A Song of Madness

by DCLzexon

A Prelude to Madness part 2

The ivory mare hopped up and down atop her bed with glee, she was ecstatic. How could she not be? After twenty years, the last three in particular being especially hard, life was finally looking up for the DJ. Her new discovery, Dubstep, was a hit, and had a ever growing audience. She could finally have the option (not like she was going to stop) to eat better and healthier foods, rather than endless cups of instant noodles. The mice and vermin that use to pester her ragged, confined rooms had ceased to exist in her life, save for one exceptionally awesome rodent who she had befriended. With a new house, more money, and growing fame and popularity, she finally had free time, time to devote to something other than music, time to rekindle the bonds of a old friend who she had left behind….

Her bouncing halted when she thought of Octavia, memories of the starry-eyed, grey mare flooded her mind. She stood there for a moment, lost in a daze, before returning to her merry bouncing.

“I bet Tavi is the same adorably shy scamp that she was back then. Things couldn't have changed TOO much in the span of three years...right?” she thought aloud.

Her devilish smiled returned, and she redoubled her bouncing, planning to vault off and land in a radically awesome triple back flip.

“And here's the jump~ can she land the trick mares and gentlecolts?!” she said to her invisible audience.

Bouncing off without fear, Vinyl lept into the air towards the door, twirling at high speeds with perfect form….

“-Vinyl….are you in here-”

...Only to collide with a gray figure who had opened the door at just the wrong time.

The landing was a tad rough, but she felt nothing besides joy. There was only one pony she knew who had a spare key to her new home, the one she had sent herself in the express mail this morning. It was Octavia, her childhood friend, her fellow musician, and now, renewed partner in crime.

Vinyl squirmed around the tangled limbs to align herself above her disgruntled friend, she had planned to look down upon the cellist, and see annoyed eyes that were trying hard to contain their laughter and joy. What she was met with instead, was a cold and humorless stare that seem to penetrate past her purple shades.

Ho boy….did she ever hope things hadn't changed too much over three years.


Four inches down, two centimeters to the right of where you're looking, apply at least five pounds of pressure repeatedly….

What are you--

Jugular will be crushed, death approximately four minutes after the act.

Oh hush you, we haven't even exchanged words yet…

Ahem....I would prefer it if you were to greet me in a more formal mater, Vinyl Scratch.” said Octavia, trying her best to put some humor and warmth into her voice, and failing miserably.

“What, you don't enjoy suffering concussions as a form of greeting?” Started Vinyl as she picked herself off from Octavia.

The DJ brushed herself off and cleared her throat, dawning a exaggerated Canterlot accent. “Octavia Harmonious, I welcome you the the esteemed estate of the Scratch residence, i hope you will find your temporary home accommodating.” She flourished her arm towards the cellist, offering her a hand up, it was promptly ignored as Octavia rose.

“Cute...I must say, I’m at least glad that you didn't choose to live out of a glow stick infested dumpster. Though, I do find this place rather modest in compared to my manor.” Started Octavia

“Whats wrong with glow sticks? They make great night lights.”

Octavia raised a brow

“N-not that I need a night light or anything. I was just saying, ya know?”

“Maybe I should have brought some extra sheets from the manor.”

“Psh, I’m not a little kid, but I like the idea of being babied by Mama Tavi.”

A swift flash of white was all the cellist could make out as Vinyl moved behind her.

“You’ve already got the monstrous jugs for it, that's for sure!”

Vinyl giggled to herself as she groped the rather large breast of her friend, taking note that the cellist had made massive strides in growth since last shes seen her.

Her antics were rewarded with a blush from the gray mare, followed promptly by a swift elbow to her side.

“OOF!” she cried breathlessly as she collapsed to her side. “Okay...I deserved that one.”

Octavia was rather annoyed to see the ivory mare laugh through what ever little pain she inflicted.

“Keep your hands off me, or I’ll enjoy cracking every one of your digits slowly.” The cellist growled.

Vinyl bounced off the ground, landed on her feet, and draped her hand over the disgruntled mare.

“I'm sure my pain would be music to your ears, but we’ll save that for later, I got to show you around the house!” She gestured openly, “This is my room of course.”

Octavia looked around to find a rather disheveled room, the floor was covered in magazines, comics, and some thrown away drawings. On the walls there were posters of half naked, scantily clad mares and colts, with musical instruments or impossibly oversized weapons with even more impossibly styled manes. On the DJs personal desk lay a impressive looking computer, with soundboards and synthesizers galore. The remainder of the space covered with with Figurines of cartoony characters and some other technological equipment.

“Don't worry about this ol’ wreck of a room, its usually my personal area, so but its especially clean today.” said Vinyl.

Dragging Octavia along before she could comment, the DJ continued the tour of her new home, listing off the rooms and their purposes, showing off the rather spacious and well designed home.

Octavia held her focus for all of two seconds, before her eyes wandered over to look at Vinyl, who was too absorbed in her tour to notice the gaze. Octavia, due to her recent state of health, had started to question her strong memories a beautiful ivory mare, wondering if they could be chalked up to her impressionable young mind. However, taking in Vinyl after the three years of separation had crushed the notion into dust.

Vinyl stood a rather spunky five feet, four inches tall, and carried herself like she dared the world to tell her being short made her any less dangerous. Her blue and teal zig-zag mane practically exploded around her head in a unkempt, spikey mess that fell down to her shoulders, and somehow, still remained to look appealing. Her short and stubby horn adorned the top of her head, poking out of the wild mess she called a mane. Octavia was rather surprised when looking upon the body of the DJ, as she expected signs of a lackadaisical life of partying, and bad eating habits. Vinyl instead had an athletic and hard body, some muscles trying in an almost vain attempt to show through what softness her body did have. Despite her build, it was quite easy to still call her figure womanly, as her lose and purposely torn wardrobe barely covered up the curves of the her body. On her chest sat a pair of proud, and practical C-cup breast, the whole ensemble her outfit and body brought together by the DJ’s trade mark magenta, round rimmed shades, that bounced happily along her snout as a mischievous grin grew on her face.

“Like what you see sugar-tits?” commented Vinyl, she could barely contain her laughter as Octavia shot her the most incredulous look of disgust she had ever seen.

“Sugar-tits? Really? I feel dirty for even repeating such words.”

“Oh come on, Tavi, learn to let that mane of yours down.”

Octavia Huffed in response. “My mane is always down…”

The only thing I'm going to let down is a knife into that pretty little neck of yours.

Really? That's the best you could come up with?

I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were capable of possessing critical thinking skills while ogling your marefriend over there.

Shut up.

“But I didn't say anything.” Vinyl said.

Octavias eyes shot wide, worried that some of her madness might have slipped past her lips, but she regained composure.

“Doesn't mean I don't want you to still keep quiet, Vinyl.”

“Ah jeez, you're really mad about that sugar-tits comment huh? Would it help if I checked you out too?”

“Keep your unchecked perversion to yourself; I am a mare of Class.”

“Man, did your stuffy attitude come packaged with the extra cup sizes?”

“Are you going to continue obsessing over my breasts?”

“Are you going to continue having such a nice pair of them?”

Octavia busted out her best death glare, a tool responsible for making even the most well muscled, arrogant hot heads in Canterlot quiver. Vinyl, of course, proceeded to laugh at the musicians expense.

Its not as if the DJs remarks had no merit to them, for Octavia was a stunning, towering visage of a mare. Her clothing was practical and fashionable, a mix of whites, browns, and blacks that complimented her coat and mane in the form of a stylish suit, accented with a pink bowtie. Her mane was a beautiful cascade of ebony, worn with the intent of business, yet still hung in unbound grace. Her purple eyes were always sharp, observant, half lidded with constant, bored disdain that conveyed a message of class and superiority. She was tall, breaking 6 feet in height, and possessed a naturally strong, but femininely beautiful body, due her genes as an earth pony with obsessive body maintenance rituals. Every step, action, and movement she took was overflowing with practiced grace, to the point where even the most ignorant of common folk would recognize her high value from a mile away. Yes, the cellist had kept everything about herself in pristine condition at all times, nothing was ever out of place.

Nothing except the rather comical set of F, borderlining on H cup sized breast that she was cursed to bare across her chest.

The things where a constant nuisance in her early teen years, and as time went by, they only continued to grow and hinder her. Despite her perfect diet and moderate exercise regimen, the damnable things never seemed to reduce in their growth. She would have gotten a magical reduction some time ago if she had trusted anyone with such intimate contact with her body, but the well-endowed cellist had made it a life goal to reduce her contact with the outside world three years ago. Despite her views on them, they were also well maintained, giving them a perfect form. If not for the existence of Luna and Celestia themselves, anypony could swear that Octavia was a celestial creation herself.

However, none of this reduced the blatant annoyance the cellist felt at having Vinyl tease her breasts. The two mares bantered for some time more while moving the few possessions of Octavia inside. Vinyl was quick to have a sarcastic response to anything the cellist could possibly say, and it was beginning to try the grey mares patients.

Finally enervated by the conversation, Octavia had opted to retreat.

“I feel it would be best if you simply showed me to my room so I may retire for the evening.” Octavia sighed, trying to compose herself yet again.

“Your room?” The white mare said with a eyebrow raised.

“Yes, the location of which in this facility that has been deemed mine for the purposes of rest.” she responded, annoyance rising yet again.

“Ohhhhh…. Well, you see, you're going to sleep in my bed.”

The gray mare rolled her eyes. “For the sake of killing your rather inappropriate joke: I saw your bed; it only had room for a single pony.”

“You see, that's the best part about it, you lay down on your back, then i can use your big boobs as pillows and-Hey!” the DJ was cut off by the need to dodge the incoming slap to her face. she giggled while nimbly dodging Octavia's attempted attacks.


“Ha ha, talking like a true blue Canterlot noble, man we have a lot of catching up to do, we need to chat over drinks tonight.”

Octavia halted her thrashing at the word ‘drinks.’

“Drinks… as in alcohol?”

As in sweet, sweet alcohol?

“Yeah, what else would I mean Tavi?”

“I….I s-simply couldn't, not today after all, why it would be simply improper!” the cellist stammered

“Why? You a recovering alcoholic or something? I’d find that hard to believe at the age of eighteen”

“No, no! Of course not! Not that it’s any of your business in the first place!” Octavia snapped

“What are you talking about? I’m your friend, of course it’s some of my business-”

There was that word again. ‘Friend’

Vinyl throughout their conversation had been throwing the phrase around so matter-of-factly, at first Octavia thought she was being coy, making petty attempts to annoy her, but she started to realise that the DJ meant it. After what she had done three years ago, she had the gall to pretend that they were still friends, like nothing ever transpired, that the last three years where just due to some inconvenient spacing, and that life could continue from where they left off.

The very thought of the idea drove Octavia into a rage.

“Vinyl. Symphonia. Allegro. Scratch…” the normally bubbly disposition that the DJ had suddenly died off at the hearing of her full name. Octavia begun to step closer with every word, forcing the white mare to retreat backwards.

“Let me make one thing clear right now: You were a lot of things to me, but on the list of things you are right now, friend is not one of them. I came here to advance my art by giving your idea a try, but I did not come here to put up with your unacceptable behavior as if you were someone close to me.”

Vinyl had flinched after hearing the cellist’s words. She quickly had backed herself into a literal wall as the tall mare stood over her. The DJ took off her glasses, to bring her red eyes directly on to the purple ones of her friend.

“Where is this coming from Octavia?” she pleaded.

Octavia knew exactly where this was coming from, exactly who was speaking, what ‘voice’ was ruling her actions, but she couldn’t regain control, couldn't stop herself from letting her wild emotions reign free, and to make matters worse, the ivory mare had started to tremble, an action that seemed to only break her mental control even more. She leaned in, bringing her face so close to the DJ that she could see the fear gleam in her eyes.

“Listen to me well Vinyl Scratch, my problems with you are none of your concern at this moment. You are going to tell me where my room is, you are going to answer me swiftly, and to the point, without banter or witty remarks. You will also address me as Madam, do you understand me?”
Vinyl turned her eyes away as Octavia gave her ultimatum, shaking and breathless, she could only nod in response.

“Now...where is my room?”

“U-up stairs, first door on the left.”

“You are not to disturb me for the rest of the night, do you understand me?”


“Yes, what…?”

Vinyl hesitated a moment, before finally whispering the words. “Y-yes Madam…”

“Good, it seems the wild mare can be tamed.” Octavia turned to walk away, starting to bring her luggage from the trip up to her room.

Vinyl slid down the wall onto her behind and stayed there, silently trembling and blanked faced from her unexpected experience.


“I can’t believe I did that! I can’t believe you did that!”

Octavia furiously paced in her room, back and forth, ranting against her inner-voice with her conscious one.

I told you I wouldn't have patience for that mare unless you did something, you seemed content to banter pointlessly with her all day, so I took action.

“How is this suppose to help the situation, threatening and talking down to her like shes beneath us?”

She IS beneath us, and she needs to realize this and be put in her place, proper.

Octavia grounded her teeth as her next words came out.
“You sound just like my mother...I don’t care how insane I become, I will never, so long as I draw breath, turn into my mother.” The gravity of her words fell on no ears besides her own, but the steel of her conviction was made through saying them, as if unlocking a part of her that she didn't know existed. Her inner voice seemed to recognize the strength of the words as well, and fell silent in contemplation.

….Fine, you’ve leveled the playing field for now, we’ll play this game for a bit longer.

The voice had disappeared from her head, but Octavia knew it was only temporary, she knew she had to make amends, had to try to get Vinyl to understand a little, before ‘the voice’ would be back in her head, and continue to poison the only chance of redemption she may ever have.


Few hours later, Vinyl still sat at the same spot against the wall, mulling over the events had transpired earlier in the day. Vinyl Scratch, the mare that who had kicked the asses of stallions all shapes and sizes, the mare who took no serious grief from anyone or anything, the mare who had defied every social norm ever enforced onto her without struggle, had been mentally dominated by her childhood friend. Octavia was like a little sister to the DJ, Vinyl being the older, more outgoing, more experienced one in the relationship. And yet she had just stood there trembling under the gaze of the cellist, unable to say a word in protest, or break the commands given to her.

Vinyl couldn't even fathom what had happened, she had never been subservient to anyone her whole life, not until today, and she was confused as to how she should feel.

Angry? No, she lacked the burning passion of rage in forethought to the events. Sadness? Maybe, she knew the grey mare was probably just lashing out in stress and didn't truly mean her words. Indignant? No, she clearly didn’t see herself as superior to Octavia, and if she ever did, not anymore….she couldn’t put words into what she had felt…


“H-Huh, what?” the white mare was brought out of her introspection by a gentle shaking from Octavia.

“Vinyl, I’ve been trying to get your attention for a few seconds. I need to apologize to you.”

“Apologize? Aw hell Tavi you don’t need to do that!”

“No...I do need to...Vinyl, I have some...things that I’ve been dealing with recently, but that’s no excuse for me lashing out on you, especially over something so trivial. My mind right now, to be frank, is not in the best of states. I’m sorry, I didnt mean anything of what i said back there.”

Octavia broke off her words as if she wanted to say more, but couldn't bring herself to speak what was truly on her mind. An awkward silence grew in place of the quietness, but Vinyl was never one to let such a mood hang around.

“Oh c’mere you!” Vinyl moved in and gave Octavia a hug. The gray mare didn’t hug her back, but she didn’t retreat from it.

“It’s totally fine, besides I’m just going to be annoying you later on with pranks and jokes anyways, so I’ll be getting you back soon” she joked.

“Oh joy, it seems I’m in for entertainment when we are not practicing…”

“You must have a funny idea of entertainment, I’m making you suffer for my own joy, not giving mutual satisfaction!” she beamed. The cellist got up and brushed herself off.

“I will be returning to my room, I do suggest you don't bother me for the rest of the night though.”

“Roger Roger.” the DJ saluted.

The gray mare returned to her room, and Vinyl continued to be motionless, sitting there lost in thought. She was right, Octavia was just dealing with some stressful things and was lashing out after being prodded too much. They would continue to banter and hang out like old times, and everything would be all right.

Despite the nice train of thought she had going, the odd feeling in her stomach did not ease, and after some time, she could only replay the scene of Octavia's anger in her head again and again. She looked up to the ceiling and sighed in defeat.

“Man….it’s going to be an interesting next few weeks….”