl x Tavi hatebdsm: full speed ahead. · 5:22am Mar 3rd, 2015

okay, so after much head ache and indecision, I finally have a story concept that I've developed over the past 3 days from start to finish. All that it Actually needs to be is written.

Octavia Has a simple proposal for Vinyl Scratch.

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Hitting writers block like a brick fucking wall... · 10:35pm Feb 25th, 2015

Okay peeps, so here's the deal.

I haven't completely dropped writing, but the reason why you haven't seen anything from me, is because im not getting any ideas I like, or ideas I can do in a short enough time frame.

Main problem has been the Rarity x Applejack fic.

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So I MIGHT make another fic... · 4:18am Feb 3rd, 2015

I know I've kind of been dead...mostly because I was pretty sure I was done writing fics. I left Clashing symphonies unfinished because I felt the ending I wrote for It was just too silly...well silly In a way I couldn't justify with how little I showed character Chemistry. Point was I was unhappy with it.

Anyways, I Might have gotten another idea for yet ANOTHER Tavi x Vinyl fic (Im sorry, but they are my favorite ship) that's Smut with a Plot.

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New smut fic in a few days: Clashing Symphonies. · 4:42am Nov 4th, 2014

Octavia has had a whole year to learn one simple fact: She hates Vinyl.

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I aint done yet! · 4:54am Oct 27th, 2014

SO its been a while...a LONG while.
well unfortunately college happened.

and double unfortunately, I already dedicate my free time and lack of a social life to digital art. This has left me with little to no means of spending the time required to make a even sub par story in terms of quality, forget about actually dedicating the time needed to gain capable writing skills.

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And so it begins: Desires, Secrets, and Submission · 2:23am Sep 18th, 2014

For all you Rarijack lovers out there, the next fic is 4k under way~

wont be done as fast as my others, as i currently have some art and school work to do, but i am actively working on it.

If delays are long enough, i'll end up releasing it in 4k-6k chapters, but i'd prefer to have a full story done and ready by posting, so i'll try to get it done before it comes to that.

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