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About Collide: On the Subject of Endings · 4:44pm Jun 2nd, 2014

Hey guys, faithful readers, longtime supporters, and newbies alike. I'm back for the summer, since the final grading period of school is now over, and I can stop being so busy with end-of-year projects, finals, and all kinds of other nasty, stress inducing things. I can write again!

Which leaves me with a question. And I want your input. Yes, all of you.

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Editing and Editing and Maybe Some More Editing. Yay. Blue Eyes is Getting a Facelift. · 3:39pm Mar 9th, 2014

Okay guys, we can all acknowledge my writing skills have improved greatly since December 2012. Let's be real. So, I've decided to edit the earlier Blue Eyes chapters to sound better and to better reflect my current writing style, and the direction I'm taking the story. Just minor discrepancies being tweaked, and I've added more "Pony stuff" as one reader called it. That means, drum roll please................ I've come up with terms for the three different types of you know, pony species, and

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Finally Got My Act Together: Following Through On My Promise Of A Group · 3:02pm Jul 3rd, 2013

So guys, I've finally gotten back to editing and arranging my group the way I want it. It's a lovely little place where you can just hang out and chat, and not feel at all uncomfortable about being who you are and liking unconventional shipping.

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Aw, yeah! New Story, Bros! · 12:39am May 26th, 2013

So, I just published another new story. I know, I know, I should finish the ones I have going, right? But I couldn't help it. I just had a burning idea inside me.

Link is here. Go read, my little voracious page eaters! A Night Gone Awry

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Aye, new Collide chapter. · 7:59pm Apr 28th, 2013

Hey guys, I'm finally getting my writing mojo back. Too bad it comes at the cost of neglecting my homework. Why do teachers give us homework in the last four weeks of school? Do they hate us? Yes, they do.

Anyway, go read! I promise you'll love it. Absolutely. It involves sexual comedy. you can't go wrong with a few innuendoes, now can you? Totally safe for work, just a few awkward situations. Viewer discretion advised. As in, some of this humor may not be appropriate for twelve and under.

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How many favorites? I can't count! · 12:59am Apr 25th, 2013

I just...wow. Usually I try to thank everyone that favorites one of my stories, but there are just so many of you, and more are coming in all the time. I don't think I can personally thank all of you this time.

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New Story Guys! · 1:01pm Apr 21st, 2013

So, my new story, Collide, passed moderation this morning. Yay!
Feel free to check it out here:


Have fun!

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RIP Sgt. Jeffrey Storm · 1:59am Apr 11th, 2013

Hey guys. I won't be updating for a bit.

You see, my uncle just died on Sunday, in a motorcycle accident. I have to go to Virginia to be with my family, and go to his funeral. In fact, we were just at his viewing a short while ago.

I apologize if you were looking forward to the monthly update. It might be awhile in coming. I'm just not in the best emotional state right now.

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Dat New Episode · 4:26pm Feb 16th, 2013


So, Twilight is now a princess. I'm not sure how to feel about this. There are so many potential problems. Like, immortality? If she is the only immortal of all her friends, what happens when they grow old? Or, is she not immortal at all, and somehow Celestia and Luna are? So many questions, with even more confusing answers.

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So Sorry · 3:18am Aug 1st, 2012

I'm sorry there hasn't been an update recently, I've been at Band Camp, and will be all of next week. School starts the day after I get back, so I'll try to post during that week. Sorry.

On the bright side, I've created a new group, VinylDash. Feel free to find stories for it in my semi-absence.

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