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Vinyl has spent many a production behind the scenes, a lowly audio tech waiting in the wings. But she can't help but become awestruck by the beauty that is Black Rose Company's star actress, Octavia Philharmonica. After months of waiting, Vinyl finally gets a chance to befriend Octavia, and sets off on her ensuing quest to win her lady's heart.

All of these chapters are excitedly proofread by the wonderful and lovely jlm123hi, who is just such an excellent editor, and individual. I'm glad he's chosen to work with me.

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4491563 Oh my goodness! Thank you for that! I was wondering how well this would be received, but it's only been up two hours, and you've read it, commented, and a few people have favorited it, and I'm just so happy. Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

It's looking good, and I can relate to Vinyl. I'm the senior Sound, Lighting and General Technology technician for all of my school's productions. The actors keep to themselves and the stage crew keep to themselves, so I understand what you mean about the section ideas.

Looking forward to more!

Almost seems like a one chapter thing. I'll be watching this one.

4492096 I have an insider's view, because I'm Sound Booth Captain, so I know what it's like. The actors usually do ignore us and keep to themselves unless they need something. Granted, I spend most of my time in the booth talking to the stage on a headset, but I work lights onstage occasionally, too. And mic's. Those are the worst. The actors totally disregard instructions. Crazy kids...

4492501 Oh no, it's far from done. This is the start of another twenty chapter epic, probably. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm already as hooked on this as I was on Collide. I really want to see the other characters fleshed out a bit more, but that's why you have the entire rest of the fic. :twilightsmile:

as I knew it would be muffled by the soundproofing I had installed in the interior.

She soundproofed her car? Well that's a thorough way to not be that douche with blaring car music.

The chapter title got me thinking about a Much Ado Octascratch, again. That just makes me unreasonably happy.

I like this Vinyl. :pinkiehappy:

I couldn’t help but stare as she sashayed away,

No mistake. This just reminded me of RuPaul's Drag Race. Okay? Okay. Good start, by the way. I rhymed. I'm gonna go now.

I figured there was more. Hope this turns out well.

4493082 Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You have no idea how much your opinion means to me.

Well, other fics have Vinyl with a soundproof house, or mixing booth. I figured, why wouldn't she soundproof her car? It keeps in all kinds of noises, and keeps out others. The wubs (and other things :raritywink: ) stay in the car, and traffic stays out. :yay:

Actually, you gave me the idea for the chapter when we were talking last night. I figured, nothing much goes on in this chapter other than laying some groundwork, so it's literally much ado about nothing.

What do you like about this Vinyl? I would love to know what I'm doing right. :pinkiehappy:

4493198 Ooh, I love RuPaul's Drag Race. Good connection.

4493539 ...I hope so, too, bud. I found inspiration in a new concept, so hopefully I can write all the chapters before I lose interest. Like I usually do. :facehoof:

4492648 I know what you mean. "Right, when you come off stage, DON'T TOUCH YOUR MIC! Let us switch it off from the sound desk." *Actors switch off mics when they come off stage. Five mins later , they're back on stage with no sound* "What happened to the sound?" *Checks RM bank* *No signal* "They switched off the mic."

4494607 Oh my goodness! That just kills me. We have a mute button on the sound board. For. A. Reason. That happened so many times during our productions this year... I was actually pretty glad to be playing in the pit orchestra for our performance of The Wizard of Oz, because it meant I wasn't immediately blamed for anything that went wrong. I just got to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow seventy five thousand times, but it was a pretty okay trade.

4495500 We did Olkahoma! and the amount of singing that cut out half way during rehersal because someone switched off their mic. Then everyone looks at me and my crew as we struggle to identify the problem until I walk out on stage and switch their mic back on after telling them not to switch it off. It's not difficult! Leave it on, we have loads of spare batteries!
At least it wasn't like last year, when someone decided it would be funny to unplug the lighting desk halfway through a live performance to charge their phone. EVERY SINGLE LIGHT FLASHED AND CUT OUT!! Then, after re-booting, the Chauvet intimidators swung round the room, flashing every colour and gobo at the audience (it's the boot-up sequence + test) before setting back to stage with pure white only. That was embarrassing, and we took the chap who unplugged it on-stage and got them to apologize to the audience HALF WAY THROUGH THE PERFORMANCE. I don't think he'll be doing that again...

4496543 I hate when that happens, man. Not all of the technical problems are always our fault. Our school has a big problem with wiring, and we get power surges when we have severe storms, and they cause the whole light board to reset, which means I've become very adept at guessing what lighting would be appropriate for a scene in the middle of a show, because we've lost all but the basic assignments. No set scenes, and the lights all revert back to numerical order, which is a total disaster. I hate it. Oh my goodness.

4496972 Ouch! I enabled MemoryRecovery on our Jester 12/24 (Backup desk) and our Jester ML 24 (Primary desk). It's really useful because when everything goes off, it'll just need switching back on and it'll resume what it was just doing. Annoyingly, half our lights are smart (Chauvet and Kam style) and the others are passive (Par-cans, 1KwH's, etc.), so they react differently after a power outage. I'm just happy that our system is completely wired to the substation fr our school, so we don't have too many power issues.

4497009 Our equipment is from the early 90's, because our school refuses to fund the arts department, so it dies every time someone bumps it too hard... But, we manage. And even thought the backup generators for our school are located in the fine arts hallway, we still haven't managed to get any of our equipment wired to it, because apparently it's not important enough. Ouch. :fluttershyouch:

Well, it just seems incredibly impractical. Mostly because you're going to be losing most of your sound through the windows. So in order to soundproof the car you'd really need to either add more window panes or cover the windows with something soft. And that's gonna be difficult if people want to roll down the windows or see out of the windshield.

I mean, they get acquainted. That's kind of a critical plot point.

She seems more developed than some Vinyl's that are just "I wub wubs and wub my bestest wubs even more than my normal wubby wubs!"

Crap like this is why I don't do stage crew at my school. I stick to filming things for my school, where my biggest issues are whether or not the newbie enabled auto-white balance while filming in the gyms and making sure that the guy next to me is overlaying the right names on the board of ed.

4498447 Actually, I'm quite impressed by whatever new technology has gone into newer model cars to make them incredibly quiet on the inside. Some special kind of insulation, I suppose. It's not totally soundproof, but close enough.

Well, they kind of already were acquainted because Vinyl is Octavia's audio tech, but this is where they start becoming actual friends. So I suppose you could see it either way. I usually try not to include major plot points in my first chapter, unless it's a oneshot.

I try to develop the characters a little. I've never read a good fanfic where the characters were one dimensional and totally canon, or fanon, as the case demands.

Yep. Well, I'm officially out of this stuff next year. Doing jazz band instead, so that should be fun.

I think the engines have some soundproofing around them now, and the floor mats dampen the sound from below considerably. Vinyl is fucking magic when it comes to all things audio. Especially soundproofing.

Acquainted was definitely the wrong word for me to use there. Behold, the oneshot with not plot points at all.:derpyderp2:

Well that's probably because that's the very definition of bad characterization.

Be free! Ooh, I would do Jazz Band for my art credit except for the problem that I don't actually play an instrument. :twilightsmile:

Until now, I had never even known that it was possible to have an awkward silence with only one person.

Vinyl earned achievement: Most awkward person of all time!

Two feet away, in the kitchen, I heard the timer go off, indicating that the soup was done.

Small house.

Octavia is just swinging back and forth between kinda awkward forming friend and hitting on Vinyl, hard. A little confusing, but very entertaining! :twilightsmile:

When do you think the next chapter will be out? Just wanted to know so I could mark it on my calendar and bide my time until I can read it. Oh and I'm loving the story so far you've done a great job on it. Until next time, Buon. :pinkiesmile:

4676854 Honestly, Buon, I never have a set date for releasing chapters. But I'm going to seriously attempt to release two chapter a month. Now, I'm not intending to release on every two weeks. Really, I'm just going to attempt to get two out whenever I can, and maybe I'll have time to sneak in a third sometimes. It all just depends. And really, right now it's only the second week of July, so sometime in the next two weeks I'll try to have another chapter out, okay? :yay:

I'm really glad you're enjoying this story, because I really am, too.

:rainbowhuh: shipping?

If not that is okay i will still read on:scootangel:

That... was beyond unexpected.

Very good! :pinkiehappy:

4680763 I'm pretty sure I put a Romance tag up there... Let me check... Yep. There's that old purple tag. Shipping indeed, dear friend. :pinkiehappy: Eventually. I promise, it's a tad boring now, but the buildup is coming.

4682422 Thank you. I just suddenly came up with an idea at somewhere around midnight, and went with it. And this is the result. Very briefly pre-read by the lovely jlm123hi. :rainbowkiss:

Mostly, I figured, what would happen if dear Octavia had a tiny bit of anger issues, and a good deal of confused feelings, and then the stress of the lead role of the play? And this was the result. She punched a wall and fractured her hand. Silly Tavi. :facehoof: Thank you for the comment, though, much appreciated. :rainbowkiss:

Ok I'm hooked on this story. A friend of mine told me to read this and that I would like it. You had me at the very beginning and up to this point I can't wait to read more. Great Job.:twilightsmile:

Needs more dialogue, and needs more set building, but otherwise I like how this is going. Make sure though that you establish what kind of world we're in, because What the Fuck is this:

enveloping them in the soft white glow of my magic,

Is this like An Apple Scratch Toward the World, or what?

I'm terribly sorry, my fault.

I'm terribly sorry, it's my fault.
Hi it's me again I thought that since your other fics that I have read were a Tier 2 and a Tier 3 I might as well read all your fics hoping I'd find a 4.

5376358 You know, you are literally the greatest. I'm hoping you might find one here, because this is my best effort to date. Enjoy your reading. And thank you again for your corrections.

Soft, warm air blew softly from the vents, and I tuned the radio to my favorite rock station.

You used a form of soft to many times, remove one.

I stuffed these into my backpack, along with various bottles of ground herbs and a box of chicken stock that I had laying around in my pantry, apparently for chicken stock emergency. I made a mental note to go and pick up fresh chicken at the market on the way to Octavia's house, as I was currently out. Sufficient supplies loaded into my backpack, I grabbed my keys and strolled out my door, whistling a half-remembered tune all the way down three flights of stairs.

Luckily, the market was open by ten, so I drove straight there, picked up the chicken in ten seconds flat, and was on my way to Octavia's townhouse apartment. Easy as pie. Or, chicken noodle soup. Whatever.

The references in this section feel forced. Yes they are funny but when you put three one right after the other like this it stops being funny and ceases to flow well.

I've had my share of troubles with dating, and mostly I just go after one night stands, anymore, though I'm a tad ashamed to admit it.

I've had my share of troubles with dating, and mostly I just go after one night stands, though I'm a tad ashamed to admit it.

This fic is very adorable, the chemistry between characters is perfect, the concept is unique. Your only problem is the Grammatical errors, but they are few so I'll let it slide. Tier 4.

Great job on the new chapter the long wait is of no concern as long as it gets here at some point.

Don't worry about the wait. The truly faithful are the ones with patience. Take your time with the updates and the suspense will keep building; so when you do update, it feels all the better.

You guys are honestly fantastic. Seriously, to think that people even read my work is an incredible thought, let alone that they're patient enough to wait for me to finish writing a chapter months after I promised it. I am so impressed with the good feelings that exist in this fandom, and I'm especially grateful for people like you. Lots of love sent your way, and I promise that the next chapter will be out sooner, since I have free time now.

Not only have I realize that I have developed and attraction to one of my co-workers, said co-worker happens to be female.

Not only have I realized that I have developed an attraction to one of my co-workers, said co-worker happens to be female.

I must know what happens next!

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